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Heart Warmer

Press on the heart and it heats up to 55 degrees and stays at that temperature for 20-40 minutes. As cosy as anything. You can use it again and again.

Heart Warmer - Heart Warmer
Heart Warmer
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What is this?

written by , 07/10/09

Hmmm. get them probably did not use when you have to cook them before each use.

Perfect gift for frozen girlfriend

written by Henks, 14/10/09

This is a perfect gift for the girl. Easy to use and also to restore it. Give it instead flow'rs on that. It is estimated more than flow'rs just die after a few days! No more nagging that it i... Read more

Really good

written by Jojo, 11/11/09

Super Cozy big warm hearts at good price. Perfect gift late to the frozen girlfriend or herself.

Cute but småjobbigt

written by Veronica, 12/11/09

This is a cute gift but it is a bit småjobbigt to get the heart to return to "normal mode" so that you can get the content liquid again once it has cooled. Veronica http://beautyplace.blogg.... Read more

whole cool

written by sperling, 18/11/09

Clearly affordable .. hold heat remarkably long. Then when cool just boil it on the stove burner in a saucepan with water .. hehe nice

warming but broken

written by Victoria, 30/11/09

great in the beginning, but the heat is not as long as promised, after I warmed the heart is the maximum one hour, it is not so very hot when you press the button to activate it again, maybe 40 degree... Read more

Love the heat!

written by Sofie, 01/12/09

Very cozy gift for all ages! Cheap & good!

Slightly disappointed but does not regret buying

written by A, 01/12/09

Had pretty high expectations of this heart. Unfortunately, it survived not really up to them. Funny thing, but it does not hold heat as well as it should. It hardens quickly and I do not think it come... Read more

heat heart

written by bella, 07/12/09

heat heart was far from being as good as thermal bags. it was not hot 20-40 minutes but started to cool and was lukewarm after 15 minutes approximately (tried several times) but it is good, because yo... Read more


written by Micke, 07/12/09

Works great. The heat stays väääääääääldigt long. perfect for dog walking now that it's cold!

Heating Heart

written by Jouline, 12/12/09

Absolutely amazing little product that warms the well in about 15 minutes. And the best thing about it is that it can be used again and again. Just to put it in tea boiler when you used it and it retu... Read more

Heating Heart

written by e, 19/12/09

Keeps the heat well, warm and cozy! The minus is that it needs to be boiled for a while to be able to be used again.

Threats of 2 red

written by Lilla Psyko, 21/12/09

Heart with a little click of a sudden gets really hot! Keeps the heat for a while and can be used to relieve pain or just to warm themselves with. You can repeat the procedure after following the inst... Read more

cool quickly

written by , 26/12/09

Giant Cozy warmth of heart but it stays warm for up to 10 minutes if you have it in your pocket, never again.

Stylish hearts!

written by wiberg, 27/12/09

These are really nice and very warm =) But the sad thing is that they do not hold heat for very long. So the best is to buy several pieces =)


written by BeyondBorders, 28/12/09

Think about these so much that I bought a pair for myself so I always have one that I can use if I had not had time to cook up the other. -So Perfect that I even gave away a couple of gifts to some wh... Read more

Perfect for the frozen girlfriend

written by Niklas, 30/12/09

I bought this as a plojjpresent (Giving along with a greater gift) as a Christmas present for my partner. Instant success!

Cold hands!

written by, 01/01/10

Easy to carry in the pocket of cold winter walks. Just knock the metal plate and then be able to warm frozen hands.

Heat Heart <3 Grandma

written by Anna, 03/01/10

I bought a number of heat hearts to loved ones for Christmas. The one who was most happy was enough grandmother. At first she was not what the heart would be used for and when I told him as she stood ... Read more

warm heart

written by Millis, 04/01/10

Gave the product as a Christmas gift to one of my best friends, who are always cold. Regardless of where or how much she is wearing, so she freezes. She loved it from the first moment, both based on h... Read more

My mensvärks worst enemy

written by XiaoWu, 04/01/10

This heart is a lifesaver when you are plagued by occasional pain, like menstrual cramps in my case. Cute shape and can be used time and time again. It may only be a little careful when you cook it, a... Read more

heats well

written by Kenneth, 04/01/10

Gave one to my boyfriend for Christmas (and ought really to have bought more). When she tried it, she noted that it was a very good idea - it heats wonderfully comfortable. For me personally, the most... Read more

Warm and snuggly

written by Susanne, 11/01/10

Worked better than expected. This heart reverted to the status after 6 min boiling.

