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Frosty Freezer Mug

Freezer mug with hollow walls filled with a liquid that freezes to ice when the mug is placed in the freezer. Keep your drinks cold for longer!

Frosty Freezer Mug - Frosty Freezer Mug
Frosty Freezer Mug
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Frosty Freezer Mug - Frosty Freezer Mug 6-Pack
Frosty Freezer Mug 6-Pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?


written by lars, 02/04/10

These tankards will make themselves wonderfully on the balcony in summer! They take about 2 hours for me before they are ready to use and keep cool for about 2 hours after that. Can add that I have no... Read more

Cold good drink

written by sanna, 18/04/10

Superbra mug that cools your drinks at once. Just to take out of the freezer, pour the drink and after only a moment has lovely cold drink.

excellent product

written by wolfgang Mertes, 20/04/10

Exactly for this product I've been looking for. Easy handling, great styling. Also recommended as a special gift!

Wonderful tankard in the heat ...

written by Patrik Sommar, 14/06/10

Really go to drink from, and it actually keeps the beer cold for a while, but the best part is that the beer looks really nice on the sweaty out: D

Nice cold.

written by Master Li, 23/06/10

So far, I have always enjoyed my drinks with ice cubes. After some time, the drink was watered down course. This pitcher this does not happen again. In addition, it saves to make the arduous ice and t... Read more

cooling cup

written by mikb966, 05/07/10

have the cool cup at a partie used the guest true very enthusiastic and wanted to know where I got, so do not be surprised if their was a few orders more have degree at temperatures around 30 beer wir... Read more

cooling cup

written by Damböck Josef, 28/07/10

I ordered cooling cup a few weeks ago, because the drink in the glass will warm very quickly even at warmer temperatures, and the taste - especially the beer - is no longer the best. I must say that t... Read more

Holds max. 1 hour cool

written by Björn, 02/08/10

Unfortunately, I can not understand the details shown here temperature test (applies maybe just for the beer cooler jugs), since the cup beverage at refrigerator temperature for max. hold for 1 hour a... Read more


written by , 18/08/10

Okay product, but I will probably still prefer to continue to drink my beer from a normal glass, then the feeling was (obviously) very plasticky. The idea is good, but that kylmugg to speak it is not ... Read more

Super product

written by Harry P., 07/09/10

Since I know the Steins from the USA already and think they are great, I was glad to get this finally also in Germany. Can you recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy a cold beer on the terrace even... Read more


written by Peter, 21/10/10

The cup holding the drink actually quite a long cold. Deduction there for the slight plastic odor / flavors, to the drink partly takes after long use. But who can be cold beer and long standing .....


written by Marlene Musen, 19/11/10

It is so lovely and delicious with a cold glass of cola


written by Oscar, 22/11/10

Do it properly, cools quickly, keeping well for quite some time, enough to drink anything anyway. The drink gets very cold ^. ^ Seems sustainable!

written by fornøyd kunde, 01/12/10

Ingenious glass =), but tastes a bit much platsikk (even after washing)

Ice-cold cup / mug

written by Lattis, 06/12/10

Really good for those who do not want to dilute their favorite drink with lots of ice!

Fun and useful

written by Majken, 13/12/10

Very smart :)

Dad and boyfriend are very satisfied.

written by å s a, 27/12/10

Both my boyfriend and my dad were among others the cooling beer glass as a Christmas gift from me, and they are thrilled about them! The beer stays cold for a long time :)


written by Milla, 27/12/10

Muggen är jättebra to keep the level Drycker calla i t.ex Bastun! Isen smälter ju förstås ganska snabbt i så hög värme, men drycken is kept kall ju så Lange Man Badar och det är ju its bara att den fr... Read more


written by Jimmy, 01/01/11

Bought kylmuggen which was in the form of a beer mug. Bought 4 pcs. They work very well, but feels very plastiga, probably because they are made of plastic ... To drink from them can be tricky because... Read more

Buy more than you need !!!

written by Lars, 03/01/11

Bought 4 cool mug late December Delivery time and feedback is top notch, but the packaging should perhaps be done better since the mugs arrived 3 leak, possibly due. Of record hårdhændethed, take you ... Read more

Leaking surprise.

written by Simon, 26/01/11

One out of the two cups I bought leaked its coolant through gluing the bottom, which had damaged cartons on most items in my order. If this is something that occurred in shipping or production, I can ... Read more

Glass and Beer Stein

written by Ingwill Johansson, 17/02/11

Is very pleased with these kylmuggar.Rekommenderar them with heat. The size is perfekt.Håller cold very good and very friendly drink. (We'll see in the summer when sitting out how the cooling appe... Read more


written by , 10/03/11

surprisingly glass. holds approximately 2-3 hours cool bag.

