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Huge Balloons

For huge parties you need huge balloons. Like these large balloons with a diameter of 1 meter, for example! Supplied in packs of 5 in various colours.

Huge Balloons - Huge Balloons
Huge Balloons
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good product

written by , 10/08/09

Haler who not so long, but while it is inflated, it is given succse of children


written by Hanna, 12/08/09

The balloons will be really great and it was fun to be with them when my friend turned 20, she was a little surprised, however, we had no balloon pump, and they were not exactly easy to blow up! but i... Read more

written by Tina Stevns, 21/08/09

Hi there. Again has been good - the product lived up to our expectations. Regards Tina Stevns

giant balloons

written by jenna, 23/08/09

unfortunately I was very disappointed, did not get more than blowing up the until they burst and then we blew up the still not quite as out of five balloons held a. very boring

Oh yes

written by Angelika, 23/08/09

The balloons were the cruel fierce in size, they became really huge! Bright colors and they were a hit at the party. However, they burst very easily if you happened to blow up the idea too much, and t... Read more

written by , 01/09/09

They worked very well. The only thing that was a little problem was that it was such a big opening. It was thus difficult to self-inflate them using a bicycle pump. But if the two collaborated, that&#... Read more

Gigantic and durable with good

written by LS, 02/09/09

It was slightly nervous when they began to juggle them around laid tables with candle light ... The balloons are just as promised, gigantic and durable!

written by b, 22/12/09

very fine but now I have not had them in use even when they should be used for children's parties

written by Berit, Næstved, 05/01/10

Ballon are funny because they float slowly through the air, can provide many hours of fun. They are hard to inflate and stretch and a chat maybe too easy.


written by Margretha Matras Nielsen, 05/01/10

We balloons inflated with an air compressor. They are all very large - especially when one is a boy of 9 years! If you are fond of balloons, the giant balloons definitely a good investment to vary the... Read more

written by Anette, 06/01/10

It says that they are great, but these Carboys is HUGE. A real hit with the kids ..

Children's Birthday

written by , 25/02/10

Giant balloons are inflated easily with a bicycle dealer-pump. They spread joy and attention - especially among children, which is quite love to play, jumping, kicking them and lie on them! Of course ... Read more

written by rolli, 12/03/10

Material and service all the best

giant balloons

written by troels, 15/03/10

Amazing balloons in maxi version. They can also contain something like 30 liters of water before springer- recommended

Really cool!

written by DXter, 21/06/10

Bigger than you think! :)

Huge, fun but a little the delicate

written by Ballongdansaren, 15/07/10

They will be really huge if you are struggling for a while! However, some form of pump. For decoration indoor / wind they work very well, however they are a bit delicate to run around the outside ther... Read more

Stooooore balloons!

written by Jenny, 16/08/10

These have got to be perfect for birthday celebration! Although I used those cards on the package, giant festive typing sweet greetings in balloons and give them a very happy birthday child! The ballo... Read more

Stooooore balloons!

written by Jenny, 16/08/10

These have got to be perfect for birthday celebration! Although I used those cards on the package, giant festive typing sweet greetings in balloons and give them a very happy birthday child! The ballo... Read more

written by @, 09/09/10

Gorcheous, large balloons that both small and large think is top !!


written by DoH, 07/12/10

fun balloons for parties celebrations etc. Children and adults like these mega-sized balloons. a really fun and enjoyable thing that is a must for parties celebrations and partying!

written by , 14/12/10

STORA and fun to wear at the party!

written by , 25/12/10

really funny, and really great. Just very hard to blow up, we went to the gas station and pumped them up with the compressor.

Expensive; but funny giant balloons.

written by Per V., 31/12/10

Big, strong and funny balloons. But be careful not to play with them outside. Due to the large surface and low weight, blew our simply away on a day of normal moderate breeze. Generally speaking, they... Read more

Unfortunately apart on delivery

written by Mia, 03/01/11

I bought a package with 5 large ballonger.Tyvärr 2 was already broken when we took them from the pack.

big ballons

written by goffy, 04/01/11

balloons appealed to one who had it on your wish list to Santa. They were higher than the kid.

large balloons

written by Anja, 06/01/11

Kids love balloons and these are extra lovable

large balloons

written by desl, 06/01/11

Very fine, but a little difficult to blow up, the "blowing port" is very large (significantly larger than the normal temperature. Balloons).

They can be good enough to be big

written by Didde Madsen, 24/01/11

It has successfully lost so great they may be, but the bustle can only blow them up with a compressor, the kids are good love them, but not many ballonger for the price.