Heat Hearts!

written by Miss V, 13/01/10

Ohh they e top: D We took a trip down to the lake and sku grill. I began to lose touch of hands in gloves and pressed the metal that made the heart warm on they became super hot: D Toppengrejj!


written by Muffins, 02/02/10

Cool gadget, however, is the not warm as long as it promised, and it has lost power after only two uses.

works perfectly

written by Tommie, 15/02/10

Have been in this variation of the heat before. But this is dej perfect gift for the girl / guy. Have yourself given away two to a very happy girlfriend =)

Oh what great with a little heat in the winter cold

written by Hjärtlig, 15/02/10

Can definitely recommend this product. Cosy with little heat in the winter cold.

Heating Heart

written by Biohazz, 17/02/10

Hi. I bought 6x Heat Hearts as my daughter gave to the girls in the class as a Valentine's Day gift. A much appreciated gift that everyone likes. (Because they just 6st they were not somebody grea... Read more

Heating Heart

written by wahlstrumpa, 17/02/10

One idea that might warms more than the heart itself. The heart is warm but cool soon unfortunately. but as I said good thing to show their love!

Perfect for skiing holidays

written by Mette, 22/02/10

Bought two of them for my girlfriend just before he was to hit the slopes. Was subsequently told that they were super good, and there was no problem with that they should be boiled after use. :)


written by Micke, 25/02/10

The heart really worked and had a perfect temperature. Great fun idea 'who went home on Valentine's Day.


written by Pernilla, 01/03/10

Easy to use and gets hot quickly. Nice to have handy on cold winter days!

warm heart

written by , 12/03/10

Seemed there is too little of the gel filler in warm hearts, they should be filled up better, then they will stay warm longer and better. there is not enough gel in to fill the whole heart out.

heat heart

written by rolf, 23/03/10

if one is to upload it again so do not use micro-ROM, or not to have too high frequency, it is easy to burst. ordinary users hotplate on the stove so it works well.

Warm heart of love

written by emily, 30/03/10

It is much better than what I expected it to be. Keeps the heat about 30 minutes. Once you have cooked it (since last use), you can also warm up on waiting for it to get cold so you can press the butt... Read more


written by Pojkvän, 01/05/10

Keeps the heat well, is cheap and does not contain hazardous substances, absolutely perfect. Bought two for his girlfriend. <3

Heating Heart

written by mazer2, 03/05/10

This product worked really well, when it is frozen at night or other times so it takes only until the heart o press the small button, it becomes immediately very warm and it immediately becomes jewele... Read more


written by Magda, 17/06/10

A nice and thoughtful gift for someone you love.

Recyclable chemical cosiness

written by A. Stokbro, 05/10/10

Like my plain square warmer of the same kind, so slåsses always about who gets to keep them here. They achieve a sufficiently warm temperature, which really enjoyed the 25-30 minutes they keep per ses... Read more

heat heart

written by amp, 18/10/10

Very warm and cozy gadget to give to his beloved.

Heat any

written by , 26/10/10

A cool thing to give someone your heart in the right place. The perfect gift for the dark and cold season.

heat heart

written by patricia2385, 15/11/10

get very hot! very convenient to carry along with e cool and stylish is it :) can anvädas in your bra if you e frozen :) haha!


written by Sofie-Amalie, 20/11/10

When I first found out how I got the chemical process to proceed, it was the quite fantastic. It is beautiful, if you are a really cold outside, and need little care and warmth.

