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IQ Box Puzzle

The world's most nerve-racking box! A box that can only be opened once you figured out the trick behind it. A perfect place to hide things - even gifts!

IQ Box Puzzle - IQ Box Puzzle
IQ Box Puzzle
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What is this?

IQ-Box for it with time to spare.

written by , 14/10/10

Very tricky solution, allowing this to be clearly worth having on the table at the party and or party. The box is made of wood and hide their weaknesses very well. A fun party gadget !!!

For easy.

written by Christofer, 15/10/10

A funny thing iofs, but aldelens for easy to solve. There are several "boxes" with the same type of solution, so there have been some similar solve it immediately. Even tried to give it to a... Read more

small box electrifying

written by berra, 15/10/10

for fun, not too hard to figure out how to open it, then no solution is sent with

Funny gift, but kills your fingers!

written by Diskmedel, 16/10/10

It took me a little while to figure out how to open the box. The problem for me was not to find the solution, but rather the energy to get out of the little box where you can store their gift or whate... Read more

A bottle of whiskey poorer

written by j5k, 19/10/10

A box that can be hållla on with 20 minutes and then believe that you can not really open the damn thing .. I was sure it was a note inside the box with "Haha, you have broken the box!" befo... Read more

Wooden box

written by AnneSophie, 23/10/10

Little frustrating. I have not been able to open even after 3 days of experiment. Would love to know how to do.


written by Marcus, 31/10/10

Thought it would be a box that would be difficult to open, but it took less than 5 seconds. Completely useless if you are over 5 years, in short, wasted money.

Not exactly difficult!

written by kadir, 01/11/10

The IQ box is indeed a funny thing and well considered, but 11 people have been 10 gets within 30 seconds! I found prop. something stupid because I had hoped for something tricky. Mfg


written by , 05/11/10

It is believed to be as simple can be really tricky, however, I was myself a little disappointed that I "broke" it so quickly ... But no one I know has cracked the first time!


written by , 09/11/10

For hard for me, has not yet managed to open it. Would like to have a clue.

Perfect gift!

written by Nilla, 11/11/10

We gave it as a present for a 13 year old guy. He struggled for a while with the box and managed to finish. Quite happy, now he knows he must hide their secret things.


written by zz, 08/12/10

Very disappointed. Looked like a fun box to hide a present, but other than appearance, this box has nothing to offer. After you open it once so sit side so loose that you only need to tilt the box a l... Read more

Fun box, but not so challenging

written by Susanne, 20/12/10

I was a little disappointed that it was so "easy" to bring up the box. I spent a few minutes on it, and if you're looking for cracks on the side, so you will find out quickly where the o... Read more


written by Elle, 20/12/10

Really smart o fun product, but it is not really together. When I opened the package fell "box" out. Really boring.


written by Teranze, 21/12/10

it was decent nicely made, they were a bit loose at the opening that made it easier to find the opening.

tricky once

written by Jonas, 21/12/10

The first time is the only time it is tricky to open, but it served its purpose of allowing the girl to work for its gift was inside :)

Oh well...

written by , 21/12/10

Unfortunately, I have to say also that this box has nothing to do with Knobelei or the like. Maybe it's in my box also on the poor quality, because even when you unpack it clattered on the "o... Read more


written by Lennart, 21/12/10

Nice thing, which gives a little extra when you give away something that can fit in a small box example a gift certificate. But it could well have been a little bigger!

written by , 22/12/10

Funny thing, very good to give away to someone when you see the person pulling, pushing, turning and everything but without getting up. When I got it, you could be shaking a bit on it so it opened - n... Read more

written by Frederik, 23/12/10

Iq-box broke when I opened it because the glue was not okay. sour !!

it is not fun

written by msn, 24/12/10

it takes max 5 seconds to open it.

Challenges also for the challenging

written by linnea, 24/12/10

I bought an IQ-box to give away a very smart and pottering person. Before I gave it away, I opened it myself to stop in one package super snow, it took a few minutes but I did not feel that it was par... Read more

something else

written by Thomas, 25/12/10

After some back and forth, the IQ-Box could be opened without being annoying. The IQ-Box could also fill quite well. eg memory stick and lucky charms

really fun

written by Anna, 25/12/10

Gave it to my boyfriend and he was not able to open it myself. A funny thing if you want to fuck little :)

fun box

written by Max, 27/12/10

IQ-Box is a fun way to give away other paraphernalia in, but it's a little too easy to solve because the sides are not symmetrical. More I do not write because I do not want to spoil the little pl... Read more

Super gift!

written by Kim, 27/12/10

Very satisfying to see the person you give it to scratch their heads while he / she is trying to find an opening on the box. :)

Perfect treasure trove for kids

written by Hans, 27/12/10

Organized a treasure hunt for the children. Once they found the treasure they had to figure quite a while before they could open the box. Perfect pastime while the adults eat clear.

