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Hugogate Electronic Tie Rack

Super smooth electronic tie rack that holds 30 ties. With the push of a button, rotate your ties and the built-in lighting means you will always find the right tie!

Hugogate Electronic Tie Rack - Hugogate Electronic Tie Rack
Hugogate Electronic Tie Rack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Hugogate Electronic Tie Rack - Batteries C 2-pack
Batteries C 2-pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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tie Hanger

written by Musse, 09/06/09

I've finally sorted out my "tie touch" .Fungerar excellent.

super gift

written by Mariam, 11/08/09

The first thing you think about when you're buying a gift is that it should be a little 'unusual, and at the same time good to ha..När I saw this electric tie rack I thought, "but God huh... Read more

Tie hanger

written by Monica, 02/09/09

Easy to install and set up. Smooth and sleek design while not taking so much space in the closet. Maximum of upphängninskrokar and the lamp is a plus. Neat, simple and simply perfect!

tie hanger

written by Elisabet, 30/09/09

very clever and funny and actually useful, and with room for the appropriate number of ties. However, quite a high speed (which is basically positive) so that the ties almost fell off! there is a smal... Read more

tie Hanger

written by , 10/12/09

Suverääääääään slip hangers work great .My son got it as a gift, and is the top satisfaction can really recommend the product.

written by Rummler - "hetikreti", 14/12/09

I was the "whining" my husband sick after an electronic tie clips and went on the Internet to search. Very quickly, I then preferred ours because it looked best, for the precise number was d... Read more

written by Tina Funch Jensen, 25/12/09

Super good and fun product for the man who has everything!

super relief

written by Nina, 01/01/10

Electronic Tie Rack is really a relief for any man who wears ties often while working. Although you need large batteries, but they are purchased, it is an insane relief and a bit of luxury in the clos... Read more

Christmas to her partner

written by Lise, 04/01/10

I bought the tie hanger for Christmas to my guy, he has more than 20 ties, and he was thrilled. He has already hung up the whole thing and I have received many kisses as thanks. :) At first I thought ... Read more

Real good idea

written by einem Krawattenträger, 18/01/10

Who has many professional ties in use, can easily lose track. Electronic Tie Rack helps me every day to find "the" tie again.

Each man's life a carousel

written by goldfinger, 21/01/10

Our ties are our living history. Throwing a tie is like dying a little. Therefore, the excellent tie carousel Hugo Gate is a must for every man with self-respect. The swallows lots of them oh so dear ... Read more

tie Hanger

written by sandra, 15/03/10

Funny gift! Bought it for my partner because he had nowhere to hang their ties. Easy to mount up.

written by hanne , 26/03/10

hey cool stuff I bought a hugo gate electronic tie holders to my husband with me he was incredibly surprised it we think it is super smart and can safely andbefale the other it hangs nicely in the clo... Read more

written by Åsa, 29/03/10

Funny gadget that became a very appreciated gift Friday. A bit pricey, but works fine and I got what I was promised!

tie holders

written by PSH, 25/09/10

Fun electrical tie holders to the wardrobe. Actually quite practical, easy to install and good in everyday life. However, it could well have seen more clearly in the sale, there was to be used two bat... Read more

Good concept, bad execution

written by , 02/10/10

The electric tie clips occupies very little space for the number of ties. Installation is also very easy. Unfortunately, back and made very poor, the keys for controlling. Keys stuck frequently and ar... Read more

tie Hanger

written by Hampus, 19/10/10

Betällde a new one to replace a like, which crashed (bracket for hanging hooks dropped, possibly because I loaded too many ties). Oum- barlig order creator in the closet!

Super fast

written by , 25/10/10

Thanks for the super fast processing

Super Gift!

written by Walburga Nacht, 31/10/10

The tie clip was intended as a gift for someone who pretty much everything has already arrived hat.Er super good !!!!

