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Flying Alarm Clock

The alarm clock that shoots off a propeller when it rings. The flying alarm clock doesn't stop ringing until you put the propeller nicely back in place. Phew!

Flying Alarm Clock - Flying Alarm Clock
Flying Alarm Clock
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Flying Alarm Clock - Batteries AA 4-pack
Batteries AA 4-pack
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Flying Alarm Clock - Batteries AA 10-pack
Batteries AA 10-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Fat product!

written by Haris, 21/08/09

This watch is a great product that wakes you immediately! ;) The only drawback of the product is that it is a 12-hour clock, which means that it only counts up to 12, whereupon it begins at 1 again.

alarm clock

written by Anette, 21/08/09

Super. No doubt that you wake up, but it offers almost cardiac arrest. Full satisfied.

written by , 03/12/09

Fun hate gift idea. You can not just "kill it". The propeller must be found and be fully inserted until there is peace. The gift was well received.

Flying Alarm Clock

written by MS, 14/12/09

Larmer whole game, the whole propeller facilitates not every time - but a very funny incident.

Kanon gift for the little brother!

written by Louise, 02/01/10

Now he can at least get up in the morning;)!

written by Lone Alstrøm, 04/01/10

A fun gift that creates smile that it then actually works as intended're only a plus.

That was the thing with snooze ..

written by Tilly, 05/01/10

The idea of ​​the flying alarm clock is absolutely brilliant for us who have snoozed break every alarm clock and no longer have any excuse to go to the manager about why we're late. BUT: the flyin... Read more

written by nettea, 06/01/10

not so fortunate .... good for nothing but super service from the company's side. no problems getting a new sent. Thank you.


written by Camilla, 22/01/10

I think it's a really cool product, but unfortunately I can not get it to work. have tried for a week now and it simply does not work.


written by leeshy, 23/04/10

it's a shitty watch .. they sent me a clock and it did not work ... so groused I sent a new watch for free as I did today .. and guess? shit did not work either .. it can not take off from... Read more

written by Dorthea Thirup Petersen, 21/06/10

Alarm Clock seem not, despite numerous attempts, it can not get the propeller to fly.

alarm clock

written by Jan, 05/10/10

I had some trouble getting the clock to work by acting as if it has a few bad links, etc.

Flying alarm clock

written by ML, 08/10/10

Bought 2 flying alarm clocks. One worked and spun off spinner, but the other had probably been trapped in the package top was not perfectly round and never lifts. But both have a terrible noise so you... Read more


written by Matthias, 13/12/10

The product is unfortunately disappointing - poor workmanship (cheap appearance) - unreliable starting mechanism, which results in that the ringtone partly off after only a fraction of a second = no r... Read more

written by , 26/12/10

The propeller set bad disappointing ..

Flying alarm clock

written by Marie, 27/12/10

Very cool watch, but was disappointed that it did not come with power cable, when there were holes to watch. Was a bit disappointing to have to turn up the lid of the battery compartment, rather than ... Read more

You become hysterical

written by käkben, 03/01/11

The watch really delivers. The alarm is loud disgusting and disturbing and propeller flying away with a great speed. Two small minus: (1) propeller flying almost straight up on the alarm clock is on f... Read more


written by Mig, 03/01/11

This is a very good product ... you get up in the morning :) However, there is a small problem with the product, but it can be easily solved .. It is when the product is on a flat, level surface fly p... Read more

morning wake up call

written by Birgitte, 04/01/11

Great invention for people where bed and duvet adheres to the back of them when the alarm clock rings. My teenage son has until now ignored and slept from all sorts of alarm clocks both the technical ... Read more

did not work

written by mati_01, 10/01/11

The alarm clock is a nice idea, but unfortunately he has not kept his promises. On the first attempt, it worked great, alarm went off, started the propeller and alarm continued until you put the prope... Read more

flying Alarm Clock

written by Bente, 13/01/11

Bought it for my son of 18 years, he do not think it is so much fun that was out of bed to catch the propeller ............... but that is just what is meant;. ) Good and fun invention, thank you


written by Jag., 25/01/11

Seems that the clock works very well! I have always had trouble waking up in the morning all the alarm clocks yes had. But with this as I wake up right away!

written by Aldriona, 03/02/11

Very good watch. Not only spinner who flies away, but also the fact that it is the loudest bell I've ever owned. The only downside is that you have to choose between either having outboard and no ... Read more

Time flies.

written by Ren, 16/02/11

The flying alarm clock must certainly enough to get you up in the morning and is a perfect gift for the person who always arrives late up in the morning or right b-human. It is a very light material s... Read more

Did not work...

written by Luffe, 16/08/11

The idea of ​​a flying alarm clock is brilliant! However, I have not had much luck with the model I have ordered ... The first watch I received seemed alarm is not ... The spun in one or two seconds a... Read more

written by Mr. Late, 05/09/11

It works, but has announced an alarm sound and can be experienced volsomt when sleeping deeply and be of weight with it. otherwise it is a effiktiv alarm that almost evokes the dead: D

