Giant Microbes

Soft toys in the form of diseases and other micro-organisms enlarged a million times! Choose between chlamydia, acne, flea, cold, fat cell, malaria, brain cell, syphilis and 46 other organisms!

Giant Microbes - White Blood Cell
White Blood Cell
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Giant Microbes - Gonorrhea
2 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Giant Microbes - E. Coli
E. Coli
11 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Giant Microbes - Syphilis
5 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Giant Microbes - Bad Breath
Bad Breath
7 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Giant Microbes - Brain Cell
Brain Cell
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What is this?

A perfect gift

written by David, 09/06/09

All the microorganisms and cells are wonderfully sweet and delicate. Works well as educational items also. A brain cell to one that graduated ...


written by Therese, 15/06/09

I bought this time 5 pieces Giant Microbes. Sperm, TB, Malaria, Brain Cell and E-Koli. They are fun, cute and cozy. This was a gift for my sister who is studying the virus blah and she was uber please... Read more

This year's Christmas gift?

written by Pyttan, 21/08/09

This year's most popular gift ... Is a Giant Microbes for all. Gave penicillin to my sister who works at the pharmacy, one brain cell to my "aging" boyfriend and acne to my 12 year old n... Read more

Chlamydia to a friend

written by Lærke Philipsen, 29/08/09

Brilliant concept with Giant Microbes. I have so given my medical student girlfriend chlamydia ..


written by Jannie, 15/09/09

Can put it briefly, fighting microbes are adorable! Gave my husband a sick and he loves it. I also gave one to my sister and she was really happy about it. I will definitely buy more for a home visit.... Read more

written by , 09/11/09

Extremely good copies, which they say may be greater and possible. with an explanation about what it is.


written by Hanna, 30/11/09

Bought three Giant Microbes, and are very pleased with all three! Fast delivery, easy, smooth and good quality!


written by Maria, 03/12/09

It is not everyone who can boast that they have given her boyfriend Chlamydia for Christmas!

Genial and cool!

written by S. Josewski ("Greg", 17/12/09

Who knows someone who enjoys medicine, for it is an ideal gift. Comes to the fact that the giant microbes are really cuddly. My top favorite is the common cold virus. But the other are great. Hey, I&#... Read more


written by Zew, 20/12/09

Bought a sore throat to my sister and she carries around with it all the time. It's really super cute! I also bought a Fat Cell myself to dissuade me from bads! It has not exactly helped like at C... Read more

Riesenmikrobe brain cell

written by Silvia Kulwicki, 22/12/09

In my view, an ideal gift and funny souvenirs. Gender and age Regardless schenkbar and individually. The figures are lovingly designed, soft and despite their partially challenging shape very cute. I ... Read more

written by Ebba, 25/12/09

very cute and affordable, tips; buy many !!

written by , 28/12/09

Everything ran smoothly. Gladly again!


written by moskan, 02/01/10

Has an older brother who is studying to be a doctor, perfect Christmas gifts / birthday gifts. Also perfect for his partner who is also studying to be a doctor, then they do not cost as much but are v... Read more

Giant microbes

written by Esmis, 05/01/10

I ordered three giant microbes, hjärcellen, swine flu, and stomach pain. When I received the products I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed ... I expected a whole annorluda fabric, a gosigare,... Read more


written by nWirb, 06/01/10

Well, what more can you say, damn cute to be a horrible disease, damn fun gifts, inexpensive.

Giant Microbes

written by Cissi, 11/01/10

Incredibly sweet. I bought one for myself and one for my niece. And they liked!

Incredibly cool !!

written by Anna, 24/02/10

Absolutely gorgeous cool!: A "giant microbes" !!! Was a very popular gift, both human and animal :-), of all ages. Can warmly recommend one of these "animals" as a gift!

Super cool

written by Luise, 28/02/10

etc. For each health professional or aspiring physicians, but also for lab rats are these things madness! I have chosen an e.coli because the little thing research history ALWAYS had to serve for ever... Read more

Fantastic small microbes!

written by DocMike, 15/03/10

This is probably something that the funniest thing that has come in the form of stuffed animals! Cuddle with various pests and infectious viruses and bacteria! Become best friends with your favorite d... Read more

diseases that make you happy

written by hypokondrika, 10/04/10

figures have patches that show how they look in real life and have the facts about them in English. I bought the fat cell, cold, HIV and swine flu, they have super fine quality, soft and sweet.

