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Fake Tattoo Sleeves

Pull on a pair of realistically patterned nylon tattoo sleeves and be tattooed when you want (and not tattooed when you don't want to be).

Fake Tattoo Sleeves - Colour Patterned
Colour Patterned
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Fake Tattoo Sleeves - Black Patterned
Black Patterned
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?


written by Mimi, 11/07/09

Very cool, but did not quite fit for thin girl arms Aw Aw Aw. But a friend got the joy of the

written by , 12/08/09

broke the same day I received it .... went up into the seam

written by Alice, 02/09/09

Everything fine. Sleeve looks like it should, but it is very narrow when it needs to, and it's too bad, because I need more for some big upper arms for a revue.

like that

written by eva, 03/09/09

Be very very small suitable only for children not to men. The pattern was also not as expected, do not think it gave the impression to be a tattoo

Mjaa ...

written by Connie, 13/09/09

When you first saw the picture, it was like "Oh shit, what the hell stylish, must have !!" kind .. Then once I got it matched the color is not my own because that was not black was already c... Read more

written by christian, 30/09/09

Tattoo Sleeves are a fun touch to the slightly dull family party at your grandparents, who have not yet understood with tattoos. Can really scandalous =) Otherwise they are just for fun. However, one ... Read more

written by , 07/10/09

Funny tatoærmer. Living up to expectations.

both black and colored taoo sleeve

written by sari, 04/12/09

ok for the money (the cheapest I could find on the Internet) do not suit everyone. A little more adult children 25 years of age ... not fit for the big 7-8 åring.-

Always well with some party costumes !!!

written by Brieman, 15/12/09

It's good if you have to be skipper!


written by novavita, 02/01/10

Not only at carnival portable. Tattoo Feeling a difference. A real eye-catcher for the night at the club. Watch or bracelets otherwise not forget the dizziness flies on too quickly.

Faithful tattoo

written by Cat, 06/01/10

Bought it really 13-year-old but the 19-year-old took it immediately. He thought it was cool and I thought it was fun to "try on" a tattoo. However, one must conclude with some type of sweat... Read more

Alright product

written by LSH, 25/01/10

We used them in a project on body art and that worked very well. But it's not something we use in everyday life - may be used again at the carnival or the like.


written by Patrik, 16/02/10

Not the world's finest designs, but it looks real from a distance and is perfect for tricking your girlfriend or parents! This product I like :)

Absolutely fine

written by Arngrimsen, 16/02/10

Seemed that the product is really fun to show up, especially for people like you have not seen in a while. Of course, the fragile, but if only one is careful so it does not go to pieces. Thought thoug... Read more

written by Helge, 09/03/10

Have had much fun with Tattoo Sleeves, several were surprised because they thought that it was genuine. ha ha

tatoo sleves

written by Ole R., 28/05/10

Seamless trade, it was quick and easy. Try taking these sleves on along with a T-shirt, grab a jacket over, and when guests come, you throw the jacket because it is too "hot". Some become si... Read more

written by The Bach Rocker, 01/06/10

Very fun gimmick .. And the price is indeed a bargain !!!

Right so awesome

written by , 16/06/10

On some long range (10 meters) looks really real out. For the price, it's nothing to snaka on ..


written by , 09/09/10

Superbra product ... is completely really thrilled.

Tattoo Sleeves.

written by A. E., 14/10/10

Bought mine Tattoo Sleeves of having to use them for a ema party, it seemed beyond all expectations, I was the coolest "love angel" who was at that party. Also, the only one.

Cool shock effect

written by Mille Randløv, 03/11/10

Give your conservative friends a shock. Put on tatoo sleeve and experience the big eyes when you take off your jacket and short-sleeved shirt / t-shirt with tatoo sleeve under. The black / white I bou... Read more

Tattoo Sleeves

written by Peter S, 05/11/10

Bought two pieces of Coolstuff, and had the hottest fake tattoo of all metalheads at the masquerade. More had bought like, but mine was much more realistic = D


written by Monica, 11/11/10

The sock looks real, but you have to have a T-shirt that does not seam to be synas.Sonen liked it a lot. A good fake for those who want tattoos but are too young.


written by Morten, 23/11/10

Looks very real when you have these on them, had them on Halloween and a lot of feedback on whether I had taken tattoos .. The downside is that I have quite a large upper arms and did not then these o... Read more

What are your thoughts in the?

written by , 03/12/10

The product called Tattoo Sleeves, majority. Why send so only one!?!? Had I known there was one in the pack, having I never gave 75 crowns for it. And why can not choose which patterns you want? I was... Read more


written by jk-, 07/12/10

Cool fit and blended in nicely so it almost looked like a proper sleeve.