Super cool.

written by , 28/12/10

It was a super gift, it was first opened the following day, would not help ...

Not so secret

written by trylleklovn, 28/12/10

Okay, the box is not so difficult to open again. In fact, you can just hold it vertically so falls out the drawer if it is down. Tried to turn the tray inverted and then sat on a little tighter.

Super gift

written by e.o, 28/12/10

Hello Was a super gift and was very well received! Greeting EO

Arrgh! Can not open !!

written by D_Nessuno, 28/12/10

Yes, I have so still not figured out how to open it. Close to declare it impossible, and drill it up.

Fun box but only temporarily

written by Gabbe, 30/12/10

Fun box for maybe fifteen minutes ago has been resolved it and played around with it for it then to feel a little too useless, but for me it was mostly for fun at the moment. Something good was that y... Read more

oh well

written by boom, 30/12/10

bought iq box to my sister for Christmas, I thought it could be fun because she is not always the sharpest knife .. she förstog not what it was for something, so she started twisting it just to see wh... Read more


written by Jonas, 31/12/10

Fun but a little too easy


written by Jimmy, 01/01/11

Would give away this Christmas gift and wanted it to be something when it opened so I opened it first. Was very impressed that it was difficult enough to just over five minutes! Difficulty: enough and... Read more


written by sven, 02/01/11

The box is a fun idea. If you get the trick, it is however boring. Then you can annoy others.

Great to give as a gift!

written by E, 03/01/11

Fun idea. Especially fun to figure out how to open when the instruction is not included.

Funny thing!

written by , 03/01/11

The box va a "going away" gift and became a fun element! Went however pretty quickly figure out how to open but still fun.

bad product

written by r-pigen, 03/01/11

It was not long since I had the box in his hands, before I sat down with one of bræderne in the box in his hand. Bad product, really poor quality - unfortunately.


written by K.N, 04/01/11

Bought this for Christmas, was how tricky anywhere, a few who tried to figure out how it could be opened, but took time before this was resolved, some do still inte.Jätte fun.

Funny thing, but a little too easy ...

written by Oscar, 05/01/11

The box was a fun thing to put a gift in. But I think it was a little too enkal, it took about 10 seconds for me to think of how to get it.

but unfortunately a box defective Smooth replacement

written by Maja, 06/01/11

The box is really awesome and really not easy to crack. Unfortunately, our recipient is the Tüffteln a part of the box broken (was not well glued) and it shall then topsy seen the solution and then ge... Read more


written by Tess, 06/01/11

This where a Christmas present for my boyfriend, bought the stones with different messages and stuffed in it! It took a while for him to open it :) Since it has fallen into other hands, and kept himse... Read more

IQ box

written by Johan, 06/01/11

A fun "partyhöjare". So easy to solve when you can but it is very difficult for those who see it for the first time. Add a gift in the box and give it away, so they have something to think a... Read more


written by AnnaL, 07/01/11

Have seen things like this before and have listed them out before. My father gave the box for Christmas with two candies. He figured it out right away, but it did not all the others, so it was fun. Ho... Read more

"IQ" Box !?

written by T.T., 08/01/11

Another thing that I bought as pakkelegsgave. Had expected more than a wooden box design, which is so badly put together and executed that it took me a few minutes, that (without saying too much) to s... Read more


written by Alexx, 08/01/11

Gave box with money in to the nephew of 10 years as a Christmas gift. He was about to have a meltdown when he did not get up. Was going out to the garage to pick up a saw. Incredibly popular and the b... Read more

written by , 10/01/11

Poor workmanship broke down after the second opening once opened it once it clearly shows how it is to be opened

written by BÅJ, 12/01/11

In about 30 minutes I thought that IQ box was a fake, impossible to open. One of the party arrived at the solution, and it was really smart Sincerely Baj

surely can only work ....

written by michelle, 17/01/11

it is completely fine, and live up to expectations. you're gonna get patience, and not just by me decide two days before New Year that I have to produce as many isstjerne as possible. then it may ... Read more

solved in an hour

written by michelle, 17/01/11

after a little tour on the table Christmas Eve, 5 relatively normal IQ people and about an hour ... and it was solved. really thought that I finally the rage would pick up a hammer, but ... it was qui... Read more

IQ loser

written by Herman, 17/01/11

The packaging was harder to open than the IQ box. It took longer to order box, than solving it. If you struggle with this, you have serious problems. Good luck to succeed later in life!


written by Johannes K., 17/01/11

The box I can only recommend. Tricky to open. I myself have used 10 minutes to open, others have partly not get open without tips. At Christmas all have in my drum beat who they aufbekommt first.

