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Frozzypack Lunch Box

After ten hours in the freezer, these cooling lunch boxes are ready to stay cold for seven hours. This means fresh lunch boxes every day. Perfect for picnics, the beach or any other adventure at all.

Frozzypack Lunch Box - Pink
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Frozzypack Lunch Box - Blue
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Frozzypack Lunch Box - Green
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Frozzypack Lunch Box - Extra Lid
Extra Lid
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165 reviews

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What is this?

Nice but ...

written by Linda, 26/07/11

A bit too little, a little too heavy and condensation from the lid is a problem. It has a tendency to soak the bag.

Not just superb lunch box

written by M, 26/07/11

Sovereign! Has long had requests for such a lunch box for it is not good to eg munch hot pasta salad. Then fit Frozzypack also to store insulin vials refrigerated us type 1 diabetics when we travel. W... Read more

Convincing product

written by Robbie, 19/08/11

Very convenient, super cool. 1 point to deliver due to price and weight.

good lunch box

written by AS, 22/08/11

The lunchbox is smart when food must be kept cold. However, a bit too small for the big children's lunches.

Everything ok fast delivery

written by Ulrik, 23/08/11

Everything ok fast delivery


written by , 29/08/11

Have absolutely nothing to complain about, commissioned from Cool Stuff several times and it is always fast delivery and no problems. So get 5

Very happy!

written by Torill, 29/08/11

Got this lunchbox of mamma'm my <3 It's awesome to have with the school. I've never been a fan packed, but with this box is the food cold and fresh until lunch! I usually put it in a ba... Read more

Excellent Smart.

written by Berit, 31/08/11

Simple principle with the freezing element as a lid, but have not seen it before. Has been a bit worried about food parcels with ham and other things that can not withstand room temperature for very l... Read more

Frozzypack Madkasse

written by Lene, 31/08/11

Ideeen to lunch box is perfect and lunchbox work as promised. It keeps food cold, and it'll take care of seven hours, I have not tested more than 4 hours. The colors are beautiful, bought blue, pi... Read more

Super lunchbox!

written by Nina Ballerina, 02/09/11

A Kjempefin lunchbox sending with schoolchildren. It keeps food fresh and nice. User to create pasta salads with plenty of vegetables and ham, and this box is still as fresh now matfriminuttet's n... Read more


written by Hilde, 05/09/11

Pros: The cooling element remained cold long (9-10 hours)! Cons: Seems there was a little tiny space Up in lunchbox

End of sweaty packed

written by Nina , 08/09/11

Lest anyone has found this before! Ingeniously. The kid is sooo happy with his lunch now as lettuce leaves remain crisp and cheese is no longer sweating. A hearty sandwich is important on a long schoo... Read more

Very heavy lunch box

written by Mette, 12/09/11

The lunchbox is very heavy and difficult to open. Holder, however, the food plentiful cold.

written by , 12/09/11

Great product for which we do not realize that nobody has thought of before! Food adhere surprisingly well in this box! My daughter uses this for school food in. Before she would not have school meals... Read more

Smart lunchbox

written by Dorthe , 14/09/11

Smart, practical and easy to clean. The food stays cold. We are very satisfied.

Great lunch box that holds luncheon fresh throughout the day!

written by Michelle, 16/09/11

Is very pleased with this lunchbox. The box has plenty of room for 4 slices of bread, and the food is cold and fresh when lunch time at work approaching. Perfect also for schoolchildren. A small probl... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Maren, 21/09/11

We are very pleased with lunchbox. Lunch until undene is still fresh and tempting to eat for lunch, although it has been almost six hours in the lunch box. Only con is that bell is a bit difficult to ... Read more

handsome lunchbox

written by Unni, 22/09/11

A handy lunch box whether to keep something cool :) Be sure to press the lid firmly into the slot so it does not come loose.

written by maili, 26/09/11

In my opinion this was a bit difficult to open (especially for a child) and the box was a little small. The idea was to use this here as lunchbox but there is no room for yogurt and slices. Slightly d... Read more


written by Jorunn Marion Bonilla, 28/09/11

Æ must get to say that "Frozzypack Lunchbox" is really a wonderful thing that æ bought hoss you, you can smear bread m brown cheese to the e equally nice when opner lunchbox, no svetmerker o... Read more

written by Marika, 03/10/11

Easy to order and quick delivery! I recommend!


