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Heat Packs

Don't you need permission to keep preserved heat in the form of small heat packs ready to be activated whenever you want, wherever you want, to give out heat for 18 hours at a stretch?

Heat Packs - Large Heat Pack
Large Heat Pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Heat Packs - Self-adhesive Heat Pack
Self-adhesive Heat Pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Heat Packs - Toe Warmes 1 Pair
Toe Warmes 1 Pair
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Heat Packs - Large Heat Pack 20-Pack
Large Heat Pack 20-Pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Heat Packs - Toe Warmes 20-Pack
Toe Warmes 20-Pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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written by Bangolfare, 22/06/09

Incredible value product! High quality! Really keep the heat from morning to night. Recommended!

hot year!

written by Lasse Kaasgaard, 22/06/09

these must also owned when one takes a walk with his dog oh to unpack those bags and then take them in your pocket mums. it is mega lovely! Isser if it is winter :-) love it


written by ewa, 07/07/09

I who have problems with sensation in my feet o when it gets cold, I can not be out long, but with the heat pouches in your shoes, I can be out all dagen.hoppas they always remain in the range of I ma... Read more

Very good product !!

written by Mellis, 17/07/09

How has this product been able to escape all frozen Swedes? The bag is sovereign and agree (heat) as promised! Highly recommended to the autumn when the cold creeps upon us! My test bag was really war... Read more

written by Torben, 14/09/09

The bag is good enough warm, but not more than 28 degrees -and- The heat remains only about 1 hour then drops temp to 23 degrees and "going out"


written by dreas, 22/11/09

You can not explain how good these are, it must be experienced.

Perfect for paramotor pilot!

written by Esset, 01/12/09

Big bag warms well back of the hand in Hestras three-finger glove. And furthermore, they do all day. A smoother between desired model! Tested down to -10 degrees and speeds of around 50km / h with ful... Read more


written by miss_buse, 06/12/09

This product was great for me that are out in all weather with my dog. It was a little tough in the beginning until I shook the bag for a while then came the pleasant heat. Thanks for a smart and conv... Read more


written by bella, 07/12/09

They were really really hot. previously had from other stores, but these were really very hot and they did! Great. cheap too. will buy more in the winter :)

Thermal bags

written by, 12/12/09

Love these heat bags and they deliver what they promise :)


written by Jerry, 18/12/09

Absolutely superb! Kept the heat all day, froze not a second on his feet!

Apparently a popular product!

written by Dotter, 22/12/09

I'm buying these for my dad for Christmas each year, he seems to be totally satisfied with them. I myself have not tried them, but he says that they really hold heat. Dad is out there a lot in the... Read more


written by Mange, 29/12/09

Very nice product if the well would work as you might think. I thought they would be much warmer, and was a bit disappointed. Would this be worth the money they would be warmer. This is only my opinio... Read more


written by Lucas, 31/12/09

became a good gift for my grandmother who always cold, though, so was not quite as hot as I would have thought but otherwise it works great

Heat bags, is slow but worth the wait

written by Christopher, 04/01/10

Bought a 20pack for me to give away some of the Christmas gift that utfyllnings gifts. Took and tested, and opened one, but it was never hot .. was waiting in 5.10,15,20minuter .. Then start it to get... Read more

Cooolt hot!

written by JE, 07/01/10

Keeps its promises 18h +. Perfect in these cold times. Took me one when I went snowboarding, gave one to the girl when she came home frozen, gave some to a carpenter friend who works there. Very pleas... Read more

heat pack

written by andreas, 09/03/10

it's just that this product is absolutely incredible. imagine being out an entire winter with the children without the freezing fingers. one tip is to start the bag for about 15 minutes before goi... Read more

Warmers foot warmers

written by Jossan, 22/03/10

They are very good! holding eight hours allowing fossingarna stays warm throughout the ski day! very good purchase that I do not regret!


written by Mathias, 13/06/10

In order to keep the high temperature for a long time up, you have to shake the bag very often. But it is now bold enough!

hot bags

written by ida kirkelund, 14/09/10

have not tried yet, but winter is the hoped-heat


written by Kall, 15/09/10

This is easily the best thing that happened my toes! Tåvärmarna keep my earlier frozen feet just enough warm in half a day if it is -20.

Should they get hot ...?

written by stubben, 20/09/10

Eventually they warm, but I do not know if it was 50 degrees as promised, would probably not buy them again.

