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Himitsu Bako Puzzle Box

Can you open this hand-made wooden puzzle box, made with care in Japan from the finest woods the Japanese islands have to offer? Makes a perfect exclusive gift box!

Himitsu Bako Puzzle Box - 7 Steps
7 Steps
98 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Himitsu Bako Puzzle Box - 14 Steps
14 Steps
28 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Perfect gift for anyone who is ingenious!

written by Kalle Lindén, 21/05/11

I've always liked sakersom is a bit tricky and I bought two of Himitsu-Bako one for myself and one for a friend who likes ockso tricky things. I gave it to him as a birthday present, but to turn i... Read more


written by peter, 01/07/11

Has a five-step Himitsu-Bako before. This box certainly lives up to expectations, but can be a bit difficult to open the first times, the wood goes to. Festive as packaging for other small gifts.

Himitsu bako.

written by Renée, 20/07/11

Very pleased with the box. Great woodwork, and of course a fun little thing. What I did not like about it was that it was a bit small, and that it was not challenging enough for me. So therefore it ac... Read more

festive gift

written by KjellM, 28/07/11

Bought this as a gift box. A beautiful "box" which only looks like a brick. One does not see that it is possible to open it. It comes with an easy to understand manual, which makes it easy t... Read more

Uber cool !!

written by zennizipzap, 16/08/11

Finest craftsmanshipp, I showed it to a carpenter who was hugely impressed. It is so inviklet built with lists, etc. that it is impossible to figure out how it is built. In addition, the super beautif... Read more


written by ozon, 25/11/11

The item was as described, delivered as promised, then tip-top.

Ingenious and incredibly stylish finnish

written by Doxe, 25/11/11

This small wooden box look even better in reality than in the picture, and it took a little while to settle too. It lives absolutely up to expectations (=

Good business

written by moe, 05/12/11

Got my delivery after about 5 days apart (to Austria). The puzzle box is well finished, after some opening and closing does not even need to the guidance. It is well made, only a small sample differen... Read more

Beautiful little box!

written by Katt, 13/12/11

I bought it at 14 steps. It is simply a lovely little thing! I bought it to use as gift box. It is a bit small, so I only got room for clues about the true gift Up in the box. But the box itself is of... Read more

Fascinating ...

written by Morho, 20/12/11

Pretty amazing that it is possible .... A incredibly nice box, beautifully finished and "works" properly. This should we buy more to give away as "packaging" for example. wedding.


written by , 22/12/11

The box arrived quickly, well packaged and in perfect condition. The box was exactly as described and very high quality! I can only Weiterenpfehlen, because the price is compared to other suppliers ve... Read more

Top se, pattern but not properly

written by J. Fertig, 30/12/11

In itself a great thing, however: - the movable element is seamlessly adapted from patterns ago to the rest pattern - on the floor of the interior of a gaping thick red MADE IN JAPAN, which I do not p... Read more


written by Mystica, 04/01/12

Beautiful piece, but unfortunately too easy. Do not even think it took 10 minutes before he got up. (Himitsu-Bako puzzle!) So I will definitely buy the more difficult variants. For this was really, re... Read more


written by Kerstin, 06/01/12

Very well made. Fast and reliable delivery.

Stylish and fun thing!

written by Mimsan, 06/03/12

really like my secret box! It is nice to look at, easy to handle and quite tricky to get up. Will use it as gift box to an ingenious friend, who will get someone else inside the box.

Fun but simple

written by 139131395, 24/03/12

A funny little box. Where, despite its appearance quite so easy to solve, it's just to think correctly so there is no problem to solve this box / box. Chose to buy it with 14 steps because the oth... Read more


written by Jonas, 29/03/12

Bought this as a gift for my Japanese sister-interested. Be very appreciated! However, as she solved 14-stage version of the quarter, which was perhaps a little of the fastest team. Himself had hoped ... Read more

Super fine box.

written by Ulla, 18/04/12

Can be recommended for people who LOVE intarsia.Fin processed and put into the fin box. Well recommended for young and old.

Fine but really simple

written by Marcus, 22/05/12

Bought both the 7-step and 14-step Himitsu-Bako and managed to pass both of about 1 min each. However, I love pottering thought and has solved a good many sådanna. So if you just like I like consideri... Read more


written by Joonte, 23/11/12

The fine decoration and ingenuity to open it amused many in your party. Very popular as a gift. Can really recommend it. Wish there were more colors to choose from. Similarly, other boxes with similar... Read more


written by Niklas, 26/11/12

Very good quality and hard to get up for those who do not know how the mechanism works. Satisfied with the product.

Very nice

written by Per H, 06/12/12

Real deal. Made with high precision. I tested it on a number of people and most solves it in a little while, but not all! One tip is to not store it in a damp space, then hit the wood and the mechanis... Read more

excellent quality

written by Ostaja, 07/12/12

I bought the 14-stage, but I got a 7-step. The problem however, took care of the convenience of a price, which best suited my situation, which propsit customer service. The product itself is really go... Read more

Good service

written by Mads, 11/12/12

Fast delivery and especially prompt notification exchange when there appeared a defect of the product! Fin feedback and good service.

