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Giant Wine Glass

The dream of a really, really big wine glass has come true. This wine glass contains 2.25 litres - that’s almost an entire box of wine at once!

Giant Wine Glass - Giant Wine Glass
Giant Wine Glass
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Monster glass

written by John Blund, Sweden 15/02/16

Bought this wine glasses for my wife who had long wanted to own "Big Joe" or "Big Carl" glass (for those who watched the series How I Met Your Monther) Can only say that it really ... Read more

The wine glass is Super!

written by Elfriede Roth, Germany 16/06/16

A dream, the Super large wineglass, the racer was on the Geburtstag.Alle have gewtaunt, and were fascinated. I have everywhere gwmacht advertise Cool Stuff! I love their products.

Giant Wine Glass

written by Henna Similä , Finland 19/08/16

Big and tall wine glass with good shopping birthday gift! A real gift of wine to a friend! I like it because accommodate a lot of wine !!

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