Heating pads for cold occasions and help in pain

written by LOL, 23/09/10

Wonderful pillows! Since the accident, I have a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders and these help fantastically well. And my mother has tried them out on a fishing trip and kurrade even voice when s... Read more

Thermal bags

written by Saga, 13/10/10

Super! Keep their promises.

written by Anders, 19/10/10

Quick and easy distribution. The product is ideal for the one who has trouble keeping your hands warm

Warm feet are on the hunt.

written by Kalle, 25/10/10

Fantastic, good post to have in boots and boots. No more freezing your feet when sitting still on the icy passes. However, don't one size fit all. If you have 45 in size, it becomes a bit limp in ... Read more


written by ewa, 06/11/10

because I do not have 100% of sensation in my feet so cold I am still on their feet but I put in the heating insoles can handle myself out there a whole day

Heating Insoles o bags

written by Leif, 09/11/10

Last fall, I bought Heat soles and heat bags for feet o hands and it is the best purchase I've made in my life, I have always been frozen hands and feet, but then the bags came into my life, I hav... Read more

One should always have a dry (and warm) on their feet

written by, 11/11/10

Bought 20 pairs of soles that holds heat for 8 hours. Perfect for the hunt when you are expected to stand perfectly still for hours. The soles does not feel hot in the boot but you notice the cold tha... Read more


written by Dismonia, 14/11/10

Warming as hell and lasts all day! A Brenton simply :)

Heat in all ways ...

written by as, 17/11/10

The toe warmers are a hit! Especially during the cold season never again cold feet thanks to the inconspicuous, "mobile central heating". An avid angler, the heating pads come in my waders u... Read more


written by Zz, 17/11/10

Thought the bags would be a little warmer. They were not quite up to the heat, it is that they should have. But they remained lukewarm anyway. But if they help the real winter cold seems doubtful.

Warm and comfortable

written by Mona, 17/11/10

I have in recent years always frozen toes when I was in the winter is out o ride. Last year I got to try these heat bags in riding boots and was pleasantly surprised. I have now ordered 40 pairs and m... Read more


written by lv, 25/11/10

Wonderful. Bought tåvärmare, requires little space in your shoes, but in winter shoes, there is the often little more plats..Håller toes warm but not sweaty.

heat Packs

written by J. W., 26/11/10

Unfortunately I missed the instructions and the pillows activated immediately upon opening their packaging! Goods then but really warm!

Thermal bags

written by Barman, 29/11/10

Works great and we will order the large pack that lasts all winter!

Does not what it promises

written by marcus, 30/11/10

I have given the bag two hours now. If you sit and shake it gets warmer, but a maximum of a little more than lukewarm. Then if you are still a few minutes to cool down again. I had high expectations, ... Read more

Warm, not hot.

written by gleedl, 01/12/10

Indoor use makes them hold over 18 hours as it is so that's a plus. However, as I had expected that they would be warmer.

Super good!

written by Carola, 03/12/10

I heat the bags in the shoes now when it's -25, when I ride. Even in their hands. Absolutely super! Have just come in from a loooong quiet ride in the woods and is just as hot now as before I went... Read more

tåvärmare and soles

written by , 05/12/10

absolutely wonderful if I have cold feet as soon as the cold is running. Now even I can be out longer periods without freezing, I could certainly not before I bought these heaters from cool stuff. Tha... Read more


written by Affe, 06/12/10

Absolutely priceless in your boots when sedentary rides below zero!

Aw Aw

written by Fie Bendi Jensen, 06/12/10

When I ordered these heat bags I had good and some high expectations for them! - But when I tried ... there was really nothing ... was very little hot .. and not enough to warm .. I will not say I was... Read more


written by Therese, 07/12/10

I do not know if I like this or not. I had expected it to be hotter. But held it for hours ... Very ambivalent on the issue

Good when it's "just right" cold.

written by jovime, 08/12/10

I assume that there will be -20 in Japan so often. At least not where these bags are used. So we do need a stronger type of reusable heat pack if you are out in colder weather than like that -5 (-10?)... Read more

A must in this country !!!

written by Linda, 10/12/10

These hot bags heats very good, nice size and not to talk about the price. Cheaper can be found nowhere else !!

heat soles

written by Anna-Marie, 13/12/10

They are perfect - a little too expensive when you need many. Can be recommended for wheelchair users who have difficulty keeping warm in the feeders. Holder great heat!


written by Dhj, 13/12/10

I bought 25 pieces of each of the 4 fosrkellige heat bags, therefore a total of 100 units. I would use them in connection. my outdoor work. Great was my disappointment when I with frozen fingers and t... Read more

Skida i chuck the ratio

written by Skidmotionären, 13/12/10

Jag är mycket glad att jag kan i skida Vilka the ratio som helst.Jag sätter tåvärmare under Taarna och i handvärmare skidhandskarna, då får det Vice Nästan kallt hur som för de helst ger värme under h... Read more

Aw nederen

written by nicko, 14/12/10

total ass man ... it's total crap, the heater 't a fucking the bags. and the adhesive does not it, Aw Aw where I was disappointed. they are not it half worth. buy them not it. Just one piece o... Read more

mixed experience

written by Jan, 14/12/10

Bought a box of 20 foot warmers and currently. Spent 10. and of the 10, the 4 not worked!

