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Homemade Cookie Stamper

Now nobody can mistake which cookies are which. Your cookies, baked by you, for your loved ones to enjoy. Everything else is baloney.

Homemade Cookie Stamper - Homemade Cookie Stamper
Homemade Cookie Stamper
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What is this?

written by , 24/09/10

Incredibly fast lev.Har tried it, but it needful exercise. I'm very pleased with both the product and live MVH Yvonne

great product

written by stinelj, 01/10/10

Kjempefin - one gets put a little personal touch to homemade biscuits. Highly recommended


written by IG, 04/10/10

Superfine stamp! However, much bigger than I thought. According to the recipe that came with, you would punch the cookies before baking. Kakstämpeln is really nice when the cakes go in the oven, but o... Read more


written by Tanja, 05/10/10

Cute, fun stamp that really enhances småkaksbaket!

Very nice kakstämpel!

written by Sofie, 15/10/10

Oh yeah huh happy was when kakstämpeln damp in the mailbox! In Christmas to yes bid on cookies with my new stamp!


written by , 18/10/10

Think it was very difficult to get it to be neat .. The cake gets stuck and then it's difficult to remove it: (


written by Emma Lif, 08/11/10

Stamp feels solid and well made. A great gadget to have if you like to bake!


written by Trintin, 15/11/10

This I liked well - fun with homemade coockies to be given away for Christmas :)

The text disappears

written by Cupcakesfluffan, 02/12/10

Cannon Funny stamp but the text will disappear during baking so I stamped them after baking, must take and look further for the ultimate kakdegsreceptet for this brazen kakstämpel. Has written on the ... Read more

Not the tea my expectations.

written by Me, Just Me., 06/12/10

You can barely see the pressure on the cake, not the cookies they like it medföljes a prescription anyway. Very flour needed for it not to get caught. Perhaps it is best to press reached colorful surf... Read more

cake Stamp

written by Maria, 06/12/10

Fabulous idea and the perfect gift for those who love to bake, and that in addition "has it all" ... The only thing I have to say the cake plunger is that the text was a little fuzzy after t... Read more


written by b-m, 10/12/10

Fun to use, but has so far only tried to stamp on gingerbread, but please remember to take in a bit because the dough flowing out a bit. It becomes pasty dipping to just punch in a little flour so it ... Read more


written by surdegmilla, 14/12/10

A little different form of stamp but oh so fun .. You can stämla everything pastry tarts yes only imagination sets the limit of this stamp !!!


written by surdegmilla, 14/12/10

A little different form of stamp but oh so fun .. You can stämla everything pastry tarts yes only imagination sets the limit of this stamp !!!


written by Josepha Buck, 18/12/10

I tripped at Cool Stuff on this great Keksstempel, I had to have! Somehow I do not pay attention to the dimensions given and was therefore a little surprised when he arrived. It has a diameter the siz... Read more

The fastest delivery!

written by Catrin, 20/12/10

Is so super happy. Heard about the wonderful kakstämpeln through a food blog and went into the coolstuff directly and ordered it. The day after it came to me, what luck! It requires some practice to c... Read more

Fast delivery and cool

written by Linda, 20/12/10

Quick as a flash I got my kakstämpel, the day after I ordered and it's just like I expect. Good quality

Homemade cookies

written by mariepig, 27/12/10

big, nice and funny kakstämpel to my little kitchen! easy to use, fun to offer truly lovely homemade cakes that you have as much fun articles .. will certainly recommend your website to all my friends... Read more

written by , 04/01/11

Really funny idea to make homemade cookies. Unfortunately, said the recipient of the stamp that it was very hard to get the dough to peel off the stamp (she followed the instructions that came with).


written by tesse, 24/01/11

thought it would be small for Swedish cakes ... but it is larger than a cookie so this encourages yes not. a minor as buying yes it directly, the idea was good

