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Grow Your Own Chillies

The world's hottest chilli pepper is on everyone's lips, and perhaps on your window sill. Grow chillies and invite your friends to a dish that is certain to burn in memory!

Grow Your Own Chillies - Ghost Chili
Ghost Chili
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Grow Your Own Chillies - Scorpion Pepper
Scorpion Pepper
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Grow Your Own Chillies - Moruga Scorpion
Moruga Scorpion
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

9 reviews

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What is this?

Grows very slow

written by Nititorn , Sweden 02/06/14

Not recommended, because it takes a long time to grow. It's been 2 weeks now but nothing has come up :)


written by Øyvind, Norway 28/07/14

Here sprouts and grows there. Can not wait to plant Morugaen in large pot; ) Have tasted moruga before and I am really looking forward to taste this.


written by Patrik, Sweden 03/09/14

Grows well in his jar. Be prepared to take time, but if you read on a bit before about growing chillies it is no surprise that it does not grow like weeds.

Very bad.!

written by Søren, Denmark 25/01/15

I did exactly what was written in the manual, but there has not come any chili plant up.! I am very disappointed with the product.!

So awesome

written by Katta, Sweden 05/03/15

Giant pungent plants. And it takes quite incredible

Super cool

written by Karina, Denmark 25/05/15

Fast delivery - and my chili plants germinates now. Looking forward to taste them. Can highly recommend using cool stuff!

Slow but affordable

written by David, Sweden 03/06/15

I got up 6 plants out of a can. As they got bigger I throw them away because I did not have enough large pots. Today I have one left - a towering 80 cm. After a year of aborted flowers, I finally got ... Read more

Great gift Kindeen

written by Susanne, Germany 07/12/15

A very great website with very interesting gift ideas for every man and woman. I did not know what I should buy, I ended up on this site and have promptly found something. still need arise Chili plant... Read more

Moruga Scorpion

written by _MVF_, Sweden 12/01/16

Very fun o see how it starts to grow! After 2 weeks it came up eight small plants. I watered through the jar, put it in a plastic bag which I blew up and sealed at the top with a rubber band. Becomes ... Read more

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