written by AJ, 07/10/11

This I have seen for a long time! Finally I found it. Have seen a similar, when the cooling element located inside the lid. It was thin and did not keep the food cold and fresh for long. The cooling e... Read more

Terrific lunch box

written by Påsan, 09/10/11

A must for us as a packed lunch for yourself and do not have access to a refrigerator at work / school or out in the bout. Some heavy because of the cooling element, but a sovereign product.

Frozzypack Lunchbox

written by Grete, 10/10/11

I am very satisfied. Bread food is as fresh as when I made it. Fruit and vegetables remain fresh cucumber eg crunching properly. Looking forward to summer and heat, then I'll drop sweaty cheese an... Read more

written by , 17/10/11

It is a bit difficult for the small opening

Lunchbox that delivers what it promises ....

written by Lotte, 17/10/11

I made sandwiches with cheese, ham and salad in the box in the morning in 8tiden, yet the clock 17, the food was still cold to good, and the salad crisp! Highly recommended! :) Simple lid to freeze, a... Read more

Simply buy

written by Sidsel, 27/10/11

Very good place, at least 3 slices-great for school lunches! Plenty of room for 2 slices + yoghurt.Mat stays fresh from morning until late afternoon-just put the lid in freezer overnight. Do not regre... Read more


written by cathrine, 03/11/11

hey bought 2 weeks ago 3 pieces coolbox. would be a lunchbox with cooling element. works certainly good for some but I was not satisfied. think the box was too heavy and take in the backpack. and do n... Read more

written by Thor Ansbæk, 03/11/11

Fast and smooth delivery. The product in good condition and as shown in the picture.


written by Lill Dalsvåg, 07/11/11

Hello :-) Have a child who refused to eat nothing but chocolate spread on the school because everything else orders, he believed, was not good to eat when it had lain in the lunchbox and become hot, t... Read more


written by Nina, 10/11/11

Bought Frozzypack lunchbox to my children who go to primary school. Before they would rather have chocolate spread on slice of bread, since everything else was poor (cheese sweated, cucumber was bad, ... Read more

Super convenient and easy

written by Vivi Johansen, 11/11/11

Is just glad the lunchboxes I bought. The whole family uses them and they keep food super fresh pg delicious. And it does not matter if there is salad or packed lunch for the kids to be kept cold and ... Read more

Subject. lunchboxes

written by Ragnhild Poulsen, 15/11/11

Lunchboxes purchased the advent gifts, but I hope scars my grandchildren will be happy to get cool and fresh food.

written by , 22/11/11

It is used every day - have already bought one for

genial lunchbox

written by Hoffern, 28/11/11

This lunchbox is quite ingenious. The food feels fresh and nice about 4 hours after it is lubricated. The box is still cold for 7-8 hours. Wish there was a larger version that holds more than 3 slices... Read more

A lunchbox for the foodies

written by Frank S, 30/11/11

There are thousands of unnecessary practical things on the market, and sometimes I wonder myself with a purchase. When I ordered this lunchbox I imagined a new thing in a drawer, but the box has been ... Read more

Useful and nice lunchbox!

written by Anonym, 01/12/11

Nice gift calendar! Useful for lunch box :)!


written by Anita, 02/12/11

Is very pleased with these lunch containers. And the kids beams when they get put lids in the freezer and knowing that it is not with soggy slices of cheese at school :)

Perfect for me!

written by HegePege, 02/12/11

I eat up to five times a day and takes often with packed meals hjemmefra.Det is important to me that the food is kept in a good way. The size of the box is just right. This box is perfect for my life!... Read more

Not implemented yet.

written by Tom A. Larsen, 05/12/11

The boxes are cooing. Not adopted yet, but they are equally good use as they look good. Are we enough very pleased. Seems like it's good quality, and it's coming from me that's critical an... Read more


written by kath, 08/12/11

End of sweaty cheese!