Sick cute!

written by Hatten, 20/04/10

How a fat cell, the Black Death and a flea can be so sweet to me is a mystery! Soft and cuddly where they oxå! Easy, I will buy more ^^

great idea

written by Benjamin Hofmann, 26/04/10

Through Facebook, I have become aware of these plushy bacteria and viruses. The idea appealed to me right away, because that is clearly something different. Since my girlfriend anyway suffered just so... Read more

Mega cute!

written by JTerp, 03/06/10

Bought 2x Chlamydia as birth gifts to two newborn girls. The gifts came from my sports teams, so now we can say to the fathers that we have given their girls chlamydia;) At the same time bears mega sw... Read more

Instead of flowers and chocolate

written by Rädda Joppe, 28/06/10

A Giant Microbe is a perfect give away gift for those who do not come to the point in life where flowers are the obvious choice, or do not have the money for a Orreforsvas. Sure, you can not give away... Read more

Best soft ice!

written by Michael, 02/07/10

There is simply no better softies to spread around the world! Something you know that have had some fun disease? Encourage (or bully) them with a soft depicting the bacterium or virus that made them s... Read more


written by Trine, 06/07/10

It is just so cool! : O) My biologist colleagues are wildly jealous!


written by Nillan, 18/08/10

What amazing cozy little rascals! I bought a red and a white blood cell to a friend who will start studying to doctors, it feels a little fun. Thinking about the last second order an extra brain cell ... Read more

really funny !!!

written by schneider, 30/09/10

The Riesenmikrobe came down very well with our daughter. It was a funny joke! She looks cute and is something different.

Giant microbes

written by Heike Mallick, 15/10/10

This giant microbes plush creatures in the form of pathogens and other microorganisms. The microorganisms of plush are between 14 and 20 cm in size, which corresponds to a magnification of Einmillione... Read more

An original gift for budding Medzinstudenten

written by SusaLi, 15/10/10

I gave this "soft toy" my niece at the beginning of her veterinary studies and the collection in the student-Wg. The cattle is "cute" (as far as possible in an intestinal virus :).... Read more

written by , 24/10/10

The microbes are simply incredibly sweet and very funny as a gift ^^ The only criticism that it is the "Map with real pictures and important facts about the life of the organism in its natural en... Read more

Never before sperm so cuddly!

written by Camael, 29/10/10

It'll be a boy! The sperm with blue bows is well received here, is cute and cuddly and deserves the 5 star rating, I have just given him.

Interesting idea

written by Roberta, 05/11/10

So, the black death or AIDS, I would not take this now and "Stuffed Animals" not necessarily present on the sick, but otherwise it's an unusual idea. Habs bought for my friend who is int... Read more

Giant microbes

written by Bebe, 15/11/10

Those small Gose figures were equally sweet in verkigheten if not sweeter !!

E. coli

written by , 17/11/10

Real funny idea ... also quite funny to watch, so highly recommended as a fun gift =)

Really fun and different gift!

written by Gfl, 17/11/10

I had asked my friend if some want for her birthday, but she could seimpelthen not think of anything! I had gone to joket little that I would give her sperm, if she found something! It's a long st... Read more

Absolutely cute

written by Jasmin, 22/11/10

Who would have thought that pathogens can be so cute ?! It was a nice pleasure for the recipient.

written by , 25/11/10

sweet grjer that kids love!

written by JoHaNNa, 29/11/10

The world's coolest and cutest stuffed animals spec. a nurse who me :)

Pfeifferisches glandular fever

written by Bianca S., 29/11/10

The Riesenmikrobe is very fluffy, soft and nice to look at! Much can do with it is not, but I find for example the idea to give someone as a Riesenmikrobe if, for example has a flu, just awesome !! Pr... Read more

Snuggle with herpes

written by Mihini, 29/11/10

Super sweet plush toys in the form of bacteria in a large variable range. Fun to give as gifts to people who work in health care / social care to have as mascot at the office or simply to give as cons... Read more

ever given away a brain cell?

written by DieCathy, 29/11/10

The ordered brain cell was there quickly and is well made. Here is a little info sheet with all sorts of interesting values ​​for each Riesenmikrobe in English, which rounds off the gift. A nice idea ... Read more

Perfect for gift!

