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Ice Lantern Star

Now you can create great looking ice lanterns to put in the garden or on your balcony! All you need is an ice lantern and a freezer!

Ice Lantern Star - Ice Lantern
Ice Lantern
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What is this?

Fun !!

written by , 16/11/09

Nice votive! one must noh have many lights in store when my light thought they were a little too cold inside the star

written by Anne, 21/12/09

Amazing lamps. Easy to make. Easy to add personal touch with leaves, berries or other. It's hard to get it out of shape, but if you follow the instructions patiently go a breeze. Sea However, pati... Read more

written by Nosker, 07/01/10

A fun way to make light go on. Remember substrates for indoor use. I've used a flower pot ... must be cleared from the table after use, as condensation may form.


written by Olsson, 07/01/10

Really nice islykta that lights properly ^^ Can also have that to have drinks in / cream in the summer.


written by ida kirkelund, 14/09/10

Have not tried yet. but will certainly be a festive touch to Christmas


written by , 01/11/10

have ordered a Eissternform. Delivery arrived very quickly. Was very satisfied. Would not hesitate to order there again. Can recommend it only.

written by Malin, 04/11/10

The shape dropped form (hah!) In the freezer so that the plastic bulging out between two of the star's points. Right okay results anyway and not inferior to that I ordered three to give for Christ... Read more


written by blylle82, 15/11/10

The only negative I can find with the product, is that it came with no instructions in Swedish and that it takes so long to get out of the ice from the mold. Is not it fun to wash either, if one would... Read more


written by Vickan, 23/11/10

Have just tried to make a star once, but then I thought that it was a bit difficult to get out formen..Ska test further! A wonderful idea though!

Ice stars Dekofit for the winter!

written by Spring, 25/11/10 Here I have a very detailed review on this product! To force anyone to look at this page I will again describe briefly wh... Read more


written by Annika, 29/11/10

I liked the shape of isstjärnan. It is beautifully lit and it is cold outside, hold it for a while and you have time to freeze several pieces to wear such as stairs. The only problem I find is to get ... Read more

written by Lollo, 29/11/10

Very difficult to get out of shape ..... Nice, but not worth the "job"


written by Mareike, 01/12/10

Have the Ice stars given as table decoration in a glass bowl with a tealight inside the star, saw all very classy !!! Little effort, BIG EFFECT !!!!! If you need more stars, just released from the mol... Read more

Super IsStjerna!

written by , 03/12/10

Genial and simple form to freeze ice-stars! Just the right size of the lantern as well.


written by MQ, 03/12/10

Incredibly beautiful and atmospheric ice lamp to get out of doing this isstjerne- especially this holiday season makes it the super on the balcony or in the garden

Very satisfied

written by Bimberl Reichenhall, 06/12/10

The product described has fulfilled all expectations.


written by , 13/12/10

Really nice to have in the garden or on the stairs and put candles in :) An unusual, but happily welcome guests =))

No limits to the imagination

written by Susi, 15/12/10

The Ice stars are not just to look beautiful, but also make it fun to test it, they and beautify. Filled with branches, peppercorns or chilli peppers, depending on what you find in the kitchen or in t... Read more


written by Coolman, 16/12/10

Did they not IsStjerna whole out of shape.

Very pleased!

written by Åsa, 16/12/10

Will jättefina isstjärnlyktor .. A little hard to get loose from the mold but it is possible. Will be fine with many lanterns for Christmas. Have done 9st now and more to come before Christmas; p

Glorious winter decoration

written by LKP, 16/12/10

I am really happy for my isform which is permanently in the freezer and producer beautiful stars for both my and neighbors' patios. I have made some different experiments with food coloring, so th... Read more


written by Stefan Heidrich, 20/12/10

Christmas gift for Mom, am sure is super arrive, perhaps should be in text in which you are best used for floating candles

Gaaaaanz great star

written by poison33, 20/12/10

If you follow exactly the instructions, everything works really great. Stars look simply gorgeous. Already have 12 stars scattered around the gardens. I found the star so nice that I have presented al... Read more


written by , 22/12/10

we have seen the Weihnachtessterne and wanted to have some. Now they adorn our gardens and are bewündert. A super idea.