Awesome good o tricky box

written by Jessica, 26/01/11

When after a time trying to get up the box finally got tired, I was looking up an instruction on YouTube for how to solve it, and then it was just like that, but utterly brilliant! Now that I know I o... Read more

written by Unknown User, 28/01/11

Entertaining. Not so difficult to open as it may seem, fun to see people try. Took me ten minutes to two hours for my friend to open it. Suitable for "stasha" their money and stuff .. or may... Read more

IQ box

written by , 01/02/11

I was looking for an unusual gift wrapping. Here I found the IQ Box. In summary, one can say it looks good, but is not as difficult aufzubeommen as I thought. the Internet more stress was promised. al... Read more

Funny party

written by MeTho, 02/02/11

Extremely fun thing to bring to the party. Bought this IQ-Box to my friend the birthday gift (only she and I knew how to open), then see the other guests try to open it, was extremely entertaining. TI... Read more

Fun Gift!

written by M, 04/02/11

I have now given away in this gift twice, and added a little something kind jewelry lr gift card in it. The gift has been appreciated and it has taken different amounts of time for the person to get u... Read more

too easy

written by Egil Dommersnes, 18/02/11

It's pretty slick.


written by Sturla Sæther, Oppdal, 07/03/11

It was sick you have not gotten it yet !! But seeing signs of solution ... :-)

IQ - Box

written by Linda, 11/03/11

The peak to put money in and give away - 10-year-old opened after 10 minutes, but the grandfather was not able to get to it, took several hours, and then only with a little help, he got up. When it op... Read more

Poor finishing and the low level of the opening mechanism

written by casper, 14/03/11

Fun idea with a secret box. But the concept can be done much better. As I see it there are two problems with the product. Firstly, poor finish. I would not like to give it away to anyone for looking t... Read more


written by , 25/03/11

Well-made wooden box .. wood is still wood and want to wear. fold when a piece of cardboard between the outer casing o in the box, so it slips not out when it started to get a little nuts .. beautiful... Read more

Great packaging idea

written by , 30/03/11

I bought for my husband this box. He was 40 and is a great hobbyist. The packaging of one of his gifts in this box was very exciting. I had great difficulty aufzubekommen the box itself to fill it. (B... Read more

Raw gift box!

written by Gran, 06/04/11

IQ boxen are a guaranteed success, both as a gift or as "gift wrapping", another gift for people who like a challenge and have patience. Although it takes some time to get opened the box its... Read more

Fun and exciting

written by TPus, 15/04/11

Having placed some money in the box (had to find the solution to utube although I saw where it was going to be opened), I gave it to one who turned 9 years. He thought it was fantastic fun to challeng... Read more

Mysterious box!

written by Morten, 18/04/11

This box is a really fun gimmick that just requires a lot of effort to get first opened. I used the example. as part of a "treasure hunt" to my girlfriend, so it should be opened to find the... Read more

nice to give away money in such

written by Daisy Dafferdill, 02/05/11

Konfirmanten have to work a bit to get cash this time hehe ..

a good gift wrapping

written by , 04/05/11

it is exciting for a boy of 14 years, to be used as a confirmation present where the money is put inside the box. he can perhaps find open it.

Fun for donations

written by Lotte, 28/05/11

It was a very fun box. Confirmand fought hard to get it open and after 45 minutes they managed to get the money counted.

chore box

written by oma, 07/06/11

Bought an IQ-box, four hours later, I got up. It was so fun, so I bought one and sent to a friend's birthday.

written by Felix, 13/07/11

So I have to say the box is a really great little funny orginelle packing ... and as some have written reports ... had it after 30 seconds on full boring ... well I can agree NOT. We had with the box ... Read more

Fancy Gift Wrap

written by Simson, 21/07/11

If the box is normally well made (in my case it was daa), it makes a lot of fun, because it does not fall apart immediately. As a gift wrapping there is simply ideal. One can only have fun with it, yo... Read more

fast delivery, super gift

written by JR, 01/08/11

The IQ-Box has created a lot of atmosphere, as everyone has tried it and they wanted to open first. open by 1.2 times is, however, very easy and now very easy to open, too bad.

written by , 10/08/11

ideal as a gift packaging. There is a lot of fun when you open another, or to watch the trial. If one has been opened, it is to be too trivial to be true. Then there can be but use great as a storage ... Read more


written by Christian, 11/08/11

It's really cool and impossible to open for anyone trying if they do not take apart the box (almost) It is admittedly not as well made as the one I saw in China, but the same principle and defenit... Read more

just great

written by conny, 15/08/11

Dear Cool Stuff Team and others reading this message have to get the gift and of course immediately tried. It's been but kniefflieg Rewarded the contemplation in detail already on. Do it the same ... Read more