written by Trine, 30/11/10

These little teddy bears are ideal as a small gift - recipient think it's fucking funny and well-found, and you get a good laugh about it. It's certainly not the last time I give Giant Microbe... Read more


written by Pernille., 01/12/10

Giant Microbes are some of the strangest, but also funniest thing I've ever seen! Although I ordered a brain cell and I must say I was impressed. The teddy bear is in a good quality, but the small... Read more

Say hello to chlamydia

written by Joan B., 02/12/10

Seems it is sweet and quite fun, I downloaded my package at the post office today after it I went to the school and they just wanted to check what was in the cardboard box, this teddy bear was circula... Read more

So sick wonderful!

written by wilykit, 04/12/10

Wow I just say, this is one of the most unnecessary and wonderful stuff I've ever acquired! They feature soft animals (that is greater than you think, much like my whole palm) is so hilarious, I w... Read more

Stomach pain

written by Kråkan, 06/12/10

We bought stomach pain to our little baby who yawned all night: P It is not remedied gapandet, but cheers up and are really cute: D Plans to expand the bacterial family soon!

nerve cell

written by Kärran, 14/12/10

Lovely characters, perfect gift for a nurse.

White blood cell - the highest rating

written by Angelica Holmgren, 14/12/10

I ordered a "white blood cell" and I only thing I have to say about it is that it was wonderful. It was really nice, very soft and pretty. Definitely worth the money.

fluffy microbes

written by Nia, 15/12/10

Wonderfully sweet and cozy. They do not like to be sick but we definitely like those little sweethearts. Absolutely amazing to give herpes gift for someone when you have a lack of other ideas. The siz... Read more

not satisfied

written by Petronella Persson, 18/12/10

Both "Bruins" had holes in the seams so true lint content sticking out, about a hole the size of a penny .... not so fun when to give it away as a Christmas present, so it will be to buy som... Read more

written by Hero, 20/12/10

So darn cute! Glad to be able to give any herpes..utan to do it anyway .. It was a hit when we had the Christmas games with friends, and it would buy a little thing over 100 patches. Perfect. Bought g... Read more

Chlamydia and mononucleosis

written by Pernilla, 21/12/10

I bought a chlamydia and glandular fever. Chlamydia to my boyfriend who is incredibly nojjig of könsjukdomar. Can after Christmas because to say "do you remember the Christmas you got chlamydia f... Read more

Velcro Velcro

written by Antje, 23/12/10

Velcro Velcro, that was the first thing I thought when I held the Riesenmikrob in his hands. Sweet button eyes and a funny color round off the stuffed animal of a different kind. Right to cuddle, it i... Read more

"Troubled" presented -good

written by Linkan, 25/12/10

5/5 "... these give great fascination and joy for all!" Have you ever wanted to see and feel the body's microorganisms? Perhaps finally see the little buggers which annually creates cold... Read more

Incredibly cute!

written by Madeleine, 26/12/10

Bought two of these little rascals (brain cell and glandular fever) as Christmas presents for my siblings and they were appreciated! They are really cute and it's a fun and unique pat! The quality... Read more


written by L, 27/12/10

Ordered a Giant Microbe before and was very pleased with it, a new order I did not hesitate to. This time it was "glandular fever", a very sweet thing in nice color! Perfect gift for those w... Read more

Mega cute teddy bear

written by D_Nessuno, 28/12/10

Macro is a really cool gift, good size and cute design - he comes without the box, but with a little sign on that says who he is and what he can. A box that could facilitate the packaging would be gre... Read more

Influenza virus

written by Norrlänning, 30/12/10

The recipient of this gift from which the undersigned was a virologist and he thought this was an excellent influenza cuddly toys.

Super Cool

written by Niklas, 31/12/10

Always purchase these stuffed animals to my cousin's children each year, one at Christmas and one in födeldagspresent ... The goal is for him to get all of your range. It is so "sick" aw... Read more


written by H, 03/01/11

The animals were SLO, cute, looked just like the picture, though less than what I had imagined, Mottagrna became very excited for their animals.

