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Ice Lantern

Lamp of fire and ice! Freeze the ice and light the candle. You now have at least three hours of magical beauty before you while the ice slowly melts.

Ice Lantern - Ice Lantern
Ice Lantern
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What is this?

What a thing!

written by Siri, 12/11/09

Bought islampa that can freeze and have both inside and out. It fyser one at a time with the same shape and then you can have several cozy ice lanterns. Now I will give to friends like that too Hint: ... Read more


written by gulzebra, 07/12/09

Islampan bought a birthday present for my mother and we were able to agree almost immediately that islampan was görläcker. Fine with frozen stuff and when the ice is changing, and very smooth when the... Read more

violent Islampa

written by Annika, 12/12/09

Simple to use! Good product description! Corresponded absolutely my expectations!

Just great!

written by Steffi, 21/12/09

Skip to main content, super quality and unbeatable prices. Conclusion: Completely satisfied and again any time !!!

written by micke, 23/12/09

meet expectations, really cozy!


written by Alex, 28/12/09

Gave this as a Christmas gift too. Much nicer than a regular candle holder. It is also very special, for the better. Right size too! Perfect Christmas gift or have for yourself!

written by gkp, 01/01/10

Delivery fast and reliable.

Ice lantern

written by Nadja, 03/01/10

I have given away at Christmas the ice lantern to my father, because I found the advertised "clash between fire and ice" interesting and wanted to give him a cozy light. The ideas have been ... Read more


written by Jeol, 04/01/10

Very stylish and useful! Simple and stylish for both the dinner table or the balcony. Became a very appreciated gift! =)

Really nice!

written by King Pin, 04/01/10

A beautiful and fun to freeze different things!


written by M, 04/01/10

The best buy ever! Love, becomes magical when you have decorated and then light a candle. Must buy more: D

Successful purchase to the wife!

written by Micke, 04/01/10

In Christmas panic, I decided to check out your site and found "Islampan" I decided to buy my wife. A bigger success may be looking for. We have used it every day during Christmas and New Ye... Read more


written by Amanda, 05/01/10

Gave light to my mother as a Christmas present. Both she and I are very happy with it. Really nice glow. However, I have trouble getting it to melt evenly. Probably it is because I have to have an obl... Read more

written by , 09/01/10

Fast Beabeitung and delivery ........ perfect run! Thanks again! MFG Mario Harmuth

written by Christina, 10/01/10

Fun invention! If you're considering buying it, I can only say DO IT! You can actually get it to be really nice if my putter flowers, leaves, branches or the like. It really is easy and cozy to ha... Read more

very good service

written by Peter, 01/02/10

Once order very fast processing and delivery. We recommend.


written by Pär, 27/02/10

This was just as I expected; simple idea, simple design, but oh so nice product. Really nice to create different domes with colored water, with plants, with Lego pieces (!) Recommended

Very nice ice lantern

written by , 09/05/10

The ice lantern is a very nice idea, and super easy to use. Does the Internet however much greater. And keep at "normal" living room temperature no 2 1/2 hours. Can recommend for all candle ... Read more

Ice stars

written by Roswitha Hettfleisch, 18/10/10

The Ice stars are really beautiful. I have already tried and it works fine.

Cool gift for people who have everything!

written by June, 11/11/10

Funny "thing" that lights up in everyday life. Nice inside and outside;) Recommended for those who already have everything :)

Very satisfied!

written by Sandra, 21/11/10

My Ice lantern met three days after an order and was now several times in use. Really a beautiful, innovative product that comes along also very high! Store and Ice lantern I can highly recommend! Tha... Read more

fickle pleasure

written by Superharen, 26/11/10

Thought it was a fun idea when you can create a lot of different, personal ice lanterns at selected times. Suitable for all celebrations or why not brighten up an ordinary weekday evening with a littl... Read more

set 5

written by Funkelfink, 02/12/10

The ice lantern was admittedly only briefly in my possession, and after a five-hour stay in my freezer, they took the road to take certainly many ice lanterns. It ended purely as a gift, but as an ove... Read more


written by Anne, 02/12/10

Have used them to the front steps and it will be so nice. Then you do not have a collector without doing lots of lanterns just with different colors. Super!!

Ice lantern

written by sindy0789, 07/12/10

Everything was fully in order. Delivery time was ok, super package, no problems. Lantern looks great, too great, especially, even if one uses Deco. To recommend!

Super fine

written by Elliot, 22/12/10

Really nice, simple to make. The top Christmas gift!