Absolutely fantastic

written by Christian Brink, 12/09/11

Now there's no trouble getting the young man up in the morning ;-)

Flying Alarm Clock = OK!

written by Morgontrött, 26/03/12

The watch live well and certainly must seek part / rotor flying away. However, flying almost straight up, landing not far from the clock, so the difference between asking a usual alarm clock in the fa... Read more

flying wake

written by tidliger syvsover, 10/07/12

here is a product you should not buy if you're really happy for your snosse button as this wake clock is great to drive you out of bed in the morning especially if you have a play sick kitten tren... Read more


written by VIDI, 13/08/12

I hate it at theirs, for the wakes me every morning! His one hates to be pp morning so do not buy this watch. It is impossible to oversleep, when the clock makes a tremendous spetakel and there is no ... Read more

flying Alarm Clock

written by Jensen422, 01/10/12

The Flying Alarm Clock is absolutely fantastic, I could not stand up In the morning but I can now! So I can definitely recommend if you are bad to get up in the morning :)

The invention good / bad feature

written by Dil, 09/10/12

I give it 2 stars for the very idea. It is good when it works. You wake guaranteed! Even cooler is that you can set it to snooze when you put it in the evening. If you just forget that it is in snooze... Read more

Good morning

written by Louise Juul, 28/11/12

No doubt that to get up in the morning. But you'll just have a heart attack on the way, the team now up a shock one gets every time .. Can not even just take 5 minutes extra for can not sleep afte... Read more

Crazy morning

written by Susanne, 29/11/12

Fun alarm clock that is guaranteed to get the person to get up to go crazy if it does not quickly find the propeller. A risk is that it becomes broken ..... Suffice it a signal that bounces teenager u... Read more

Alarm Clock with propeller

written by PG, 03/01/13

Dear Sirs, I have decided to purchase this product, because I this alarm for a very amusing and the other also a sensible position feel when it is someone paid to have the ernshafte problems with the ... Read more

flying Alarm Clock

written by Keldjensen, Denmark 08/11/13

Works really well. The only drawback is that it is only a 12 hour movement. So it rings twice a day

flying grandmother

written by Karen Margrethe, Denmark 16/08/14

Lovely noisy alarm clock, a sleepy grandson. It made a noise not as much as I thought, but it's ok because it is very penetrating. My dog ​​could not Li + it. I have seen on this site that some co... Read more

Great stuff

written by Musty, Sweden 19/09/14

Great products Great fun Awesome delivery time The best online fun toys store ever! Highly Recommended. Will personally never stop using :)

Alarm clock

written by Tordis, Norway 19/12/14

Did not respond to the expectations! Everything for low sound !! When you see the film so look better than it is. Possible they have used a different clock than the one sold in butikken-

Good, but ...

written by McLovin, Denmark 19/01/15

The alarm clock is probably the best thing I could have invested my money in, it ensures that I get up in the morning, even though almost cardiac arrest it. But propeller flying not always, if the clo... Read more

Do you sleep heavily, buy this here, definetivt!

written by Alex, Norway 25/06/15

I sleep very heavily to normal and have had trouble getting up in the morning, this one gives me hjerteinnfarkt 6:30 in the morning. Not only must you out of bed to turn it off, but the alarm is absol... Read more

Alarm clock.

written by Christina, Sweden 26/11/15

Very plasticky and outboard lifted no more than about 2 dm, no loud alarm sounds. Too high price for the product, so I returned it.

flying Alarm Clock

written by kari, Denmark 17/12/15

Have not tried the watch even when it is a Christmas. However, it looks really good. I gglæder me to see the lighthouse of

Did not!

written by Emma, Sweden 28/12/15

The time felt cheap already when we lifted it out of the box. When we were testing it worked it not. Propellen did not get caught up in their nest when the loose o alarm is not stopped. Only when we p... Read more


written by Håkan, Sweden 04/01/16

The alarm clock was an "unpleasant" surprise for my living apart together. Logistics OK. Payment routine is excellent !!!


written by Joanna , Sweden 04/01/16

Mr. Gee, you want to be woken by something that resembles an airplane alarm so this is perfect! We are always on us here at home and thought we would try this. It works so well that we do not dare to ... Read more

Fungerarde not at all ...

written by Swenzon, Sweden 05/01/16

When we tested the product for the first time, we could not turn it off, at the next opportunity came off not part of the propeller than very late and still can not turn it off

Alarm Clock flying

written by Janita, Norway 18/01/16

Fuck !!!!! After a user is destroyed. Small parts that break quickly. Never been so unhappy with things from cool stuff before!

Did not work...

written by SW, Sweden 22/08/16

The clock did not work as it should, the air component flew 1 dm while the alarm is stopped once. Sad!

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