Ideal as a small gift

written by Freja, 25/11/10

A small, handy and super charming thing that you can give at all celebrations. It is small and pretty, I can have it in your jacket pocket still so I can easily access it when I eg waiting for the bus... Read more

Heat in the cold

written by GiZmo, 29/11/10

I have little knowledge of such contraptions here already, but I thought that was probably a little different than the ones I've tried .. and sure enough .. It all starts as with the others .. the... Read more

Heat <3 in the winter cold

written by *MCS*, 01/12/10

Wonderful warm heart;) Do you have frozen hands after you as scratched windows of the car and the heat is not really got started in the interior so hot heart a savior; D However, it will last no heat ... Read more

Heating Heart

written by Natasja, 04/12/10

Worked just fine the first time I used it. When I would "charge it" with boiling water did not. It did not become liquid again.

My heart beats for heat

written by Bolette, 06/12/10

I am super happy with my heating pad. It is not too hot, so you burn themselves on it, and not too cold. It holds heat well and so we see the cute, when you're lying there with his heart. The only... Read more

Heating heart!

written by , 06/12/10

Just when I got heart, it worked super well! and warmed things long! and it was a nice comfortable warm! SORRY but when I warmed the heart up again to a liquid mass, it smelled very strongly of plasti... Read more

good price

written by versal, 10/12/10

but some hearts were "hard" when I got them. but after the boil, they were ok


written by Eddie85, 10/12/10

They die quickly and will not boil up again ..

ik 'particularly happy

written by julia, 10/12/10

heart smelled incredibly strange, besides that it was also very difficult to warm up. thought the heart would be hotter and the heat would be longer. Finally, I can say that the heart does not close a... Read more

nice warm

written by wow, 11/12/10

The heart is wonderfully warm and long lasting, is really good to be in the lower back when you throw on the sofa. : 9

written by Jossi, 13/12/10

Great and very cute! Works prime and is very easy to handle. Perfect when you're sitting at your computer freezes o fingers: D awesome!

Beyond expectation!

written by Angelica Holmgren, 14/12/10

I could never imagine that a heart for 29 bucks could be so good. They are big and nice, and the mechanism itself is wonderful. Ideal temperature quickly reaches Max Temp and are soft and Goa. And boi... Read more

Heating Hearts

written by N, 15/12/10

Heats really well without getting extremely hot! However, they smell jätteplastigt so they are not so nice to hold if you do not like the smell.

Decent having

written by Andreas, 17/12/10

Warm hearts are perfect to have after you have scraped the car is.

written by , 20/12/10

Perfect right that you can re-use it more times! Just cook for about 10 minutes and let cool then turn it on again! Good to have in your pocket and warm himself with!

good productivity

written by lisa, 20/12/10

delicious not only for cold fingers, but also good for sore and stiff leg and muscles.

Ok, heat - but does not last as long as ..

written by Odense, 20/12/10

The hearts works! Since I did not know what I should expect, I must write this review based on what the product actually can. They get hot and about 50 degrees, I believe. The heat takes for the first... Read more


written by Pål, 20/12/10

Black certainly to expectations, it says in the manual that you should flip / crack metal album that is inside, for it to be hot, but only way to get it warm is to boil it up. This is too bad!

Heating heart

written by Maria, 21/12/10

It was definitely a bad deal, none of hearts works for the first time use.


written by Elliot, 22/12/10

Superbra to yourself or to someone who is cold. So cheap! Easy to cook to reload it. Handy to have in your pocket in addition. The top savior in the winter cold, or warm a sore back.


written by JannieE, 22/12/10

This snowy landscape is a warm heart indispensable. It is easy to use and retains heat well in about 1 hour. And then you can quickly get it started again after a trip in boiling water.

warm hearts

written by ann-karin, 24/12/10

Design is fight sweet, and wheat we get use to those in heats well and is easy to carry. very practical for use when there is only to boil water and put them in there so we can use it again.... Read more


written by , 26/12/10

everything OK. some of the hearts was not fluent, but seemed fine after the boil


written by versal, 26/12/10

some of the hearts was not floating on arrival, but seemed fine after the boil


written by Skön, 27/12/10

Hot o Fine ...


written by NicA, 27/12/10

but a lot of work for a little heat. The heart is so little, unfortunately.