Ideal gift box!

written by Adaham, 26/08/11

The drawers work perfectly as a gift, but also works to test how smart gift recipient really is ... It took about 5 minutes for me to get up the box, while coils which each received a box gave up (aft... Read more

Super gift

written by Helvi Franke, 30/08/11

I bought this box as a gift, but they have tried before, so I had to open it so to be able to trick money. For this you need to talk for 10-20 minutes before it was open. If I liked, and I hope the re... Read more

IQ-Box Gift Packaging

written by tag.traum, 26/09/11

So I think the box very practical, she had imagined something bigger, but has dedicated entirely met her! And I think that will continue genutz small valuables that should others do not see or get int... Read more

Super gift idea for tinkerer

written by tatkra, 27/09/11

The box is for the (cheap) price really great and even I had to tidy fiddle to them aufzubekommen. As a gift idea (z. B. for money or a voucher to hide it), it is great and really came to me in the Be... Read more

Cool gift!

written by hoffis, 03/10/11

IQ-Box is a cool gift to give to friends and acquaintances both to those who think like that are funny, but perhaps just as much to those who do not like it. :-) The solution is simple yet not obvious... Read more


written by Lurerpå...., 11/10/11

This was tricky !! Can not understand those who manage this in a few minutes! Although I was completely sweaty frustration and had to finally resort to Youtube ... Has bought several such to have Chri... Read more

Smart box to give away as gifts

written by Jessica, 24/10/11

This box is really good. If you are unable to open it yourself, you can search YouTube, there are instructional videos on how to open it, it could be good if you give it as a gift with any content. In... Read more


written by Henke, 28/10/11

Unfortunately I have to put a low score on the IQ-Box: a. Two reasons: 1. It is too obvious how it should be opened. Even if you do not see exactly how it should be done so you can see right away wher... Read more

When you know ...

written by Mike, 02/11/11

Hint: The solution is available on youtube. But do not look. Try some yourself for that destroyed everything for me: p ..

Irritant good

written by Jenny, 14/11/11

After many hours of frustrating misslykkade hours of attempts att get up box, the options were att cheat online or call upon the sledgehammer. I found out how one gets into it through to cheat online.... Read more

written by , 15/11/11

Ush and fy and blue! Love this little IRRITANT CUBE !!! : D it's hard to get up (I tried for several days but then one of my friends and showed how I would do ... she cheated and looked it up on y... Read more

Secret box

written by JS, 18/11/11

Funny when you finally got it. And of course a lot of fun even before you got it if you like problem solving. When you managed to solve secret drawer to get the reward: time to hide small items.


written by Jidan, 18/11/11

It took unfortunately not me more than 2 minutes of getting the box opened. If you can sit around a table a lot of adults, and sit in one hour's time to fix this, you have maybe gotten something i... Read more

Easily solved and mediocre quality

written by Peter, 23/11/11

Bought this to give to his girlfriend with something jewelry etc. in. Opened just the o test how intractable it was. It took about 1 minute. So hardly as difficult to solve as it was promised. The qua... Read more

Fast puzzles

written by Flonka, 23/11/11

One can immediately see and feel there was something fishy about the box, but for this price may not be the world's most accurate craft is to expect. The robustness of the box, however, really goo... Read more

written by , 25/11/11

Very interesting gift, I bought three pieces as gifts and everyone liked them, though I think they should have done the IQ box a little bigger, because if you want to put something in it, it is very d... Read more

Good time

written by Emmi, 28/11/11

Have this gift, used for small gifts, the rattle, the redoubled efforts to get at the contents. Was not that easy, is very well done. Even if one quite quickly finds the right side, is the "corre... Read more

good .... the first 5 times

written by TLG, 30/11/11

when I bought the box, it was a nightmare to get up. and I pondered and thought long about it. but after jg had opened and closed it a few times, I gave it to someone else. and they said that it was e... Read more

carelessly made ..

written by Glenn, 01/12/11

The va very easy o open .. it was skewed when I got it so you could see where you could open it, but the girl did not succeed so .. but it seems to be a sloppy china mass production ...


written by Kattis, 02/12/11

Have not been able to open it yet. Becomes a difficult task for those who get it for Christmas. I was going to put anything in it but have not succeeded. Must be a present instead!

Incredibly small

written by Towe, 05/12/11

It was held not even a lottery ticket in the width and for me, it took three minutes to open it, I think it was clearly visible where the opening was.


written by moe, 05/12/11

The box looks authentically from the design I found at first not so great, but now I know that it is part of the trick. The box is worth the money in any case, although it is just a simple trick. I am... Read more

super disappointment !!

written by idan, 06/12/11

It took fanemig two seconds to "figure out" how to open it. Moreover slid the box virtually out as soon as they wiggled a little small. Super Disappointed and this fall's rather than the... Read more

Not good

written by Ems, 08/12/11

It opens itself only I shake a little on the ... What's an IQ-Box?