Very funny idea!

written by Nattis, 17/02/11

Was possitivt surprise with the big balloons to the birthday child!


written by TB, 18/03/11

A Wonderful affair for young and old ... our small has a lot of fun with it. Even with the delivery I am very satisfied .. went very quickly .. always happy


written by Josefin, 23/04/11

Had I had helium in the balloons I had probably flown away like in the movie "Up"! Absolutely wonderful. Imagine how childish it may be that 23åring ... Will probably buy them again just to ... Read more


written by Matilda&Johanna, 28/05/11

Fully fanatastiska balloons to have a party. Large and small love them. And yes, they are for four-year olds who do not really understand that there is a ball they play with :) We are completely satis... Read more

Supertolle giant balloons!

written by Jürgen, 03/06/11

The giant balloons are super great. I have used them as a symbol of the homily at the launch of the new Konfis and given the kids later. The found it really cool.

Gigantic balloons

written by LA, 30/06/11

they were really great, highly recommended, tough blow up :), the children overjoyed, will buy more.

Really great ballons

written by Sabine biebock2009, 08/08/11

Super super giant balloons I'd best tellen repeatedly.

They take your breath away one !!

written by Pia, 12/08/11

Very funny balloons, but it takes a war to blow them up.

Giant balloons

written by , 24/10/11

These are big balloons and thanks to the packing unit of 5 per packaging also ensures the least 3 keep the air - right price performance!

Giant Balloons

written by Robert, 08/12/11

Top balloon I've ever blown up :)

Simple but ingenious toys

written by Ballonchampen :D, 14/12/11

it is well made up. :) But really it's the "just" a big balloon. Recommendation from here - do not blow it by mouth. :) It is simply brilliant: D

Giant Balloon

written by , 14/12/11

The giant balloons are not very stable, you can not blow up to 1 meter and have among other pinholes, poor quality unfortunately.


written by , 03/01/12

They are more major than giant

written by , 17/02/12

Fast delivery, product was ok.


written by Sebi, 15/03/12

These balloons are indeed HUGE! I recommend an airpump two blow These up, Unless you are sporty enough to take on the challenge. Loved the balloons, since They are big enough to hide small presents in... Read more

total top

written by mrs.sahne, 03/07/12

the balloons are great very resistant and look fabulous. the enthusiasm is noted all observers!


written by SUSANNE , 17/08/12

Everything OK! Fast delivery! Gladly again! Quality and price are in good relationship! Thank you so much!


written by TusenTing Finsta, 08/10/12

The balloons have good size for our promotional activities artsilkesmattor and good visibility at longer distances both on the shop sign and our advertising bicycles

Gigantic balloons.

written by vibeke, 30/11/12

Not completely satisfied. 4 balloons out of two packages were broken. Otherwise they were obese. Would like there was something to blow them up with. They were mega hard to inflate.

Fun but with emissions

written by swedebe, 30/01/13

Playing with balloons is incredibly fun and behave much more fun than I thought. You can get up pretty good speed on them than ordinary balloons. However, there is an annoying disadvantage. The nozzle... Read more

As acrid :)

written by Maria, 18/03/13

Its five giant balloons of different colors was a given success to the party. The quality was very good and strong. What I felt was a little bit negative was that the hole to blow air in was very larg... Read more

giant Balloons

written by Juttan , Sweden 18/04/13

Too bad the two balloons were broken. It will be expensive, as each balloon costs 20kr pc. Disappointed children at the party. But they were the whole became a smash hit! The children were hilarious w... Read more

gigantic balloons

written by Katariina, Finland 19/08/13

I ordered two packages of giant balloons from you. Total balloons is 10, of which two balls full of holes.

Giant theme

written by Herr Ogder, Norway 14/10/13

It was an awesome surprise birthday. Suitable for kids from 3 to 103! Run and buy!

Solid balloons that actually WAS giant

written by Tomtom, Norway 28/10/13

Bought some bags of "giant balloons" at 2 toy stores, but these were only slightly larger than regular balloons. Ordered therefore Cool Stuffs their "giant balloons" and they reall... Read more

Freßdorf Manfred

written by Manfred, Germany 26/06/14

The giant balloons are very great, except for small defects (errors in the material), but this is something other balloons also. but otherwise you can recommend the calmly. these are good for decorati... Read more

Stoooooore fine balloons!

written by Eva, Norway 14/07/14

Huge balloons, seems to tolerate some too. Fine to use again: D Should be possible to choose colors yourself, then. But beyond that, they are all right :)


written by Kat, Germany 08/09/15

The balloons are really big and very colorful, you do not see very often. Resistant material, well packaged.

25 giant balloons (5x5 pieces per up to 1 m diameter)

written by Alwigu, Germany 13/10/15

Greetings to all the staff we needed the balloons to a wedding as a surprise to the bedroom of the newlyweds completed. The quality and colors were good (no balloon bursts). Delivery via DHL - best in... Read more

Super satisfied

written by Altina, Sweden 09/03/16

Was really happy with balconies that I besrälkde We garde a mega big kinder to our son, he got really satisfied.

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