Love it!

written by Lini, 09/12/11

Best food box! A clever invention. The food stays cold and fresh longer. It is stylish, smooth and comfortable to use. Perfect for me who always bring their own lunch box whenever I travel somewhere. ... Read more


written by Bøgga, 12/12/11

The mark is set at medium when I have not been tested lunchbox in its entirety for I will give them away as a gift to grandchildren. They seem impractical in that they are quite heavy and difficult to... Read more

Super handsome !!

written by marie, 26/12/11

Perfect as can not stand sweaty cheese and dried ham on food during lunch !! Keeps food as it should have been in the fridge in your purse or backpack! Recommended!


written by bbl, 29/12/11

Absolutely super!

Absolutely brilliant!

written by Coolshopper, 01/01/12

I bought some 2 thereof. My son goes to 2nd grade love them. Finally packed lunches free of sweaty cheese and clammy ham. Can be recomended!

Fine - but WAY too small

written by Tina, 02/01/12

Madkassen works fine, but it is WAY too small. I bought it for my husband who is craftsman, so his food has a delicious all day. But there may well probably not be much food in it - two small rundenom... Read more

Tung and to note to open / close

written by Khi, 04/01/12

Decent for adults with big purse / bag. Some well heavy for the smallest pupils. For children it is also a bit difficult to open / close completely.

written by , 09/01/12

Works well, but shit difficult to open. Beware of broken nails! One tip is to buy two pieces so that you always have a frozzypacklock in the freezer.


written by , 17/01/12

It was decent enough, but it was terribly difficult to get the lid. I have a little gouty fingers and it was almost impossible to get up. Otherwise the box fine. To use it preferably on the beach this... Read more

Good lunch!

written by Anne, 23/01/12

Recently bought lunchboxes to both large and small. Super Satisfied everyone! Decent room for three loaves of bread. The slices taste good and look appetizing even after 6 hours in the lunchbox. Have ... Read more

Frozzypack - Lunchbox with cooling element.

written by , 25/01/12

My kids are happy with lunch containers when it comes to having salad in it, but there in the NOT so happy when them have sandwich box. It because the sandwich is bløvt, thus not so tempting to eat ..... Read more

Lunchbox with cooler

written by A-G, 06/02/12

I'm very happy with lunchbox, our daughter use it at school. She comes home and says that the food was delicious to eat, because now was the order cool and seem therefore that it tastes better. I ... Read more

heels lunchboxes !!!

written by Trine, 12/02/12

I just love the new lunch containers of cool stuff! Absolutely lovely colors, bite-sized, easy to make pure, and last but not least .... they keep the food so delicious and cold !!! A bright-invention... Read more


written by aga boom shaga, 13/02/12

Ubermatboks. The washers stay fresh and nice as promised. Very useful for anyone who has no refrigerator having food in at work / school, or to be one thing or another before they can access the fridg... Read more

Absolutely super!

written by Kine, 04/03/12

Intended my son at 7, but must admit that I have alley borrowed it when I am with my packed lunch without access to a refrigerator. Had to test out if it was as good as they promised. And yes, that wa... Read more


written by Tore, 19/03/12

Now it's finally fun to both make and eat his lunch. Frozzypack keeps food cold for an entire workday and makes the food always tastes fresh. Can not wait to test it out on hot summer days! Only c... Read more

Pestle lunch box

written by Saladeria, 19/03/12

Got this Frozzyboksen of my girlfriend and use it now every day to keep lunch salad fresh and good, can really be recommended.


written by Småbarnspappa, 23/03/12

A perfect lunch box for both schoolchildren and kindergarten children in this house. Lovely to be able to send your children food that you know is ok and fresh when luncheon approaching. After just a ... Read more

Holder goal !!

written by Mamma, 24/03/12

Lunchbox with cooling element in the lid is a very good idea for school children who seem slice of bread starts to get boring. When food is cool tastes better! It is still cold in the box after 12 hou... Read more


written by Nikita, 26/03/12

Keeps well in the cold, but experiencing some condensation. This means that the cheese is not sweating, but wet. We have therefore used lunchbox mostly with packed lunches wrapped in greaseproof paper... Read more


written by Anita, 29/03/12

Now I have tried lunchbox with cooling element and is very happy with it. It is a little on the small side for youth / adult men who have long school - and arbeidsdager.Men now it's finally on swe... Read more


written by lillivar, 10/04/12

Very nice, feels solid but fairly small is a small little salad or two sandwiches ... strange that it must be 100 characters crappy bad


written by Tomas, 17/04/12

Works as promised! Advise. I get and use my to and feed cheese då ae site. Certain things are worth a second!