written by , 23/12/10

A great idea, this product. However, the stars are advised always something wrong with me. Perhaps you can tell me what I'm doing wrong. Greetings from the Swabian Alb William Harr

stylish isstjärna

written by Sofie, 23/12/10

Isstjärnorna become jättefina - once you get them out of the mold. It required some crafting before I came on technology to get them out of shape. In principle, however, as it says in the instructions... Read more

ice lantern

written by Torhild, 23/12/10

Easy to make nice votives with these forms

Super item - fast delivery

written by toraki, 24/12/10

So should look online shopping: Easy ordering - Fast Shipping!

great islygter

written by karen, 27/12/10

islygterne is super nice and easy to make, it takes a little time to make many, as they must freeze in 24 hours. please note that you CAN NOT use tea lights in the lamps, it melts the bottom out of th... Read more

Great idea and brilliantly simple!

written by Karin_1000, 27/12/10

So a great idea! And super easy to use. The frozen stars look particularly great if you hineintut something as pine branches, rose heads. Schoenstatt candle can also thread a thin light string through... Read more

Beautiful and easy!

written by , 27/12/10

The Ice stars fold really outstanding and are beautiful. Clear is the star with distilled water. The stars have a beautiful shape and look very good!

written by Kiki, 27/12/10

Very fast delivery, great product. I have a freezer, so I was able to prepare several lanterns and store accordingly. Looks great.

Cannon Fine ice lanterns

written by Sanwah, 28/12/10

I'm thrilled! Very easy way to create nice and atmospheric lanterns. Recommended!

written by A-S, 28/12/10

Perfect to make their own lanterns mé fir, glitter or sequins, I'm surprised the neighbors mé respectively lighted lantern on their stair before Christmas, the perfect result;)


written by Ulise, 29/12/10

I was only a little skeptical, but the stars are wonderful and it also does not take quite as long as I only feared ... More need not be said, it is simple and the result is wirklict class :) I am ver... Read more

Stylish but hell to get out.

written by Per, 30/12/10

Very fancy stars. Mix the glitter becomes little girls in the family very happy.

Really cool

written by , 01/01/11

The ice lanterns are really cool. Schade's just that no major candles (white grave lights) fit into it. Tealights goes, but do not burn as long -in the cold ... My mother also happy, because you h... Read more


written by , 05/01/11

Does the neighborhood looking votives! Ready for a beautiful and popular ice star-lantern. Effective with many in a row. Nice, different and popular "instead of flower-gift".

Ice stars

written by Christel, 06/01/11

The delivery was prompt, so I could give the stars even as a Christmas present. Everything was great - several stars on the doorstep provide a wonderful mood.


written by W. Duhr, 07/01/11

We are satisfied with the Eissternform, the trigger of the same is sometimes langwierieg something, but the shape is quite neat. The ship also true even supreschnell despite ice and snow. W. Duhr


written by SaraJ, 10/01/11

Simple, stylish and different ornaments on the table. Will probably look more reasons to be able to set up one of those at the table with a warm light in. Melted slowly and beautifully :)


written by Torris, 10/01/11

Works exactly as descriptio explains, very pleased


written by , 18/01/11

This is fantastic, 'should have been a bit bigger but it works !! Nice to use out in the Christmas season !!

Very satisfied

written by Hilli, 20/01/11

Very satisfied with the Eisternen, looks great in dark winter landscape! Again it did not, the Eisstern heal to get out of shape, but practice makes perfect!

Ice stars

written by , 30/01/11

Fast delivery, super goods, every time again, only to be recommended!


written by Mia, 30/01/11

This plastic form, I can warmly recommend, fill with water set out and then it will be a wonderful beautiful islykta looks like the finest crystal. When it is pluss degrees, set the only form in the f... Read more

Never more torches when you can light up with stars.

written by Anna, 16/05/11

The stars are really nice! One can additionally decorate the ice with beautiful things that make the stars even more personal. If you use candles light the lamp a pure natural, everything goes back to... Read more

Beautiful Ice stars

written by dani, 06/10/11

An eye-catcher for any occasion, these Ice stars. Watch out on the table very original, unfortunately it was the weather (temperatures above zero) to not even admire this out. But I feu me forward to ... Read more


written by Catrin, 15/11/11

I could make fine ice lanterns. A little fiddly to get loose form, but be patient and let it melt a little, perhaps using to flush warm water in the form of a while.


written by timm husted, 18/11/11

have made a single all rade, it worked fine, great light coming through the ice with tea lights. am looking to surprise the old, at home with having made any all the way up their path when they come h... Read more

written by , 22/11/11

Difficult to get out of shape when frysit to ice ...


written by Betina, 23/11/11

It was a great gift to give, it was very well received.

written by Lene, 01/12/11

Very nice, but some smaller than expected.

