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Frans Bicycle Helmet Lock

Bicycle helmets are great – but a bit boring to drag around with you. This ingenious steel cable allows you to lock your helmet in the bicycle lock. The protective bag also keeps your helmet dry in the rain.

Frans Bicycle Helmet Lock - Frans Bicycle Helmet Lock
Frans Bicycle Helmet Lock
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Super product

written by Andreas, Germany 02/02/15

I'm very satisfied with the order with cool stuff. The product is the price-performance ratio very good, which is often less so in the case of such "gadgets". In the case really very use... Read more

great thing

written by Jana, Germany 23/03/15

A really brilliant idea! One can very easily fastened his helmet, he is protected and can not be stolen! Total worth the money!

Kit Clever! But could be better

written by Olof, Sweden 13/04/15

It works really smoothly and well, that would be fine with storage for it all on the bike during the cycling, then you do not always have a backpack with him and it still takes some space. The cable i... Read more


written by Louise, Denmark 27/04/15

Love it! It is brilliant, can lie in the bicycle basket when not in use, it takes up nothing. The easy to use and keeps the helmet and the seat dry if it rains. The best buy I've done.

Dry a bike :)

written by Adrian, Norway 17/09/15

I bought a helmet lock for a little while back, and avail myself of this daily. Very nice to be able to place bike helmet on the bike, and in addition know that it's there when you come back. Not ... Read more


written by Anna, Sweden 22/02/16

Just like the movie and pictures. Works fine fine. The receiver also estimates the gift!

as simple as it is ingenious

written by Tanja, Germany 07/03/16

A cable and a rubber bag - apart from this course pretty hefty price - this is the ultimate solution to chain the bicycle helmet with little effort on the one hand and to protect others from rain. Why... Read more

Good idea

written by Marcus, Germany 24/03/16

As has anyone ever thought about right! Great idea that can be implemented well in practice. Also the price is acceptable!

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