Chic thing, but ...

written by Leander, 04/05/12

quite difficult to open. but I believe that you have to get only the hang ... Otherwise great!

good lunch boxes

written by Torunn, 12/06/12

Finally got ordered a couple of really good lunch boxes for kids. The criteria were as follows: The food should be kept cool, even if the box was hidden in a cage all day. Madkassen be closed and open... Read more

Keeping food cold!

written by imha, 12/06/12

Genial packed! Do not have access to a refrigerator at work, this lunch box nice! Why eat sweaty cheese when Frozzypack keeps food chilled ?? :)

good lunch

written by S, 12/06/12

Lunchbox keeps food cool to avoid having sweaty cheese and half hot topping. Very happy :) Only negative is that it is a bit small.


written by Meg, 13/06/12

Satisfied with his lunch. Only negative is that it can be difficult to open for small children. Keeping food cold long;)

Unhappy - tips would be appreciated!

written by Skuffa mamma, 22/06/12

Read all the reviews and thought this was perfect for my schoolboy who hates sweaty brown cheese :) The only problem is that the box condenses so much that instead got wet brunost :( Maybe someone els... Read more

Hakon says

written by Håkon sier, 25/06/12

Actually I bought this box to store your jelly belly beans in it, but when I decided to try it it went over my expectations. Worked well and was a cool lunchbox.

Super :)

written by Beathe, 25/06/12

Genial lunchbox that really delivers what it promises, food stays cold throughout the workday. Bought 2 pieces and I do not regret on :) Recommended !!

håkon says

written by håkon sier, 25/06/12

Very good. Satisfied with the product. Keeping food cold. The food remains fresh. Had not far. Fair price. Quick delivery. Expected size.


written by .-), 26/06/12

The food is kept cool and good. The kids are super happy, end of sweaty cheese on lunch box. Can be recomended :-)

Kjmepebra lunchbox

written by Cathrine, 28/06/12

Awesome lunchbox !!! I bought 3 pieces. I have it on the job and the salad stays cool and crisp. My daughter uses it at school and on mackerel or ham and cheese and it holds up well and cold until lun... Read more

Keeps cold !!

written by Marianne, 29/06/12

The works properly and is very good to keep goods cold. But the works probably best for salad and stuff because it does not hold completely clogged. Sauce and liquid leaking well, otherwise it's o... Read more

cooled food boxes

written by Annie, 02/07/12

Good and fast delivery. Your products always live up to my expectations. Lunch box with kølelåg is a great idea to picnic.

Keeping food cool while

written by Figgjo, 03/07/12

Lovely to be able to easily take with lettuce, toppings and fruit as you want to keep cool and fresh. Right size and refrigerator temperature long. recommended

A must for anyone with schoolchildren

written by Mammamia, 03/07/12

Cool Stuff is a must for anyone with schoolchildren. My boy of 8 dislikes sweat packed lunches, when he eats simply food. This causes the not an obvious head which is receptive to learning. But with C... Read more


written by Marianne, 11/07/12

This is the best lunch box we've ever had. After 1 night in the freezer, the food is so cold that it is almost frozen. Good reach in the summer when lunchbox remains in the car all day.

More than satisfied

written by Lasse, 13/07/12

Works well! Have completely forgotten what it is to have sweaty cheese, or "rotten" salad nista! Recommend this, is cheap and works: D


written by Liv, 16/07/12

Holder lunch box fresh all day:) Recommend gladly this product to others:) Praise to cool stuff for good service and fast delivery:)


written by Tintti, 16/07/12

Very handy and runs hotter hot summer days, a picnic lunch will remain cool throughout the day! Action nopeesti unlikely to happen, did not go as a couple of days after the package was in the mail. :)... Read more

Difficult to open ... and heavy

written by englemamma, 20/08/12

Bought it for the kids. they think it is heavy and difficult getting on and off the lid. But nice that the food stays cold.