Super good

written by Kalle, 30/12/10

Really nice lamp that was perfectly presented. Unfortunately, one of those we ordered broken on delivery, but customer service Coolstuff has been really nice and helped us very quickly. So we are very... Read more

Fun for children

written by Martina Skauge, 03/01/11

I brought islykten on New Year's Eve to some friends. The lantern so not only incredibly nice out on the dinner table, but it was also great fun for kids to be involved in taking the torch out of ... Read more

Great and safe lantern

written by Anne, 04/01/11

Beautiful lantern that can be used in countless variations. Coming enough to buy several of the same type :-)

Light in the darkness of winter

written by IJ, 05/01/11

Islampan that we bought are both price-friendly and easy to use, the result is myckert nice shine, it can be used both inside and out.

beautiful glow

written by Smilla, 07/01/11

Easy to manufacture, instructions to the last detail follow. It gives a very beautiful light and decoration possibilities are endless so you can get it how nicely anywhere on the table, in the window,... Read more

great idea

written by B*bosch, 09/01/11

It's a great idea, especially if you need it gives people the variety in the decoration.


written by vicici, 09/01/11

I think islykten was nice. BUT a little disappointed that it stuck and almost impossible to get out after it is taken out of the freezer. I must use scalding hot water and then melt a lot of ice befor... Read more

The lamp is super ...

written by Goddi, 11/01/11

Bought for my fiance as a Christmas present. Very fun lamp that you can do lots of variations. Very Estimated gift.

stylish islampa

written by Peter, 13/01/11

Lampformen was slightly smaller than I expected, but otherwise a really good product. Attracts experimentation.


written by Gunilla, 03/02/11

Great fun with islampan that you can have both outside and inside. Many were impressed when we had a party. Especially when I had put flowers in ice. A bit difficult to get isklumpen from the jar.


written by Rille, 04/02/11

Giant Violent lamp, worked perfectly!

Worth the money!

written by Malin, 25/05/11

Super hot talking at the dinner table, just one problem, it was not easy to get out of the mold, the next time I get to plan it a little bit better so it will stand and thaw a moment before so it rele... Read more

written by , 19/08/11

Hey! It was a very nice and appreciated bröloppspresent. Can Execute freeze well several and set out on the stairs or in the yard during the winter time. The description of how to use islampan was ver... Read more


written by Maria, 23/08/11

This is something that many should have in their homes! Imagine, one can make his own Isly, color or whatever you want to put in! Also it is very soothing to look at.


written by dine, 07/09/11

The Ice Lantern I have already given away a few times - just for people who otherwise it all. Has so far every excited - whether young or old. It makes a super nice atmospheric light and can be decora... Read more

Unusual idea

written by , 25/10/11

I'll give away the ice lanterns for Christmas, but I'm sure they will arrive very well.

great ice - effects

written by schaaschi, 31/10/11

with the ice lantern can produce very different eislampen generating the burn a great mood. in summer with citrus fruit, star anise and cinnamon sticks in winter ... very nice to look at - also quite ... Read more

which has not any!

written by Sunshine_girl, 02/01/12

I absolutely loved it from the lantern. It is easy to produce in the freezer and looks really great. All my guests have asked me where you can buy something! Even a simple tea light inside looks great... Read more

Ice lantern-fire and ice

written by Ursula Tusch, 09/01/12

Was an absolute hit at our New Year's party. We had pre-frozen several ice lanterns, so that we had until the wee hours of enjoyment.

Romantic creative

written by der-maxx, 13/01/12

Very nice light. Also partly communicative. Man sitting at table and puzzles which part next melts and falls over. Top!


written by Dörte, 01/03/12

Much too small, the whole thing is not good as ice lantern, best one size larger than "Ice-Cool".

Private desin

written by slaskhinken, 03/03/12

The cool with islampen is that you can make it just as you like! The suit halloween party as to the Christmas party because you can put whatever you want in islampen to and match your theme for the pa... Read more


written by dippedutta, 14/03/12

Simple and straightforward table decorations. Have tried with only water, and tried with food coloring Oppi, and both parts did look good on the table! Very nice as table decorations, and so simple an... Read more

Very nice product

written by Olle, 20/04/12

Islampan was a hit at the party. I had done a striped candy of different colors. Everyone wanted to fiddle around with it! :)


written by Magnus.W, 19/06/12

Totally awesome-cozy on this islampa. Picks the often to enhance the mood hours. Fun also to vary with what you freeze in the lamp, just to experiment.

Ice lantern

written by hhh, 10/10/12

successful surprise home ready frozen, presented on plate with deco! sometimes quite what anderes.toll!