So beautiful!

written by CK, 02/12/11

So simple and so beautiful! Have done lots of isstjärnor now located in the freezer, waiting to get out (as soon as it is freezing). Have you clearly already tried even indoors. Really beautiful!!! Ti... Read more


written by Vi, 05/12/11

This works out very well .. have to stand in the freezer longer than "a few hours" as it says in the sales text. But the result is evocative. I have only tried with clean water so far, but w... Read more

Stylish case!

written by PT, 06/12/11

Very happy :-)


written by , 09/12/11

find the really great, are easy to manufacture, and look out beautifully, unfortunately it is currently still too warm but they melt lasts winter still on, and are then available to our house quite a ... Read more

Mini IsStjerna

written by Emma, 10/12/11

As the pictures show a IsStjerna accommodate candle and even a wine bottle, I thought this would be the perfect Christmas gift. It turns out that barely fit a t-light ... The pictures vote, then not a... Read more

written by , 12/12/11

Everything was great as always!


written by gry, 16/12/11

The kids really like to make everything possible in the freezer, IsStjerna like mother better than sticky saftis experiment .... My eldest has experimented with different colors in the water and think... Read more

A star-shaped lantern

written by Ina, 22/12/11

Super, I finds really great :) great idea

written by RE, 22/12/11

As described.


written by , 26/12/11

Was absolutely love this idea, however I was disappointed with the result of isstjernen. Because of ice were out, it was a very difficult process. It had difficulty letting go, and I had to pour water... Read more


written by kjokling, 26/12/11

Excellent Cozy to nice! Insofar easy to use, can be hard to get out sometimes.


written by Janni Østergaard, 27/12/11

I have given them away for a gift. So they have not been tested yet, but they caused great joy, so I am looking forward to see them made into reality

written by Bekka, 29/12/11

Writes on most surfaces, works very well but is somewhat small / short for normal use then!

everything great

written by cb, 29/12/11

ware was very good and no damage and also corresponds to the description to the article.

Just okay.

written by smgj, 29/12/11

But less than expected from the photo.


written by Mysan, 29/12/11

The product was smaller than it looked on the picture and container feels very plasticky and may not be as durable. Have not done anything freezer sample of it yet, however, so more I can say about th... Read more

nice star

written by O'Bee, 02/01/12

Gives a great result, and the hotter the water the clearer becomes the lantern. And when it has frozen it quite so hard to get it out of shape.

items not received

written by Anne Louise Kiær, 02/01/12

I have not received any confirmation or items, so I am very unhappy!

Considerable variation opportunity

written by Amaroq, 03/01/12

This is a product with large variations opportunity; ranging from those who "only" is filled with tap water and becomes a nice IsStjerna to the more "artistic" as is clear ice fill... Read more

fast and perfect!

written by Ericka, 03/01/12

Quick delivery and perfect product !!

cool star

written by vanessa, 03/01/12

I bought IsStjerna to my girlfriends for Christmas. One had a larger than before and was very happy to get the smallest, and she others were a bit jealous that she not got one of those for Christmas, ... Read more


written by Kerstin B., 09/01/12

Delivery was very quick! Price / Leistungsverhänis absolutely fine! Handling easy. Highly recommended!

