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Ice Bottle Cooler

After a few hours in the freezer, take out your own unique bottle cooler made of ice, perfect for champagne or any drink of your choice.

Ice Bottle Cooler - Ice Bottle Cooler
Ice Bottle Cooler
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Cool thing to pick up!

written by Eva, 07/11/09

Cool thing to prepare for the party, or when you want to brighten the moment little extra.Kom remember freezing in time only :-)

Stylish but a bit difficult to use

written by Anna, 04/01/10

Bought, just in time for the New Year, a champagne cooler! I like the whole idea of ​​it, but may find it a bit difficult to use ... When you pick it out of the freezer, you have to flush the hot wate... Read more


written by Peter, 04/01/10

Captures people's attention when picking up. Is not enough with a night to freeze, put it in good time. Tip: Freeze several pieces and put out the ice cubes in the snow with a light in it becomes ... Read more

good gift

written by Ikis, 02/09/10

Bought 2. & Gave away along with two bottles of champagne to two girlfriends who turned thirty. It was a great addition to the champagne that we bought in France last summer. Incidentally, I recei... Read more

Champagne cooler that everyone must have mooohaaa :-)))

written by SOL, 28/10/10

It is smartest to have ice in your drink? Or around it .... I prefer to have ice around and this keeps many timer..Da cmampisen was consumed, we used it as "votive" fight yummy :-)) Christma... Read more

The champagne may tiles: D

written by Julia, 29/11/10

I ordered the champagne bucket of cool stuff some time ago. You can make and decorate it yourself by doing color or fruit under the water. I think it's a really nice eyecatcher arriving party well... Read more

Champagne cooler

written by Camilla Wagner, 08/12/10

I have not had to use the product as it is a Christmas present, but it seems to be in proper condition and functioning as it should

Champagne Cooler

written by Lina, 17/12/10

This is a fun thing to buy, for example, which I did and bought it as a Christmas gift. It can be used for both bottles, but also to put candles in if you can not afford to buy both this and the tea l... Read more

Champagne Cooler

written by LillaFrida, 01/01/11

What a fun thing! There are endless ways to decorate the champagne-coolers so the coming suit all occasions. Really fun gift to give away to someone you care about!

Champagne cooler

written by BHH, 19/01/11

Glorious cooler that will be perfect on a summer night, we have already tried with several colors. Fun cooler for a reasonable price!

Sublime and fun product!

written by anita, 01/02/11

I've had a copy of this product before, but "lost" unfortunately the one it and HAD just get me a new one. With this nifty case can make the most delicious Wine Coolers + Isly - only you... Read more

champagne cooler

written by vivi, 28/04/11

The product fully meets expectations. It also works fine as cooler for white wine and rosé.

Neat to party

written by Thilda, 13/07/11

A really good gift for a friend who turned 20 years! She spent very happy and we used it right the day after! But you should try to freeze in stock if you want a "pattern" in the middle, bec... Read more

Works great!

written by , 26/07/11

It works very nicely, but the only thing I thought was a bit difficult was to get out the ice from the "cup". Thought the product would be something bigger than what it was, but it's big... Read more


written by , 27/07/11

Products are collectively reflects the light simply but genius. On a late, warm summer's product handy for keeping white wine bottle cool for a few hours. Simple and use, and easy to decorate so t... Read more


written by Henriette, 29/12/11

Incredibly cool! Not leak.

Champgne Cooler.

written by Sandy, 06/01/12

It was a wedding gift to my little brother. It appealed to the couple. So it I do not regret having bought.

Nice case, slightly twisting

written by Per Peru, 02/03/12

Had two experiments with this and a cracked when I would take it out. But it has enough most of all that I rushed and not waited so long that it was that one should do. One must let these get warmed u... Read more

Super cool!

written by Marianne, 29/06/12

This looks great on the table, does its job of cooling very good and the bowl under collects meltwater. So then only problem space in the freezer :)


written by Nina, 17/08/12

Stylish cool design, the ice held for several hours in the strong sunshine, beautiful effects, much appreciated gift

Champagne Cooler made the best party ever

written by Winnie, 18/10/12

I bought a champagne cooler, because it was a smart way to keep Gajol bottles cold for our 25th birthday, and while it was part of the table ornament. It created a lot of attention on arrival. I had m... Read more

Excellent Gift

written by Benedicte K., 17/12/12

Bought this as a gift for a friend, very nice gift. Coming in a neat little box with images that suggest what to do with champagne cool shoulder (not just freeze ice) :) You can also use this as lante... Read more

ice age

written by Mercurix, 21/01/13

That's perfect! has arrived as a gift super and what makes her and works well.

