Garject Garlic Press

No more smelly fingers and hour-long washing sessions! Garject presses unpeeled garlic cloves, scrapes itself clean and shoots the peel remains right into the bin!

Garject Garlic Press - Black
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written by Iznog, 18/03/13

The price may seem a bit high but now I have the biggest, prettiest and smartest garlic press of anyone I know.


written by Jonas, 18/03/13

Awesome !!! Works fine on the party awfully convenient that everything goes in one fell swoop urging scraping and cleaning making very good product


written by Marika010, 22/03/13

Finally a garlic press that presses without the need to take in for king and country! Easy to clean, too. Brenton!

Will never have to fuss with fresh garlic again!

written by Ted Johansson, 22/03/13

My life is forever changed for the better thanks to the garlic press! Always before I got to bother with getting garlic leftovers when I disks my usual garlic press, and when you press it will come ou... Read more

Grim garlic press

written by Anders, Sweden 04/05/13

Have hard to imagine that a garlic press is better than this. Really solid construction and easy to clean. Weighs a lot and this contributes to the high quality feel. No aluminum here! Highly recommen... Read more


written by Ola S, Sweden 05/05/13

I've finally found the perfect garlic press! Presses good and easy to wash. Recommended!


written by Søren, Denmark 13/05/13

Seemed better than I dared hope. This cleaning system works as it should. However, it still requires a little cleaning as one can foevente ...

garlic Press

written by Sune, Sweden 02/08/13

Really good model of the garlic press, and good-looking too, works perfectly. It is also easy to wash, can really rekommedera everyone to buy it.

Dis some heavy shit Yao!

written by VONKii, Sweden 29/08/13

A heavy, hearty garlic press! Bought for my father who never manage to find the "right" garlic press. He was quite pleased I can say !!!

Garject-Garlic press

written by Murtopuo, Finland 02/11/13

Really just a top product! Best garlic press, which I have used! However, there is one weakness, because the compression of waste can not be removed at van hoped, but it is a minor inconvenience compa... Read more


written by Sofia, Sweden 09/12/13

Garlic Press the Rolls Royce. Heavy as hell, but feels quite hefty and keeps good enough. All functions described works (incl. One to shoot out the excess), you do not smudge your fingers.

Best garlic press ever

written by Linnea, Sweden 23/12/13

The garlic press is really worth the price. It allows one to use more of a garlic clove than otherwise and without scale, just lay there gap.


written by wildberry, Sweden 06/01/14

Finally a real garlic press! I think I have all the other varieties available, but has not been satisfied. This is absolutely perfect! Good that it has little weight in the hand and is hefty, it teach... Read more

Good, but not as good as advertised ...

written by Sebastian, Sweden 31/03/14

I bought a garlic press from a large grocery chain, with the biggest advertising budgets in Sweden. That evening I saw Gerject, something that seemed to be the king of garlic presses. With some anxiet... Read more

Simply superb!

written by Brorsan, Sweden 25/06/14

Without doubt the best garlic press Maximize profit and minimize stress No mess and no nonsense Not better anywhere Yup.


written by AndreasD, Sweden 05/08/14

Presses well and no longer sticky fingers when you do not need to winkle out the remnants. Rekomenderas really!

No kitchen should be without this product!

written by Peter, Sweden 26/10/14

When I read the product description, I thought this is just too good to be true! But I was wrong it works incredibly well, given the cost considerably more than a normal garlic press, but it performs ... Read more

Simply the best garlic presses available

written by Thore, Denmark 27/10/14

Had actually dropped altogether garlic presses because cleaning hell, but this just works! No more peeling nor - in with clove, pressure, scraping the mass of tilt peal out - all in one motion. And it... Read more

garlic press

written by Karin, Sweden 27/12/14

Really excellent! It manages everything, I just put in the gap, and then - then it is peeled, squeezed and the shell cleared away!

Good quality and works extremely fine

written by Lars, Denmark 29/01/15

It's a push of very good quality. Can handle dishwasher, and works as described. Is easy to clean. Can be recommended

nearly as described

written by um, Denmark 04/03/15

good quality - and works almost as described - not quite as automatic scraper not quite - requires a bit of cleaning after use

garlic press

written by Arto, Finland 17/03/15

The best garlic press I've ever used. Easy to squeeze the claws and shell shells shoot sormenkoukistuksella away from the nest. Easy to wash under running water.

Excellent !!!

written by KL, Sweden 25/05/15

It does everything, put in the gap, squeeze and discard the shell. There will be minimal job, garlic press does.

Really good

written by Viktor, Sweden 07/06/15

I think we should emphasize that it is really rich and powerful and would be a really good press even without these cleaning functions. Presses to it with the shell on, it will be hardly any residue l... Read more


written by Bosse, Sweden 13/07/15

Just as simple smooth as the description entered! Really nice not having to mess with the scale gaps too!

Best press date!

written by Gunnar Huss, Sweden 02/09/15

Fantastic, good garlic press, the best I've tried. The best is the ability to squeeze the cloves without the time-consuming scaling before. The press also has strong craftsmanship quality.

The best

written by Isabella, Denmark 01/11/15

It is the best garlic press I've ever used. It is super easy to clean. Sticking nice even when used in a dishwasher.

Very good

written by Angelika, Sweden 19/11/15

Great Father's Day gift! Best companion. Better than I thought.

Good but large garlic press

written by Michael, Sweden 24/01/16

It works well, but it was much bigger than I thought. Larger than garlic presses usually is. Tung also, it should be possible to do the same function that is not so clumsy.

garlic Press

written by Julia, Norway 02/02/16

Good garlic press. Some great, but okay to handle. Unfortunately, it will not press out all the leftovers, so that one could be helped a little with your fingers / knife to get it out. Skjønnte not kn... Read more

The second

written by vogmik, Germany 01/04/16

Our acquaintances found use and cleaning as well, that we have given her a. Knblauch need not be peeled.


written by Carsten, Denmark 18/04/16

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant,

Bought one!

written by V, Sweden 18/08/16

Bought this garlic press as a present to my father, who is always in search of the perfect garlic press, two years ago as a birthday gift. Greeted a few days before his birthday and was disappointed w... Read more

written by Luise, Germany 19/09/16

Not quite cheap but super functioning garlic press, really without smelling hands and I like it, I would recommend the product

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