Super Service

written by Susanne Simon, 16/01/12

am very satisfied, great service, great settlement


written by ghn, 02/02/12

I've bought 6 pieces IsStjerna forms, which are ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Water is poured into the center of the spike, freezer down quickly in the freezer, or outside the cabin in the mountains on my p... Read more

Evocative winter decoration

written by Frosty, 06/02/12

Looks beautifully made with candle drinn ..... I can only recommend !!

written by L, 13/02/12

Gets really neat and can be varied in many ways! Just do not forget to take it out of the freezer in time, otherwise it sits tightly in the shape ..

beautiful isstjerne

written by , 17/02/12

I bought a form to make isstjerner with, and it was grand ide..hurtig delivery of the form, which was taken IUsing omgående..der was no trouble getting ice out of shape and I put it on my desk as garn... Read more

nice decor

written by Per Peru, 02/03/12

Made two such to a party where I had shot glasses and wine cooler in ice. Was a kind of theme throughout and hostess liked them very much. Have patience when you should take them out of plastic, it ta... Read more


written by Kjokling, 15/03/12

Already have one already, and they love! If used right, they fight easy to get nice! Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, gorgeous on the stairs!

Very nice

written by Marianne, 29/06/12

This is very funny, had it on the table as decoration with candles as table decoration. Obviously some muddy water that melts, but it was charming while it lasted. Had also standing there, Vedig nicel... Read more

Very nice light!

written by Stine, 01/10/12

Like this votive very well! The light that is fine and it's nice to see the lantern on the porch. I've only tested it one time, to it is still not cold enough that it stands while outdoors, I ... Read more

Beautiful young islykter

written by Alfabeta, 03/11/12

Had a similar shape for several years back, it was much bigger. I was therefore a little surprised that it was so small (had not checked the targets), but it is really beautiful anyway. Already made a... Read more

Too small..?

written by Emma, 05/11/12

Thought it looked incredibly nice on the picture to have light in there and do several in a row. But I wonder what it is supposed to light? It's super thin! A candle will fit but not a large candl... Read more

Ice stars Windlichter

written by UT, 26/11/12

Fast delivery, everything ok Looking forward to a cold winter, so I have a lot of fun on the ice lanterns.

great things

written by Pflanzenfee, 26/11/12

Great things are, we have already made a few. It's fun and the result is convincing! Are still in the freezer and wait for their Eisatz. seen only briefly in the illuminated state. We gefällt`s!


written by Dennis Hilmar, 30/11/12

It is simply brilliant! Everyone in the room got big eyes when I came in with a giant ice cream with a candle in mindten ... It ended out being a super good Christmas party. It's certainly not the... Read more

Hard to get out the ice.

written by Stinemilla, 01/12/12

It was somewhat difficult to get out the ice of the star. It soon became clear that the hot water and patience was the trick. Look really beautiful through light outside on the terrace.


written by Ellen, 05/12/12

It will be beautiful and evocative with IsStjerna in the driveway and on verandaen.Det is simple, fill with water, let form standing out in the cold or in the freezer for 2-3 hours- and vips- so is it... Read more

Super Eiswindlicht

written by Peterin, 09/12/12

Ice stars succeed super, both in the deep chill as well, when it's cold enough outside overnight, make real head turner, you can receive the guidance reinstellen also tea lights, I can only recomm... Read more

fantastic great

written by monica, 10/12/12

very happy, fast delivery, great service and not least a beautiful product, after waiting time :) :) :)


written by =), 17/12/12

Happy with purchase .. takes a little more than 2-3 hours before it is completely frozen, let it be within approximately 7-8 hours and then it was not completely frozen "in the" star, that i... Read more

Thought they were bigger. But it will be beautiful lanterns anyway! :-)

written by Anna Banana, 19/12/12

The shapes were smaller than I thought. Bought two so it is faster to fix the fine outdoor lanterns for Christmas and New Year. Great shape! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!


written by L8P8, 20/12/12

Have had trouble getting islyktan to release from the mold. It will be really nice the times it goes well.


written by Elli, 21/12/12

Fun to make islykter. They are fine and proper decorative outside in the winter darkness. Could also create in the freezer during the summer, and it's extra fun with islykter then.