The top

written by Linda, 24/11/10

An absolutely perfect and highly appreciated Father's Day gift, to the technology- and pryltokige! Easy installation and use.

easy storage

written by Anders, 06/12/10

Easy to assemble. Simple and practical control with bonus points for lights come on as soon as you rotate ties. Like even the two belt hooks.

tie Hanger

written by MissVeronique, 17/12/10

This product is very good. Bought it for my partner when he has a million ties and alldeless too little space in the closet for them. It works just as well as coolstuff saying and it fits many ties to... Read more

written by , 03/01/11

It was a gift and it was well received.

written by Mia, 03/01/11

Super! Nice Christmas present for "slipsomanen". Small footprint and is very straightforward.

Modern and functional!

written by Marcus, 04/01/11

Is really happy with the purchase. It was in itself a Christmas present for my father, but it has worked really well! The only minus is that it is a little too loose on the closet rod. It may be that ... Read more

electronic tie holders

written by Christoffer, 05/01/11

When it was put up on Christmas Eve, had to pack just on tour, since everyone thought it was the most interesting gift :) .. It is pengende worth, and keeps what it says in the description.

Electronic Tie Rack

written by Ottmar Lenhard, 31/01/11

Purchase, delivery and product quality perfect.

Electronic Tie Rack

written by Kerstin aus München, 01/02/11

As a gift for my husband bought batteries in, attached to clothes rail, ties off and happy. The lighting of the ties and the rotation system are really great. Finally connection with the ransacking of... Read more

Super tie holders

written by Agnete Vilgaard, 07/02/11

This tie holders is a fun modern electronic product that made fortune with the recipient, who now also receive order on his neckties and belts. Never seen before, which made the gift to a scoop

Perfect hanger

written by Leif, 14/02/11

Such here I've been looking for for many years. It was perfect. Fast delivery & decent price did not hurt / Leif


written by Katrin , 25/02/11

all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

written by , 04/03/11

super Would recommend to all many thanks

Order in the closet!

written by Sivilmonolog, 05/03/11

Usually do not tie at all, but have always managed to find one of my very few of closet clutter when the need will be there. Come over tie hanger ifbm search of a gift to a friend, and bought one for ... Read more

Hugo Gate Electronic tie hanger

written by , 31/03/11

Positive: + corresponds well with the description + Easy to mount on the clothes rail + All 30 slipars without crowding + purple light makes it extraordinary! Negative: -To batteries not included with... Read more

birthday gifts

written by Henrik Beedholm, 19/05/11

We were very excited about this tie holders that he thought was mighty smart.

very useful

written by , 23/07/11

it was grand gift. My husband was very happy with it. And it works well. Running a little too fast but a good gift

Perfect for the pryltokige Daddy!

written by Emil, 12/09/11

Really good gift. Not too plasticky and a good compact design. Perfect to have lights when not everyone has it in their wardrobes. That said, a perfect gift for pryltokige-dad! The only thing that cou... Read more

electronic tie holders

written by Lars, 20/09/11

Super stuff for slipsenørden. Provides an overview of all ties, easy to install.


written by Martin DD, 30/09/11

The hanger works perfectly. I was, however, need to invest in a more massive hanger rod for my wardrobe, when the hanger has a considerable weight behind, and therefore must be tightened properly fixe... Read more

Hugo Gate Electric Tie loader

written by Else Jorunn Solberg, 20/10/11

We bought ein such tie hanging before and lasted thrilled. We ordered now 4 which we shall have for Christmas presents. Hope they cast in smar by those who receive them. Elles was very straightforward... Read more

Elekronischer Kravattenhalter

written by guenter 8, 20/11/11

The Kravattenhalter is exactly as I imagined the product. By lighting one can immediately find the required tie. A little complicated is the stopping of the motor by pressing both knobs. You learn qui... Read more

Good, but quick!

written by Katrine, 20/12/11

My girlfriend was really happy about it. It is good as there is room for a lot of ties, but it runs just a tad too quickly. One can not quite manage to see all the ties in the trade. Does not take up ... Read more

