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Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge is an attractive smart watch that sends you notifications from the telephone - and it is a resilient fitness bracelet with a built-in GPS and pulse meter!

Fitbit Surge - Black Small
Black Small
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Fitbit Surge - Black Large
Black Large
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Fitbit Surge - Blue Small
Blue Small
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Fitbit Surge - Blue Large
Blue Large
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Fitbit Surge - Tangerine Small
Tangerine Small
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Fitbit Surge - Tangerine Large
Tangerine Large
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Best smart-watch I ever had!

written by Johan Lindfors, Sweden 04/03/15

Have now had my Fitbit Surge in just over a week and used it daily for both everyday exercise, running outside and on a treadmill, elliptical training and for saving sleep patterns. It's a really ... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Arild, Norway 09/03/15

Seems like it should. - GPS is accurate in the areas I've used it. - Pulse meter is stable and correct, also during training. - The app is straightforward and gives a good overview.

It funker just ...

written by Pete, Denmark 09/03/15

After waiting months for my Fitbit Surge from CDON, who claimed that the delivery time would be 1-2 weeks, when I ordered, it was liberating to Cool Stuff delivered from day to day, so Surge could kon... Read more

its awsome

written by Nursen, Sweden 09/03/15

Love My activity clock. Its awsome. Just as described on Detas website. The only downside is that it is a bit big but nothing that bothers me very much. Slightly pricey for the portion. Otherwise I lo... Read more

Compelling Fitness band

written by HorstMH, Germany 09/03/15

Fitbit Surge is a convincing in all respects Fitness PM. Heart rate monitoring is promptly and accurately (compared with sphygmomanometer). Sleep recording is exact and meaningful and pedometer seems ... Read more

Smart trenongsklokke

written by Kyrre, Norway 09/03/15

Hello I have now spent training clock "Fitbit Surge" in a few weeks and am very happy, it detects al my activity throughout the day and the activity is synchronized on the phone in a transpa... Read more

works perfectly

written by Lito, Norway 09/03/15

Is very happy with the my Fitbit Surge. Works exactly as I expected! Very nice to see ruta ein have gone afterwards. In addition there how many steps which lasted all during the walk versus the rest o... Read more

Surge Fitbit

written by Marcus, Sweden 09/03/15

After 3v use so I feel really satisfied. Clearly interesting all the graphs you can obtain the different activities and, above all, simple to use clock. Can not help but recommend it !!

Review Fitbit surge

written by Bernd, Germany 09/03/15

Hello, am fully satisfied with the purchase and the product. Orders and deliveries performed flawlessly. Have the PM spent two weeks in operation and am absolutely thrilled. Data is supplied permanent... Read more

Very good

written by Geir Hammer, Norway 10/03/15

Fitbit Surge fulfill all expectations and more, are highly suited as an aid to training


written by Robin, Sweden 11/03/15

Have now used my Surge few days and am very happy with it. Upgraded me from a flex when I felt that I wanted to have some more features. What to see and do everything very easily by the touch screen i... Read more


written by Geir Hammer, Norway 16/03/15

Very good product, combines several functions have been separated app`er and hardware - smart and effective!

Not as expected

written by Arild, Norway 16/03/15

The time has incredibly poor display. One can not see anything in sunlight or bright light. LCD is out ...... light that is built is also of poor quality. Withdraw from a purchase ..

Fitbit Surge

written by Vienna, Germany 16/03/15

I have the device ready for operation in for a week. All described functions are available. The message function (SMS, calls) I can dzt. Not test because my Sony Xperia Z still no Android 5 has. The m... Read more

hours every 2 days to be loaded

written by XXX, Germany 19/03/15

I have chosen for you watch because the battery 5 - should have 7 days endurance. In everyday use, the clock has to be charged every other day. Pulse well, evaluations relatively inflexible. Battery s... Read more

Fast delivery, goods 1a

written by Jenne, Germany 22/03/15

Fast delivery and the goods as hoped! I ordered a FitBit Surge / get is actually in Germany still garnicht available! Way to go, everything perfect! For fitness watch is functioning properly and the p... Read more


written by panther, Germany 26/03/15

"Value" is at the Fitbit really okay and top. It is easy to understand and use. Elegant use. I would like to have had a German operating instructions at least in the network; and perhaps one... Read more


written by Bodsko, Norway 30/03/15

I have returned the package with Fitbit from you. Bought IPhone 6 after Christmas and discovered that it does not work optimally against Surge. This I saw after I had ordered. Therefore, the package r... Read more

So far so good

written by STs, Germany 30/03/15

The worry is already chic, and has good functions only I must say that my batch HR ranges because it is easier and more convenient at work, there me is the surge too hard on the wrist (taste) tracken ... Read more

Great coaches!