Fine headlights :)

written by Guma, 22/12/12

It takes a day to make a lantern, but they are fine. It is very easy to use, too easy to get ice out.


written by JL, 24/12/12

Estimated Christmas. Fina will be judgment! Should just freeze them so you have to decorate the yard a bit. Fast delivery, they were with. Thank you very =)

Good advice, good suppliers

written by eifeline, 24/12/12

All well and correctly recommendable Onlinshop order was ship quickly was packaged very well and could not be delivered faster. Goods was in very good condition.


written by Tomas, 26/12/12

It was half as small as I expected, but it did not become the stars crap delicious. I froze in old roses that would be discarded. What was most irritant was that the surface does not freeze even / str... Read more


written by LIISA, 27/12/12

N0pea delivery! and the product of what was promised. Still came to the home. has been looking forward to jäälyhtyjä - Thank you

delicious mood

written by Jack, 27/12/12

IsStjerna - I love to decorate front of the house with many islykter in the snow, it creates a very special atmosphere! Lille Christmas Eve I give a islykt with a small candle in to neighbors and frie... Read more


written by Katja , 28/12/12

Cool product - can be very chic decorating for outdoors but also indoors with shell - you just have to place the cooling element have ;-) or outdoors again really winter! The eye-catcher! Not just for... Read more

Great IsStjerna for the creative

written by justin, 28/12/12

Great IsStjerna for the creative. Have such from before which is much larger. This is very small, and therefore last a shorter period if the mild weather. It will also be lost if it snows a little bec... Read more


written by Siggi, 29/12/12

This part is awesome. Only cold it should be, is keeping the star and looks great. Especially more!

Stylish decoration in the dark

written by GB, 29/12/12

Awesome to light up in møtketiden with :) decked up and gave us a wonderful Christmas spirit. Wise to follow btuksanvisning, otherwise you may suffer from the very loose

Feel good!

written by Monica, 30/12/12

Unbelievably great to decorate outside, made many of those to decorate the outside of the house at Christmas, gorgeous light at <3

finger high

written by Lissy, 30/12/12

I think the star-shaped Windlich super cool ..... have been a while diligently made lanterns before Christmas Eve and then placed outside on Christmas Eve ..... was ne great action ....


written by onkan, 01/01/13

All my loved ones became very fond of this thing. Since all already have things that you usually go shopping. (If you understand what you mean). Anyway, I bought an ice star to everyone and it was a s... Read more

Good but a bit small.

written by Arve, 01/01/13

Fine IsStjerna was there but it was a little small in relation to expected. Even with rather small light then melts the edges so the room where the light is finally overflowing with water and turn out... Read more


written by birgit, 06/01/13

Hi I bought these isstjerner and have been very happy for them and used them, dur just not out when it rains.

super gift

written by ALK, 06/01/13

Alletiders gift for both Christmas / New Year, birthday, for all ages, gender and the family as a whole. Of course this requires a freezer or freezing weather.

Very positive, only a minus

written by zuss, 07/01/13

Was a very nice light lantern, only minus is that it was difficult to find candles that fit in it. Would have been a little larger hole for the light.

small lamps

written by Sofia, 07/01/13

A nice candle holder. Gave an aunt and ourselves and they were appreciated. A little less than I perceived the image so could have been bigger, but not too small anyway. will probably buy more because... Read more


written by Lars, 08/01/13

Okay product. Solid enough plastic. Easy to get ice out of shape. However, the space for the light a little too small, so you have to just find the right light, but when it is done it works super.


written by Sara, 09/01/13

You get a really nice and cozy islykta that is perfect out there in the winter darkness, a toppenköp! Note that one needs light that can flow to the functioning

Original products!

written by B.Machmor-Fritsche, 13/01/13

Very fast and easy checkout. Beautiful ideas and original products. Gladly again.


written by A B , 14/01/13

Made 10 IsStjerna to my daughter who was supposed to have large party partly indoors and outdoors. Made different with flowers and evergreen in ice. It was fantastic fine. Had a little trouble with th... Read more


written by kätran, 18/01/13

A very cool product. I gave it away as a Christmas gift the jewelery was appreciated so I bought a neighbor and we immediately began to manufacture islycktor themselves also


written by kate, 18/01/13

very pleased many who wonder where they are purchased. so it was knall.så as was done andbefalle you to others

Ice stars

written by Vogtson, 22/01/13

short: they look very nice. The first star has failed, because I have not adhered to the instructions. I could not come out of the mold him. My tip: keep to the user, then all is well.


written by Landgrevinden, 05/02/13

Am so glad my new islygteform. It works perfectly and gives the most beautiful isstjerner and it is completely free, as long as freezing weather. A tip: If you do not fill the mold up the lamp with no... Read more


written by Tittin, 07/02/13

This was quite straightforward to use, but must stand for about 30 minutes after taking it out of the freezer. Then pour hot water into the plastic on top for about 5-10 min. Then peel off the ice. Be... Read more

Eisstern Tablelight

written by karin Bolke, 13/02/13

Unfortunately you do not get the Eiswindlicht from the mold !!! Have it repeatedly attempts, either it was broken, or if the melted down no longer looked beautiful there !!!


written by sanne andersen, Denmark 19/08/13

I knew the product in advance, and it lived up to expectations, I bought 2 pieces and one must be a gift to a discerning consumer.