Cannon to give away with something!

written by Alexander, 10/12/11

I have put in a set as a fun thing. Just thought I should give it to dad for Christmas. If he can not get it up within a few minutes, he will certainly get the hammer. Search on youtube "IQ-Box&q... Read more

Too easy!

written by Søren og Louise , 16/12/11

IT IS NOT AN IQ BOX! IT'S JUST A BOX WITH DRAWER. It's really too bad. it takes 5 seconds. solving the


written by RiiB, 19/12/11

Nice small box, especially the stylish on the outside. Inside was less fun, but it does not matter. However, I must say that I thought it would be difficult to open. Took about 1 minute to get it up, ... Read more

Funny, but precarious

written by Anka, 19/12/11

Ingenious opening mechanism, for our part, even when you know the trick. We let the fact remain open until we found something suitable to put in it - about a week - to not "wear out" and mak... Read more

written by Tutta, 19/12/11

I got it up right away, it was a bit disappointing for me, until I tried it on others. They got the fucking up, so either I'm a genius or so is the rest of the world as smart as a loaf. :)

Good service

written by , 21/12/11

Fast delivery, it just did not work.

written by Lehna, 22/12/11

The box was smaller than I the IAF holds a gift in the credit card storlek..typ SF cinema. Fixed than we knew how we would open so it was tricky before they succeeded. Clearly worth the mo... Read more

Gifts for Christmas

written by Gaute, 27/12/11

I ordered different gaveartikkler in Cool stuff. All products meet expectations and then some. Kjempefornøyd, and I've had an absolutely wonderful Christmas Eve, where laughter muscles really fik ... Read more


written by Bjørn, 27/12/11

A really fun thing! An ingenious Christmas! But the picture lie a great deal, Pictured box larger than it was in reality .. Therefore when not to tops with me .. grade 4

written by Nøtteknekker'n, 28/12/11

Very difficult, but you try enough times you get it right. Missing really a løsningsark so you get put something inside before giving it away.

Super gift

written by Steffi, 28/12/11

My sister has to open with trying this box the whole evening filled. A very nice gift. The build quality is ok for the price, would order the item at any time.

Easy if you are a technical

written by strössel, 29/12/11

IQ box I held on with a whole evening without resolving it, my son took 4 minutes !!

It was not without violence ...

written by Kjeld, 29/12/11

Without giving opening trick, I will tell that it is intilligent enough - but the trick can be in our cash received not disclosed without tools, and no violence. Everything is simply too tight. We, th... Read more

Funny idea, but could be better

written by Crille, 29/12/11

The box was warmly welcomed on Christmas Eve. Everyone would try, and everyone would of course be the first to manage to open it. One problem I find is that when the drawer is opened again, it goes to... Read more

fight nice to give gifts!

written by jørgen, 30/12/11

Not very difficult, but takes a little while to get up :)

Fun gift but minor errors

written by Mads, 30/12/11

The box is really cool and the idea is good but unfortunately share a little loose after it has been used 1 or 2 times but it's nothing a little duct and once WD40 can not cope .. - WD40


written by Ellen, 30/12/11

Gave it away to my son of course managed it in a few minutes! Likewise his partner! Then tried my daughter with equal success. Then there was the mother's turn. It took a lot longer !! But fun was... Read more


written by Palmi, 02/01/12

We had fun with it


written by WhiteDawg, 02/01/12

So first my idea was a piece of jewelry for my wife to it "hide" They always says I pack so ugly Siehste times doll = D The problem was that I myself have ca used one hour for it and already... Read more

beautiful as geschenkverpackung

written by oli, 02/01/12

I have thus packed a gift for my girlfriend - she almost desperate - nice packaging for impatient people ;-)

Took a while to figure out :-)

written by Allan, 08/01/12

It's troth much fun, it's not tremendously expensive ...

