Exclusive Wood Puzzles

Twelve handmade wood puzzles in an exclusive box. With a range of difficulty levels from "puzzle genius" to "regular ape", these wood puzzles provide hours of cunning pleasure for any puzzle enthusiast.

Exclusive Wood Puzzles - Exclusive Wood Puzzles
Exclusive Wood Puzzles
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Puzzle Wooden

written by Dominik, 29/09/11

Very good game. From easy to very difficult, and more.


written by , 27/10/11

I've long been a fan of small shrink puzzle as f. ex Rubik's cube;) When I saw these tree-puzzle I thought to them I just had to have. I can only say that they are super rich, both as decorati... Read more

nice toys

written by elise, 11/11/11

toys were very nice, but they were something less than I had been compiled me


written by Elisakatt, 16/11/11

Good quality and well packaged. The good box with separate compartments means that you can store puzzles in a good way, and the puzzles were fine wood. They were a little smaller than I thought but it... Read more


written by a. vanelli, 20/12/11

Pictures can be tricky, the product looked on fig. Much much larger than in kind. This product is extremely important how big the game, otherwise you can not quarrels there. Storage was I'd say di... Read more

Very good!

written by Jane, 20/12/11

The package can be very quickly and everything was perfectly packaged. The description was perfect. I'm very satisfied. Gladly again!

this is not easy

written by bobbi, 27/12/11

The individual games are impossible without manual barely - is what really clever brains. but processing and price-performance is quite good.


written by Marina, 23/03/12

Gave away the entire puzzellådan such a very tricky 18-year-old who thought it was super because it was difficult to solve. And many puzzelkuber.

12 regarding the puzzle

written by Tomas, 18/06/12

I thought they would be a little bigger .. myself have always held with various träpuzzle ... but those counties was probably the smallest format

Very good puzzle !!!

written by Julius, 10/11/12

Really funny - practicing the finger motor skills, challenge friends and acquaintances. Makes boring moments of fun - easy to take with you! Good even for 10 year olds.


written by Lasse, 19/11/12

Was very disappointed by the size, had expected that the portions were a good deal larger. Light to destroy the parts when they are so small and fragile.

nice collection

written by Per H, 06/12/12

Provides a few hours pastime. Some puzzles are solved right immediately, while others are more challenging and may take an hour to get back together. The solution descriptions that appear on the verge... Read more

Do not really know

written by Stoffe, 24/12/12

After that it is ready features and will be a Christmas gift so I do not know, but the paper which you had embarked Christmas present with was broken so I had to turn it back which was quite boring bu... Read more

Fun and good!

written by Sofie, 25/12/12

Incredibly good quality! Not like that glipande and available as most other puzzle is. Really fun and challenging puzzles! Bought this as a Christmas gift and it ended with the whole family tried to :... Read more

Very good workmanship

written by Sascha, 26/12/12

The puzzles are very finely processed by good quality and. The games are in a custom package in a black box and therefore perfectly protected.

Praised Christmas!

written by Elin, 26/12/12

This was given away to someone who likes that kind of challenge, and it was well received. Yes they are small but that was expected. Personally I would rather have many different small tasks than just... Read more

Good gift!

written by Elisabeth, 28/12/12

A perfect gift for my smart partner. Several puzzles are super lightweight and cleared in a few minutes, but finally I managed to find lååååååång puzzles that will take time to fix, some are still not... Read more


written by Pinky, 04/01/13

......................... 1A more does not say man! .................. ..................................


written by signatur, 07/01/13

Fun employment, however, a little bad fassform on some of them. Then the descriptions are so small that it is difficult to see how to do

Company Christmas

written by Johan, 07/01/13

Bought as a Christmas gift to all employees in my company and it was a real hit! A dozen consultants caterpillar with wooden puzzle that small children are fun to see!

exclusive puzzle

written by Ulla, 24/01/13

My son had wished crafts for Christmas. I found this puzzle and jumped directly. The son was overjoyed and almost wanted to leave the family immediately to begin to piece. It is really affordable! You... Read more


written by Maria Jaaranen, Finland 23/04/13

The time nice wooden puzzle, but the instructions a bit small people, and not by scanning all get some selvää.Kinkkisiäkin jotut are.

Most good

written by PelleP, Sweden 25/09/13

Most of these 12 problems are well-built, but not all. For example. snake will be a cube is not the same quality. Overall it is worth the money.


written by Åkerström Ing-Marie, Sweden 26/12/13

A very appreciated gift. Some puzzles are easy some very tricky. A great gift for ages 8-100 years. Luckily there are solutions in the box. (Maybe a small saw + adhesive could follow!) Joking aside. A... Read more

Wooden puzzle

written by EL, Sweden 02/01/14

Träpusslen was a prized Christmas gift employing both family, friends and family with mixed emotions. 12 pieces of well-made puzzles of varying difficulty in a very handy box. Very good.


written by Trollet, Sweden 12/02/14

Fina "puzzle" in varied designs. Some pieces may have a bit o sanding conditioned sides that overlooks inward, but otherwise they are smooth. Agree that the patches with the solutions are ju... Read more


written by Bjørn , Denmark 04/09/14

Exclusive .. NO. Very small poorly executed wooden puzzle. Not recommended ............................................... .............................

Very good gift idea!

written by Theresa, Denmark 29/04/15

Is fully satisfied with the product! Bought it as a gift so it was perfect that it was already in its own box, as in other are in good quality. The quality of træpuslespillene is also fine. All pieces... Read more


written by anaalipenaali, Finland 15/06/15

cheap shit vinkuintialaista


written by K.H., Germany 01/12/15

Is a Weihnachtsgeschenk.Kann not yet beurteilen.Melde me back later. !!!!!!!!!!!!

wooden puzzles

written by Kirsti, Finland 04/01/16

Elegant wooden puzzles, which has been a joy and puzzles for a long time! You could put up, are so beautiful. Puzzles come in a black box in which they are kept.

Fairly good!

written by Per, Sweden 06/01/16

Just the right bit tricky. Have not tried more than three yet. Sons thought solution lips were small and unreadable.

Everything great!

written by capa, Germany 01/02/16

The was was shipped quickly and was as described. Can with fancy, great gifts recommend this store!

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