Actually quite warm.

written by Julie, 14/12/10

I ordered four hot bags from Cool Stuff, and was quite disappointed when I opened the first one. Even after a half hour was not particularly hot, even when I shook it. When I opened the next, I did no... Read more

Works very well!

written by Pernilla, 14/12/10

I have used thermal bags for two winters in a row and are very satisfied. There have not been any fuss. They are easy to attach and hold heat for 6-7 hours.


written by Ninna, 15/12/10

The whole family are completely satisfied with the products, bought both large pack heat bags o soles of the shoes, it was really appreciated when I surprised with the bags when we got to stop the car... Read more

written by Leif Dorph Rasmussen, 16/12/10

It must be a medium ranking as the square heat bags works for top marks while "foot-heaters" not working, so they get the base characters ...

Super comfortable

written by En nöjd kund, 19/12/10

It is the second times I buy thermal bags and am super happy. I went skiing last year and had heat pouches my pockets and shoes and froze, not a single second. They kept the heat from morning to night... Read more

Soles, sticky soles, hand warmers

written by Trogsta Honung, 21/12/10

Excellent, like those hand warmers are tokbra, retains heat very long time .....


written by Jimmy, 22/12/10

Do not use this product was good I unlatching bag o jorde as it stood then I wait 18 hours for it to get hot ......... I would be warmer to rub their hands on each other for 3 sec .. .....

hot bags

written by helene, 25/12/10

works total well especially under the feet :-) last long as promised :-)

Still as frozen

written by Frossenpinn, 27/12/10

This is a pup purchases. They become barely lukewarm and with a little goodwill added. Lukewarm keeps albeit a few hours, but it helps neither the cold hands / feet or painful muscles! No, please eith... Read more


written by , 27/12/10

inoperative at all really bad. nothing I recommend

useless "hot" bags

written by Birgitte, 29/12/10

Heating bags deliver true heat, but so little that even if you even stick them directly on the skin, can no mark (yes, there is of course that it should not, but it is quite ludicrous to increase to s... Read more

written by , 30/12/10

Took ca. 2h before they got started and became slightly warm. 60 degrees was not close out. not 18 hours either. Possibly up to 35 and the heat lasted 5 hours

The heat in the winter!

written by chevygirl, 30/12/10

For the second consecutive year, bought the glorious heat bags. I work outdoors year round, which as here in the winter means much Hutter and burr. Would not cope with the long cold days without the g... Read more

written by Henrik, 30/12/10

Smooth to have with you, become proficient warm. Does not some 18 hours, but 7-10 hours can be expected. There is no on and off switch, but when opening the bag so they become warm, it is relatively e... Read more

Warm feet

written by ingmarie, 30/12/10

I tested the soles a day when it was really cold outside, with the soles of the boots, I was pleasantly warm on your feet all long promenade. And they kept the heat as promised, because when I went to... Read more

Completely satisfied!

written by S, 31/12/10

Just want to say that this product is absolutely great for cold "garage nights," works perfectly for a very long time. The disadvantage lies in beställninginen when I clicked the 1 st 20 pac... Read more

not good

written by nasenmann76, 31/12/10

open 3 of the purchased pillow and waited for the heat - which is now 3 days produced warm it is nihct today :-(


written by carina, 31/12/10

read unfortunately not all of the info before buying, thought they did have in their hands, but they are just too big for that and moreover, do not have them on the skin, so use the area was restricte... Read more

Thermal bags

written by Siv, 31/12/10

The works! Retains heat incredibly long but some 60 degrees I do not know if they were, and that's good I think.

Fine the shoe

written by Mis, 31/12/10

Really comfortable to wear the shoes when it's cold. A minus is that they can only be used once, in addition, the adhesive is a little stronger than what is desirable. I draw now only half "a... Read more

Thermal Bags

written by Mollof, 03/01/11

Here been really smart in this cold winter. Highly recommended. ;ISLAND)

Slow to start, but then warm and comfortable

written by Kalle, 03/01/11

It takes quite a while before they get hot, so super urgent, it is not great. But then warms the well, and very long - almost too long.

written by , 03/01/11

are not really warm

written by , 05/01/11

Heated very poor and very short time, in comparison to other similar järnfilsspånpåsar, but also in absolute terms.

Severe Heated

written by Glenn, 05/01/11

It takes a bit too long to get them hot and when they are hot so it will not be so damn hot ...


written by Kaperb, 06/01/11

the ordinary heat bags are miserable unless of course I've got one that's broken


written by kajsanova, 07/01/11

Great good. Gets soooo hot. And keep the heat lääääänge!