written by Ralf, Germany 30/03/15

My Fitbit Surge I give her no more! Great coach if it means moving keeps you young and fresh. She does what she should. - Steps with other pedometers compared - right! - GPS signal clearly display the... Read more

met expectations largely

written by Michael, Germany 01/04/15

I had been the Fitbit flex and wanted to on the one hand to obtain a permanent heart rate measurement and also to not need a second clock for running (GPS), the Fitbit Surge. Both conditions met the S... Read more

Available Fitbit Surge Top product before launch

written by DR, Germany 03/04/15

The holding Surge what Fitbit promises - heart rate measurement and a Weckmöglichkeit were specifically on my main - it works correctly. On the Fitbit site the item is still not available, the happier... Read more

Good symbiosis between fitness and SmartWatch for beginners

written by Jens, Germany 04/04/15

The FitBit Surge is available on the United States since the end of, 2014. I was glad that Cool Stuff has now made available for us users in DE in March the clock. The main features of the surge are: ... Read more

met all expectations

written by Stone, Germany 06/04/15

Hello, the Siurge Have now a week in use. Meets all expectations. Easy to operate. Think, however, that the calories will be highly valued.

Fitbit Surge

written by Martin, Germany 06/04/15

Hello, after a week with the Fitbit Surge I am still very satisfied. We have acquired two pieces, since my father was looking for an appropriate Tracker, the statements also apply to its review. The d... Read more

Most men's

written by Maria Lisette, Denmark 10/04/15

Seems clock is too large for women, works well with the app attached, which is really what carries it all. The menus and the "inside" works but is not delicious .... Gave my husband Surge&#3... Read more

Top Fitness Tracker

written by Ken, Germany 13/04/15

I'm very satisfied with the Surge. Locate the tracker super succeeded and no longer put it off. Settings and communication with the community are very good.

Unfortunately defective

written by Daujoons, Germany 13/04/15

The FitBit Surge came quickly. Cool Stuff has done a good job with this. Unfortunately, however, the watch itself rather disappointing. In the package the watch looks very classy. Were they once in ha... Read more

Very good

written by janerikSH, Norway 19/04/15

Have used Flex for a while and was keen on testing "big brother". Works very well. Slightly larger to have on your arm than I thought beforehand. Sometimes a little difficult to "roll y... Read more

Top SmartWatch

written by hr.rossi, Germany 21/04/15

Everything went very well !! Fast delivery and the watch also looks at a woman's arm really good. The display should be a bit brighter but the decor is top. !!

inaccurate GPS, cool design

written by Harald, Germany 23/04/15

The design is cool, the operation intuitive. Unfortunately, the GPS does not work well and the AM so that was not suitable to measure the speed on a 500 m running track. The maximum deviation of the t... Read more

Fitbit Surge

written by Harald Köppen, Germany 24/04/15

With the supply everything worked fine. The device Fitbit Surge even my expectations NOT fully met.

Everything perfect!

written by Mr. fab, Germany 25/04/15

Very good service. Cool Stuff had fitbit surge the first in Germany, it seems to me. Many thanks for everything.

FitBit Surge

written by Maik Berlin, Germany 27/04/15

Hello. I ordered 2 weeks before the the FitBit Surge. The order and delivery have worked quickly and smoothly. Friday ordered and on Tuesday the shipment was already there. The watch is also class. Wü... Read more

Awesome !!!!

written by Monika, Sweden 06/05/15

Upgraded my old flex to surge, is very pleased with all the features. May think that it could be a little nicer when I use it around the clock. Recommended.

Good for an average user

written by pamp, Norway 07/05/15

Good times, anonymous and does not stand out. Somewhat stiff price. Slightly sweaty strap gets "stuck" in clothes. Somewhat inaccurate GPS - barriers slightly on the road at times and may ta... Read more

great part

written by katal, Germany 07/05/15

The delivery was fast. But communication with Reklamierung left to be desired. For 2 weeks reached no one and therefore have to wait for about 3 weeks on a new device. Everything else was great. That ... Read more


written by Jürgen, Germany 15/05/15

Do me the Fitbit fetched surge. Horny toy Simply super. Fast delivery . Super Service . THANK YOU

Much thicker than ready

written by Ela, Germany 19/05/15

I was hoping for a chic ladies fitness band with watch functions. Instead, this is a bold Klopper and not fancy at all for women. Since my Apple watch is too expensive and the battery just keeps one d... Read more

Poor software

written by Kongen, Denmark 28/05/15

Measuring no calories and steps accurately measuring steps when I sit on my lawn tractor or in my car so for me it has been a waste a money and otherwise practice had heard and read so much good about... Read more

Firbit Surge

written by Marianne, Denmark 16/12/15

There lacks a manual for the product, and good enough, there is a reference to a website - but I am not wiser on how I get started using the product.

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