Pleasant in winter, for the summer certainly a must!

written by Paula, 14/03/11

Really impressive as rapidly even room hot drinks are cooled to ice cold and maintain this temperature. The summer is coming and with my second cup I should sometimes be really cool ;-). lg, Paula

written by , 17/03/11

Perfekt.Hade the sauna. The beer was cold all the time and I bastade long .......

Blue cool mugs

written by Annette, 17/03/11

Hello. It is a great invention that can only be recommended. Unfortunately, missing the blue mug a handle, so one's hands and fingers do not also freezes during use. Have some great beer cool mug ... Read more

Super satisfied!

written by Sanna, 17/04/11

Make your drinks cold in a short time and the beer will be extra good to drink. Works well in the sauna, outside in the sun and at home at the TV. However, the liquid in the cup is not as high at the ... Read more

Really good BUT!

written by Mackan, 25/04/11

Really good and nice mug. However, I noticed that the leak down at the handle because I give it a 4, a (could be a Monday-copies) keeps its promises, keep my drinks cold for hours!


written by Henri, 29/04/11

A big part of the experience of drinking something is, the shape of the glass, and a half-centimeter plastic edge is not so very nice to have on the lips, thus there will be more than 2a.


written by , 02/06/11

Bought kylmuggar to us and to the stomach birthday. Became a hit. He will have them in the pool area, perfect with plastic and anything that keeps the beer chilled. Cannon Fashionable !!!!!!

Cooling Mug

written by Bo Vibæk, 20/06/11

I have previously purchased the big mug, but they are all gone to. A short time ago I saw that they had come as less glass that is easier dressing fit in the freezer. I ordered 4 pcs. which came as ag... Read more

Buying cool mugs

written by H.M., 14/07/11

Nice product, very fast delivery and electronic follow-up order. Unfortunately, the record was a little tough, so a mug defective upon delivery. But a short mail and there was immediately a new mugs o... Read more


written by SoL, 20/07/11

Gets a little wet condensation on the outside, but it keeps your drinks cold for long!

Super Happy

written by Milla, 15/08/11

Really nice and handy glass. Is very nice blue color and very good for keeping the drinks cold. Thick durable material, but still is easy and the glass is not heavy. The glass was to my daughter and n... Read more


written by Berit, 19/08/11

An absolutely superb product. Even in a freezer compartment becomes "glass ice" right quickly, and pour in warm / hot drink, so you just need to wait a little while so your drinks cool. That... Read more

Great invention!

written by Mette Skutter, 26/09/11

Cooling mug is in my opinion quite a brilliant invention! I use it very often, if I forgot to put Coke in the fridge. For there is therefore nothing worse than lukewarm cola. So most people would stil... Read more

Cooling glass

written by Daniel, 10/10/11

I think ik it is super good, yes it cools, but is mega uncomfortable to drink and cola and beer get some plastic taste :-( but yes, it cools well.

tja ...

written by camilla, 08/11/11

have cold drink in 2 tima, but they find someone thanks to æ put isbitta Oppi glaze as well. but shall not complain, for the better one no thing, æ bought 2 so that d one could stand to freezing while... Read more

Cooling Beer Mug

written by Annette knudsen, 17/11/11

Ølkrusset keeps in fact heat the fluids even longer than that indicated in the description. They can definitely recommended. I look forward to getting them south where we do not have easy adg for ice ... Read more

Very good

written by Lisa, 21/11/11

Can imagine that beer glasses are better than cola glasses, then they have handles that make you do not get cold hands, when to drink from them. However, only tried and beer glasses are super happy wi... Read more

Beware of the dishwasher

written by Tor Inge, 01/12/11

Do not put these in the dishwasher, as this parts are glued by

Works well!

written by øru, 02/12/11

The glasses worked well!

