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Fridge Locker

Lock up your food! Perfect for when you need to share a fridge with others, such as at work or at a student dormitory.

Fridge Locker - Fridge Locker
Fridge Locker
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Very good

written by , 21/02/11

Have had problems with my food at work was stolen, although the name was clearly stated on them, but after I bought fridgelocker there has not been a problem. Good size that fits nicely into the refri... Read more

Fridge Locker - Lock your dinner ...

written by Bianca alias EBMbibi, 28/02/11

A perfect product for my household. How so????? Because my friend I almost always steals all puddings :-) I share my over the week, and he asks if he has an appetite strikes. "Can I have a puddin... Read more

Scrap of Ami-Land

written by Robert Wichmann, 24/08/11

In the first mission, the lock was broken. In the second program, the castle was fine. However, it is this castle easily clicked on by using a screwdriver. The locking bolt is in only a few millimeter... Read more

Scrap of Ami-Land

written by Robert Wichmann, 24/08/11

In the first mission, the lock was broken. In the second program, the castle was fine. However, it is this castle easily clicked on by using a screwdriver. The locking bolt is in only a few millimeter... Read more


written by Emkey, 20/09/11

was that it was very easy to build up to two pieces, it took little more than an hour: / but otherwise this is the top. Nobody steals our candy more: D

poor lock

written by , 23/09/11

The lock was broken after 1.gang use, it is very bad!


written by Dengler Stefan, 17/10/11

I was to go long on the lookout for a lock for the refrigerator of my father who decided to the nursing home. The refrigerator would then but in a public space. My father eats for his life like ice an... Read more

IT IS junk

written by Jesper Juhl, 09/12/11

This is the worst product I have ever purchased from cool stuff - and bought some. The lock does not at all, no matter how much you struggling and trying so serve it, press the button to the right wit... Read more

Great if kids open more than three packs of mutton at a time

written by , 22/12/11

I bought it simply to have just mutton and other toppings present in multiple packs in the fridge without it then becomes four packets lying there and get moldy in one corner;) Code lock was a little ... Read more

Funny thing!

written by lisa, 02/01/12

My father's family freeloaders and now he was silent when I gave this as a gift for my mother. Very fun and appreciated gift, but something big to fit in the fridge.

Fridge Locker

written by , 19/01/12

Super thing and fulfills what is promised! Highly recommended for greedy children or diet partner! :-) MFG Torro75

Extremely well !

written by angelina, 25/06/12

at my home, there is always someone who steals my drink, candy, cookies, Risifrutti etc .. so this is really great! and that there is a code and no key makes it even better, because you can only use a... Read more

good stuff

written by jidu, 10/07/12

Very good gadget that fits perfectly in the fridge. Right size that can hold candy / cookies / cheese that should not be eaten right away. The only criticism that can come up with is that the built-in... Read more

Ingeniously !!!

written by Siv renate, 10/07/12

Unbelievable :-) use it to add toppings I've bought so others began topping is used first. Hate to have their necks in order opened in the fridge before it gets eaten up.

Lock up stuff in the fridge

written by Gudrun, 24/09/12

Very good! Previously there was always that one bought for a special occasion, or as they really longed for, eaten or drunk by any other person realized he or she was hungry. Now you have to have it f... Read more

poor manual

written by Anna, 12/11/12

Poor manual. Poor quality ... broke down when mounted. Should be that it is not completely assembled.


written by rose, 07/12/12

Works very good except in a case where small children fingers got hold of the biscuit I had locked away. Through grids. So do not put matters that may come through the grids. But I will now have food ... Read more

Fast delivery

written by Dorte, 12/12/12

Just want to say that it has been a really good deal with you;) Very easy and straightforward and quick delivery without problems;)

Very easy to install

written by Ludvig, 04/01/13

Before I bought my Fridge Locker, I read through the comments and I expected a bad operating manual and a box difficult to assemble. Such was not the case! I laugh when I read the review saying that i... Read more


written by Äiti, 11/02/13

My child (15 years) has been in the habit of eating my product lactose-free, even if they have read that DO NOT TAKE! Now the matter has been resolved once and for all. The refrigerator is flush with ... Read more

The thief thief shall be called ...

written by Gabriella, 04/03/13

Finally I can bring good order and enjoy a healthy lunch to work, instead of the usual sweaty cheese on a wrapped sandwich. With us it was a strange phenomenon that food suddenly disappeared by themse... Read more


written by Ilona, Germany 22/04/13

Finally we get again some of our chocolate from. Had I been at least 10 years ago to buy!

