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Grilliput Pocket Grill

The world's most flexible grill! When folded, the grilliput looks like a tube and measures only 28 cm x 2.2 cm. Easy to assemble, dismantle and clean!

Grilliput Pocket Grill - Grilliput Pocket Grill
Grilliput Pocket Grill
93 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Grilliput Pocket Grill - FireBowl
28 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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Grilliput is Thoughtful!

written by Morten K, 29/06/09

Nifty little case that can be easily hang on your backpack, nor fill the earth. Unpacked it has a reasonable size, and it seems more stable than I had expected. There is someone who has thought the ta... Read more

Grilliput - Small and convenient!

written by Bluespappa, 10/07/09

I got the feeling of quality when I assembled it. No debris thrown together. It is easy to put together quickly when they made it 2 times. Takes very little space and is highly recommended!

Fun barbecue for those who need something handy

written by Roffe, 19/10/09

A truly exquisite small and handy barbecue to bring in the backpack, while skating, walking or skiing.

Heavy but smooth

written by P, 31/10/09

Easy to carry and put together quickly, but weighs a lot. The cooking surface is quite small, but good enough and well to a couple of sausages and burger or a steak. A disadvantage is that the legs ar... Read more


written by Jan Brune, 04/02/10

Tour grill that is well designed and well produced.


written by roger, 14/06/10

Very fiffig.Enda drawback is that there is no / no barrel or the like to the carbons in add / in. Mvh Roger

grill the smart

written by Helene, 16/06/10

Use it especially when we are out in the kayak, because it does not take no place at all. Works just fine, see it "in action" on the link.

Trelig low barbecue

written by Nature Boy, 18/06/10

I am a normal talented man, and put up the grill in minutes without any major worries. Do not think at all that it is especially heavy as someone wrote somewhere online. On the contrary! Cannon Fashio... Read more


written by Prüsse, 25/09/12

This product is nothing short of brilliant. It was ordered, fast delivery, and at the next fishing trip brought. I bought the Andersens new kind of large briquettes of solid pressed coconut which I us... Read more

Excellent for backpacker trip in the bag :)

written by sirrudi, Norway 11/07/13

Used this on a cycling tour, burned bonfires and used it without coal. Very space-saving. Highly recommended :)

Super Grill pass!

written by Trici, Germany 30/07/13

Quickly mounted, ate well, wrapped up quickly! The Grilliput is optimally Backpacking, since it particularly important here nature and weight. The Grilliput is light and small, but the grilling pass i... Read more

Grill grates Grilliput - for paddling

written by Pianina, Sweden 13/09/14

Very well-made product, stainless steel parts with fine finishes and screwed together with high precision. I have used the grill for grilling over the embers after a fire in connection with paddling. ... Read more

But a bit wobbly

written by Giller, Germany 13/08/15

The idea of ​​the grill bars for quick takeaway is good and excited me. So get purchased and delivered sensationally fast. The design is not very mature. If the outer longer rods are tightened (Do not... Read more


written by Saita, Sweden 14/12/15

Recommended for those who love to grill outdoors. Quick and easy to assemble. Weighing some but is small and compact in your purse.


written by Blue, Germany 05/01/16

While camping and traveling always came the cheap and unsustainable small grills for use, which had to be replaced soon afterwards because of shaky legs or bad material. The mini grill like it because... Read more

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