A pretty Kniffelbox

written by Lato-chan, 12/12/12

Did the box obtained relatively quickly. I must say that some of this box fail really easy. But once you get it, klappts quite well. For very attentive, it is easy to solve, because exactly where you ... Read more

Good processed cult box

written by Denny B., 21/12/12

The order arrived very quickly and well packed in. The box is very well made. All edges go spotlessly into each other, you can feel with your fingers no edge. The wooden mechanism has worked very accu... Read more

Super gift

written by Turbulens, 24/12/12

Good craftsmanship. Was at first a bit concerned about the size, but it has very good room inside. It fits neatly into a small jewelry box.

Nice and funny!

written by Sanna, 28/12/12

It was really nice, though a bit too easy, went a little too fast for me brother (who got it as a Christmas gift) to open it, but very nice and fun thing! =)

ok puzzlebox

written by Mats, 04/01/13

Bought the biggest box in the believe that it should be a great ornament to have present and then taking up the guests for a little puzzle, but a surprising number guessing this box pretty quickly. Is... Read more

nice decoration

written by Liz, Norway 09/05/13

I was surprised how nice box actually was! I am very happy with my 14 Step Himitsu-Bako. Only two things to say anything about; Firstly we can see that the joint on the lock very well (because the pat... Read more

Puzzle box puzzle box

written by tigermopsi, Germany 11/09/13

Material moderately there could be improvements - the veneer you see the cutting edge on which the box can be opened a bit too much. That makes it a bit too easy to open them.

great idea - good product - good price

written by Benzki, Germany 30/09/13

The box is great and looks really chic. A closer look you can see, although at the opening point, a slight difference in the pattern, but does not matter ... recommended!

Puzzel- box

written by Klaus, Germany 02/10/13

Thank you very much. Have long thought the box to buy, but I am very satisfied. Good quality and the price is also ok. thank you

everything Tippel Toppel

written by heini martin, Germany 14/10/13

boxes are a bit small, but absolutely correspond to what was advertised. gladly again. Kind regards. heini martin

Puzzle box puzzle box

written by fellmer, Germany 20/10/13

Got the box ordered to delivery and shipping I can only say that it was very quick and was well delivered. The product did not quite match my expectation and is therefore unfortunately gesand back. Ot... Read more


written by Kutri, Finland 28/11/13

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous product! Beautiful decoration and design. The only minus I think the product is that it is quite small. But I think, however, worth the price. Plus also the fact that ther... Read more

A gem

written by Oli, Germany 25/12/13

.... A true jewel box! Very good workmanship, almost perfect. However, there are two sides by small errors pointing to the solution. Should the box can not be opened, this fault would probably never n... Read more

Small and pretty

written by Kettu88, Finland 27/12/13

Hoksasi the box as soon as the point at which begins to come undone as the pattern goes from the point of sulfur. But if you would not have had the instructions I may have figured out how exactly to g... Read more

Ingenious Riddle

written by Raphael, Germany 30/12/13

This Riddle was a Christmas gift for a puzzle lover. She's worked beautifully, the surfaces are all super-aligned and the actual starting point of the mechanism by observing visible. but that does... Read more


written by Lamda, Norway 30/12/13

This is a fun, small puzzle-box! I have it with 14 steps, although it took some time to open the first time, I feel like 7 steps would have been a little too easy, it's supposed to be hard!

Great thing

written by Markus, Germany 03/01/14

A great box has a lot of fun as a gift of my puzzle-loving woman. Fast delivery without any problems

Beautiful craftsmanship. Fun box for small gift.

written by Rune, Denmark 04/01/14

Very nicely finished needlework. Unbelievable that it can be made so finely and precisely. Had however expected that it was a bit difficult to open. It took about a neighborhood to open it for someone... Read more

Himitsu box

written by Momo, Germany 17/02/14

Beautiful Box, good workmanship, the center of every party-because this box would any open, I can only recommend as a gift.

Time and putzig

written by Goddard, Germany 20/02/14

We have to give three puzzle box - bought Puzzle boxes. The boxes arrived quickly and were just chic. The build quality is really good and thanks to the supplied solution we could see the boxes still ... Read more

Himitsu box

written by emedo, Germany 08/03/14

Flawless goods and fast delivery. The box corresponds Geneau the description and also from the processing convincing

Puzzle box puzzle box in 14 steps

written by SR, Germany 26/05/14

ware was delivered quickly. the box is super processed and we ordered it as a gift. beautiful it is to give the instructions later. a great thing. The box is suitable for small items. small stimulus t... Read more

very satisfied

written by Tera, Germany 11/06/14

I ordered it for a wedding as a classic Geldversteck- / cashbox. Very nice little box. One can really see the lateral slide, but to open the technology will not completely betrayed. Only note that in ... Read more