Large sperm and chlamydia

written by Ckz, 06/01/11

When they came, I thought that both the sperm and the Chlamydia bacterium was very small for the price! Paid therefore 79 crowns for the little things, I had known they would be so small, I had not bo... Read more

Giant Microbes

written by Tobias, 06/01/11

Punctual delivery and good quality product. : D

written by , 10/01/11

could be a bit bigger for the money, but otherwise supi funny idea :-) Keep it up !!!


written by Sara, 12/01/11

Wonderful small cuddly toy, very suitable as gifts. For example, give your boyfriend / girlfriend chlamydia birthday present;)


written by Lollan, 14/01/11

Very happy with my product. I got it directly delivered to a friend. I looked not so very in size. but when it came, proved that it was larger than I expected, which made it affordable. Otherwise, I t... Read more

Brain Cell

written by Peter, 22/01/11

Troubled good product. Looks just like the picture. My girlfriend got it for Christmas and love it. Was a bit afraid that she would misinterpret however. Type to "- Here you get a brain cell for ... Read more


written by Caro, 31/01/11

If you have a dog, you might think that a flea nothing can bring good ... But yet, he can! Jule (a Chihuahua) adores this flea. And as a toy he is optimal. He is soo sweet and unlike other dog owners,... Read more

Egg / sperm / HIV virus / brain cell

written by Friedlind Verleger/ frizzi, 02/02/11

Ingenious "Stuffed Animals" for the Youth Film Festival in Schwäbisch Hall. Young people to benefit from the grab bag and guess what it is ...... this results in a short dialogue about the s... Read more


written by Brittis, 03/02/11

We use "Giant Microbes" to tell students how minor degradation goes to especially in our biogas plant in Västerås

Sweet and malformed?

written by Lillan, 03/02/11

I bought one for my friend, bought a "cold" just because it was so cute. :) The one I would buy igentligen was not in stock, so there was cold!: P Is she a cute and cuddly cold, when she sj ... Read more

Very cute!

written by Vätte, 16/02/11

Very cute and funny thing, appreciated gift. Good quality.

Sweet Plush

written by DerGallus, 16/02/11

The erythrocyte or red blood cells is gefertig of a fluffy comfortable material, which although having the typical odor of plush toys directly from production, however, does not smell strongly of chem... Read more

very cool

written by , 23/02/11

Very appreciated, both cute and geeky. To begin collecting them for real now ...

Really fun idea and brilliant service

written by CUT, 25/02/11

The idea of ​​microorganisms're just fine. It is not often you can give Genital warts to her boyfriend's brother. Clock Fair, it was then when his niece took a fancy to the fuzzy blob. It'... Read more

Kulig nerve cell

written by Reyachristina, 08/03/11

Great and well done ... a small neuronal spikes always up !!

Occupation Damaged

written by , 12/03/11

I have you in my possession Rödblodkropp Clamydia Mononucleosis Vitblodkropp Cold and a bookworm loves these little rascals. As is very well made and well made.

The perfect gift to someone you like

written by Sussie W, 16/03/11

Make someone happy with the perfect gift. Who can not be influenced by the developed krimminalteknikerns red eyes when he opens the envelope with mjälltbrands bacterium. It's real love.

Spot on!

written by Liro, 24/03/11

The world's most spot on best gift to give away to a person with real humor. Was very appreciated. Thoroughly recommended. Fast delivery.

Very fine and fun

written by poohmoon, 28/03/11

One can not help but smile broadly when you look at a teddy bear to imagine a particular disease and have you as in my case a family member who has a birthday studying some diseases can not help but g... Read more

Brain cell and adipocyte

written by muthase007, 11/04/11

Hello, we ordered a brain cell and two fat cells. 1) brain cell: simply awesome held in a beautiful gray, just great, let us hope that we have enough of it! 2.) adipocyte: kugelrund and cuddly held in... Read more

Everything is alright

written by MiR, 14/04/11

All as it should be. Thanks!

Dr. Frank D. Davis

written by .Dr. Frank D. Davis, 27/04/11

The Giant Microbes are a gift for a young doctor (Pediatrics) and they, like me is very enthusiastic. The collection will certainly continue. A good playful learning product for the young patients. Th... Read more

Super fun

written by Therese, 15/05/11

It's a super fun idea, and everyone who sees it will be curious. I chose mad cow the molecule I must admit it is a bit boring compared to all the others, but still very fun!