The children are grateful to drop sweaty yellow cheese :-)

written by Linbi, 20/08/12

We are very pleased with lunchbox when it keeps food cold for 7 hours. The only con is that it is a little hard to shut up and left for young children's hands! The older children get the letter to... Read more


written by MB, 20/08/12

We went to buy two cans for food would remain cold until skolemåltidet.Maten which was kept in the cooler was cold, but it had become soft. This within just few hours.This is too bad ..


written by Laila Larsen, 27/08/12

Use of the lunchbox involves a certain moisture due lid. Should also wish that the box was divided into two rooms. The lid is llitt difficult to get on and off, especially for kindergarten children.


written by Siv , 27/08/12

Kept food cold. The problem is that it becomes soft in the bag when lunchbox has thawed, this is a disadvantage when you have to wear plastic bags

ingenious invention

written by Inger- Lill, 03/09/12

Super lunch box that keeps food cold for up to 7 hours. Could well have been even greater in terms of long trips, etc. would have been nice with bottle in the same series with the same characteristics... Read more


written by Britt, 04/09/12

Hi! Frozzypack is one good produkt.Min son uses lunchbox on skolen.Han is very fornøyd.Matboksen keeps school food cold, it is better with cold food than hot food he says. I put a call at lunch box in... Read more


written by Hedwig, 04/09/12

Bestillte Frozzypack to all those 3 my children. Like box well all 3, and is satisfied that the food is cold and fresh, when they shall eat school food! Being a little heavy, because of the cooling el... Read more

lunchbox with cooling element

written by Harald, 05/09/12

Lunch containers we bought works fight good. the only thing that pulls down is that there is no room for the little yougertene. Besides that, it's great :))


written by KHM, 05/09/12

lunchbox with cooling element is super! I tend to place 4 half slices there, and a small Danonino yoghurt (or Danonino drink) and 4 apple pieces. My daughter crave it!

Not quite what you hoped for

written by Mona, 05/09/12

Works okay in terms of keeping food cold, but is far too hard to close the opening that kids can use this. And condensation makes food wet and the sheets in the bag wet. Too high price for a very ill-... Read more

Fine lunchboxes!

written by Ingunn, 05/09/12

Very happy with the product so far. After the first day's use came my eight year old home happy and told that the food was still cold when she ate at SFO !! It's very very good. Lunch box lubr... Read more

Keeping food fresh and nice.

written by Nunni, 05/09/12

Very happy with the lunchbox, the machine washable and freezer lid afterwards:) The only thing is (and ej should certainly have been checked str.beire) but there is not space to a modest yoghurt in, s... Read more

lunchbox with cooling element

written by Eva Østvik, 06/09/12

Satisfied medat box w / food stays cold. But is unhappy with the cooling element in the lid is pressed down on the food, which means that one can not fill the lunchbox with food fruits, but let it be ... Read more


written by Silje, 06/09/12

I am pleased. It keeps food cold for quite a while something I have been kjempefornyød with. But it makes the food a bit wet and it's heavy. So therefore, I only grade 3.

good concept

written by Bjarte, 06/09/12

Good concept, the kids love them. But they weigh quite a lot (425g), then the tongue in schoolbag. Quickly becomes cold in freezer, and keep long in the cold.

Not quite as hoped for

written by Heidi, 10/09/12

Hello Had high hopes for this product, but the kids are complaining that the food gets wet in lunchbox :( Looks like box emits condensation when lid thaws!

