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Ice Cube of Sweden Whisky Rocks

Soapstone cubes to keep your drink cold (or hot) for a long time, but without diluting it! They can be used over and over again and won't scratch the glass.

Ice Cube of Sweden Whisky Rocks - Ice Cube of Sweden Whisky Rocks
Ice Cube of Sweden Whisky Rocks
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What is this?

Ice cube of Sweden

written by Jonathan, 22/08/09

Perfect for keeping cold whiskey. Much better than ice simply melting and extends the whiskey. Now you can finally drink whiskey COLD real way :)

A must in whiskey!

written by bear, 14/09/09

This is one out of the best I've bought! totally worth any money and as I say a must in whiskey ... though I ordered two but got only one, but for once coolstuff was, as usual, quick delivery!

ice cube of Sweden

written by lena wulf, 05/10/09

Has been very long, finally found them. very smooth, just set in the freezer, take out and put in the glass with the desired drink. Works very good to keep your drinks chilled.

Babies "cubes"

written by Monika, 04/12/09

Funny, different, instead of ice that melts and dilutes your drinks (in my case pear brandy). Cannon!

No more hot whiskeys

written by Brum, 07/12/09

These are now always lying in the freezer. My first reaction was that they are not cooled as much as I thought. But four blocks and half ice cube is the perfect combination for a suitably blended whis... Read more


written by micke, 07/12/09

Worked perfectly! Has been used other than whiskey! Absolutely wonderful to Home Bar

ice cold ass

written by Ben, 15/12/09

cool the contents of the glass well, the only question is whether it is worth to wash the stones and then let them dry before cooling them down again instead of using regular ice cubes.


written by Johnman, 21/12/09

The delivered what it promised, soapstone is well known for its ability to receive both cold and heat quickly. So nature keeps its promises. The stone is cold as hell and pretty long too. I usually ha... Read more

Ice stone

written by Jimman, 23/12/09

Ice blocks works cannon keeps whiskey cold dishwater without super asking sharply ,.

really funnies

written by Caz, 01/01/10

Works perfectly - but beware no front teeth takes a beating when you surplar the last in the glass! ;O)

Must use all ten

written by Anders, 18/01/10

The text "recommended number of cubes per glass is about three" I do not think is correct. Should there be any noticeable cooling of the drink you have to use many more, preferably all ten. ... Read more

England happiness

written by syster yster, 16/08/10

Thanks for your quick order processing. Then we had England alien here, who was impressed by these stones in the whiskey he wanted the stones to take home, What luck that he got them to 3 hours before... Read more

Top Product

written by Maggan, 15/10/10

Is very pleased with Ice Cube of Sweden. No mess with water anymore. In addition, a plus that they also can heat the most.

written by joggy, 25/10/10

not recommended 3 Stones have done in a coke glass instead of ice cubes and in another glass nothing, result: no Temeraturunterschied, not recommended!

written by , 25/10/10

They keep the cold great - literally for several hours after taking them out of the freezer and used them. Unfortunately ports after everyone in the bottom of the glass, allowing the upper portion of ... Read more

written by Elvira carlsson, 29/11/10

The product is superb last long and gets very cold! a product I really can recommend!

Super good alternative!

written by Majken, 13/12/10

A much better and more attractive option than normal. ice cubes

Clearly better than ice cubes

written by Caroline, 31/12/10

They are not likely to call time, but seems to keep cold longer than ice cubes in all cases. When a piece of ice would have melted the stones are still some cool (not ice cold, but they are still cold... Read more

"The Living well"

written by Victor, 04/01/11

Gave them to my father for Christmas, he was pleased. Works to everything one wants to drink cold. : P You should probably wash them after they have been used and before you put them back in the freez... Read more

fun cubes

written by Mårten, 05/01/11

Ice cubes in the shape of stones becomes an appreciated gift of all. They are stylish and fits great in stylish Whiskey Glass. They can also be used as decoration in places where you want to cool down... Read more

A good kit for the reclusive drinker

written by Yonas, 06/01/11

I do not particularly fast when I'm sitting at the computer. Or anywhere. Likes to take it easy and it usually ends with the glass just stands by and will not so much as a glance. Problematic for ... Read more

Disappointed on the packaging

written by Helena, 28/01/11

Have not had time to test the function yet, but I bought these cubes as a gift to foreign friends, so I was expecting to get a pack of Sweden The map is in the picture. There was little that was the t... Read more

best buy

written by Mikael, 10/02/11

As the headline writing, it's simply the best buy ever, brilliant!