Surprisingly beautiful box with a great puzzle

written by cygear, Germany 11/07/14

The whole time I was pondering on what could I give my sweetheart on the anniversary. Since coupons and in the surrounding direction as despicable pieces of paper or cheap in envelopes packed me seeme... Read more


written by mijoko, Germany 26/07/14

Those looking for a unique and spectacular gift, also wants to get into conversation with the recipient, which is to look at the product and buy. In only 7 steps (there are also boxes with up to 21 st... Read more


written by Zufriedener Kunde, Germany 18/09/14

The package arrived as promised quite fast with me. It is very affectionate and well packaged, so that during transport no circumstances could anything go wrong. The puzzle box is packed in a cute lit... Read more

Small box

written by Schnattrinchen, Germany 10/12/14

Very nicely processed. See the intarsia, also through these various veneers extremely interesting, the box is prima packed. As beautiful Gifts suited.

class gift

written by Susi0815, Germany 19/12/14

Very nicely processed and quality wooden box with a high fun factor during ausknobeln the opening mechanism. Clear purchase recommendation!

Very good

written by bob, Sweden 23/12/14

bought this as a gift for my father. was right surprised that it was so high quality and it was packed so good.

Toole's part, unfortunately seher fragile

written by Thomas R., Germany 29/12/14

I bought the box for a friend, and of course, the instructions for opening not sent her. Unfortunately, after half an hour to try only one of the "slide" dissolved and then the entire side w... Read more

Stylish box!

written by Anja, Norway 15/04/15

This I enjoyed very much. It looked very stylish and was very difficult to get up. Recommended! :)

Japanese box with hidden compartments

written by maggan, Sweden 28/04/15

Hello bought this box "Himitsu-Bako" When I solved the box hidden compartment, I was disappointed. Had a similar box when I was at the age of 14, but it was no longer o cm wider and had two ... Read more


written by Lars F, Sweden 16/06/15

A fantastic design by skilled Japanese. The joints are barely visible because of their skill. The box is a work of art! I am more than satisfied

Disappointing and impressive

written by Gavemannen, Norway 31/08/15

The pattern was very nice and the size was fit. But the very simple locking mechanism took very big place, so the inside is the size of half a playing card. The pattern of locking pieces suitable eith... Read more

Very nice but quite expensive

written by Kat, Germany 08/09/15

This box is well made and looks with their virtuosic embellishments really appealing. Even as she puzzles motivating effect. However, the locking mechanism "monotonous", there must be down p... Read more

Extremely good for the money

written by Ole, Denmark 09/09/15

Truly a completed box. Once you've just seen through how it works it goes relatively quickly to get it opened, but I was really impressed with both the quality and entertainment value. I annoyed m... Read more


written by XXX, Germany 01/10/15

As described. Am satisfied. Delivery was fast. Quality ok, box could also be lower in price.

fine crafts

written by Hemio, Sweden 04/11/15

Very nice box which was much appreciated as a gift to 8-year-old. However, the copy I was not perfect, but it could make a mistake in Intarsian that made it easier to solve the puzzle. I had replaced ... Read more

nice Puzzlebox

written by Wolfi, Germany 14/12/15

The box is very well made and was good to move .. The 14 steps were OK, otherwise it would have been too easy. Cute fun with friends who do not know the ..

Great box! :)

written by Teyj, Germany 30/01/16

In puzzle box is called Japanese Geheimsniskästchen. There are ultimately ordinary wooden box, but can not simply open that way. To achieve this, it is necessary to trigger different, hidden mechanism... Read more

A nice box.

written by Khato, Finland 28/03/16

Of a fine point, however, the ends of which patterns do not match well. This is unfortunate, because the pages are full and the pattern of these errors reveal the trigger. This understanding of hand-m... Read more

hinitsu bako

written by winnie, Denmark 02/05/16

I bought the 14-step but it can be opened with 7-9 steps, but we have been informed that it is the correct, maybe we just are super good for this kind of puzzle

More of that

written by Karin, Germany 13/06/16

I am thrilled with the two boxes - Himitsu - Bako and hope there will soon be more wariationen! Thanks for the quick settlement of my order


written by OtoyaNatsu, Sweden 18/09/16

I'm sick satisfied, took a little while. But it was a nice box and I love it! Now have evil designs on gifts in the future. Perfect devil cabinet, to put anything in the box along with instruction... Read more

puzzle box

written by scorpbln, Germany 30/09/16

After a few teething problems with respect to the delivery date all went well at the end and I am very satisfied with the box.

Am thrilled!

written by Gast, Germany 09/10/16

Article super. Superb workmanship, works and is very decorative. As a gift bought, but I would also like to have for myself! :-)))

Japanese puzzle game

written by Golfi, Germany 21/10/16

- The puzzle game came a little late, the delivery time would be better a can, because we had the equipment for a 50th birthday. - There are now dealing with a rectangular box made of inlaid with beau... Read more

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