Tattoo sleeves

written by Beth, 10/12/10

Looks very lifelike, especially those who only are black. Problem: I am a str. 36/38 girl and find it difficult to fill them completely so that the wrinkles

I is not online anymore!

written by katrine s hansen, 16/12/10

I did not get it advertised on the website, but quite another to look more like a painting than an abskrakt tattoovering! How many tattoos have a huge stitching down the side? : S besides it is too ti... Read more

Tattoo sleeves so cool

written by LK, 20/12/10

I am very satisfied with my tattooärm! It sat well and was the finishing touch of hard rock the party!

Fast delivery

written by Lotte Graa, 21/12/10

Really fast delivery and great fun product!


written by , 24/12/10

It looks like squ very genuine and from distance watching the 100% genuine, the closer you are, the more fake it seems: P but there's no reason to stand just 10 cm from: D Good idea is that at the... Read more


written by Inger, 27/12/10

Bought it Black and White, cheeky but very narrow, not fit a grown man.

good entertainment

written by Michael, 27/12/10

A funny thing all right to try. A hit in the package the game :)

written by reichensperger, 27/12/10

I was very disappointed about the sleeves, so you can not fool a Tätovierung because nobody falls on a. Pity!

Funny give-away-thing or masquerade outfit

written by Theresian, 28/12/10

'Ser Really good on hold, but requires the bracelet / watch at the cuffs. Up close, lurking, however none.

Realistic it perfect for costume

written by Phill, 28/12/10

very rich colors and realistic, it now also out. the only minus should probably be that there is a supply which is liidt visible one turn slevet really is not something you notice. all in all a good b... Read more


written by Marie, 29/12/10

Very good!! Suitable for both children and adults.

great fun

written by Muttersöhnchen, 03/01/11

who wants to shock his dear fellows times, needs this sleeves. Does real genuine from one meter. However, one need on the wrist for covering a sweatband or a wide watchband.

Cool, but ,,,

written by Torri, 03/01/11

It was insanely greasy but it was not the color I ordered!

They were not as nice as I had thought

written by Jette, 10/01/11

It took very little time to get them, but it was not clear on the website, if there were one or two sleeves each package. And when they came, they were not nearly as nice and natural appearance as tho... Read more


written by heroicz, 10/01/11

Sadly, it did not mention what age it really fit. This was not so good on my "plastson" in 6 years ..

Good product

written by Kim, 14/01/11

Kanon product, not everyone sees that it is fake.

cheating tattoo

written by sarah, 14/01/11

Haha, ja..den is fun for a while then it's just a thing that is. But blast it right to deceive the pears xD It looks real and is convenient :)

written by , 31/01/11

The "tattoo sleeves" I was very satisfied

For us cowards.

written by , 02/02/11

Cool thing for us cowards, or we would be happy to tattoo us every day, if you OATT could take away and make new ones. Fun MC-party!

Cool !!!

written by Mona, 14/02/11

I'm happy with my tattoo sleves. Had received the highest rating of seam appeared smaller. Otherwise giant cool :-)

tattoo Sleeves

written by Finn, 15/02/11

It is a utolig fine product that can fool most and at a fair price

Fine ... and too small.

written by mads, 02/03/11

Tattoo sleeves are great, but WAY too tight. My arm wither after 5 minutes.

Looks alright

written by Smygen, 05/03/11

Looks alright whether to fool anyone or be at disguises.

Best in a long time ...

written by Fredrik, 31/03/11

My mother nearly fell flat when I took off my sweater and had a full sleeve with roses and other things. It was the best in a long time ...

Satisfied customer

written by on, 11/04/11

I have repeatedly acted with COOL STUFF, it has always smertefridt, the product promises what they hold, the price is ok, delivery impeccably, so they are at the very top Greetings on

written by T.s, 28/04/11

Very funny thing for those who want to impress mates and workmates. This tattoo also does not hurt to do.