Wonderful gift for friend from abroad

written by Natalia, 19/02/11

Great as a gift for someone from abroad. In my case - a friend from South America. The cubes are really Swedish (Swedish stone), but does not take much space and does not weigh too much. A different a... Read more

Ice just that no ice

written by , 11/03/11

Such stones first appeared on an American side. Wanted them, but purchasing, customs and shipping was expensive. Rarely Norwegian online stores are cheaper, but this is actually the cheapest I found. ... Read more

Käck thing, but not as effective

written by Jessica - PCT, 21/03/11

Got these cubes then I hate it there watery becomes of ordinary ice cubes. my lemonade should taste of soda, even if it is cold! So the idea was super. Unfortunately, I do not think the stones cool ve... Read more

the perfect gift for a whiskey happy father / mother!

written by nina, 11/04/11

you also have a father who complain that whiskey becomes "watery" of the ice cubes? purchase as this and give to your dear father! (He is the host). :)


written by henlis, 16/04/11

Cannon Fine! Feels classy. Cools relatively quickly, and keeps the cold. Tried in småglas (whiskey, for example), and it is enough Recommended amount of stones. Is easy and fast to wash, let dry, cool... Read more

Works fine :)

written by Simon, 02/05/11

They work fine for drinks you will not have diluted, but there are not enough of them in the package ..

stone dead

written by Stine K.A., 10/05/11

I can see that others have written positive reviews but isstenene simply has not worked for me. My room temperate cola was not at all cold despite great patience, in turn, took the dice everything roa... Read more


written by Kasper G., 26/10/11

I feel very cheated to have bought this product ... when I received the item I could only count me up to 8 pieces. stone, but it says in the description that there are 10 pieces.

Doing what they should,

written by joonsson, 28/10/11

What to say? They cools your drinks without diluting it or scratch glass. Handwash only simple hand and cool good. An ice cube cools quite a lot faster, but it was also quite expected.

not much tess

written by kjetil, 09/11/11

regular ice is much more efektift

perfect gift

written by Hege, 01/12/11

Who does not like soda stays cool? And now without the watered out! I've given it to several family members for Christmas - and it fits both aunt, grandfather and nabo'n :)

written by , 03/12/11


written by kajsa, 09/12/11

They were nice but so small! had never thought that they were small, but thought they would be more normal "ice cube size." Otherwise fine.

Ice stones.

written by Mimmer, 14/12/11

Super fine and in cardboard box. They should be washed before using them, but or just to freeze and use. Seems they work fine in cognac and whiskey.


written by Sissel, 15/12/11

These are perfect to have the beer glass. They keep pretty good on cold which means that it takes longer for the beer gets warm, without being rehydrated. This was the main reason I bought it. Do they... Read more

Ice cube of sweden

written by mbka, 19/12/11

Proper ice is still best :-(

Nap, but small.

written by Random-element, 19/12/11

The product does what it promises, and I recommend it for anyone who wants to nedkjøe a beverage, or to keep it were, without Aqueous it out. Just as well, I wonder if the effect had been longer if th... Read more

Something all whiskey lovers must have

written by tor, 30/12/11

This product is genius. You get cooled drink without being watered down

not enough

written by SørenLP, 03/01/12

I am not disappointed with the item, but should probably realize that a package is not enough. They are very small and three cooler not enough. But beyond that it's fucking brilliant :)

Does not work.

written by Jocke, 06/01/12

Experiencing unfortunately the stones not able to cool down the drink in the same manner as ice and used unfortunately not at all because of this.