Shit ..

written by Henrik, Norway 01/05/13

When I was going to mount this was one of the parts broken. Then the whole Fridge Lock he destroyed and it was just throw it. Got no joy of this ..

Better online than in real life

written by Per, Sweden 20/05/13

Seems useful when you read about it, but because the lock is such a lousy quality, it becomes practically unusable. Either you can not lock it, or LAN can not open it ... The installation instructions... Read more

refrigerator Castle

written by Marco77, Germany 25/06/13

Combination lock was defect, but was unceremoniously converted ... I hope the new work when it comes.

"Cool" part

written by Martina , Germany 14/10/13

I bought this box for my husband or against his irrepressible candy hunger! We can now have always sweet in the house, without being tempted to snack.

Funker it properly!

written by Gigi, Norway 17/10/13

Bought two pieces a few weeks ago, one was destroyed during setup, the second contrast is alive and well in the refrigerator at work! Funker mountain, no one has since stolen food from me and all who ... Read more

No more wegessen

written by M.Raum, Germany 07/12/13

Just great the vault But it would be nice if you could get a description in German or at least associated images for easier building.

fridge Locker

written by marie, Sweden 30/01/14

A clever way to hide their food in the fridge! Works great and everything is left! The lock is good and it is empty-looking !!

sooo good

written by ML, Sweden 18/02/14

As I have been looking for a lockable box for this particular use, now I have all my food in peace at my work :-)

cannon product

written by fredrik, Sweden 05/03/14

You can not lock it in the fridge, but it gets 5+ only one. Did it with a padlock. No one takes my food on the job longer !!!

good idea

written by Simale, Sweden 16/03/14

But the structure was too fragile since it was made of plastic. Returned it because it did not meet the quality I thought I see when I looked at it on the internet.

Very useful!

written by Erik, Sweden 11/08/14

I bought Fridge Locker in connection with the move to a student dormitory with shared kitchen and refrigerator / freezer. I put together the box and tried it in the freezer, where it fitted perfectly.... Read more

funny gift

written by Jonna, Sweden 02/10/14

Really fun thing! It is "different" and it's an incredibly clever invention, one does not find in other stores !!! Will be a much appreciated gift! Especially & perfect for my brothe... Read more

The cage does its job

written by Waldiz, Sweden 28/10/14

The cage is not very difficult to put together and fit in the refrigerator. It keeps your stuff safe.

Be careful when mounting

written by Sofi, Sweden 14/12/14

Satisfied with the box function and size. But dissatisfied with the installation instructions. We put together some error pages and when we took it apart so went a few plastic spikes of. This means th... Read more

Fun - but quite expensive -present

written by L, Sweden 21/12/14

Is a bit too expensive considering the quality, but was perfect considering the discussion of the food in the refrigerator at work. Hope that his colleague must have their soft drinks, etc. alone from... Read more

Sucker Monster

written by Markus.B, Germany 01/02/15

This Coolen part the sugar monsters are somewhat kept in limits. Gutu processed more easily build and then also with combination lock, so my wife and my daughter have to ask me for sweets)

Code lock broken

written by Denis, Finland 06/04/15

Hey, Fridge Locker's idea is otherwise pretty smart, but I think now is the R & D location. with the product became so much jolted the cage code lock did not last the week. After a few aukaisu... Read more

Food-thieves - Do not bother you

written by Carina, Sweden 11/03/16

Canon in the kitchen staff or student. You get to have their food alone! Cute little "cage" that is easy to manage.

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