Satisfied customer with "joyful" aftertaste.

written by Hanne, 10/09/12

I bought two cans, one for my colleague and myself. The colleague is kejmpefornøyd, has good food parcels currently :-) Although I do not know, when I gave away my to my oldest student daughter who re... Read more

fine lunchbox

written by Andreas, 10/09/12

Become effective, good size. The only "minus" is the weight and possible. condensation on the outside of the lunchbox, which makes it to be in a plastic bag or other.

coolstuff with potential

written by AC, 10/09/12

Seems the idea / concept is very good. I feel that the lid is a bit too heavy and the whole box a little small. It is unfortunately impossible to get into a couple brøskiver plus a small juice / milk ... Read more

Lunchbox which regrettably

written by MaJo, 10/09/12

Finally, a lunch box that keeps food cold and fresh! No more sweaty, flabby cheese. Temperature element does the trick! For the first time the girl was in the house happy with his lunch. The lid on th... Read more

Top grade, recommended

written by rnn, 10/09/12

Good and powerful plast.Fine clear colors on bildet.Kunne perhaps been slightly higher in the box as cooling element goes down in the box, mht.evt.salater but nothing must.


written by kristin, 11/09/12

Packed box is fantastic, 'it keeps food cold and fresh long, the only gripe I have on it is that it is a little heavy for the kids to have in the bag, but they choose anytime the lunchbox to drop ... Read more


written by Åshild, 12/09/12

This was a great invention, the food stays as fresh day igjennom.Dette is something I can recommend to anyone who brought picnic either at work or on walks in the woods;) Especially nice to cheese and... Read more

fresh food

written by Merethe, 13/09/12

Super Happy with lunch containers .. Keeping food cool for several hours. Never more sweaty cheese and sausage on us ...

Lovely cool lunch box

written by SBI, 14/09/12

It is a great lunch box, the right size and it's great that food is still cold to lunch. However, there is one little thing ... When one has had the lid in the freezer generates water when dry - w... Read more

Matnoks with cooler

written by Berit, 14/09/12

The lid was heavier than expected, it is also hard to get out of the box. The food stays very cold! We have begun to put the lid in the refrigerator instead of the freezer overnight. Then it is just r... Read more

Super satisfied. :-)

written by Anne Karlengen, 15/09/12

I'm very happy with my new Frozzypack Lunchbox. :-) The food stays fresh and nice all day, whether sandwiches or salad. Would the strongest. :-) So run and buy folks.

finally cheese without sweat

written by mor, 17/09/12

Lunchbox is working properly. Some heavy to have in the bag. but it is worth for now is not the order. read cheese sweating anymore. But must have bag outside the box when it becomes dew / wet on thro... Read more

works great

written by G, 17/09/12

Hello I found box keeps food fresh long so positive that it keeps its promises. If I have to pull down anything it is that the lid can be a little hard to get off of children. I bought this to help ke... Read more

Well-liked by the whole family :)

written by Elisabeth, 18/09/12

Lunchbox is absolutely brilliant, keeps food cold throughout the day :) If I have to draw down on something so it must be that the lid is a little hard for my daughter for 6 years to get off .. And it... Read more

Fast delivery - good product

written by Charlotte, 19/09/12

We had a problem with our child did not eat his lunch every day, when it was warm. So Frozzypack lunch box on the net and would try it. Now the food is eaten as it is kept cold by kølgeelementet in th... Read more

Lunchbox with cooler

written by ags, 24/09/12

Lunchbox was good to have finished sandwiches in but was disappointed that it was not possible to have small yogurt in it.


written by Dnnl, 24/09/12

This is ingenious, it works exactly as described. Delightful with cold food in the lunch break. Can arrange warm pate on slices in the morning and at lunchtime they are cold and nice.

Fryseelmentet lid take more space in lunchbox

written by Solveig, 26/09/12

Lunchbox is appropriately sized exterior and it is easy to take off and the lid. Moreover, it is too little space down in the box when the lid is put on. It builds about 2cm down, making sure you do n... Read more

Lunchbox with cooler

written by Ellen, 27/09/12

Lunchbox is far too small! We will only accommodate 2brødskiver in height. There is no room for yogurt that we had looked forward to with Are we in an apple, peach etc. so we do not get the lid on and... Read more

Super good substitute for refrigerators

written by Marion, 27/09/12

The boys no longer had the opportunity to put their lunch in a fridge. Therefore, I looked for a lunch box with cooling element. Frozzypack lunchbox seemed like a good buy because it was not big and c... Read more


written by Karl Johan, 30/09/12

Very good! Large enough and better than expected - both children and adults are satisfied! And the lid fits like a glove.

