Expandable Garden Hose

Garden hoses can sure be pretty troublesome. But not this one. As it fills with water, it grows to be three times as long, and then it shrinks again as it empties. Better still, it doesn’t get tangled!

Expandable Garden Hose - Expandable Garden Hose
Expandable Garden Hose
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written by Ida, Sweden 20/07/15

Superbra hose! Keeps its promises, easy to use and super nice not having to roll in, it settles into a nice little high when it is empty! The asking really, good price !!

Good for apartment!

written by Mamma, Sweden 27/07/15

This expanding water hose is great for me in the apartment! It is small so it can fit in a bucket in the bathroom and still reach denhela way out on the balcony when I need watering or washing windows... Read more

Garden Hose

written by Ss, Norway 12/08/15

Smart hose and ttok small plass.Fin to use the fire hose ja.Drinkmikser is also ekselent.Hamburger press was also straightforward.

Wasted money

written by Gertrud, Sweden 17/08/15

Can not be used to sprinkler. No pressure at all. When the garden needs watering is the total KASS No information in Swedish. Lousy!

expandable Tubing

written by Vattenslang, Sweden 21/08/15

Total useless !!!!! Has purchased 2 but it is not a shred of pressure. I put there the usual hose so I kanonbra pressure !! Sending them back. Do not spend money on something that does not work !!! Ca... Read more

Expanding hose

written by Nettan, Sweden 26/08/15

Finally! End of dragging around heavy bulky water hoses made of rubber or plastic. It was also easy to mount on the ejector. I'm super happy

Expanding hose

written by Ida, Sweden 01/09/15

The tubing is great! Small footprint & unfurl and set up nicely. The nozzle & fittings are however very plastiga & do not really tight. But definitely an affordable product!

Incredibly smart !!

written by Ellingsen , Norway 01/09/15

It works and is brilliant !! And all the promised actually kept word. Almost weightless, turned on the water and the stretched indeed to the entire 30.2 meter !! Great fun. After use emptied we the wa... Read more

practical product

written by sid, Norway 02/09/15

I highly recommend this product. It weighs not much, is easy to transport around the garden and expands fold. The only drawback is that one must be careful so as not to stretch the hose too much so th... Read more

Expanding hose

written by Christer, Sweden 14/09/15

The hose broke, it released from the connection to munstycket.Har only used it 4gånger. I'll complain about it and hope I get a new one.

Very good

written by Roy, Norway 28/01/16

Fast shipping and product as expected after testing it once. Hard to say something about the quality yet.

water hose

written by Tone Kvalnes, Norway 14/03/16

Have not tried this new yet but it seemed very solid.Får try it properly to spring and see how it virker.Det is standing on the user manual that you should keep it away from the sun when not in use, s... Read more

Incredibly cool!

written by Pusen, Norway 18/04/16

Here you really get value for money! Now it has been hotly used and displayed with great enthusiasm to all neighbors and friends. Hope quality keeps all summer then I will buy a birthday present for m... Read more


written by Rune, Norway 13/05/16

Had hopes for this and this was absolutely amazing, delicious with a snake as it does not turn knots. ALL should have this.

water hose

written by Helge Berger, Norway 13/05/16

Ingenious product and excellent customer service. Slipper the usual rigid hose which turns tangling themselves. Moreover the light and takes up little space when it should be cleared away. Have recomm... Read more

Expanding Water hose

written by Merethe, Norway 13/05/16

A perfect and brilliant product, small footprint and very lightweight. Was so tired of the traditional hose that weighs a ton and took a lot of space. Run and buy.

water hose

written by Øyvind, Norway 15/05/16

The snake began to leak after 14 days of use, poor quality? So if all water hoses of this type is as the product is not to recommend, but I could of course have been unlucky with the quality of the on... Read more

Expanding water hose

written by Alexander , Norway 16/05/16

Kjempefornøyd with the product worked exactly as shown in the article. Washer gun that came with worked perfectly. 5 of 5 stars Very fast delivery.

Expanding water hose

written by Inge, Norway 18/05/16

Function properly, only the catch is att it is difficult to get connected to a pressure washer otherwise perfectly OK.

Expanding Water hose - Works as advertised.

written by Per Stien, Norway 20/05/16

I bought Expanding Water hose and the product was as advertised show. I made the booking and received mail so I could follow the booking process. The trade was effective and the goods arrived shortly ... Read more

canon Product

written by Klasse, Sweden 28/05/16

This was a real cannon product. Awesome !!! I have already used it 4 times with great results.

Cool the hose in the heat

written by Nz, Sweden 16/08/16

The product does exactly what it says, it expands when water comes under pressure in the hose, from 10 meters to 30 meters. Clearly practical and avoiding tangles. What to bear in mind is that this on... Read more

I got 2 snakes, no work

written by Oddmar, Norway 05/09/16

I bought the expanding hose because it so convenient out. The first snake I got had a hole that made the paint. I contacted customer service and they sent me a new one right away. The second tube I go... Read more

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