Tattoo sleeves

written by Elnoriko, 31/05/11

The sleeve has arrived on time. The workmanship is good. The color match is amazingly real, especially when compared to much more expensive products from other vendors. Solely the seam of the sleeve t... Read more

Tattoo sleeves

written by , 01/06/11

was very disappointed when I got tattoo sleevs'en I ordered, even if it was just an extra thing that was tossed with. That people can not tell the difference is just crazy, it's even a loooong... Read more

Tattoo for cowards!

written by Janne, 06/06/11

Great deal for those who do not want to tag themselves, and see a little cool on the masquerade or konserten.Med a wide bracelet at the wrist joint is not visible at all.


written by , 13/06/11

I had been looking forward to receiving my "tattoo sleeves". Should use it for a party to take a little gas on some friends. Unfortunately they discovered all too quick it was not a real tat... Read more

Huge success

written by Erland Christensen, 20/06/11

I bought the tattoo sleeves in Cool Stuff in addition to a pirate costume, I had to use in the sfo where I work. The sleeves were a huge success and I was absolutely the most authoritative pirate capt... Read more


written by Leopardy, 10/08/11

Have been looking for such a sleeve. Now I have finally and am super happy !!! I use the sleeve as love cuffs to a short-sleeved T-shirt or dress and looks great. If there are other models, please imm... Read more

Tattoo Sleeves

written by Susanne, 21/09/11

Very virkeligstro tattoo - though one should not have too strong of arms to fit them.


written by pjolter, 30/09/11

Bought both colored and black / white "tribal" - sleevesen. Worked really well. The thing that was kinda sad is that it is necessary to have t-shirt, otherwise visible joints at the top!

Almost perfect.

written by Aki, 31/10/11

Everything went smoothly. Really good and easy ordering. BUT I do not know if I have misunderstood the text on the website. And the package when it says "tattoo sleeves" but there was only O... Read more

very funny

written by , 17/11/11

certainly not suitable for everyday use, too expensive for the quality of a few euros. Rather something not recommended for Carnival, for younger kids safe rather which, for teenagers.

written by , 22/11/11

is used for the Christmas package game


written by Kenneth Nielsen, 24/11/11

I am very upset that I had to use 2 pcs sleeves. And, as indicated on the product says "sleeves" in the plural. I expected thus to get 2 pcs. but only got 1 pc.

It is as fun! But remember to buy two!

written by MKM, 24/11/11

I did not just read the text, there is only one sleeve with. So do you expect to get to both of your arms, then you should buy two!


written by Charlotte, 02/12/11

It was cool to see how one's own arm was with tattoos. I chose the colorful sock, and it fits on a normal adult body. I could even deceive work buddy (who I have not seen in a while) that has the ... Read more

Tattoo Sleeves

written by , 19/12/11

I liked the very well. But it seems that they could have been easier to stick, because I have to drive to pull it up all the time, so there are creases. Otherwise, there are several who have asked whe... Read more


written by , 28/12/11

Perfect gift for the alpha male - with humor, that is. Provides a real good laugh when grandfather troops with "real markers"


written by , 29/12/11

Looks great far from it, but see immediately what it's about standing near.

Okay ... but not quite as expected

written by HS, 02/01/12

I was not aware that there was only one single sleeve in a package for 39, - kr. And this despite the fact that it says "Sleeves" and that one gets the impression that there is a few .... Bu... Read more

was thrown

written by Paal, 06/01/12

Gave away this Christmas to someone who always wanted tatto - packed it along with some other nonsense ... Whoever wrapped up pouring only the content and the main gift "made ice" was left b... Read more

tattoo sleeves

written by adam, 15/01/12

Nice gift to nephew or niece of 12 years who want something to shock their parents. Works out very good from a distance, but is unfortunately a bit revealing close. Okay purchase and good quality, one... Read more


written by Susanne Simon, 16/01/12

the product is the absolute party screamer. The delivery was immediate. Super structure at Cool Stuff (confirmation mail, shipping information. Simply great. I can only recommend.


written by Niels, 14/02/12

It was perfect. easy delivery, super fast. Good experience. not past I've tried it.

Tattoo sleeves

written by Marit, 09/03/12

I'm a little disappointed that it only came with tattoo sleeve for an arm. The pictures showed the two and then I assumed that that was what came with


written by Loopen, 22/03/12

They actually look riktgt naturally, better than expected. It is good if you have both arms to not be "seen" as inauthentic.

how many are they?

written by mick, 03/04/12

The sleeve is good but I think that it should be more than one in the package, when it says "Tattoo Sleeves" outside. :-(

Looks real

written by Lellå, 10/04/12

A little small and there is only one "sleeve" in each package (unfortunately did not have it with me), but definitely worth the money anyway!