Does not work as promised

written by Jack, 07/01/11

Thought it was a really good idea with the hot bags. But it says in the text on your page that they are up to +50 degrees - they do not. There are also both in the text on your page, and the goods tha... Read more

Does not work! BEWARE

written by Jonatan, 07/01/11

The bags contain some type of grain that will be hot only by removing the plastic, max 50 C. Of course, nothing happens in this must be the year's April Fool prematurely ...


written by Dizzy, 08/01/11

It's like a dream come true ^^ You usually walk around with ice cubes to the feet ... But then just adding a heat bag in each slipper so the problem is solved: D and remain loose throughout the da... Read more

written by Rasmus, 10/01/11

I thought they would be warmer than they were. Possibly this may have been due to the humidity was not high enough.

Useless stuff :(

written by Sudhanshu, 10/01/11

Picked up a pack of 20 since I was heading for the North of Norway. The heat pack was a total disappointment. The 1st pack was not even 1 degree above the outside temp of 12c for almost 3 hours That w... Read more

Finally, I will not freeze!

written by , 13/01/11

Heat bags to warm hands is Simply the! You just have to remember to take them out one quarter in advance, so that the heat has started. Have tried to use them on förmiddan and then enjoyed them in a p... Read more

written by , 17/01/11

Not very successful product. Takes a long time before you sense any warmth and it's not great either.

Absolutely fantastic product-Buy-Buy-Bid They are worth every penny (

written by Emily,Malmö, 20/01/11

I can recommend this product to everyone and everything; I love them-When I go out with the dog on New Year's Eve, in the Alps (or the beloved Swedish mountains), at ice skating, in a cold apartme... Read more

Absolutely useful

written by Henrik un dé Früs, 20/01/11

Do work that compels me outdoors at all times and can only recommend hot bags on it ....... yes guess. They have "rescued" me several times this winter when I had to be out for more (or less... Read more

Very good thermal bags

written by kenneth, 28/01/11

We are very pleased with these heat bags. It worked much better than I thought. Was a bit skeptical when I ordered them but thought anyway try. I was, as I said very pleasantly surprised.

complete satisfaction with HOT BAGS

written by , 31/01/11

I am completely satisfied and happy for the quick delivery of the GOOD HEAT BAGS

written by Johan, 31/01/11

Thought large heat the bags was not as warm as I wanted, they keep decent heat indoors but when you get out in -15 degrees or colder, they will help not so much and that is when it is needed!


written by Pifa, 02/02/11

We had with us a whole bunch tåvärmare to the mountains and tucked into boots. They helped with the heat but was not quite spot on, our theory was that it came down to a little air in the boots while ... Read more

no heat

written by kampfisk:dk, 09/02/11

I am a really big user of hot bags, due to my business. But here I was really disappointed. Heating bags of cool stuff promise it together as all other manufacturers of heat bags but just to throw out... Read more


written by ET, 14/02/11

We would not survive the winter without foot warmers. Everything from skiing, walking and soccer practice. The family's two football players and a coach. Six pairs warned in a week is not unusual ... Read more

Good thermal bags

written by Märtha, 14/02/11

Bought thermal bags to our feet when we would spend a week in Branäs. Then I used for years, frozen like a dog on his feet, so I found these on coolstuff. Just enough warm and lasts several hours.


written by Lena, 16/02/11

A good option for those who have cold feet. Thin and flexible bags having the shoes. Tip! Put them happily on top of the foot and then pasted directly onto the sock. More beautiful than having them un... Read more

Heating to a cold woman

written by Lotte, 21/02/11

Hello Cool Stuff I suffer from a chronic illness that makes my fingers and toes get very cold. I have therefore much benefit from your hot products I in style recommended for rheumatism association&#3... Read more

Very happy with the Heat Posar for feet.

written by Måll, 04/03/11

Very discount deal. We have been testing one pair of heat posar to dei holding heat in many hours. Excellent discount deal.


written by Sarah Gundersen, 07/03/11

I am very pleased with the warm bag! The hold approximately what it promised :) It was very hot, something I am impressed;) Thanks! :-D

Thermal bags

written by Sturla Sæther, Oppdal, 07/03/11

One is the older, thankfully! But it has meant that I freeze fast (being cold) fingers. The solution came with warm bags. They work great for my use. Will try them in boots too. Will probably more ord... Read more

warm feet

written by kjell, 07/03/11

It was just li what I needed to keep me and the rest of the family warm their legs in Holmenkollen! Recommended absolutely.

cold heat bags

written by Eirik, 07/03/11

Ordered hot bags for the kids to use on the hands and feet during the Ski World Championships in Oslo, but unfortunately stood these NOT expectation. Have comparable products from other suppliers and ... Read more

Thermal bags

written by , 08/03/11

This was a good experience, but unfortunately there were some of the bags I used that was not working. I CAN HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG BUT THEY WERE SHOOK AND placed in SHOE. But when they did, it was... Read more

written by Henrik, 09/03/11

Bought fotpåsarna and they were not particularly hot.