Ice Cool Stuff

written by nkn, 09/01/12

Cool, fun and effective. All that can be expected of a gift to the man who has everything.


written by , 10/01/12

not now complaining about the works to their purpose as "whiskey rocks" they do not water the drink but keeps the cold

Cool completely ok.

written by adde, 28/02/12

Had any man overconfidence that these would cool much better than traditional ice cubes but I have to state that these cool worse despite longer than a day in the freezer. Would probably bet on kylmug... Read more

ice cube

written by SDB, 05/03/12

This was exactly how I expected it, except that these were incredibly small. A bit is approximately 1cm in cubic. But funket they? Yes, they did.

held not so long in the cold

written by havchr, 14/03/12

It held not so long in the cold. effectiveness of ice cubes are extremely a lot better. Worked a little better on whiskey, but not fight amazing and revolutionary.

Mad classy!

written by Kim, 25/03/12

A must on small celebrations FROM now, will probably buy a package to! Extremely practical to avoid Mecca with bags of ice cubes, these are thrown only into the freezer, if desired. I put the However,... Read more

Super fast delivery

written by Kordegnen, 16/07/12

The ordered product was ahead on the second day after ordering, I received a text message about the package was ready for pickup, faster and easier it is hardly done. I had bought Ice Cube of Sweden t... Read more


written by √-1, 28/08/12

I was so disappointed with the so-called "icecubes". One of the benefits of ice cubes is that you can put them in a room warm cola and then a few minutes later drink a nice cool bubbly drink... Read more


written by THS, 30/08/12

Dice are functional, but they host quickly heat att and dei needs cleaning up to several times before they do not "dust" of the whiskey

Excellent Smart

written by Monica, 10/09/12

This is one great product. Got so tired of ice cubes that melted all tiden.Fungerer good. Having previously bought this somewhere else, but the price of Cool Stuff is cheaper. Therefore I chose this t... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Katrine, 24/09/12

His girlfriend was really happy for the gift. He owed out to buy whiskey, which tastes even better when served stone;)

cool concept

written by Emil Pedersen, 28/09/12

it's nice to no longer have to put whikey bottle in the freezer to get cold but undiluted whiskey. stones should be rinsed well the first time as there may well be some dust on them. all in all I ... Read more

Not ineffective, but almost ...

written by jan sejr, 05/10/12

Too little cooling effect. carbonated beverages shower violently. tested with a variety of drinks and several glass sizes.

The top product

written by Karl, 10/10/12

Then you have opened the purchased stones and they were really to their liking so I am pleasantly surprised. Then I'm a whiskey geek who likes to drink it chilled without getting the diluted fit t... Read more

Saved my fine whiskey

written by Janne, 11/10/12

Remember that there were a product which could cool my fine whiskey without the became watery. Very nice to take out of the freezer when guests come to visit. The box is small and smooth, no problems ... Read more

cannon good

written by Pelle, 15/10/12

Got it immediately after my order, good service. Will buy more for Christmas, gave away this weekend and was an immediate success. Have yourself some items earlier and it's always fun when it come... Read more

Thumbs up!

written by Lars, 30/10/12

What you see in the picture is what you get, nothing more or less. Funny thing that will be perfect to give to my father on Father's Day :)

Father's Day gift?

written by m, 19/12/12

nothing special, old-fashioned whiskey stones. worked great as a 54-year gift to the father. Works safely to other than whiskey with.

Christmas present

written by Fredde, 26/12/12

Bought this item as a Christmas present for my sister, who loves these! she is a lot for drinks and cold coca cola and she does not like ice, it dilutes the drink. She was really happy!

Stylish and unique way to keep your drink cold

written by Ani , 26/12/12

This was a gift for my in-laws, and they were very satisfied with the product. It was adopted immediately (after they were cooled) and served as they should. These may well indulge with a clear consci... Read more

To whiskey buff

written by Matilda, 31/12/12

Gave this to my father for Christmas. He was very happy and I really believe he gets the advantage of them! Great when you do not want to dilute your drinks with ice!

Nice gift for someone who has everything

written by Henrik, 01/01/13

Nice product for someone who has everything. Gave this to someone who is fond of Wiskey who are not fond of to dilute the whiskey with ice :-)

Ice cubes

written by Minna, 01/01/13

It was unfortunately not possible to see how many ice cubes contained package, I was a bit disappointed when it turned out to be 8 pieces and not 10 as I expected. The box looked a bit pathetic but th... Read more


written by Ekan, 02/01/13

Less than expected, poorer quality than expected. Might as well have to go out o take a handful of rock outdoors.


written by Mikael, 02/01/13

Finally I found real "rocks" to whiskey my !! This is the end of diluted whiskey with ice cubes melting ...


written by JK, 02/01/13

Really good for those who do not want to dilute your drinks after five minutes, but drink in peace. But the cold! :) Awesome product that is recommended for all kalldrickare!