Estimated Kakstämpel

written by KatarinaM, 21/02/11

An extremely popular product, both as gifts and for personal use. After use, the plunger is easy to clean.

written by titti, 28/03/11

Works great! One must make quite large cakes, but it's just nice: P


written by Annica, 08/04/11

A super fun thing for those who love to bake! This stamp makes it even more fun. When you have been using the stamp on the cookies, you will not shed a "skrytig" comment: I have made them my... Read more


written by , 02/05/11

Will try it the next few days, I think it's already beautiful.

cake stamp

written by hjerte20, 20/05/11

fight stuff. it is absolutely perfect to make biscuits and small cakes of


written by Tiol, 29/06/11

Incredibly fun stamp, both have their own baking at home, but also a very nice / fun gift to give away to "kakälskare". I was completely sold when I found this on the net, it is how cool any... Read more

written by Regitze, 22/10/11

Ingeniously stamp! Love the idea of ​​it makes them look completely fabricated out but that so is homemade, which they also are ... Delicious quality and fine product!

Mega cool stamp

written by RainbowMe, 29/10/11

accurate a fine stamp I received from cool stuff did not expect that it was as large as it was but it is doing it even better as it is to look at the cookie or other baked goods !!

Fun with cakes

written by Birthe Schmidt, 31/10/11

Having just spent the piston where I was going back to a large gathering. They all thought it was funny with "homemade cakes". It was, no one had seen before. You just have to find a recipe ... Read more

written by mørup, 25/11/11

Absolutely love fat cake stamp, can make even the best housewife misundelig.den you just have ha ..

cake Stamp

written by , 29/11/11

Cake piston is actually a cookie stamp and is therefore quite large. Do not anvendtb it yet, but expect that it's OK.

The size of the piston

written by , 01/12/11

The product works well but be aware that it is large - about 5 cm in diameter

Homemade cake stamp

written by Tina, 08/12/11

Super cake stamp, slightly higher than expected but works great

cake stamp

written by Dagmar, 09/12/11

The ultimate unnecessary but prestige instrument for cake rear. The work fine ìg gives a nice signature on cookies, biscuits and Christmas cookies.

Fun little thing ..

written by Lærke , 15/12/11

The stamp was a gift to my mother, and we tried it immediately when she opened it - there was even an accompanying recipe for cookies - bonus! It was slightly larger than I expected, so get it only 4 ... Read more

Fun and Easy

written by Binser, 15/12/11

Has this Christmas got my fine stamp and had stretched started to bake so it could be tested. Have baked about 200 brown cakes and it can not be much easier :) Also, they become the only super fine.

Prima Keksstempel

written by Julia, 29/12/11

Have these Keksstempel presented this year several times to friends and everyone loved! For creative baked friends an absolute must!


written by Fredrik, 30/12/11

Christmas to bake saved sister. Even piston is silicone and easy to keep pure.


written by Rikke, 30/12/11

Gave this a gift for someone who loves to bake, and she was happy to get it. Fast delivery.

cake stamp

written by Lisbeth, 16/01/12

Super stamp for cakes to impress text in the dough. Fun detail to the baked goods. The stamp does not stick to the dough.

grease piston

written by Lene Gråskov, 13/02/12

cake plunger is super good, it is easy to hold, and it looks good. Has received many positive comments, nice!

Cake Stamp.

written by Helle Mazanti., 20/02/12

Having just tested the purchased stamp - and took me to the recipe that was "attached". Småkagens taste was absolutely wonderful, the dough was easy to campaign with and the result was reall... Read more


written by Anja, 16/04/12

The quality is good, but we have baked until today no biscuits in this size. The stamp is larger than expected and will find corresponding to less than thought its application.

cake stamp

written by kis, 28/06/12

Fast delivery; but pre- view was much larger than I had expected. I sent it back and the money came into my account again.

fun stamp

written by Nanna, 08/10/12

Super good and easy to use. Large stamp, but you get the just more biscuit: D It'll be used extensively.