Low IQ-box

written by EO, 09/01/12

If your IQ is below 70, it takes maybe an hour to open it. Us normal-gifted people, it took 5 minutes. But funny enough to challenge others.

poor quality

written by , 09/01/12

I bought two of these boxes, one for myself and one for use as an interesting gift box. When I received the boxes, I could hardly bring myself to give one of them as a gift. I had to find something ex... Read more


written by Marte, 11/01/12

Thought I had found the most ingenious Christmas present, but where was I disappointed! The box that was supposed to be "impossible" to open, fell apart just you looked at it .... I ordered ... Read more

written by , 25/01/12

great fun boxes to give away! Bought two. However, one box a little awkward with his opening that you have to pry o putt a lot o make it whole again. And when it was still a pretty big run! But the se... Read more

Very sad...

written by Amanda, 12/03/12

Opened the box on the first try, so even my boyfriend, appears quite clearly where the opening is. Maybe I got a bad box, I do not know, but I was veeery disappointed. Seen people who write that it ta... Read more

IQ puzzle?

written by Danne, 13/03/12

It took longer to get off the plastic around than getting up the box itself. 7sek it was "pleased" clearly ...


written by Seppis, 28/03/12

Was very disappointed at how easy it was to open this box. Had expected lock combination elle something similar. But when I saw the box and got felt a little on it was really just an opportunity. And ... Read more

The name IQ-Box ...

written by JJ, 05/04/12

... Must aim at it is enough to have the same IQ as a drawer to open it. Had expected a few hours klurande, but it is to buy a Himitsu Bako or ISIS. But as many previously written, a little more fun g... Read more

Sneaky seventeen

written by Magnus.W, 19/06/12

Tried several times to open it but failed miserably. Gave it instead to my partner, who opened it after 10 minutes. I thought I was smart;). Good ash and fun to add in stuff and give as gifts.


written by Magnus, 20/06/12

I do not recommend this product, then it took me about 2 seconds to figure out how it opens and that it is too expensive ... The box is too small to hide anything of value in ..

Is recentionerna really true?

written by Maria, 26/06/12

Recentionerna this box must be written by you on the cool tough to attract buyers! Not Can any seriously sit for days without getting up. It took me 2 minutes! Total waste of money! Possibly, it may w... Read more

Three things at once - that's now ...

written by Herr Schwäbeli, 02/07/12

... Really: Therefore one must buy a Kinder Surprise, but this box. Already GAME, FUN and VOLTAGE are guaranteed. I have given it away at a private party, bulging with cent pieces - and then asked to ... Read more

for easy

written by Sandie hansen , 13/07/12

It can be well made very complicated. Plus it could be seen on my where I had to open it, so just had to pry a little and there it was. Or good idea!

For easy to figure out.

written by Patrick, 06/08/12

Had seen this type of container before and would use it for geocaching, but the container is assembled so it's all too easy to see how it should be opened. otherwise it would have been a bold cont... Read more

Mega bad!

written by Chiara, 24/08/12

I was quite excited when I got the box and sat down immediately and started pottering around with it. After 5 min. I tried to shake it, to hear if there was anything inside it. Suddenly "opened&q... Read more


written by Johan, 30/08/12

Ingenious box and perfect as more exciting gift box. The deficiencies seem to Not quite know how the box looks when it will arrive or how hard the secret drawer sits. They can easily reveal the man op... Read more

Vanskerlig opening

written by Kristine I. Brun, 30/08/12

This box is quite frustrating at first, but if one tries at a time and not get it right can the put it down, sit staring for a while before trying to re. It is not called IQ-Box for nothing. I've ... Read more


written by THS, 30/08/12

The box brings you frustration ein period because it is not is something simple solving. But Unfortunately it turned out, it is relatively easy to find resolution, the box and host wobbly after one qu... Read more


written by A.Hase, 04/09/12

It is a complete success. Search One idea - to find the product - and enjoy something good to have found. Goods satisfied 100% of our requests. AH


written by Poeten, 10/09/12

Was a fun little thing to conquer. But I thought it was a little more difficult to open. More parts that had to be taken away etc. Looking innocent, but if you do not know the secret, it is often best... Read more

great for some people

written by Jonas D, 12/09/12

I was looking for a gift for my brother. I got it home the day after I ordered it and I immediately started even to fumble with the ... after 15 minutes I gave up and gave it to my father, he solved i... Read more

Funny box that offered few minutes challenge

written by Rafe, 14/09/12

Quick delivery from Coolstuff. The box is nice and well made. Is it easy for these things then you should probably buy some more advanced from Coolstuff. This opened the box, I and many of my donation... Read more


written by Sara, 31/10/12

Bought this as a fun thing to my brother. Took an hour to solve it, and it was clearly a bit of fun and worth spending a couple of kronor. Glad there was no solution, because then it became a race to ... Read more

Disappointment .. A Christmas gift that unfortunately ended up in the boss!

written by nina, 07/11/12

When I removed the plastic and was going to solve the mystery of how this box is opened, I turned it around to investigate and suddenly slipped opening out and the box was open. The quality was poor e... Read more

gift Box

written by SN, 10/11/12

I got the box open for 30 seconds, but good so I'm gonna pack up there, and then wrap a gift box. Hopefully, the next opener does not get it as easily open .. :)