Baby bag

written by , 09/03/11

The product was very good. But ordering routine was bad. I tried once to order the foot warmer, but the order gjikk not through. Regards Thomas Haugland

written by , 10/03/11


Thermal bags

written by Alf Ottar, 13/03/11

Very comfortable to wear. Hardly noticeable. Comfortable warmth that lasts. Puttes insoles in a sealed bag, the heating process is stopped and soles may continue to be used until they are "exhaus... Read more

Right on!

written by Buddie, 14/03/11

These bags were purchased for the frozen skidåkande wife. Great product and cruel smoothly with Coolstuff. Everything went quickly and smoothly - more of them! Heat bags are really good and useful - d... Read more

heat bag

written by therese pedersen, 14/03/11

it's really good and lasts long fight .. you can have it almost in two days. I used it when I was in town and missed the bus it was cold and it rained and when I opened this warm bag and it warmed... Read more

Thermal bags

written by, 15/03/11

Now that it is so cold is hot bags worth gold. These hot bags stay warm for 18 hours. Can be used on hands, feet and wherever you want. Very good!

written by , 18/03/11

very nice to have a cold day. The top heating frozen small children and cold working men

written by jørgen, 13/04/11

I bought 20 pieces of your heat pack has so far been tested eight of them NOT ONE OF THEM has served what do you plan?

Blessed warmers

written by lena, 15/05/11

My husband and I are often in markets and sell our products, most often it is cold and you get a stiff neck or back, heat the bags provide a comfortable warmth and we avoid getting hurt. I highly reco... Read more


written by Elisabeth, 31/05/11

Hand heaters are the best I've ever tried! They remained warm throughout the 23 hours, which is much longer than other brands I've tried. Fotvarmerne were so effective that they would eventual... Read more

hot bags that works!

written by andreas m, 02/10/11

Was not burning vaermt but works well for this purpose! Practical!!

Does anything happen?

written by Berven, 03/10/11

There is not much activity in these bags. After a while, the lukewarm but not hot. I recommend buying more than one, because they vary in effect and some do not get hot at all. Fortunately, they are c... Read more


written by , 11/10/11

I have Morton's syndrome in one foot, which means very pain, especially in cold weather, and I stand at the ice rink several hours a week ..... have not been able to do this without these wonderfu... Read more

poor heat

written by Mina, 12/10/11

Bought the heat pack after recommendation from others that they could keep small animals warm during transport. But God, how disappointed I was! However I packed and held on so did not bag enough oxyg... Read more


written by maria, 15/10/11

the best there is for the equal frozen toes as I do. the so-called white toes on this is the only thing that works on doing so I can be out in kylan.varma shoes with both wool on sheepskin helps unfor... Read more

warm feet

written by , 18/10/11

Purchased heat bags for my mom who is constantly tormented by to be cold on føttene.Hun adhere now warm and good all day ... so the heat in the soles sit very long in.She looking forward to keep the h... Read more

keep warm for winter

written by RainboeMe, 29/10/11

am sooo much to take them into service this winter when the cold really sets in! so that it can just get an order I am prepared! then as I said not tried them yet but put my trust and faith in that th... Read more

freezer bags

written by Thomas, 02/11/11

I should call them freezer bags I bought 8 pieces were ik one that worked. And yes I shook them, it was a cold tent trip

To hunt =)

written by adnillinda, 05/11/11

Perfect to using Velcro put inside the clothes on their backs and are very comfortable to wear the shoes when as hunters or other activity where it is difficult to keep your back and your toes warm.

Heat bags

written by Frida, 07/11/11

Great product! One tip is to open the bag ca. 1 hour before using it. If you shake the bag becomes warmer!

Thermal bags

written by Suss, 07/11/11

I have tried heating the bags and they have worked very well but I thought they would warm more but I am satisfied that it is, see how they warm when it's really cold ute.Det only thing that I was... Read more

works well

written by Dennis, 05/12/11

Bought adhesive thermal bags, stays warm under clothing in around 12 hours. Are surprisingly warm, the wax also keeps well.

written by Michael, 16/12/11

Now I have tried 2 of the 4 self-adhesive pouches that I bought, and the highest temperature I could measure with a thermal optical detector was 35grader, after a few hours they swing between 25 and 2... Read more

warm hands

written by pat coughlin, 16/12/11

This product is excellent for old people who have cold hands ... as long as you put the bag in a textile container ... so that the bag is not direct contact with the skin. Anyone with elderly relative... Read more

Overrated !!

written by I., 16/12/11

"Remove only the plastic around it becomes hot for at least 18 hours" Where? WHEN? Will not warm you have nine shake and knead the bag so maybe going a bit warm which disappears again .. Not... Read more

Useless product. Does not work!