So damn cute!

written by K, 19/05/11

Are you satisfied with this. Looks just like the picture, it is soft in good quality with fine stitching and an accuracy that is visible. Very worth it! Bought it for my dad who got shingles, and thus... Read more

Very cute and funny

written by glad jente, 24/05/11

I ordered sperm and were very pleased! It was just as sweet as the picture, and the delivery time was short: D Only pulling down on was that I thought it was slightly larger than the proved

Prize-bacterial teddy bears

written by Lea, 30/05/11

I am nursing student and have invented a game for me and my study group. To make things more fun, I think we could win a prize in each game. And what better prize you can get than a teddy bear-bacteri... Read more

finest microbes

written by , 26/07/11

The son of 3.5 years has been terrified of mites since he had seen those in a TV program, but then he and his daughter had respective Giant microbe, he is not afraid to go to sleep anymore because the... Read more

soooo cute

written by Ditte-julie, 07/08/11

Super fine "microbes" they are cute and also teaches rich

The perfect gift.

written by Charlotte, 15/08/11

These bears are clearly amusing: I bought them at a birthday gift for a girl who wanted them. But when they arrived at my door, I really think that they were so cute. They have soft fabric, and is the... Read more


written by Pia, 23/08/11

It lives up to expectations - soft and ugly !!

Great product idea

written by MS, 12/09/11

Super Value. Above all, a highlight for visitors who first raises questions, but then provides a lot of laughter.

Gift idea

written by , 20/09/11

Very soft and good quality, a big hit as a gift. Can definitely recommend them

Funny Giant Microbes.

written by mandy, 14/11/11

Halli, hello, I find the giant microbes really funny, with her eyes. Cells to cuddle, really great. They are soft, articulated and can crumple well together. Now I have a Neven-, and brain cell more. ... Read more

Cute little bacteria

written by Fredrik Nord, 15/11/11

What is there really to say about these? They are small, cute, soft, and works in educational purpose how they "look like". I'm aiming to have the entire collection so you can snuggle do... Read more

Giant microbes

written by Maikoff, 23/11/11

The products have a great workmanship and are of high quality. The price / performance ratio agrees, I will shop here definitely again very soon. MfG Maïkoff

Giant microbes

written by Lizious, 05/12/11

This little cuddly animals are really great. They look as described and just have to like. On the quality is also nothing to complain about. For a description of the particular microbe is also there. ... Read more

written by , 05/12/11

I had bought a "brain cell" as a gift, and it can be recommended. super cute teddy bear, but at the same time there came also an instructive conversation out of it.

Too small

written by Taminoo, 06/12/11

Unfortunately, the microbes are very micro and not repacked

Product did not meet the expectations.

written by C.Buechling, 07/12/11

The product did not convince me, unfortunately. It did not meet the minimum size and the appearance was similar to the photos remotely. Unfortunately disappointing ...


written by kleinMoni, 12/12/11

The Kuscheltierchen is super sweet and is also well made. The delivery went very quickly. I am happy top! :-)

good product

written by Emilie, 13/12/11

I am happy with the Giant Microbe that I received. It is fine bear before signs of having been on a trip with Post Denmark, and is at its expectations. In fact, it even sweeter in fact (and looks like... Read more


written by Marius Pettersen, 14/12/11

This product range is really fun and exciting. Viruses and bacteria in the form of pets. It may seem like pure madness, but it's really one of the funniest I've seen. Recommended for everyone,... Read more

written by Fornøyd!, 14/12/11

I ordered the neuron, very happy! Incredibly cute stuffed animals (:


written by Ginger, 14/12/11

They are super sweet and funny, seems to be in good quality. Bought 2 for my dogs for Christmas. A flea to my bitch that constantly attracts fleas - and a sperm to my neutered male. Both bears incredi... Read more

Someone proves Humor

written by E.T., 15/12/11

With the idea to offer pathogens or other body cells as stuffed animals, proves someone much original humor. As a fan of British humor I find the course very funny! So I could as a longtime friend who... Read more

Giant Microbes

written by Elin, 16/12/11

Very fun product! Good selection and variety. The quality was good and they were just like that cuddly as they appeared in the picture. They had nice bright colors. However, I was a little disappointe... Read more

Somewhat stiff - otherwise great.

written by , 21/12/11

I have 2 Giant Microbes purchased (Gehinzelle and Schlafkrenkheit), I was very pleased with the speed of sending, the microbes have me however presented softer. I would not necessarily "pet"... Read more


written by Naja, 22/12/11

Ordering was just as it should be. I do not know if it can be done better, but there was nothing special about it, I was satisfied.