Cool part

written by Heike, 26/10/12

All my friends and I find that really cool part. Beautiful table decorations for parties, among other things one can let his creativity full run. The drip tray keeps everything on water. A larger stru... Read more


written by kein, 03/11/12

a beautiful product, everything perfect, like another order with them. nice gift for the Christmas season

Really nice idea.

written by Monja, 05/11/12

Looks great and makes an atmospheric light. You can also buy several questions vorfrieren and without base outside as a decoration in the snow or on the stairs.

Beautiful gift idea

written by karina, 12/12/12

Really nice product with endless creative possibilities! Ice lantern total (incl. Stainless steel body) is 17cm high. The inner diameter is 6.5 cm. The plastic container, where the ice is frozen is ab... Read more

Simply Super

written by Christine, 13/12/12

have already presented some ice lanterns and all were enthusiastic. If in summer a good idea as well as in winter!

Ice lantern

written by tupti, 17/12/12

have already conjured up many beautiful eislichter which are creativity because almost no limits made simple and great effects

That even I can ;-)

written by Fela, 01/01/13

The Ice Lantern came several times to super. Even without great skill you can conjure up great works of art! With base on the table or in the garden without - great.

burning ice

written by Ayron, 02/01/13

Ok, the Rausholen from the freezer pack worked only at the second time really and Einfüllstrich would also be handy. Water expands as known. Too little water is no harm but one would like to have the ... Read more

Ice lantern

written by SdH, 04/01/13

Just gorgeous! The ice lantern has found its way to several friendly tables, as well as on my table, and really shines in fullest glory! Even in the house, it has a relatively long shelf life for me o... Read more

Catcher for the table

written by Susanne, 04/01/13

Power super-fun and was well received. :) Side note: not quite as high fill as specified - otherwise it freezes crossed over

The ice lantern

written by Detti, 07/01/13

The ice lantern like very gut.Es is a beautiful light when the candle burns and melt the lantern slowly indeed beginnt.Es needs something to planning and preparation, but the result is very nice.

Soft, indoor lighting

written by age, 08/01/13

Funny lamp that can be done in many designs. Burns several hours. Will not run. Provides nice light. Different lamp each time if you want. A bit difficult to get ice, rinse with water and let it stand... Read more


written by Kari, 08/01/13

Islykten works well, but is very small - it disappointed meg.Om you have or get into some bigger send us an mail.Med greeting Kari.


written by Torild, 08/01/13

This was fun to lage.Kan the put different things in the container along with vann.Har frozen many nå.Bærre lekkert.Gitt away to friends who also think they were fine. It is top

Very nice!

written by Han Der, 09/01/13

Islykten looks very good on the pictures they are presented on the website, and verily so it is not at least as nice when you see it in action and! Was very nice to have on the table when you have Chr... Read more

Nice product

written by B.Machmor-Fritsche, 13/01/13

Original and beautiful product. Fast and easy checkout! Highly recommended, gladly again!

Ice lantern

written by JOJO, 08/02/13

I had the ice lantern wanted for some time, it think that is a super deco Idee.Ich was really happy when I found hatte.Klappt with you also fine.

Attracts attention and admiration

written by Olle, 10/04/13

Islampan always arouse attention and admiration! You can freeze the ice with different colors and patterns. Always fun to light at parties. Remains the center of attention, then everyone wants to foll... Read more

stylish lantern

written by Scorpion, Sweden 03/06/13

Bought my wife. Became an appreciated gift. Stylish and cozy lantern to light. We have tested mix of caramel colors in the water, it was really good.

Ice state for indoor use

written by Marta G. , Norway 04/02/14

A islyktform with shelf. That means islykten can be put on shelf and used inside. I am very happy and have made several fine islykter finding success. Nice gift for young and old.

Funny thing!

written by Madde, Sweden 18/12/14

Bought as a Christmas gift for Mom because she loves votives and think it's so nice. Have not tried the product, but think it can be good! Very fast delivery!

cold enlightenment

written by Pit, Germany 13/01/15

a very decorative part, always something different and versatile changeable. Very easy to use. Definitely a successful gift, even for yourself.

Hot like hell

written by Ludwig, Sweden 26/02/15

Easy to do, put in a bit of raspberry and a tomatstjälke and was cruelly handsome! Highly recommend it if you want to have a nice time!

Super satisfied

written by Gutschigirl, Germany 23/03/15

I have been given the ice lantern itself and found it so amazing that I wanted to give also. They can be varied, it always looks great Deco-

Nice surprise

written by Abi, Germany 16/02/16

I bought the ice lantern as a gift for my wife. Overall, I must say it was a nice and pleasant surprise. Unfortunately, it has the clear ice despite boiled water not quite work that way. And the rose ... Read more

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