Cooling Mug

written by Torben Groth, 14/12/11

It did sadly successfully for both the Christmas celebrations as they were purchased for. Definitely a great 10 numbers.


written by Frederik, 14/12/11

Ordered 4 mugs and they came 2 days later. Unfortunately it was one broken, calling in to cool stuff and they send a new one. Super Customer Service !! In addition, they are super smart and keeps the ... Read more

Great but wet!

written by Simen, 19/12/11

Works great, but can be nice to have a little paper under since it is actually an ice glass. It melts and it becomes too wet under glass.


written by Sara C., 19/12/11

The shipment was super fast and the mugs were all - delicious!

written by Guro, 23/12/11

Very funny gadget! But it was incredibly sorry that 3 of 5 leaking water until I at all had opened the box ...

written by Caroline, 30/12/11

It cools very good but it could be any more liquid so that it is at the bottom will be cooled. then it must stand up in the freezer as they may not have the place to, if you put it down and you have a... Read more

written by Elisabeth, 30/12/11

Bought 4 cool mug to give for Christmas. It had gushed out water from all 4 lenses. It was pretty boring.

works well

written by Folke Andre, 02/01/12

As the description says, it keeps your drink cool for at least 2 hours. The beverage min freezer even ice sometimes. Pestle good product :)

went hole

written by , 02/01/12

Bought four such mugs and two were punctured when they arrived. It can of course be record their fault, but they were not very securely packed, so it would probably not far.

written by Mette Dellgren , 03/01/12

The light does not come all the way around but most lights at the ends. But it's still fun.

cooling Mugs

written by , 04/01/12

Sorry but these mugs were completely useless. I ordered 5 pieces for me and my children. Three of those were holes in when we opened the packages. Ie the water to be frozen leaking. the remaining two ... Read more


written by Anonym, 04/01/12

You will not find a better product than this! The beer is cold all evening

Good idea, poor manufacturing

written by Adam, 23/04/12

We have had 6 kylmuggar since Jul 2011, and uses at least one every day. Unfortunately, three of them even survived half a year. Began to leak, both from top and bottom. Like some other reviews we als... Read more

supgot supgot

written by ordblin, 06/06/12

hi them have I suffered eft food sit then buy a part and must reach ha multi for achieving Friend see them they will us have them and they must be behind the freezer and then you can thank the out rea... Read more

Good idea.

written by Adam, 12/06/12

Bought the number kylmuggar now. Got four to Christmas, but has bought many more. Finally now I bought the 8-pack. The problem is that the bottom starts to leak after a while on some mugs. The idea is... Read more

Good, but cracked fast!

written by kristin, 12/06/12

It worked really well to cool the liquid, but both glasses cracked quickly, within a week, even if they were frozen upside down ... SUPER customer service; got two new free mail, but these cracked unf... Read more


written by Loben, 25/06/12

Kylmuggen fully meets my expectations. It is truly the drink cooled long, even if it meet you stand in the sun!


written by Heidi Jepsen, 28/06/12

Both split cup after 1 h in the freezer ...... upper bøv.....................................................................................................................................

The perfect summer mug

written by Sol, 03/07/12

I have purchased the 4 cool mugs at all times stand ready in the freezer! Advantageously more if you have visit but one mug holds regardless least minimum 2øl icy before either put the mug back in the... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Fredrik, 10/07/12

I am very pleased with these mugs, the only thing I have to comment on is that after 2 uses so it was a small crack in one glass. The leak, however, nothing and the mug is working properly anyway.

Good but limited!

written by Joen, 18/07/12

Kylmuggen is a really nice and necessary gadget for the summer! It cools the drink really good! The only problem I can see with it is that the ice is melting faster when you have to drink in (obviousl... Read more

Kylmugg bro sorru!

written by HMG, 27/07/12

What to buy a brother ... not new shoes, it is safe anyway. But perhaps a kylmugg so that the beer is cold all the time and not only for five seconds? Balls issue with the mother, who says: Yes, he&#3... Read more

No broken

written by Den törstige, 30/07/12

All mugs were full, and works great! The kids think they are good with the juice is cold for long, but they do not have ice cubes to chew on ....

Smart, but a little clumsy

written by Eske H, 10/08/12

Very smart invention to hold your drink or beer cold all night. However, mugs little awkward to drink from, but you can use straws. BUT Caution! Do not leave them in the freezer for more than a day at... Read more

Ice cold elderberry juice is yummy

written by mormor Kerstin, 13/08/12

Bought four and intend to keep oneself because it is so good with ice-cold drink when you come home after the forest walk with the dogs. The three other grandchildren would have the family (will perha... Read more

Went to pieces before use!

written by Pinirito :-), 21/08/12

I put my cool mugs in the freezer, when I took them up was the sprightly and purse inside ran out when they thawed! I contacted Coolstuff and got super good help. Then it does not matter whether a try... Read more


written by nyhvets, 27/08/12

some of glass cracked during freezing. so these must be made of poor materials is. bought 8 glasses and 4 of them cracked first freezing.


written by Kandisja, 28/08/12

Total smart but is a little hard for the thaws up. Fairly quickly but otherwise Is the delicious instead of isterningers

supercool gadjet but ...

written by Bunnyfields, 31/08/12

Holds super! Especially in the hot WE with 38Grad. Only the drinkers rand is used to. Fast einsauen very probably in untrained.

cool mugs

written by m, 04/09/12

it is an ok product, but the liquid inside is thawing fast. and it takes time for the cooling effect known. it is not the same as having a thick glass mug in the freezer and use it for f ex beer, but ... Read more

Top Mugs

written by BengtJ, 02/10/12

Truly a top product. Bought 4st. Fast delivery. Keeps liquid cold for a while. Recommended to all.