Cheated !!!

written by Liselotte, 14/06/12

Although the headline stood sleeves (plural form) and the description was "tag sleeves" (plural) ... so there were only a sleeve in the package. This was hugely-annoying to discover when pos... Read more

Not as expected

written by SpinX, 06/09/12

This was not what I had expected of the product. Absolutely nothing but the pictures show and portray the product. Is that taking on a stocking with pattern. Thought verfal it was a little better qual... Read more

tatoo Sleeves

written by Claes, 11/09/12

Would the Rock-Fest with the job requirements and all had to dress up. Got tips on the side of my son who had seen it online. I bought two different models. The products were appreciated by both me an... Read more

Unexpected unrealistic sock

written by Daniel, 21/09/12

Not quite as had been expected just. Must say realistic was it so do not, then you really have to have a pretty pale skin and medium-narrow arm of this product. Not only that, it looks like you have b... Read more

All the best

written by bla bla bla, 11/11/12

Super fast delivery, great product. As Gag Birthday highly recommended. Everything worked out fine. Always my pleasure. Product was as described. Thumbs up!


written by Ela, 15/11/12

The shipment went really quickly and the sleeve provides (up to Nähstreifen) really very real!

Tattoo Sleeves!

written by Anders, 10/12/12

Tattoo sleeves used to surprise effect raiser at the speech brölopp. Many thought he was tattuerad I was really because of a nasty blow when I took them off during the century. A fun thing that became... Read more


written by Annie Hodde, 10/12/12

Tattoo Sleeves are a great thing to give as a gift, el. the like. I used it for our Christmas party at work for our Christmas bingo - and the winner (and all the others) laughed and laughed. Tattoo Sl... Read more

Tatoo sleeves

written by , 20/12/12

Everything was fine

Just a sleeve

written by Ulrika, 25/12/12

Great fun gadget to someone who fits / should have tattoos, but not have it :-) However disappointing it was just a sleeve in paketet.Titeln suggests plural

Haha ..

written by Azza, 02/01/13

Son wants soooooo happy to tattoo themselves, but must wait until he is 18 years old (now 17) did when these "tattoos" would fit well while haha ​​.. He did not like it !!!

tattoo sleeves

written by farmor, 03/01/13

My 12 year old granddaughter was thrilled for Christmas gift when he sees tattooed when he plays in his newly formed rock group


written by Ehab, 16/01/13

Must honestly admit that I was a little drawers of my order. They should sku, to be much longer.

Tattoo cubed

written by Man, 11/02/13

Success for gifts for family man who shocked his wife! The children were actually disappointed when they realized that it was fake :-)

fake tattoos

written by Ia W, 18/02/13

A real cool product! Looks amazingly right real. Could been somewhat roomier then my brother who got it, is a bit beefy;) Maybe in S, M and L ....


written by Rikke, 22/02/13

Completely perfect! Used them as part of a costume. The black pattern is clearly the most realistic. Ordered them and got them the day after - good service!


written by Margareta, Sweden 05/02/14

Tattoo sleeves used to a local revue as a girl singing about her tattoos and her regret them! The sleeves were very credible and was great quality!

Am satisfied

written by Jackson090, Germany 10/03/15

The sleeves are exactly as described. Passing my 10 year old daughter and me (mother). Would I buy again.

Very beautiful look

written by Willi, Germany 25/01/16

Good quality! However, the description suggested that per package 2 sleeves are included, "Put on a pair of patterned Tattoo Sleeves on the arms ...". Other vendors put 2 sleeve into the pac... Read more

Tattoo Sleeves

written by 70+, Norway 20/03/16

2nd time I've bought tattoo sleeves. In relation to them as I have before I'm not overbegreistret satisfied. The fabric is for "abusive" in relation to the past and it is not omslags... Read more

Tattoo sleeves

written by Friddy04, Germany 02/05/16

Although I am truly not a bodybuilder, but still no Linnet .... does not fit the sleeve. It is definitely too tight. Too bad, though many greetings Friddy 04

Did not promised delivery time

written by RS, Sweden 09/05/16

Ordered stuff from you on Tuesday to have time to get them before the weekend but they came first Monday after so I returned them.

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