Heat Heart!

written by Mams, 27/12/10

Got a hot heart! such a lovely Christmas present both warmth and love in a package from my lovely daughter! Simply the order to use heart many times, one of those go gift that goes directly into the s... Read more

warm in the heart and in his hand

written by bent, 28/12/10

works great, but why and how, is a mystification. recommended for anyone with cold hands. Yours sincerely bent

delicious hot

written by Phill, 28/12/10

super purchased for those who want to go for long walks and still have the warmth of your hands and perfect for neck and back certain you have pain in those areas :) reheating is easy and straightforw... Read more


written by Ragdoll, 30/12/10

I have similar heat pads to myself and gave them away for Christmas and they were estimated.


written by Maria, 30/12/10

It was not enough heart to boil in the kettle, but it had to be boiled in the pot for 15min to be reusable. Moreover, when the heart to the hot metal pipes in the boiler, which made the plastic is alm... Read more


written by DR MUGG, 31/12/10

Worked fine in winter clan, could dockk kept the heat lie anymore.

They are okay

written by daniel, 03/01/11

The heater is not as good as I had thought, but warms and they work. Perfect for girlfriend with cold hands;)

Stinking warm heart

written by Gitte, 03/01/11

Add where the bad smell of plastic or other dangerous substances ...? I have thrown it out !!

warm Heart

written by, 03/01/11

Warm Heart is very convenient to have on tour, stables etc. You press the heart and it is good and hot. Also make sure you boil it up again before you can use it again. It quickly becomes warm but I t... Read more

Insanely cool!

written by T, 04/01/11

Amazingly funny little thing! I love this little matter, a bright purchases simply :) At first I thought this was so cheap that the impossible could funke something particularly good, but it actually ... Read more

broken heart....

written by Gunilla, 04/01/11

Bought 4 pieces and one of the hearts burst at the second charge by boiling. No fun at all, you've got it in return with a receipt copy

warm heart

written by cgiertz, 06/01/11

Funny thing to the children to keep their hands warm after snöleken / skiing. However, quite large, so they had no place in the mitten. Keeps the heat well, reusable. A minus is that they must be cook... Read more


written by Sara, 06/01/11

They are soft, red and rich in color. They work as intended - they will be pleasantly warm and keeps the heat in a good space of time, but has a strong smell of plastic and new-opened. It is not recom... Read more

dotted heart

written by Ove jakobsen, 06/01/11

Yes not so good experience, one of my hearts were broken when receiving, and thus becomes pretty worthless, has not even bothered to complain about it, but otherwise the quick turnaround

Did not hold heat longer

written by kajsanova, 07/01/11

Easy to carry. Cute to give away. Handy if you want to quickly warm up your hands. but it did not hold heat for very long.

Cannon good!

written by harre, 09/01/11

I gave this practical utensil for my girlfriend and she loved it! It is wonderful to hold in your hand and works great :) However, that was not the heat for up to 40 minutes as it is, but this time it... Read more


written by ALY, 17/01/11

They are really cool enough, but has a tendency to "guys of" without having touched them. I had to boil 3 hearts out of 5, before I could give them away.

written by Mique, 31/01/11

The first thing I thought about when I opened the package was that the hearts were so big. A little too big to keep in your jacket pocket almost. It was great heat in them a very little while, then ga... Read more

written by lene andersen, 03/02/11

fast delivery happy to recommend you

hearts to warm your hands on

written by plingan, 03/02/11

It worked great, the package was delivered up to the door at home, easier, it can not be! Invoice came and paid. For me it works great because I knew that the action time is not as long so I bought a ... Read more

Hot hands

written by Alexandra, 10/02/11

I love this heart, inexpensive, and can it really get the heat up super fast! The only reason it does not get a five is that my hair started to work a little bit worse, it is more difficult to press t... Read more

Fine hearts ..

written by Carl, 10/02/11

Top Comfortable hearts to warm up and more times than that. However, it came home without that I had "pushed the button" Otherwise the top.

heart warming

written by moon, 13/02/11

lovely little heart good to those cold toes after a walk. under the blanket on the socks and you quickly thawed: D or the late nights it's great: D

