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Frozzypack Large Lunch Box

The sequel to the Frozzypack Lunch Box. Frozzypack No. 2 holds 1.2 litres instead of just 0.9 litres! After ten hours in the freezer, these cooling lunch boxes are ready to stay cold for seven hours.

Frozzypack Large Lunch Box - Blue
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Frozzypack Large Lunch Box - Pink
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Frozzypack Large Lunch Box - Green
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Frozzypack Large Lunch Box - Frozzypack Lock Yellow No2
Frozzypack Lock Yellow No2
5 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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written by Mutti, 19/11/12

The lunchbox with integrated frost element of cover is immediately a great product, but I bought it for my daughter 5 years old, which clearly expressed that it is somewhat heavier than her old lunch ... Read more

Bravo !!

written by Rich, 18/12/12

Finally, I found a good solution to my storage problem of my lunch when I occasionally get called into service. I came up with Collstuff and product Frozzypack no. 2 where my food is optimally stored ... Read more

Very pleased me the size

written by Elisabeth, 20/12/12

Bought the smaller earlier and seems d also is handsome, but missed a little more space so I was happy when I found this slightly larger. Handsome to be joined on tour :)

How good anywhere!

written by Bear, 28/12/12

Ordered at lunchtime on a Monday. Got delivery on Wednesday morning the same week! Well done Cool Stuff !!!

Frozzepack No. 2

written by Maripeder , 03/01/13

Lunchbox works exactly as it is described, but it is lower than I thought. Because your ass that there is room for so much in height anyhow. I just got space for a kiwi in height.

Frozzypack No.2

written by Katarina, 07/01/13

Stylish and hearty lunch box, toppenide that the food stays cold. However, it is completely impossible to open, the two tabs to pull up sitting rock. If there are no tricks to how to most easily opens... Read more


written by Emelie, 09/01/13

A beautiful and practical. Great if you want to take with salad for lunch, or if you just want to keep the bacteria away. It weighs a lot, but it may well be expected. I happened to order big when I r... Read more

good product

written by Tatiana, 20/01/13

Good product that delivers what it promises - food stay good cold and it has become a regular companion at work. It's also nice to the dishwasher-safe. The reason for 4 nor 5 stars is that the gam... Read more

too Low

written by Pirjo, 07/02/13

Great idea once and for all and yummy colors, but to be on the cover of 'the cooler' due to storage space remains very low. eg. a small yoghurt cup may not even fit. Time is weighty.

well chilled enjoy - Summer Dream

written by Franziska, Germany 11/07/13

Yes because I have yet shopped something fine: So that's just perfect - lid in freezer, grapes or similar.. pack, cooled lid on and off to the pool or to outside. Holds guaranteed hours fresh and ... Read more

Good but small

written by Emma , Denmark 19/08/13

Food box is really good and keeps the cold very well. But it sounds a lot condensate and nearly had to pack it in to it not hit the books and the like. It is also very small in size as part of the spa... Read more

Nice to salad

written by TC, Norway 05/09/13

This is brilliant for salad! Holder salad fresh and crispy! It's a bit large for two slices of bread, but nice if you want a little extra as fruit or vegetables. The downside of it is that it is a... Read more

Frozzypack No. 2, I recommend!

written by Janette Karvonen, Finland 30/09/13

I ordered a couple of weeks ago Frozzypack no.2 product a few pieces, because I have to carry a lot of dishes accompanied Fitness Lifestyle result. The boxes come with quick delivery and were exactly ... Read more

Cold and good food

written by Evelyn, Norway 22/11/13

Lunchbox with cooler is brilliant for anyone who works long days and bring a packed lunch. Also suitable very well for a salad. With this great invention avoids hot and sweaty food.

stylish gift

written by Joj, Sweden 23/12/13

Excellent gift for relatives in warm country. Stylish, useful and Swedish. Perfect for those who bring their own lunch every day.

perfect gift

written by Joj, Sweden 26/01/14

Super gift for relatives abroad. Useful while there is a Swedish product. Hot addition.

Red Tape, too small and heavy ....

written by karin, Denmark 19/02/14

Fine lunch box that keeps food cold .... but that stops so also all the benefits. The lid occupy much space, so you must have an apple or other fruit with can not possibly be in the lunch box. Even in... Read more

Frozzypack lunchbox

written by EW, Denmark 20/04/14

Keeps food cold as promised. Considering, however, slightly more than a standard. lunch box, but the little minus offset by functionality. Might suggest that in the info about item informs weight :-)

Lunchbox with integrated cooling element

written by Egge, Norway 22/04/14

No matter that the box was a little higher, so there is room for småbokser, (yoghurt) into it. The dimensions (length, width, height) on the box could easily have been stated in the ad. It looks like ... Read more


written by Danny, Sweden 31/07/14

Keeps food chilled, though it gets a bit wet with condensation. Great space and good cover. Recommended!

Large lunch box without much space

written by Louise, Denmark 19/12/14

Actually a great idea with a freezing element in the box itself. It was a small gift, and it was received with joy :) But when she should use, I find out that there can be 4 rugbrøder in - at least no... Read more

lunch box

written by AnnaS, Sweden 31/03/15

Disliked these. Would be real "hinge" instead of plastic that bends front / back when you open them. Keeps probably not as long ...

Fresh lunch packet

written by anett, Norway 17/08/15

Frozzypack is a fantastic product to preserve his lunch fresh and so is lunch containers in very nice colors :-)

Not recommended, or maybe I was unlucky?

written by Lykkeliten, Norway 27/08/15

These seemed not even a little. They are supposed to be really hot, but I got was not hot at all .. Disappointed ..: /


written by Kicki, Sweden 22/09/16

Delicious - seems to tötning between the cover o box is defective. Sauce or stew spilling out o create chaos in the bag

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