written by Anders, 17/12/11

It takes at least half an hour before it gets slightly warm, and if you do not hug and move it all the time it becomes cold again. Buy do not you just get disappointed.

written by Johanna, 19/12/11

Perfect when you spend many hours in the forest or in the saddle. Frozen toes can destroy the utedag anywhere this time of year, so tåvärmarna is a must. Just be sure not to have too-tight shoes when ... Read more

Helps a little.

written by Erik, 23/12/11

A little disappointed, had to put two in each boot so that it would be straightforward temperature. Did not the warmest boots I have, but it was not colder than -4 degrees, so with warmer boots and -1... Read more

fine items

written by , 27/12/11

no problems with this trade. Food is good, and they were sent quickly. That's what I attach great importance to you not to wait long. so very happy :)

Some seem like they should.

written by Duvethvem, 29/12/11

Army should buy many of ordering these. I would say that about 50% do not work as they should. But when they work they are warm and good.

Does not work 4 out of the fourth

written by Michael, 30/12/11

Bought 4 for my girlfriend who uses heat to the back, so they would be perfect to have in your car or purse for if need be, it was, but none of them was more than hand warm, and it was only in almost ... Read more

Warm and good

written by , 06/01/12

The bags did fight well. Was nice and warm and kept the heat lenge.Hadde believed that they came to be uncomfortably warm but it was not. Quite warm but not too much. Have used them on my bad back and... Read more

Thermal Bags

written by Henning Rasmussen, 09/01/12

I need instruction on how warm the bags act which is good enough something at the back but in a language I can not read. To my knowledge, there must be an instruction in a Nordic language Otherwise, I... Read more

Aid for small cold feet.

written by , 16/01/12

Heat bags are a must for Sweetie as always freezes on their feet and are in the open air kindergarten !! They keep the heat all day if need should be there, and she is happy and satisfied. Sublime to ... Read more

Warm heat packs?

written by Hannapanna, 26/01/12

Unfortunately, they did not work at all as I had imagined. I would use them in the boots when skiing and H to this they did not work at all. The product needs oxygen to keep warm and the boots are jus... Read more


written by Familjen fjäll, 26/01/12

This is the NGT of the best there is to have on hand in the mountains, especially for children, warm toes and fingers. Encourages warm to all families with children. Pull off the bags of breakfast cer... Read more

Thermal bags

written by fiafresia, 30/01/12

They do not work at all. Gets maybe 20 degrees hot - and cold again within a few hours. Having now tested 5 of the 30 I bought and none of them hold close to what they promised. Wasted money, in other... Read more

: 0)

written by Helen, 05/02/12

For those of you who have Raynaud's syndrome / phenomenon: This is soooo good! On 3 winters, I have not been able to be there, but then I tried these products can I now be out without problems. My... Read more

Cheap and good

written by TOM TOM, 16/02/12

Hold still something temp or 24 hours. Started going down after about 18timer so they deliver what they promise.


written by Nina, 16/02/12

Heat bags kept the heat longer than it says that they do! In fact, more than 24 hours. They managed thus to two trips. Absolutely excellent. As musher I need your hands dry inside mitten when I have w... Read more


written by Mildrid, 16/02/12

Disappointing at minus 16. Could not feel anything heat and we were ice cold in the legs. Everyone in the family used tåvarmerne and all were equally cold. When we got into the fire they were fighting... Read more

Heating pads for toes

written by Limpan, 20/02/12

Worked fine first half hour as I touched on me. As soon as I finished each stationary they generate heat. Where a cold pre-season match. But suppose they work as long as you are moving, and the price ... Read more

Toe-hot bags

written by Morkma, 20/02/12

These hot bags rescues me winter after winter ...... I have spent the several years now and it is absolutely fantastic well for me. They are not too hot and not too cold !!


written by Sara, 21/02/12

Bought these hand warmers when I have a daughter who easily gets ice cold on the hands, mainly on the ski slopes. Be prepared to do anything and was looking online for different options. Found them, w... Read more

Very good thermal bag, with really long effect!

written by Modus, 22/02/12

These hot bags I use to keep your hands warm when I go and play Disc Golf in autumn / winter ... They should just unpacked 10-20 min. before use, as they take some time to react and become hot. Highly... Read more


written by anneli, 27/02/12

bought the heater to put in the shoes. they did not heat as long as it was on them. they held about 2 hours only.

Thermal bags

written by southpark, 05/03/12

Spent a weekend in a mine and used as a heat bag from Coolstuff. It took a long time before it became hot, but then kept the heat up a lot more than I had expected. Even one day after the bag was open... Read more

Toe warmers

written by 3-barnsmamma, 12/03/12

Where in the mountains with the nearly 2-year-old daughter, was very worried that she would freeze on the fingers and feet when she was performing in the sedan chair on my back. So we tried to buy tåv... Read more

Lukewarm Pillows.

written by Nets81, 24/03/12

I ordered 10 pieces. of this product (Heat Pack) and desværre it seemed none of them. All packages expires in October 2014 and has not been opened or tampered with. This is most likely a fabrication e... Read more

hot bags

written by gizmo, 26/03/12

Due to illness, I use many of these bags, which saves my day. The only thing I regret is that sometime in between, there are a few that do not you, r. shame otherwise it was 5 stars.