cake Stamp

written by Sus, 12/10/12

I am really happy for my stempel.Det is already used for 2 laps "cookies". It might be an idea to produce a smaller piston also.

cake Stamp

written by Pernille, 18/10/12

I think the idea that could stamp his cookies were brilliant. I had not expected that the stamp was so large. The pictures I've seen where the stamp has been used has clearly been photo jumped. Th... Read more

cake fun

written by Betina, 20/11/12

Super fun cake stamp. Got fun time and good result. With practice, then we are fine stamp "homemade"


written by Cathrine, 27/11/12

Stylish. Very fun to use. Light was too. It came with a biscuit recipe that was very good. Altogether, this is a delightful mix of biscuits, happiness and fun. Yum!

Fun and Easy

written by mia, 03/12/12

A funny thing .. But the cakes are a little big, but never mind. It works and is fun and piston floating nor out.

great article

written by colonius, 03/12/12

Really funny part. Is more suitable for large cookies, since the diameter is still very large. The delivery was fast!

Coolest cake stamp

written by Lisbeth Storm, 01/01/13

I bought "homemade" cake stamp. It's like a gift but have received feedback that it is great, robust and fun it is so large that it provides natural opportunity to make big cookies: 0) S... Read more

It's more fun to bake!

written by Nathalie, 07/01/13

I bought kakstämpeln a Christmas gift to a friend. I myself have a kakstämpel, but I bought when I lived in French so the states' Biscuits maison "and it is a bit smaller in size ... this was... Read more


written by Anna, 21/01/13

I have presented the Keksstempel and can not comment on the practice test. Purely qualitative he makes but a good impression. It's a recipe in English here, which hopefully achieved the desired re... Read more


written by Britta, 15/02/13

Wanted and got it for Christmas, the first cakes I stamped stuck on the stamp, so they became förstörda.Sen I checked Leila's side and she wrote that one should punch after baking, when it was goo... Read more

Very good

written by Joel, 17/03/13

Good quality, a tip is to stamp the cookies after they come out of the oven, thus becoming the stamp imprint better looking!

These biscuits were a big hit on my blog.

written by, Denmark 30/04/13

The image of "homemade" biscuits with barcode is taken and insdsendt of me. More image can be viewed on my blog during my recipes. These stamps are amazing. Obs. I... Read more

Home made

written by Rauharentola, Finland 01/05/13

Here you will find our experience a little bread from a stamp:

Good workmanship

written by Furry00, Germany 01/05/13

This stamp has a good processing, easy to clean and is to wide bigger than we expected! Top!

cake Stamp

written by Hanne Bendix, Denmark 07/03/14

Tried to use the plunger to cookies, but the result was not as expected. It was almost impossible to read that there would be "handmade" on the cakes after baking. Have not quite given up on... Read more


written by Kate, Norway 12/11/14

Baked butter cookies and used stamp on the wafers results are of gorgeous. Easy to clean, easy to use. Suitable for biscuits (recipe without baking powder, or small amount), marzipan lid, sugar paste.... Read more

Biscuits with a difference

written by Cinny, Germany 20/11/14

I find the Keksstempel super! He may be larger than expected, but there are just large cookies. At first it did not work quite as well, but gradually has it out how to do it best. Bake After is usuall... Read more

Super cookies

written by Cinny, Germany 09/12/14

With a little trick you get here towards perfect Homemade cookies. Bake the cookies until and then press the stamp into the hot dough. So one has to Homemade Aufruck perfect it. This year there are on... Read more

cake Stamp

written by ginger, Norway 17/07/15

Have not got tried cake stamp yet, but the spark your imagination. It can not only be used for cakes and cookies, but also thought to use it to make "homemade" mark on eg marzipan cakes. Jus... Read more

cake stamp

written by mfh, Norway 30/12/15

Absolutely super, this is a perfect gift to give to someone who likes to bake. Highly recommended ....... :)

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