Beyond expectation

written by John, 14/02/11

Tjejjen ordered them simultaneously in our orders, but I knew about it. When we got them, I tried to break one of them at once and probably got them warm always. Almost to the limit to be burned. When... Read more

Heating heart

written by LB, 15/02/11

Cute gift idea that works super well and are handy str. To go. Could contain little more fluid :-)


written by Gjedda, 16/02/11

The hearts are warm and comfy in record time and is very suitable as heating pads during a good massage.

top class

written by whiski, 17/02/11

it was quick and easy, everything was okay and it was ready for use after a warm up. it is a really good site

Cute and functional

written by E, 18/02/11

Heat The heart works great, the good thing is that it is reusable, just to boil for a while in the water, so it is ready to be used again ... will definitely buy one for myself too.

warm heart

written by mariehi, 18/02/11

These works awesome for about half an hour. Also so good that the works again and again and again! : D Happy, I :)

written by åsa, 23/02/11

it worked as it should. but was, however, only the heat in 20 minutes :) but took only type 2 minutes to warm up in the kettle. so I'm happy!

OK - but no more

written by Mia, 03/03/11

Funny thing, though ... I have tested the heating heart of another brand before, and now I disappoint ment. This heart has a little too hard plas and a little sharp edges. Does not feel quite soft and... Read more

The gift that surprise and radiate heat

written by Cissi, 07/03/11

Very cute and affordable gift for both large and small, but perhaps especially girls. Kept the heat much better than anticipated, and feels great for someone like me, who always gets frozen hands and ... Read more

Heating Hearts

written by Thipbi, 12/04/11

Hi! They are bought for my mother in law who is 82 years of age who suffer from cold hands and are very happy for them, use them every day. Regards. Thipbi.

get varnem forward :)

written by Randi, 15/04/11

can only recommend warm heart, especially to those who have mild to cold fingers or toes :) It provides good heat and long lasting :) and it's easy to take anywhere it does not take up much :)


written by Netz, 25/04/11

It is both romantic gift for example. but also quite useful for winters when it is held. Good size, looks good and works as it should. Good and inexpensive purchase. :)

Hand warmers hold for 25 minutes.

written by Tomvom, 03/08/11

Bought handwarmer to have kayak vest. This water-resistant and gives me quickly good temperature. Heat cushion is waterproof and stays nice and warm for 25 minutes. Then decline gradually towards 35 m... Read more


written by Gitte, 21/11/11

Hearts are not quite so simple, they should be laid in hot water every time you use them, so it's not quite as simple as described. Please Gitte

Like absolutely!

written by , 19/12/11

This is how cute whatsoever. Had to borrow this kind when my daughter came home from the neonatal. She had colic and stomach ache. Wrapped it in a small towel and placed it on her stomach. Works on me... Read more

Fast delivery and ekspedering

written by Joachim, 20/12/11


written by Fornøyd kunde, 23/12/11

They worked great! After less than 10 minutes cooking they were ready to use again - and again :) Perfect as a small symbolic gift for someone you love.

Heating Heart

written by anonym, 23/12/11

Heat Heart perfect for cold winter days it is exactly what you think what it'll be a warm heart which gets about 40 degrees as you only need to boil after use (is that the ratings is boil it 10 mi... Read more


written by Luna, 26/12/11

I really have frozen hands, so I think that these hearts are really smart! They are so nice heat. Also nice to put on sore muscles! However, the heat does not in the alleged 25-30 minutes, but rather ... Read more

Heating Heart

written by Linn, 27/12/11

Really cool gadget. However, it could be a user with the Swedish so that you understand a little better how it works. What I was afraid of was that it would crack in the water, turn to withstand the h... Read more

Fast delivery

written by MR, 02/01/12

Quick and painless - right to your door


written by Liselotte, 02/01/12

This heart is a fun gift for friends or boy / girlfriend, bought several of my friends and they were happy. Bought one for myself also to be able to stomach the menstrual cramps, and it works great !!... Read more


written by , 03/01/12

a little too big to hold comfortably, and do not last as long as written and has not quite the same maximum temperature. But good for the price.