Great gift idea!

written by Ingrid, 26/12/11

I bought the electronic tie holders Christmas present for my dad. He was like a little kid when he opened it, and the day after we had to immediately tank after batteries so the wonder could be tested... Read more

Super happy :)

written by Rebecka, 27/12/11

Bought this slippery hangers for my partner after having talked about it to him. He was really happy and now has 25 ties hung on it! The rotating relatively quickly, but it is easy to stop it when you... Read more

Makes life a lot Easier

written by TLM, 02/01/12

Easy to install. Easy to use and nice to look at. Sort my increasingly large collection of ties in an easy and appealing way.

written by Sabine Bruch, 02/01/12

It is optimal, gave it to my father for Christmas, he loved it

written by Inger, 03/01/12

This tie hanger was a super duper Christmas gift for grandpa. Easy to install in the closet, and worked exactly as intended by rotating and bright. Both donor and recipient were satisfied.

The intention was good, the quality and the solution could be improved

written by Odd, 28/06/12

Ordered this tie hanger to my new closet for shirts, suit pants, cufflinks and scarf. A tie hangs like this that seats 30 tie perfectly matched in the context. I was still a little disappointed with t... Read more


written by Hannah, 30/07/12

It was not it for me, but I gave it to was very pleased. So actually I do not it how good it is

practical case

written by The Joker, 14/11/12

This I bought most of the joke. But when I mounted stuff, I realized that this is practical stuff. Got better space in the closet, and a better overview of the slips mine. Nix more wrinkled tie. As an... Read more

Embarrassing disposed ...!

written by Mie, 17/12/12

This seemed supposed to be a fun idea, I thought last year! This year, I received the response from the receiver that something was wrong at the outset. Sad to have given away something that did not m... Read more


written by PG, 03/01/13

Dear Sirs .... Top device that each tie carrier the morning or the day sweetened, not later than when choosing a tie. A fun idea which also still works flawlessly. However Required batteries or accumu... Read more

tie Hanger

written by Ingo, 23/01/13

Within one day the requested product, I am very happy with. The product application is desired, I also batteries, but they were not included in the package.

Buy 4 batteries

written by Kim, 28/02/13

Satisfied with the product as a whole, but sad that it needed 4 x C batteries when the product description stands 2. No batteries I have at home, and expensive to purchase.

Electronic tie hanger

written by Alr, Sweden 30/12/13

The perfect gift for a picky man who has everything. The approval by my brother and it says it all!

Ties loader success!

written by Arne Bakke, Norway 12/05/14

The digital tie hanger was a fun gift to my brother on the 60th anniversary. He hates to wear ties, so the gift was a huge success! The trailer was sent in rotation among all the male guests, and all ... Read more

Outstandingly good

written by Jens, Sweden 15/12/14

A very good buy if you, like me, have destroyed many fine ties by cutting corners with the suspension. Before I used to hang ties on hangers, but given that I have 20+ pieces so it was easy cumbersome... Read more

Perfect Men Gift

written by A.Reiners, Germany 09/01/15

The Hugo gate is really great. It is easy to attach to the clothes rail and simple to operate. By simply pressing a button, the lower part and one (n) turns can easily, also thanks to the integrated l... Read more


written by Malene, Denmark 18/06/15

Quick delivery as promised. Absolutely no problems. Alluring product. Would definitely recommend and use cool stuff again.

Very good

written by Marit, Norway 28/12/15

Tie holder works very well. Holds 30 tie + belts. It does not take much space in Wardrobes. Practical and functional, and a big plus that there is light at tie holder.

Super service

written by Lone, Denmark 30/12/15

Had come a little late with a Christmas gift, but super fast transmissions made it and slipsebøjlen was well received :-)

Just awesome

written by Martina, Germany 10/10/16

The device is working properly. It really takes up little space and can be mounted on a burlap garment racks are easy. It does not wobble and running despite almost a full load perfectly with 27 ties.... Read more

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