Fun grejj!

written by Mike, 13/11/12

Have nothing to complain about, but nothing special to mention, either. Stylish box, a bit too small but it got the dimension on the website before you ordered.


written by ThaChef, 14/11/12

Haha, it went Devils not solve. And now I hope that it will be equally hard for the guy for me. : D Skit fun! : D


written by F.A, 15/11/12

Nice box, but really simple to open, I do not know if it's just my but if you look closely you can see that what is resolved, took 30sec o get up! However enjoyable o have reached to give things t... Read more

Fun .... In two minutes

written by Daniel, 15/11/12

Yes, but what can I say, expecting somewhat trickier! But yes, it is funny huh well 2 minutrar, had a way forward to a long struggle and a little satisfaction when I opened it. Fulfills its function a... Read more

o plus minus

written by Zerphina, 26/11/12

Did not any more a description so have not had time to turn into anything, but it is certainly great once I get it, so it should be a fifth in the ratings huh ???


written by H.Valentin, 27/11/12

Unfortunately, the IQ-Box is to be a gift and has not yet been presented. Therefore, I can not write as the gift has arrived. I made it fun.


written by A, 29/11/12

The idea really good and looks nice, but a box of poorly managed so opening the little boxes waved. There was no need to bother a lot of heads.

tja ..

written by linn, 29/11/12

Have seen this product before (from another supplier) and have scratched my head for hours. This box, however, was easy to see the opening, and it's a bit silly?


written by semlan, 03/12/12

A great fun gift ...! Very tricky to open, had to take the help of my son who is super good at these kinds of stuff. I almost missed out on a whole day without success. Recommended!

Took only 5 min ...

written by Anders Rosted, 04/12/12

As the title says, it took only 5 minutes to figure it out, it was as a bit disappointed, as others have written it took 45 minutes for them :( That being said, the brilliantly made, and has a delicio... Read more

Took time!

written by Martin, 04/12/12

Gave this item as a birthday gift, and it turned out to take a while before the jubilant realized how opened it. IQ WiSe Box stole a LOT of attention around the dinner table to put it that way: D

Can only be used once

written by dilli, 04/12/12

Funny thing, and tricky to figure out. But once it is opened, it will appear where the opening is, and then there is a little boring.

Larger than expected!

written by V7D, 10/12/12

I have a similar box in plastic and it has held for over 2 years without starting to "slip out" box too easy. IQ box immediately became loose after more than three rounds and I had to paste ... Read more

idiotically simple

written by Rob, 11/12/12

Took over 30s to come on how to open the box .. The box did not look the same on both sides made it difficult to get to "trick" either ...

IQ Box

written by Godspeed, 12/12/12

Really fun thing to give away, huh less than I thought, but still got three of a kind place with the tickets I would give to brosan, he became a bit sour but to stop, he got up, a little more fun thin... Read more

Good entertainment for guests! :-)

written by Nick Niebling, 17/12/12

Was very skeptical, but for some reason, this box just really hard to open! Once you have done this 1 time, then it is peace of cake .. But it took me about 10 minutes and all others who have tried it... Read more

Too easy

written by Bilock, 17/12/12

Well built and nice box, but too easy to open. Took me ca. 1 minute dedicated effort to get it up. Hope it takes longer for the girlfriend to get content for Christmas, otherwise it is wasted money.

Great thing!

written by Anita, 17/12/12

Have the Gift Certificate inside packed ... my sister would be safe at Christmas if you only get the IQ-Box and the whole evening will be busy: D.

iQ box

written by Ella, 18/12/12

It was not quite what I thought it would be .. I thought self-evident that they would be incredibly difficult to get it up, but it was not. I got up immediately when I open the package .. -.- However,... Read more

Sooo disappointed !!

written by TinaÖ, 19/12/12

Impossible to get up, I read in the comments !!! Yes, I thought! Fun Christmas gift !! I was really excited when I prom up the box from the shipping carton. No instructions would come up with. I hope ... Read more

Funny thing!

written by Anonym, 19/12/12

Bought this box to have something to put in a necklace that I intended to give for Christmas. The color of the box was pretty shitty and it was pretty simple to open only when one looked closely at it... Read more

"IQ" somehow

written by OnkelFysen, 20/12/12

One must be 3 years to find this hard. Used ca. 5 sec. to open this. It came not with a guide, but which obviously do not.