kickin '

written by Blue, 12/10/12

Frozzypack is quite well suited. Use it daily. Salad etc stays fresh throughout the workday.


written by Sophia, 15/10/12

The order came quickly, it was easy and am happy lunchbox, it has however made my cucumbers soft a few times but think it basically is a delicious lunch box :)


written by Liv-Inger, 20/10/12

Finally I found lunchbox I've missed all these years. Delicious to eat fresh food for lunch, end of sweaty cheese. Lovely.

frozzypack in much heart

written by stinecm, 24/10/12

Love really frozzypack! Now I get good to fresh packed lunch every day! Who would not have a healthy and hearty sandwich ?? regret not a second that I bought it, it is amazing !!

lunch box

written by Karin, 28/10/12

Good lunch box. Lids that fit o holds just right for me. Easy to open o to stop. A little too thin plastic in the box for the price.

lunch box

written by Karin, 28/10/12

Good lunch box. Lids that fit o holds just right for me. Easy to open o to stop. A little too thin plastic in the box for the price.

Keeps food cold

written by Alice, 30/10/12

The lunchbox keeps food cold impeccable and is easy to deal with. However, I could wish that the lunch box was a little bigger for the lid takes up anything because the cold comes from there.

Frozzypack lunchbox

written by annelie, 14/11/12

A totally brilliant lunch box, it's every day to work, I have it standing on your desk, it keeps the cold very well and just this opening of a simple touch and you will easily in it, I who have pa... Read more


written by terhi söderling, 23/11/12

when placing your order was not the product dimensions! Nor was it known where the product will be! That is, not had the time to father's day, and when kokokin was so small as not to put the packa... Read more

good but weird

written by Paw, 11/12/12

they work as they should but there is one of the lids as dents wildly after a trip in the freezer but there is no hole in the lid yet. hope it goes


written by Kisser, 19/12/12

Seemed it is very small when the cooling element occupies much. Or is it fine enough for someone who has very little food with

stylish and practical lunchbox

written by Henna, 07/01/13

No personal experience, when I gave as a gift, but I believe to be very practical, especially if there is no place where to put the cold. Ingenious!

Very good lunch box

written by Kenny Lindberg, 11/02/13

Simple and ingenious lunchbox with cooling element, ready to take on the job! Keeps your lunch cold for several hours, and is good for pasta and salads.

practical lunchbox

written by Mona, 18/02/13

Previously we used laptop lunchbox, but think this is a little too big ... Frozzypack is just the right size nista! It holds approximately three slices with toppings. The advantage is the freezing ele... Read more

Easy and good quality

written by Pia, 18/03/13

Bought a Frozzypack lunch box that arrived as expected. The money was drawn at the right time. Good communication. The quality of the lunch box works good and robust - it keeps in the long run remains... Read more

great ideas

written by CG, 22/03/13

Great someone has made this product! Minus that there is so little space, and it gets some moisture in the lunch box. Son who use always answer "cheese straight from the fridge" when I ask h... Read more


written by sipe, Finland 21/05/13

Really nice, for example, bussimatkoilla.kuljen a lot of bus and lunch remain comfortably cool. Can take more than suolamakkaraa.HYVÄ


written by Silje, Norway 27/05/13

The product works ok, but I had certainly not envisioned such a heavy lid! The box could be a bit deeper since the cap takes as much space! Eg space for a normal little yogurt box! Somehow it does not... Read more

Genial matboks-;)

written by Anett, Norway 01/07/13

My husband thinks this is 'the year best buy' ... NIST I lubricates to him on morran is just as good and fresh throughout the workday! Nista summer gets hot and stuffy, BUT not anymore, after ... Read more

too heavy

written by Marianne, Norway 01/07/13

Too heavy. The cooling element weighs a lot more than you think ... You will not put a leaden lunchbox Oppi schoolbag a small 1.klassing ... Pity, since the size of the box was fine.

Optional cap.

written by Tom, Sweden 10/07/13

Either the food already frozen and need no ice pack, or you must have food in something else while the cap is in the freezer. Without the expensive extra cover that is. Buy a small cooler bag instead ... Read more

Super lunchbox.

written by Marie, Denmark 12/08/13

Finally one lunch box that can keep the food cold and appetizing, to be eaten. The lid makes lunchbox pretty heavy, so why not the last star.