Not satisfactory !!

written by Jacob Wiegell Larsen, 26/03/12

I bought your hot bags when I was going to Norway and out to sleep in even built snow cave. What you call for heat bags worked in no way satisfactory. Despite a lot nuldren and quick punch (which acco... Read more

heat pads

written by Christina, 26/03/12

Bought some different thermal bags are pleased with the judgment which the bags but not the big is not good at all was not hot will it be? Just a little ljummna.

Seems like they should

written by Michael S, 02/04/12

Fine hot bags, no frills. Long-lasting heat and function as they should. Highly recommended.

No Heat!

written by Fredrik Nord, 24/04/12

Of the 10 bags I tested the functions of these particularly good. The best bag came up enough in hand temperature. Hoping it was just my bags that did not work.

Does not work at all

written by Patrik, 28/05/12

I had taken with me to warm me. I bought 20 pieces. Not a bag worked. Perhaps a bad batch, but not a shred of heat.

Good help for cold tent nights

written by Astrid S, 09/07/12

Was used at Roskilde Festival 2012, and was a good help to get through the cold tent nights. However, taking the bags a little time to warm up, then open them in a little time.

Like bob-bob

written by Ann Elin, 02/08/12

Did not fully have that were "sticky" with these .. Did not help that it was not attached to any kind of manual .... But they were hot and good - that they should have.


written by Veronica, 08/10/12

Use them when I send live shrimp through the mail. Heatpacken means that they are warm and cozy whole trip =)

The heat, not hot

written by Meri, 10/10/12

I have to say that this was a bit of a disappointment. For some reason I imagined that heat would be more than what these may be. There's nothing to say that the heat at all should ...


written by monica, 11/10/12

Fantastic. Heat soles, I have every day when I'm so frozen that I polio Will buy more, so I have the whole winter.


written by ewa, 24/10/12

Perfect I would not be out so much if I had bags of shoes because I did not have such a good feeling in the feet pg a disease, my feet are always cold in the winter so it is fortunate that the bags ar... Read more

Funekt not quite meet our expectations

written by Sondre, 24/10/12

Dissep Osen worked not quite what I had hoped. But insofar as a cool concept. Coming enough ikek to book more of these.

thermal bags

written by Ludde, 31/10/12

I am very happy now I can hiihtä even if it is outside - 20 astetta.Täma product suited me very well because I hihdän quite a lot.


written by Margareta, 01/11/12

Have finally found something that works well for my cold feet. We walk once a week, rain or shine, summer or winter. In the past, I could not be certain days during the winter. Now it is a pleasure, t... Read more

Thermal bags

written by yeti, 11/11/12

Bought warmers fo both hands and feet, domfunkar canon and are invaluable when you're sitting on the mountain lake a whole day in 15minus. Fotvärmarna is self-adhesive and sits as the mountain thr... Read more

Barely Lukewarm!

written by Niklas, 13/11/12

I have now tested the 4 pieces of bags and it happens almost anything. Takes about one hour for the bag to be a bit lukewarm. It is even difficult to determine if it is warmer than I am about the hand... Read more


written by jullan, 16/11/12

Was unfortunately not as hot as one could wish for, feels more like it's body heat that heats the bag and not vice versa.

Thermal bags

written by SEW, 26/11/12

As well as foot warmers hand warmers were top quality. Order processing and dispatch occurs snabbt.Leveransen is easy to track, and that it be notified via SMS.

heat pumps for hands

written by Angelica, 27/11/12

Can warmly recommend heating the bags for the hands. Keeps the heat both long o good! Buy not those of the feet for every not even lukewarm!

thermal bags

written by Marina, 06/12/12

Super convenient and a good little Christmas gift to a mobile group of friends. This became a super gift for our Christmas party.

Heat Pack

written by jessieh20, 06/12/12

Cheap and good heat pack retains heat well. Takes some time before they get hot, but it's enough with all equivalent products.