Cooling Mug to cracks ..

written by Ane, 07/10/12

Bought these mugs and they put in the freezer. The first time I used the, worked the very good and the drink remained cold for long. But already after the second time it was frozen, it began to break ... Read more

Super mug! :)

written by Lise, 15/10/12

Bought the mug for my girlfriend as a gift, he was super happy about it and it works as it should :) the condense however part = after some time formed a small puddle of water on the table


written by Chris, 19/10/12

Delivery in no time after ordering! My friend was very happy with kylmuggen! Can recommend this product to others.

Cooling Mug

written by John Eghøj, 22/10/12

I was wrong to give 5 stars, and has not been able to erase again. It was a bit of a disappointment that the mugs were not of glass as the glass I tried in my vacation in Crete, but retained it keeps ... Read more


written by John, 28/11/12

The mug is great good, just one disadvantage that could have easily been 50 cl, I will buy more, but then I look for 50cl.

Low grade

written by Pia, 10/12/12

The product does not meet expectations. Drinking does not stay cold for more than 20 min. The product in the freezer so that the bottom-up as user requested.

Kanone glass

written by Najro94, 10/12/12

I think the glasses are completely raw! But the one glass has already kept begun and Laeken it is not so good :) but when they work they are super


written by Peter, 11/12/12

They work as they should, although you must remember to have thrown them in the freezer preferably 2 hours before you need them to be sure they are frozen. I ordered 4 cups, but one of them was unfort... Read more


written by Kristina, 18/12/12

Hello, bought this when the price was reduced, but the material is brittle plastic. Do not know how well it will fare transportation in and out of the freezer. It remains to find boarding.

Popular with beer drinkers!

written by Mari, 20/12/12

Bought this for law are very satisfied. Good price for such a good and fun product! The mug has nice size and is a very nice gift for beer drinkers. End I had to order my own father too! :)

Great product!

written by Nisse, 26/12/12

It is as good as it sounds. It's a good product. I köpde it faces a Christmas gift exchange and the person who received it became increasingly satisfied. Thinking of buying one for myself even now... Read more


written by Ewa, 30/12/12

Some of the cups do not seem to "hold tight". It comes out of the liquid contained within the double glass walls. Too bad because otherwise it's a fun o practical mug that you can use as... Read more


written by nikki , 31/12/12

Ordered 4 items from coolstuff late one Wednesday evening, Friday morning I was able to pick up the package! All the goods were in great condition and sued the descriptions. Kylmuggen became a prized ... Read more

mug Leaky

written by Anki, 02/01/13

Ordered 8 cool mug, and when I got there they were 4 of the leaky :-( not expect that 50% of the goods you order does not measure up.

Works perfectly!

written by Sven S., 08/01/13

So far, the cooling cups did not come in connection with beer used, but they have already proved themselves in all long drinks! Whether whiskey and coke or vodka Lemon 60 minutes cooling are after a s... Read more


written by ks, 09/01/13

super kylmugg. really keep the drink cold for long. suitable for summer. it kept drinks cold throughout dagen.har advantage of the pool deck in the summer.

great product

written by Marit og Kenneth, 14/01/13

Unbelievably good at this price. Bought 4 packs and suited us perfectly. Smallish room but just room for a 0.33 box :) Keeps your drinks cold in maaaange hours which surprised us the first time :)


written by Bente, 14/02/13

A great invention! The mug keeps drinks cold for hours. A good product! A fine gift for the teenager who has everything ...


written by Tompa, 14/03/13

Keeps the cold for a few hours if you have a place to freeze the mug above, tyvvär is most people freezers low, so they are lying, and only half of the mug is the freezer. Moreover, they are not good ... Read more

Great mug for the forgetful parent

written by Golle, 29/03/13

I always forget to set drinks like soda and juice on cooling but with this cup is no problem. My sons disks themselves from the cup and place it in the freezer again when they have used it. In this wa... Read more

cooling cup

written by S.Rudol, Germany 28/05/13

Unfortunately, a disappointment after what I had read, I expected more. Despite the recommended time in the freezer the cup barely 10 minutes ice have kept cold. In addition, the cup from the outside ... Read more

