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Heat Changing Love Mug

Love and liquids go hand in hand. Show your feelings for your loved one with a heart shaped mug. When you pour hot liquid, it displays the hidden love message "I Love You". Guaranteed "Aww" factor.

Heat Changing Love Mug - Heat Changing Love Mug
Heat Changing Love Mug
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heart cup

written by Baronhermann, Germany 24/09/14

The cups are a looker who should be romantic soul these mugs as a surprise even for breakfast up love breaking new ground my partner is quite taken more can his partner not love show

Love mug

written by Wille, Sweden 23/02/15

Fun idea with hearts that change the "color" but after a game in the dishwasher so loose 80% of all hearts! Poor, I think!

quite ok

written by nyggen, Norway 25/02/15

ok cup but not any more, it's just loose stickers out, so warm water makes them fall. or good to drink


written by akelarsson, Sweden 26/02/15

Has purchased 2 Lovemug, which corresponds completely my expectations except that they could not withstand machine washing. Payment and delivery perfect

fun mug

written by Sara , Sweden 26/02/15

Fun romantic mug, thought they were bigger. For me, 5 cups cup when it is 5 dl in it and still a few cm left to the top. Otherwise good

Hearts fell off after a disk

written by Lotten, Sweden 27/02/15

Nowhere on the product says that it is not dishwasher safe. Therefore, it was quite boring when the vast majority of hearts on the cup fell off after a wash. Even at ordinary hand washing fell several... Read more


written by Fredrik, Sweden 02/03/15

The mug worked excellent few days and worked as promised but after two / three machine washes fell almost all the hearts and now it is almost completely white. Does no warning that it is not dishwashe... Read more

Can not withstand machine washing

written by René E., Denmark 02/03/15

Received a cup with hearts, all of which left the cup the first time it was in the dishwasher. It says on the website that it does not tolerate washing, but when the lady got the cup in gift, so she i... Read more

perfect gift

written by Andy, Sweden 24/04/15

Spot gift, which also reportedly is good to drink from! But warning, do not run the dishwasher, then disappear all hearts ...

Love Mug

written by Lewis, Sweden 08/02/16

Nice mug. The text change indeed color when you pour in hot beverage. Unfortunately loosened many hearts in the disk. Remember not to put down the mug full of fish water. And certainly not scrub the o... Read more


written by Sunshine, Germany 10/02/16

Again and again Top !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toll but sensitive

written by ursli, Germany 20/02/16

Basically, a great surprise, but when then determines the recipient that the cup neither microwaves dishwashers is still suitable, the joy suffers somewhat .... fairness sake but must admit that these... Read more

secret message

written by C, Sweden 24/02/16

The daughter was pleased with his gift of hjärtansdag. Worked great. However, one must keep in mind that only the washing-related.


written by Ville, Sweden 26/02/16

Nice mug! Very appreciated by his partner on 14 February. Is very pleased with them and they are good to drink from

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