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Prepara Herb Savor

Cut your fresh herbs out from the planter, place them into the Prepara Herb Savor crisper, place your Herb Savor into the refrigerator and have fresh tasty herbs to flavour your meals for weeks to come.

Prepara Herb Savor - Prepara Herb Savor
Prepara Herb Savor
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Örtförvaring in refrigerator

written by Morot, 13/11/10

So very handy! I am very satisfied ..... finally stands up herbs bought in a pot in the refrigerator and not a few days previously. Recommended the storage of herbs warmly! No one can regret this purc... Read more


written by Herb Savor köpare, 18/12/10

I understand why Oprah loves this kryddförvaringen! Simply the best. Smooth and easy, especially environmental friendly! Considerably less wastage because the herbs last longer.

Super good

written by malene Romme Frederiksen, 21/12/10

A trading post on the net, I can clearly recommend :-)

Herb Savor Örtförvaring

written by Agnes, 21/02/11

Great, thyme is usually fade soon - in pots that you buy at the grocery store - kept for several weeks in this. Takes little space in the refrigerator door. Simple.

Cannon Stuff!

written by Linda, 21/03/11

Did this clever gadget by my partner for my birthday last weekend. He knows how much I full communion will love cooking. Overwhelmed albeit a little hesitant, I tried with parsley I bought in the stor... Read more


written by Lillian, 25/03/11

My herbs tend to fade after a few days (have NOT green thumb). Now I can for the first time in my life eat up the whole bundle. This small case keeps herbs fresh for weeks. May however be a bit tricky... Read more

Works well.

written by Badger, 06/06/11

The spices are much further in this than to stand in front of the sink.


written by Dekay, 19/12/11

The function with the spices are good. They last longer and it feels fresher. But that it would fit like a glove in the refrigerator door, you forget! One must tilt it at an angle and then take it a l... Read more

This works!

written by Marianne, 21/12/11

I recommend this strongly. Parsley is as fresh today as when I bought it. The product is easy to use, looks good in refrigerators and ingenious so that the herbs are well preserved. Often the not so m... Read more

Very pleasantly surprised!

written by Maiken, 05/01/12

Bought this as a Christmas gift to my partner. We are both very pleasantly surprised by how long the herbs actually remained healthy in there! Now we buy fresh herbs with a clear conscience because th... Read more

Works but not optimal

written by Minus, 18/01/12

Herb Savor Herbal Storage works well. Notice that the shelf life of herbs is longer, but not quite as long as I had anticipated. But ... A bargain!

I am satisfied

written by Sandra, 14/06/12

I like it because it actually keeps the herb fresh longer than usual. It does not take up much space in the fridge either which is great when I have a small fridge.


written by Valentina, 27/12/12

Quick delivery and very cool gadget! My mom got it for Christmas and was very happy. Good thing to have at home and it saves money!

Herb Savor

written by Toranovic, 10/03/13

Gave it to my sister who works with cooking and earlier wrapped up their herbs in a wet towel and stuffed them into the fridge. It makes them stay fresh longer very good and it also gives a good impre... Read more

Lacks "strainer"

written by Mikael, Sweden 26/12/15

Hello, ordered this to be but in the video here so there must be some kind of piece of metal with holes in which to use along with the herb in a plastic holder. This bit is missing for me. Only the cl... Read more

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