Cool and practical!

written by Lea, 02/01/13

The use rocks instead of ice is so sick practical and cool. In addition, wear it on the glass!


written by Katrin, 02/01/13

The ice cubes are perfect for all whiskey lovers who want to enjoy like undiluted and cold your drink.


written by Liithonen, 02/01/13

absolutely lovely, perfect not wanting to dilute your drink with regular ice cubes, Whether it be beer, soft drinks or anything else.


written by Jonas, 03/01/13

Right good thing, but can not say that it was great cold on them. When just taken out of the freezer so they are quite cold, but only keep drinks cool in ~ 15-20 min. The advantage is calculated as th... Read more

RIP !!!

written by Henning, 04/01/13

It says about this product that the stones will stay cold for several hours, when they have been in the freezer first. This is so incredibly trickery, THESE STAY not COLD VERY LONG. ps. Some of the pr... Read more


written by Ollie, 04/01/13

As it says on the package, all praise is reliable, does not scratch the glass, keep the cold, rapidly cools and changes no taste. And they do not water down that expensive whiskey! They used for the f... Read more

Cools nothing

written by Senchoo, 07/01/13

Did deposit nearly a full package of rocks that stand in the freezer for three days in a glass of lukewarm water for it to be colder. After about 30 minutes they were in the water were all the stones ... Read more

Pigeons not to soda

written by JSebastian, 07/01/13

The pigeons not to soda, as when producing several times the shower as ice. The cooler also not as effective as ice. Flat cola, it just will not work :( But for booze or juice as you do not want to di... Read more

Save your money.

written by a_s, 10/01/13

Followed instructions acc. manufacturer. The cubes are cold but loses power when using them. Despite four cubes to notice any difference, my whiskey was not colder in comparison with ordinary ice.


written by muffin, 28/01/13

Not stupid. Seems good, without diluting, only Popp them in the freezer. They are also fun helpful to guests: D

Not tilfrestillende.

written by Per, 05/02/13

Them does not cool down your drink. Have tried by 5-6 pcs in a normal glass and it is not cold enough. Regret that I bought 2 packets.

like that

written by Andreas , 18/02/13

is that they must be better than ice cubes but disagree. I threw all eight of my whiskey after they have been in the freezer overnight, but ice cold, I would not say that the whiskey was. little disap... Read more

cooler not

written by PMB, 01/03/13

Unfortunately, these acts whatsoever. To confirm this I filled a small glass to the brim with stones lain over 24 hours in a freezer at -23 degrees. Probably more rock than drink in the glass. Not not... Read more


written by SLN, 25/03/13

They work as they should :) They make my Whiskey nice cool, I'm glad I got them purchased, the price I think it fits.

Canon Product!

written by, Sweden 03/06/13

Party! Keeps the cold really well and long, highly recommended. Meadow. product description and other reviews. Who uses these to the whiskey? To refer Steffo (TV4 / Food & Drink Skills): - Those w... Read more


written by Henke, Sweden 18/06/13

Super satisfied with the purchase that works perfectly. Keeping my cool drinks cold long time so nothing to complain about, then they look too damn delicious out when sipping a wirre ...

really fun and innovative gadget

written by pontus, Sweden 18/06/13

Tested it and works well, first in the freezer with stones, wait half an hour to cool down something good to drink, buy more now - perfect as a gift ...

works perfectly and the

written by robban, Sweden 18/06/13

fun when I had some buddies at home, the stones can be reused so there is always "ice" at home, stylish, they are also

Cold impression :-)

written by Jan, Sweden 18/06/13

Ice Cube of Sweden was a successful gift for my foreign colleague. His colleague was surprised but pleasantly surprised by the results. So next time I have been asked to buy me some boxes ..

Cold but heavy

written by Livsnyter, Norway 05/08/13

These 'cubes' keeps very well in the cold. However, since they are heavier than water, will not cold distributed from above and down as conventional ice cubes. But reusability and gentleness t... Read more

Ice cubes

written by Lillis, Sweden 30/08/13

What a thing, will not dilute drinks on wiskey, recommends these stones, keeps the contents of the glass läääänge.