Very cuddly!

written by Tom, 22/12/11

So I have got the plush egg ordered and it finally came after 3 days of waiting time. It has a diameter of about 11 cm. The small ball with the button eyes looks really cute and is definitely an eye-c... Read more


written by IngerG, 27/12/11

Giant microbes are always fun. Imagine, giving his beloved "scabies" or "kissing disease", his mother "flu" and the dog "fleas" for Christmas. And they're j... Read more

nice Christmas gift

written by Ahmet , 02/01/12

It was a fun and sweet gift for my girlfriend. Very happy with the quality and best price on the Internet in Norway.

Glandular fever and stomach pain

written by Kirstine, 03/01/12

Very cute teddy bears. I bought them for my two girlfriends as I read biotechnology - right study relevant and certainly a lot of fun, little cute gift (; The bears were not quite as big as I expected... Read more

Fun gifts for graduates!

written by Maiken, 05/01/12

I bought 'Bad breath' and 'Cavities' to my cousin who is a recent graduate dentist. The gift was well received and we had great fun with this! She said she would have them as mascots a... Read more

Very good

written by Mahface, 05/01/12

Can definitely recommend this as either stuffed animals or birthday gifts for special people. Thought it would be bigger, slightly less than an average man fist, but otherwise quite ok. Could received... Read more


written by Anna, 11/01/12

That it might be fun to give someone chlamydia! : D Gave it to my colleague and she laughed until she was folded: D "Here's something you thought you'd never catch Figure you were safe wi... Read more

Super tlles gift

written by Jenn27, 15/01/12

The Giant Microbes are the top blast :)) Super processing 1A product and simply a super great unique gift


written by Lia, 16/01/12

I am very happy with the product, had two ordered and shipped as a gift. They arrived within two days and were very good at the receiver! They are really nice cuddly soft and very cute, so that she li... Read more

Cute infection!

written by Linda P, 18/01/12

Bought as a gift, and the recipient has not had earache ago :-)

Giant microbes

written by ursula, 23/01/12

I ordered 3 different. fat cell, gastric and brain cell. Was quite satisfied with the goods but they looked a little bigger in the pictures. Were disappointed that they were to overlap with facts and ... Read more

Super good when you want to tease

written by Charlotte , 29/01/12

Bought a flea on my dog ​​and wrote to the breeder that I had found a large flea between the front legs of the dog if it was okay to come because after dog food Answer: the dog was about the treatment... Read more

Bird flu

written by Löken, 27/02/12

Haha host's best gift. Quite unexpectedly, we gave a bird flu to our friends who have phobia of birds. She was overjoyed!

Oral examination

written by Asbjørn, 28/06/12

Giant Microbes were used in a convivial final oral examination for a allready graduated from NTNU. Although the candidate was not in exam mode was quick sharpen even simple given cues could c... Read more

Funny gift!

written by L, 06/07/12

Bought as a birthday gift to a friend, really went home because it is so different and unexpected.


written by Citatdrottningen, 28/07/12

They are sick sweet and Stomach fits so well to little niece when she can squeeze it when she has a stomach ache.


written by Thakulf, 13/08/12

Both the wife and sister were very happy, they are working within healthcare. Recommended for nurses and laboratory technicians.


written by Veronika Weigand, 04/09/12

Fast delivery, good packaging. The products match the description. A great gift. Very satisfied.

Good teaching aids

written by Anna-Carina, 15/09/12

Giant Microbes may at first glance might be something aimed at small children. Our students from år7-9 think they are as good and stimulating small children. They are sweet, but taken in their proper ... Read more


written by Sonja, 23/09/12

The parts look really sweet, are soft and cuddly and cuddly. The delivery was fixed and the Simple order is great. Keep it up.

Giant Microbes

written by AC, 13/10/12

Perfect for private use as well as in teaching from the AR4 year9 when in an educational way shows various bacteria, viruses and state. The only thing that's a shame they are not able to have the ... Read more

Super good gift!

written by Cecilie, 15/10/12

The bear is virelig sweet, and it's a really fun gift. Especially if the receiver has the disease bacterium provides!