Heating heart

written by ninna, 05/01/12

There is not much to say, it's really good, it gets hot as they promise and it works


written by Kolbjørn Westberg, 16/01/12

Thisis just awesome it works like a dream! A push of a button, and voila, you have a steaming hot heart! The heart is very cheap and actually larger than the heart that EnklereLiv sells to 69! This is... Read more

A nice little things

written by Joachim, 19/01/12

Heating heart is really cool. That something as simple as a heart that should not cook for more than 10 minutes for reuse which can be heated to a VERY pleasant temperature, is simply amazing. When I ... Read more

sweet gift

written by frida, 20/01/12

Heating heart I gave as little gift for some friends. It's a really cute and funny little things that are sweet to give to friends. The heat does not stand for very long, but the cheap price consi... Read more

Great Hot Heart

written by Miki, 23/01/12

Hjertén I had ordered was also the boyfriend when she goes out a lot at the barn so it fit reasonably well for her when she freezes in the cold months. She is really happy for the

Heating Heart

written by Sonja, 25/01/12

Heat Heart is great, it is quite small and therefore easy to carry around in your bag. Very good price, and something I would recommend. Just be aware that it is quite small and not able to heat such ... Read more

lovely ..

written by Lotte, 27/01/12

they are really good to have if you like me, going in a cold barn almost every day :-)) it is super good, but they keep not so long as I had hoped: - / but in all I am really happy for them :-))

Worth its price

written by jeanette, 15/02/12

Really cool hearts that easily become hot by flipping a small metal plate. They keep the heat in about 35 minutes. I use those accustomed heater, keep in mind that the heart is so big that it does not... Read more

Great Heart !!

written by Sofie, 21/02/12

This wonderful heart in the perfect size is what everybody needs a cold winter night! Just "click" and it warms up, quite a long time (20-40min). To have it in your jacket when going for a w... Read more

Good, but the button does not work.

written by stina, 02/03/12

It was good!!!! but the key did not work. And it was never as great as the second picture ... But otherwise it was syper! Highly recommend it if you want something fancy!

heat heart

written by Ellinor , 20/03/12

I gave away a heat heart to my best friend in the Valentine's Day gift. It became a top gift, as she often e cold hands so they huh smoothly considering how fast it was hot. It took more than 10 s... Read more

fun product

written by Inge, 29/03/12

Heating heart I use to lasses get it in hand when they sit quietly in prayer or own thoughts for 4-5 minutes. They look very much forward to get it in hand. This year, some confirmed children in the c... Read more

My heart melts!

written by Fredrik Nord, 24/04/12

These heart works very well and is a prefect gift for a frozen friend! I have not tried to cook them yet but it will be interesting to see if they keep their shape after it too.


written by Malin, 14/09/12

Very warm and lovely, and the right size for cold hands. However, little småkrångligt to restore order to use again. But certainly quite possible!

Heat Heart = good

written by K, 11/10/12

Do we really need in the autumn and winter cold. The only thing that might be a bit negative is that it is not hot for so long and that you have to boil it for 10 minutes to reactivate it.

Scout camp was warmer

written by Ditte, 29/10/12

In the autumn holidays were all 250 Girl Scouts a warm heart. They were to be outdoors 24 hours a day for 5 days. Heating hearts were frequently used. The first time they came into use, had just broke... Read more

Waste of money

written by Rahna, 19/11/12

It says to warm the hearts should be able to keep warm for 4 hours and could be up to 50 degrees heat ?? Feeedt I thought finally something decent I can use, unfortunately, I was just as quickly disap... Read more

Does not live up to expectations

written by Skuffende, 20/11/12

It says it is 55 degrees warm .... Maybe 30 degrees max. It gets a little snug but not exactly warm. The design is now very well and it is a nice little things for example the girlfriend just for fun,... Read more


written by Kristine, 25/11/12

Very happy with the product. It not only provides warmth, but it's very sweet as well! Really recommend it further!

a warm heart

written by Morten_R, 06/12/12

super delicious product that just works. easily and garden with and a good thing to turn now in the winter .. but just need to learn and cook them for it in the page does not fit entirely. boil some w... Read more

Heart Heater

written by benke, 11/12/12

Very good and affordable hand-warmers, thought save them for Valentine's Day, but could not help but try them, now it's hard to imagine life without them!