Estimated gift

written by Karl, Sweden 12/09/13

Bought these stones before the 50-year celebration and can say that it was very much appreciated even though it was considerably more expensive gifts on jubilarens table ... felt that these would be p... Read more

Cool rocks and perfect as gift

written by Uffe, Sweden 02/10/13

Order Ice Cube of Sweden often they are perfect for gift when you go out to dinner instead of flowers or a bottle of wine, tend to be a fun topic of conversation during the evening, have also read the... Read more

Fun, good and works

written by Viktor, Sweden 02/10/13

Tested with these but were a bit skeptical if they would work, were positively surprised, works fine and stylish, they were also, order more boxes now!

Ice cube of Sweden

written by Kitsune, Sweden 24/10/13

I bought these for my father now as he filled the years and he is very happy with them. I will buy more of them :)


written by Susan, Denmark 25/10/13

The fine "cool rock" is both decorative and functional! It is a pure luxury of cooling Whiskey mm. For without the alcohol being sinned of water! They work really well and the delivery was r... Read more

No errors!

written by Anna, Sweden 26/12/13

Fast delivery, no product defects and my friend who got the Christmas present was more than satisfied. Need to write that I am super happy? :)

Small but good

written by Starkko, Sweden 27/12/13

This was the perfect Christmas gift for a brother in law who is ganskasvårhandlad ate. A large beer and whiskey lovers who would get something under 200k - the packaging was simple and uncluttered, an... Read more

overall good

written by Maja, Sweden 30/12/13

The stones felt right rough and had sharp edges, although it said that they would be soft. Remains to see how they affect the glass. Overall a great fun and appreciated gift, the only thing I could mi... Read more

Ice Cube of stages! completely useless

written by Jamil, Sweden 06/01/14


No more soaking

written by Lurifax, Denmark 24/02/14

I bought icecubes of Sweden for my fiance, because he likes his whiskey cold, but failed ice cubes so as not to dilute the precious drops. They have made great happiness and works perfectly with three... Read more

Cool concept but ...

written by Ørjan, Norway 23/05/14

These are RAW if you drink whiskey "on the rocks" or other isdrinker. only downside is that they must lie in almost boiling water for quite some time to get rid of the taste of what they wer... Read more

full flop

written by Ubbe, Sweden 10/07/14

Had bought them and waited for me ... Uh ... Yes. Much more than this anyway. Many who have written reviews here seem to be inside that it is "a fun thing" that is cool to give away, and I c... Read more


written by hypercrasse, Sweden 08/09/14

what to say, they keep all the drinks cool and avoids the dilution of water, spirits and beer will be better!

The top product

written by Henke, Sweden 11/09/14

Bought this as a gift and received nothing but praise from both the receiver and the other at the party that tested. Myself have had my ice cube of Sweden for many years and used them extensively so I... Read more


written by Inge-Even, Norway 31/10/14

This is garbage, holding just barely 1min before them is hot. So I have to do is fill the entire whiskey glass with stones (7-8stk), pour some whiskey Oppi to wait a little, get a little cold but very... Read more

fine ice cubes

written by Lene, Denmark 02/12/14

We are very happy with the product. There is not much to say about it other than that they do so they must :)

does not work

written by Manu, Sweden 24/02/15

I had them for 24 hours in the freezer, poured over small whiskey, and in 15 minutes it was room temperature again. Instead of keeping the drink cold for longer (than normal ice cubes), it is much les... Read more

class parts

written by Karo, Germany 07/05/15

Fast delivery and excellent Produktqualität.Ein bit dusty cubes but that opens up after 2-3 times rinse.

different Christmas

written by Felicia, Sweden 14/12/15

The delivery went very quickly and smoothly. The stones were much nicer than I expected and a very good Christmas gift because most do not have them at home! Very happy!

Very happy

written by Sarro, Sweden 28/12/15

It was a Christmas gift to the man and he liked them :) which makes us both very happy :) hold sog cold and do not water down your drinks :)

great service

written by Lillian Andersen , Denmark 28/12/15

Should use ice cubs to gift, and they were received with joy.

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