Kylmuggen OWN !!!

written by Christel, Sweden 17/06/13

Kylmuggen is the best summer gift ever. A tip facing appreciated gift to enjoy. For both adults and children when all cold drinks are best :) Happy summer !! :)

Sublime !!!

written by Morten, Norway 30/12/13

This is a great product :-) does not take long time to freeze the cup, and it cools down and keep drinks cold for long. Do not know if it will withstand being washed in a dishwasher, but I have used i... Read more

nice shopping

written by vilippu, Finland 09/01/14

Nice thingy from a cold drink to enjoy in. Easy-to-use and fast-changing mug of cold drink.

Marvelous Mugs

written by Preben skjold, Denmark 28/07/14

I have great pleasure tested two cooling mug. It has done this blazing summer bearable. Both for me and the wife, and especially the neighbor have been thrilled. I have a few moments ago sent him a li... Read more


written by Charly_D, Sweden 17/11/14

Fast delivery! Good product o definitely affordable! Does the product work well and very useful when you want a very cold drink. However, be prepared that it may "sweat" a little, then it ca... Read more


written by Niels-Jakob , Denmark 05/01/15

I bought a cool mug, and are super happy with it. It works 100 percent. I enjoy drinking cold drinks, therefore, is the seat here mugs ideal. However, there is a single minus; design, but it is to sur... Read more

Good mug.

written by Kund, Sweden 23/02/15

Cruel! Good for all the drinks you want icy cold. Good to take out of the freezer and use the picnic on a hot summer day when the drink does not need to be refrigerated before.

Good gift idea, for him, especially

written by Kujis, Finland 17/03/15

Came as a gift, the recipient was very happy. I bought two pints of varuiksi and are in heavy use, the second cooling down and the other beverage receptacle.

Cold beer!

written by Fredrik, Norway 29/06/15

Surprisingly good cooling effect on beer and other tasks that need cold! After a day in the freezer kept the cup well into the evening with cold beer. Although the ice thawed, kept the water in the gl... Read more

cool Mug

written by jk, Germany 22/07/15

Material and processing are reasonable for the price. And most importantly, they serve their purpose and keep the drinks cool schööönn when you had long enough in Getrierfach. All in all really please... Read more

The top

written by kvack, Sweden 23/11/15

Lovely to drink from and it keeps drinks super cold. Gave away a gift and it was really appreciated.

Super effective!

written by Badrys, Sweden 31/12/15

Love cups! Gave away two for Christmas and I retained. Very effective and really works! Your drinks are almost too cold at times it almost rushing on teeth ha ha! Really good for summer & delivery... Read more

Super effective!

written by Badrys, Sweden 31/12/15

Love cups! Gave away two for Christmas and I retained. Very effective and really works! Your drinks are almost too cold at times it almost rushing on teeth ha ha! Really good for summer & delivery... Read more

The beer stays cold, but ..

written by R, Finland 01/01/16

The beer stays cold quite a long time. A pint could be a little bigger in order 0.33 beer mug fit properly. A pint of the edge is very sharp, so yelps must be taken with caution. However, to run a bus... Read more


written by Jessica, Sweden 04/01/16

They work well, but feels very plastiga, has bought other kylmuggar before with similar price not felt plastiga.

3 for 2

written by Erik, Norway 08/02/16

Kjølekrusene was barely funny enough the. However, In the ad it said pay for 2 and get 3 I got only two in the mail. I do not even bother to follow up with complaints ...


written by Miika, Finland 29/02/16

Top Game, a long time will remain even if the beer kylymänä bench enjoys. The only bad thing that I've consumption increased again ... :-)

Did not respond the same as the picture!

written by Berat Hoti, Finland 06/04/16

Did not respond the same as the picture! I hope you will then be useful for future use .. yes thinking twice before space because I'm too lazy to go apalauttaan anything.


written by Z, Sweden 12/04/16

Really cool and stylish kylmugg. Will be used to 30årspresent. Good and cheap price and fast shipping!

Fun thing

written by Drinkaren , Sweden 20/04/16

Bought three copies, and they immediately tried. Their function works well, it cools the content without the need to have the ice cubes that blaskar to content. A minus is that they do not feel as fun... Read more

cold mugs

written by Lord Mark, Sweden 09/09/16

My six-pack mugs to its name Coolstuff. Keeps the cold long and well. Recommended purchase. Only minus is that they must be completely dry when you put them in the freezer to avoid wet once you use th... Read more

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