Absolutely beautiful!

written by Jule2212, 24/10/12

I ordered the penicillin, because we have a lot to do with mold and among other things a lot with Penicillium. For illustrative purposes, so you can imagine how such a fungus looks under the microscop... Read more

Sammelwahn guaranteed!

written by missmilu, 29/10/12

Already 3 of microbes and there are certainly many to come :) Also as gifts, the little guys always arrive super! The build quality is great and the product is very robust because although my little c... Read more

Super Cute microbes

written by Alfabeta, 03/11/12

Super Lovely microbes !! They are not as large, but fits perfectly into small children's hands. Only negative must surely be that one wants to buy all ... Supre as a gift to someone who is ill.

A. Wittmer

written by A. Wittmer, 05/11/12

The product is well made and nicely done. The price Leistungsvehältnis true. What is missing is the special kick.


written by Mia, 05/11/12

Just as described. Fun gift, particularly for younger adults. Imagine the answer to "what got you for your birthday / Christmas?"

graduated brain cell

written by Svenja, 09/11/12

Have the "big" graduated brain cell ordered with suction to give them away for passing exams. Processing (seams, etc.) look good, no snags or similar. The fabric used is beautiful 'cuddl... Read more

plush and cute

written by Cora, 15/11/12

The itch was the perfect gift for my soon-doctor-brother ;-) The decision is really hard like ...

Wonderful Smart Gadget!

written by, 16/11/12

Bought a Giant Microbes Brain Cell, very nice and cute! It now sits on my computer desk and helps me think: o)

great Gifts

written by Frieda, 21/11/12

Have bought as a gift for a medical student a few giant microbes. You look fabulous OFF.The workmanship is good, can werden.Die used by children to play with colors very beautiful, fabric cuddly. I th... Read more

brought happiness

written by GIF, 21/11/12

The Ebola virus (soft toy) used my daughter during the presentation of the project assignment in 9th grade. It made so much happiness that the school bought it :-)


written by Andreas, 22/11/12

The girl I like birthday, and I did not really know what I could give her. So I gave her a sexually transmitted disease. She was thrilled!

Less than I thought

written by Dennis Hilmar, 30/11/12

It is really soft. In addition it was less than I had thought, I think she will be happy with it anyway :)

Giant Microbes

written by Stintan, 11/12/12

I think they were fun to purchase Christmas gifts for the whole family !! Then I was able to find the mark with the right Microb to the right person ;-) Also, the sweet and cozy to snuggle with - espe... Read more

For biologists

written by Edinger, 12/12/12

I was looking for a gift u. it was a winner! It means that they was very happy u. It was original :-))

Bookcase Ornamental

written by Christine, 17/12/12

The brain cell that appeared almost too fast at the post office looks super cool out! The color of the picture may lie a little when it glisten a little more in reality and gråfarven is a clue shade d... Read more

between Content

written by Guri, 17/12/12

The sweetest little thing! Dog was the little less than what I had envisioned, but it did so far nothing. :) I ordered hepatitis bacilli, and think it should be optional whether you want such a "... Read more


written by Christoph, 18/12/12

I for my godson acquired the E-Coli bacteria and am very happy. Supersüß, super quality, very good price. Let's see if over the years I give a bacilli collection of little ... :-)

Some small.

written by Anita, 22/12/12

Size is not everything, but I had seen for myself that HIV should be a little bigger. 14cm was negligible for 79kr + shipping ... Otherwise happy with the disease (than how wrong it sounds).

Giant Microbes!

written by CHJ, 24/12/12

Super cool little teddy bears that contemporaries are fun. There are of very good quality and can easily be given to adults who do not normally work in biology (it's always fun to give chlamydia t... Read more


written by Marko, 24/12/12

Gave away a salmonella Christmas. Fun to come to work and say that you got salmonella / Chlamydia / whatever-it-now-is Christmas ... Hahaha. Much appreciated anyway. The person saw the humor in it: D


written by Olive, 24/12/12

This is like a joke that never goes bad. Equally fun every time! I bought one brain cell to my geeky naturar-sister, a blast!

Extremely cool gift!

written by Chiara, 25/12/12

Have paid the sleeping sickness and the egg of my grandmother and my sister. Both found that extremely funny and were very happy. also the things see so cute and cuddly top of :) Easy!

Giant Microbe - Likmask

written by Karin, 28/12/12

Much softer and nicer than real likmaskar !! Perfect gift for the person who already has everything !!

Giant microbes

written by marryjane, 28/12/12

The Giant Microbes are really great !! A great gag gift for all your friends. So you always have something to laugh about. Whether it is a budding biology student or will