Warm Duck hjarte

written by Avil, 12/12/12

Varmehjartet worked as it should, ungane diaper happy. Some knøvlete to boil for ten minutes to recharge, since it is something ungane not can do yourself. But otherwise great!

A heart-warming!

written by isbiten, 19/12/12

Superb product that keeps your hand warm and cozy for over half an hour. Easy to recycle. A new friend for life!

funny thing

written by Hildur, 29/12/12

Nice reuse, unfortunately, they do not keep the heat for long. So there is nothing to take with them on snowmobile / skiing in several degrees below freezing in the mountains. but cozy indoors. when t... Read more

Hjörtligt gift

written by Malin, 02/01/13

This gift was appreciated by all of my colleagues / friends. A very good gift for those who know to just give a little something to each one but still give off little heat ...

heat heart

written by mapsut, 07/01/13

Nice to look at, but too long delivery time, just before the festival! Christmas was over, so it remains to December 2013 are, then I can say more, if you liked!

Heating Heart

written by Margareta, 16/01/13

Soft and good to have in your pocket or glove but did not keep the heat long enough for a long walk.

A heart warming

written by Lena, 24/01/13

Bought two hearts, and they were somewhat larger than I thought, but it was not a disadvantage. They work very well and became a popular gift. Easy to use and pretty to look at.

heart Heat

written by Marthe, 29/01/13

Very happy with this product! Ordered 5 hearts and all arrived safely (not fire hotter action) and ready to use immediately. Nice size, fits in the palms. Good heat.

Lovely warm in the cold

written by Den gode fe, 04/02/13

When my wife suffer from cold hands, I thought, to warm the heart might be able to help her and it worked! At the same time one of our girlfriends 70th birthday and since she also has cold hands, she ... Read more

A warm heart in cold times

written by M. Bech, 07/02/13

Works great - and warms as indicated. Would have been to 5 stars if the heating could take place simply by placing in boiling water. A bit besværtligt that it must cook for long time.


written by michi, 15/02/13

the heat heart I find very good in winter because you get a great idea that nice warm hands there is something many thanks

Lune hands in the cold

written by Stefanie, 18/02/13

These delicious hearts are perfect for fall and winter months where your hands can be cold even in shrouds. I bought these hearts and have been very happy for them and they are certainly a good buy. T... Read more


written by Lena, 20/02/13

Easy to make the star, easy to release the star. Have made several during the winter and had out on the balcony


written by MissSophie, 25/02/13

Warm and cuddly, but do not hold heat for ages ... would say closer to 20 minutes than 40 minutes anyway ... but okay considering the price.

warm hearts

written by Camilla, 26/02/13

Very good hearts cold hands on the ski slopes. Boiled for 10 minutes, add the page to cool. If necessary, the pressure on the heart and heat will warm regards Camilla

Very good!

written by Anne, 28/02/13

I gave away one to a girl on Valentine's Day, and she was ecstatic. It keeps the heat for a while, but if you squeeze gently on it, the faster cold. So if you want it to be warm while it is best t... Read more

super cute hot gift giving

written by Laura Dam Nybroe Lund, 18/03/13

it's super cute gift. I myself have given it to my girlfriend and it's just the right details you can put to another if necessary. gift.

fine product

written by Thomas, Denmark 29/04/13

I had heard that there could be some "duds" from, so I bought a few extra. I have p.-t. given 15 away, I have not heard complaints about - so it's a fine trade.