Champagne cooler of ice

written by Fussel, 24/01/13

The goods arrived very quickly! This product is at full satisfaction, was as advertised! Since I had first ordered the wrong, I called the customer service. Everything went smoothly to my absolute sat... Read more

So fine!

written by Carolina M A, 02/03/13

Jeez, I can not stop writing reviews about all the amazing things I bought! This "Champagne cooler" doing such fine ice cooler if you want. Now it is the high season of tulips, so when the t... Read more


written by Cecilie, 11/03/13

It is fun and brilliant .. you can do many fun things and have even given more in gifts to family and friends ... the ice is slightly faltered ...

Cool thing

written by Mona, 14/03/13

... For someone who has a sense of the extraordinary, creative, great, cool part, the fantasy has no limits what you can freeze everything in this ice, nice it also works if by coloring the water befo... Read more


written by LillaFrida, 25/03/13

This product knows no limits :) There are infinitely many different types of decorations can be done by using this Champagne Cooler. Simple and easy to handle!

Glorious :-)

written by Thomas F.E, Norway 19/06/13

Works great. Popular feature on kid party :-) I frozen down several "bulbs" and combined the light from This was cool!

Beautiful presentation of a bottle of wine

written by Gitte, Denmark 22/08/13

I filled flowers at the top before the ice was frozen and it was a great beautiful result and not at all difficult. I will get to use it a lot when I have ha + guests

nice gift

written by Sabine, Sweden 18/11/13

Gave away the champagne intercooler to the partner's sister who turned 40 years. She was thrilled and thought even use it to make islyckor out the winter :) "A popular and cool gift!

It looks good ...

written by ishizaki, Germany 16/06/14

... But the cooling effect can then but much to be desired. Works best for champagne bottles.


written by Clemens Busch, Germany 01/09/14

Have seen the product to friends and were so excited that we have it now itself. THANK YOU!

Nice but a little plastigt

written by bm, Sweden 03/12/14

Had hoped that the dish where the freezer should be where in the metal. Therefore, I find it hard to give away, it seems a bit cheap. But to myself ok.

Christmas gone right

written by Perfekt kylning på nyår, Sweden 08/01/15

This was a Christmas gift for dad's partner and used on New Year's Eve to chill champagne and later Jägermeistern, and it worked just fine and she loved it.

It tastes just as good =)

written by Janus, Denmark 17/06/15

Super fun thing and it was a huge hit at the party. It may drip a little after you have collected from it.

Yet to Hit

written by Janus, Denmark 17/06/15

Super smart and delicious, it keeps its promises, it keeps wine cold with style, you should remember that if there is to be drunk all night, be sure to complete the tank with water as soon as one has ... Read more

a good sparkling wine

written by Jenna, Finland 26/10/15

A great device. Did what they promised. The ice melted nicely container and kept cold for hours drink. It's a pity that it was only a silver dish made of plastic or metal.


written by Cathrine, Norway 19/01/16

A very easy way to make a great islykt on! Can be used to create islykter and to have that bottle cooler. Sublime with the box below to collect water when it has inside. A little tip is to not use hot... Read more

Rating Sektkühler

written by Judith , Germany 25/03/16

The gift has arrived excellent. Is it possible to easily produce / prepare. Then bottle pure - done!

A cool and handy beverage cooler!

written by Philip Poppe, Sweden 02/05/16

I bought several of this as gifts to friends and family and I must say I am very pleased that this gift was appreciated very much. I myself have not used it so can not say much about that part, but ba... Read more


written by Anette, Norway 26/10/16

Very nice wine cooler. Like that one can add berries and food coloring for variety. Will also use it to votives in winter. Very reasonable. Adorns the party table!

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