written by JHC, 24/12/12

Fun little box that appears not to be opened at first glance. So however fairly quickly where it was okay to start looking. Took about 5 minutes before I got opened it. There is a larger version of th... Read more


written by henben, 25/12/12

Almost impossible to get on the solution, gave away 5 pcs. the kids who got a tricky Christmas Eve, but it turned out that one of the kids gave her grandfather a box set for Christmas in 2011 and it i... Read more


written by GERRY, 27/12/12

the box is as Geldgeschenkbox simply world class! For the recipient and guests it was a murder Gaudie open the box! Is just recommended! mfG GERRY

funny thing

written by Becca, 27/12/12

Really deposit box. I bought it for my boyfriend who likes puzzles, he solved it true that in about two minutes, but I myself had not been able to figure it out in a long while.


written by present, 27/12/12

Seems to be a little different quality on these, but I got a good that was given to the son (10 years) with money in. Tig anyway. two days to get up =)


written by Marabi, 28/12/12

Really fun thing, but very small and a little too too easy to open, managed to open it in about 30 seconds, so I do not sand it to fit with what I would give for Christmas. But as I say, fun thing, an... Read more


written by Lena C., 28/12/12

Bought this box to have some fun with testing myself, but was very surprised when I after half a minute had opened box after a little bit of fiddling. After first opening it sits properly in anymore, ... Read more


written by Maja, 28/12/12

Many guests tried. They hugged and pushed and pulled in all directions, it went round the sofa. Full Success!


written by Marthe, 01/01/13

Iq-boxen was broken when I got it, it is simply not possible to open it! Was very disappointed as this was supposed to be a gift with money inside ..


written by M, 01/01/13

On Christmas Eve, all were allowed time to try, aufzubekommen the box and they have broken their teeth in it. I had fun :)

purchase assessment

written by wolle, 01/01/13

overpriced Clearly, it was not difficult to open the box. Would not recommend it, more expected

iQ box

written by Jannike, 01/01/13

I think it was fun but it was so good that when you opened the box a few times it becomes too easy to open! "Door" go out only if you shake it! Otherwise, it was very fun!

for easy

written by G, 01/01/13

Funny as gift box. Internal size is approximately 20x45x135 mm. It was unfortunately too easy to open. I thought before that it was a kind of puzzle problems, but it is only a moment to open it. The o... Read more

iQ box

written by Jannike, 01/01/13

I think it was fun but it was so good that when you opened the box a few times it becomes too easy to open! "Door" go out only if you shake it! Otherwise, it was very fun!

Kluirig box

written by Mia, 02/01/13

An ingenious box that you can beat a gift in - takes time for it to open, and then extends to the experience


written by Ann Miltenburg, 02/01/13

"IQ-box" lived up to its purpose, to be tricky. I gave my brother-in a box for Christmas, and the apparently employed both him, my sister, and their sons-in for a long time on Christmas Eve.... Read more

How difficult was it not ...

written by Emma, 03/01/13

Both myself, my partner and his 13 year old son did this kind of five minutes ... But it is a little charming.

Through opening

written by Mette L, 03/01/13

This box has caused anyone who has tried to open it, great frustrations. It is very obvious where to open it, but the real s simply impossible to shut up. It is glued a little too well, so it's ha... Read more


written by Hemn, 03/01/13

Boring .. When the man might have opened it once, it was not so much more to do .. You could not give it to someone else to try .. It was as ridiculous ..


written by IL, 04/01/13

After solving it once was very easy to open then. It slid almost by itself.

Fun !!

written by mn, 12/01/13

IQ-box is just as fun and ingenious as expected! I and 2 adults older sisters struggled with it for a week to get it up so we could put the gift in it. But the clever little sister opened it in an hou... Read more

Too easy and once it was opened once there was none out

written by Tom, 23/01/13

Too easy for revealing solution Once it had been opened once it was no challenge for other longer

easy to open

written by Thomas Gärtner, Germany 24/05/13

this Gescehnkbox ... if you have recognized it! I've got a while desperate attempts - but it's really great to see the so gifted when he wants to explore what rattling therein. A great idea!

Genial gift !!

written by Kirstine, Denmark 30/05/13

Confirmand should not just have money too easy !! So this box had just purchased !! WITHOUT manual !! Argh !! Ordered it go time, so I could figure out how to get the money inside! It was no problem !... Read more


written by Tuttings, Norway 04/06/13

Very cool boxes. Can be used for everything from putting gift certificate (gift becomes a little more fun or more frustrating then) little secrets will be kept in peace - or they can be used for geoca... Read more

Poor quality of this gadget

written by Edward, Sweden 28/06/13

I expected that this box would be incredibly tricky to open, and looked forward to the little tricks and puzzles. But after two minutes it was clear. The three others tested successfully at about the ... Read more

Funny gadget

written by Mando, Germany 04/07/13

to open the IQ box took me 5 min, but since I have indeed used as a gift, the birthday girl could toss indeed and has taken longer. Therefore, a successful gift! Only the price is a bit too high in my... Read more