I bought myself and as gifts

written by Susanna, Finland 06/05/13

Finnish packaging instructions were missing altogether, so I had to self-väkertää reaching a gift in the hearts of the user (my friends is not much good at languages). Heart promises to warm up quickl... Read more

A must for cold winter days

written by CrazyMissDaisy, Denmark 12/06/13

Although the sun right now shining and the temperature creeps above the 20, so remember, I am perfectly cold in winter. Tends to cold hands and therefore heart really smart to have in your pocket at i... Read more

Nice and convenient

written by Marit, Norway 05/08/13

Works as it should. Provides heat for about 10 minutes and is reusable. Cute design. Good heart warmer :))


written by Maikki, Finland 01/11/13

I do not really know what to expect, but indeed .. really warms the heart! Had to order another when the first did not order as one. Nice to bring cold of winter if the cold surprise, a warm heart inc... Read more

warm Heart

written by Tinus, Norway 12/11/13

Terrific to have when waiting for the bus in the morning! :) I ordered 4 hot hearts, but unfortunately there was liquid inside one broken .. I contacted customer service and hit-sent two new: D Amazin... Read more

warm heart

written by T, Finland 22/11/13

Wonderful hasty in the radiator when the kind of tarvii. but the minus is not terribly long to stay in a hot ...


written by Amanda, Sweden 28/12/13

Have not yet tried the heat of hearts, but I reacted to was how BIG they huh. They are ca.1dm great, and it was about double what I had expected. But they are very fine, and hope they work well with :... Read more

Give a heart to those you love - it heats!

written by Friskvernmassasje, Norway 18/02/14

Warm Heart I like because it's a heart warming, both when you get there and when you activate it. Nice gift to give away to friends, family, customers or other loved one as a little extra greeting... Read more

Warm both heart and soul

written by Ricky, Sweden 18/02/14

Do you give away a place like this heart with warmth you can expect the heat back. You just have to remember to boil it before going out on the next turn in the woods


written by Marie-Louise, Denmark 29/12/14

It's not often I can pay me to "warm hands" but with Heating Hearts has managed very well to my assistant's hands not to be unbearable cold when they help me in the morning ;-) So fa... Read more

Fun thing no more!

written by Zordor, Sweden 29/12/14

Funny thing to have in your pocket when you take a prommis but thought that it would keep the heat a little longer. Though considering the price, it is still ok.

warm hearts

written by Inge With, Denmark 14/04/15

Heating hearts are still good. I am a major consumer of them children and young people in the church. Through 2-3 years I have used them every week. I must note that their quality deteriorates. The he... Read more

Great product!

written by Birgitta, Sweden 02/10/15

Have used when it hurt here and there, both I and my sons and daughter in law! And tried on my father!

Nice to haves!

written by Miriam, Norway 07/12/15

Have had similar hearts before, so ordered likewise well 4 pieces. These are kept nice and warm, and can easily be made soft again down a little boiling water. Good to have on cold days, and they work... Read more

Effective hand warmer !!

written by Inge Holm Nygaard, Norway 09/12/15

Bought 6 pieces because I got 3 for the price of 2. Surprised at how quickly it gets hot and with very good heat. Goods unfortunately not as long (40 minutes) so it's wise to have multiple. Excell... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Kristin, Norway 17/12/15

Warms up quickly and holds heat. Nice that it is ready to use again after 10 minutes cooking. Children like this well!


written by Sarah, Denmark 17/12/15

I think it's pretty good site with lots absurd and funny things. I got my cases after a few days, it's pretty nice. I am satisfied.

No idea if I got a defective product

written by Swedaz, Sweden 21/12/15

The first time I turned it so worked on GALLANT! It was warm in about a second and remembered for ages. But then it was re-warming, I have had great trouble. On the package they say that you should pu... Read more

As expected

written by André, Sweden 09/02/16

Works just like I expected. Gets really hot immediately after activation and stays for several minutes.

"Warm Hearts"

written by AM, Denmark 09/04/16

"Warm hearts" is just super nice to put the gloves on cold days ,, Suffering from cold, white fingers. Fast delivery.

Very pleased!

written by Vic, Sweden 25/05/16

The heart was bigger than I had expected (covering almost the entire palm). The only negative I can point out is the process one must go through with boiling it for it to return to its original state.... Read more

Small and handy!

written by Sabine, Germany 06/10/16

Super cold autumn and winter months. Even the "manufacture" again is simple to understand and thus easy to implement. Also fast delivery!

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