Express service

written by MikkelG, Denmark 13/08/13

Thank you for fast delivery of delicious food box, which fits perfectly with the school bag. It's nice to have a supplier who can deliver quickly !!!


written by FT, Denmark 26/08/13

Lunchboxes live up to our expectations. Delivery and website was fast and good - not the last time we visit the website.

perfect lunchbox

written by Rene, Denmark 02/09/13

This lunch box is just perfect. My boy of 7 years has it to school, and children in the age of not exactly taken the lunch box out of the bag and in the fridge. But with frozzypack can stay all day, a... Read more

Keeping food fresh

written by TC, Norway 11/09/13

Kjempefin lunchbox that keep food fresh! Suitable for 2 hattingrundstykker el 3 slices of bread. Wish box was a bit deeper so that it could accommodate a yogurt, or very satisfied.

as expected,

written by Camilla, Denmark 11/10/13

The product was as expected. It is super well, and indispensable with a lunch box, which can hold one's food nice and cold!

good idea

written by Julchen, Germany 14/11/13

The box is relatively heavy but keeps things really cool, so it meets the expectations absolutely. For hiking I would take them because of the weight but not necessarily for the lunch snack is super.

Cooing lunchboxes !!

written by henriette, Norway 16/05/14

These boxes keeps food cold all day at school or at work. They have plenty of space (bought 0.9) recommended :)))

Lunchbox with cool formal meant

written by Åse, Norway 18/08/14

I find it hard and get on and off lokket.barnebarnet who would use the inability to open the

fair enough

written by fag, Norway 20/08/14

A nice size on this lunchbox. It is, however, a little heavy, because the cooling disc. Works fine, if one remembers to take it in a plastic bag or similar, because much "dew".

Good product - super fast delivery

written by Maria, Sweden 22/09/14

Lunchbox with kyllock met all expectations. Perhaps it is a bit heavy, but it works well. The price is quite high, but we are happy anyway. The most surprising was the extremely fast delivery that was... Read more

Frozzypack - Lunchbox with cooler

written by Arlene, Norway 23/09/14

A product I can recommend. Our son uses these in school to their food. A food that stays without cheese sweats. Emphasis is not denying that klassekammeratene wishes accordingly. The overall impressio... Read more

Do as promised, but not quite close

written by khaiern, Norway 14/10/14

Was looking for a box that could handle a salad and div. leftovers that could be involved in the studies. Ended up with this and think it is fair. Had hoped it would be entirely taken as there may be ... Read more

The boxes are too small

written by AL, Norway 18/10/14

The boxes are too small for usual packed lunch for school lunches. No room for a proper sandwich plus fruit. Dei are fair to order storage but not in lieu of lunch boxer

Good thing!

written by Helena, Sweden 10/11/14

Works great! A little heavy, but it must be on the ice in the lid. Great gift for anyone who needs to keep food cold for several hours. :)


written by Makmaz, Sweden 23/12/14

Fat grajjor, mecket smooth and smsrt lunch box. Just be aware that it weighs around 400g, do not disturb me anyway


written by Slambert, Denmark 26/12/14

Sent the product back as targets on food box was the exterior and so I could not use it, but otherwise I think the product is ok

I bought another

written by Jeiii, Finland 27/04/15

I bought this for yourself in the past and now I bought another gift. A handy box containing a picnic lunch stays cold day. Deep enough, so the inside can be easily stored and what it is.

Cool product

written by Hesketh, Denmark 30/04/15

Precise what I had hoped for - lovely cold lunches. The lunchbox is pretty good in size, and the lid can easily store in the freezer, so it's ready when you need them. It's a good idea to buy ... Read more


written by Aina, Norway 02/05/15

Keeps light food cold from 06:00 until lunchtime, was what I was looking for, so this gets the thumbs up from me!

Through opening

written by Stine, Denmark 06/05/15

I bought one for my daughter because they do not have a refrigerator at her school, and I must therefore admit that it is very difficult to open by children's fingers. I can hardly even get the li... Read more

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