Warmers for cold days

written by Torgny P, 12/12/12

There are a number of different types of heat bags. They perform all their functions. I use the bags mainly on cold winter days when it's time for winter fishing. Heat bags in the boots, in their ... Read more

completely satisfied

written by xstina, 17/12/12

Super product for the walking or skiing holiday. They keep heat much longer than promised, making you can use them on two consecutive days

accessible thanks

written by missnöjd, 18/12/12 usually have them most awsome stuff that are available for quick delivery, but just this heat pack does not belong there, it took at least 20 minutes that it would be fairly warm, and the... Read more

You just have to figure out how to use them correctly.

written by Lisbeth, 21/12/12

I ride Icelanders every day so hot fusser is alpha omega, but hard when sitting still on a horse for many hours. I always ride only in nature that is only out in the cold. The first bags that I used o... Read more

Incredibles tåvarmere.

written by Harald, 24/12/12

These have become a must during ice fishing. Fester them sock over toes, inside the boot, before I go home.


written by At, 26/12/12

Heater may not be as strong as expected. In rubber boots they get stagnant, but should then just out and have air, so they start again. Holder about six to eight hours.

Tåvarmere - top notch even though they are used in "botnen"

written by Alf Ottar, 27/12/12

I am very happy with the product - both quality and price, I give top marks. Are you cold on the feet, this is loosened. I have recommended this product to friends and acquaintances - and has only bee... Read more

Warm hands and feet

written by Björn, 29/12/12

Never whine of cold feet or hands with these heat pads. Be sure to let them remain in the air for 30 minutes before you put them in the tight shoes when they work best. I paste them on top of the kids... Read more

hot bags

written by Malin Pettersen, 31/12/12

Heat bags were very big and if I should have those in my shoes were very tight, so I chose to put it in his jacket pocket. It was not very big advantage because I did not know it, but if I took it up,... Read more

There you go

written by Emma Gundstedt, 31/12/12

Noticed no difference and the package on the website it said it would be at 100små bags in but got only a major. Troubled clever marketing, but they must be milllimetertunna order to be able to use it... Read more

Fine for cold weather.

written by Stinakins, 02/01/13

The heater well with cold hands or the like. but no more. I would not suggest it for sore muscle or joint pain. Fine product of 6.5 kr.

Thermal bags

written by Sara, 02/01/13

These bags are fantatstiska save sad frozen children under going outside. Heats completely cannon and keeps a really long time, longer than the time stated on the bag.

Barra was lukewarm

written by roYal, 07/01/13

Bought one because it was so cheap and wanted to test it. I thought it would be really hot but was only lukewarm. Kanke huh thought what do I know.


written by m.t., 07/01/13

not yet arrived at the current temperatures for use, but something is always good when you freeze quickly.

Thermal bags

written by Mikus, 10/01/13

Bought a 20 pack and gave away a few pieces to my sister who has problems with neck pain. Heat bags are appreciated tremendously since she could walk around with such wrapped in a shawl around his nec... Read more

ok product

written by Øren, 11/01/13

Ordered large heat bags and tåvarmere and use when driving dog. The large thermal bags are good, but they need some movement and oxygen to stay lasts about 12 hours. Tåvarmerene is quite ok, comfortab... Read more

white toes

written by marianicole, 12/01/13

absolutely amazing product for those who suffer from white toes and fingers in winter. then nothing hjälper.är dependent on these hot goa tåvärmare !!

Thermal Insoles for toes

written by Jägare, 22/01/13

have tried two sets. Do absolutely no heat. Have done it should be done before användning.Har them on the outside of a thinner sock. Shaking them for possible activating powder. Nothing is happening. ... Read more

Very good thermal bags

written by Gunnar, 30/01/13

These bags have helped me very well for a long time now. They have made it possible for me to maintain a normal level of activity. I actually become more and more troubled by frozen feet, and the doct... Read more

Heat sachets / soles.

written by Erik, 03/02/13

These heat soles that would heat so nice in cold winter day turned out not accomplish just that. Pottering in the woods and freezes for a while if his feet, tried these soles are now three ggr.och not... Read more

Disappointing bad.

written by Alleycat, 04/02/13

HEAT PACK sounded like a product spot for ice fishing with frozen fingers. That it should retain the heat for 18 hours sounded amazing. But, unfortunately it was too good to be true. Max 2 hours of pl... Read more

hand warmer

written by Heidi, 05/02/13

They are lovely big and good hug in the mitten or pocket, but find it difficult to be more than lukewarm in the cold, but far better than nothing and is highly recommended. Being super hot when they c... Read more


written by P, 06/02/13

Not quite as good as the ones I bought elsewhere. Works still alright although I have not tried them in extreme cold. The price is good.

Good thermal bags!

written by saiko, 07/02/13

Very good thermal bags delivered heat at least as long as promised in advertising. 18 hours seems a bit far when you might need heat in 8hrs, and the rest goes to good price and I gave some... Read more

Heat bags!

written by Gun, 10/02/13

Hey! I'm really pleased with heat bags. Can not do without them in the winter I work a lot outdoors, as required. Would highly recommend them.

works fine

written by Svein erik, 12/02/13

These bags are tested -6 to -10 and provides heat for a few hours but not as many as it stands and temperatures etc are probably not as high as the TOC says but those working and provides frozen finge... Read more

Heat bags of shoes