Lantern hard to get out of the mold

written by Kristine, Denmark 03/11/13

The mold is made of hard platformer that makes it easy to have standing in the freezer without overturning, but there is a problem when you have to have it out of the mold, for about 5 cm before the l... Read more


written by isande, Sweden 16/12/13

Just to freeze and take out of the freezer and follow the instructions you will be fine. Jättefina when they are out there.

works Festival

written by Fredrik, Sweden 25/12/13

It makes very fine stars. However, it takes a while before you become masters at getting out of the lamps from the mold.


written by Thomme48, Sweden 26/12/13

Stylish isstjärna when you get it loose from the mold .... One can add in decorations especially now at Christmas time.

Great thing, I had to have!

written by Brauni, Germany 27/12/13

Had the molds for Eisteelichter discovered in a residential newspaper and ordered directly. Looks great.


written by Igel, Germany 31/12/13

Cute decoration - It's fun - Easy to make and a nice gift when invited in winter

Long wanted - finally found

written by C.E., Germany 01/01/14

Finally I have this star shape found, I was looking for a long time. The prototype has succeeded wonderfully and was a great gift. Highly recommended and fast delivery.

Does what it says

written by chachacha, Germany 02/01/14

The handling in accordance with the description works beautifully. Variations en masse. Have at the beautiful light our true joy.

Great decoration idea

written by S.W., Germany 03/01/14

The product keeps its promises. My expectations were 100% erfüllt.Die stars make for a very great flavor and are also used in very many areas. Also fast delivery, I can only recommend.


written by Håpløsen, Norway 04/01/14

Bought two like that to create some IsStjerna the New Year. One out of four managed to melt the rain (work inasmuch as it should) the other three crushed when they were out of "holder". -Wha... Read more

Well then!

written by Jocke, Sweden 14/04/14

I'm happy but how it was delivered. It went fast and was been well cared condition and packed well! The product works very well though it's summer. You may ask a barrel or something similar ov... Read more

tips idea

written by Romy, Germany 03/12/14

Versatile and easy to use. One can achieve great effects with it. to equip Even with plants and just right for the cold season. Even in summer, with ice or juice filled the Renner. As always pay atten... Read more


written by Chriffin, Norway 24/12/14

This was fun and easy to use! Fight Fine when the light shines through! Froze quickly in the freezer and easily and get out again.

Kanon gift !!

written by Lasse, Denmark 24/12/14

I gave this star of Advent gift, and it was received with great joy! It is so easy to make, and can be used for multiple events, especially this Christmas is him having to stand outside :) Definitely ... Read more

Magical Ice lantern

written by Sanna, Germany 26/12/14

The delivery of Eissternes was very quick. And I'm thrilled he's really a delight. My guests were also impressed. Ua the finding was made "Looks like ice". "Is also made of ice,... Read more

Very well received

written by Justin, Germany 29/12/14

Have the Ice stars my mother for Christmas and she was super happy and freezes them one by one! However, the shape will only fit in the freezer also have some space! But is a thoroughly great gift!

Ice stars

written by Helga Linke, Germany 30/12/14

The Ice stars came very quickly was packed well and work fine There were great Wiehnachtsgeschenke

beautiful winter light

written by Hilton Royale, Norway 31/12/14

These can be used throughout the winter. Gets very nice in the dark. Run hot water over the mold as is the star easy to get out.

Extraordinary gift for people who have everything

written by Christine, Germany 31/12/14

The gift has arrived super and was equal ausprobiert.Das result to be proud of and looks much better than any previous version with bowls and buckets.


written by Chriffin , Norway 02/01/15

Gave this as "family" gift for Christmas this year, incredibly successful! Had to have one yourself too of course .. All contributions this year's Christmas gift. Quick shipping and easy... Read more

must try

written by Inger-Hilde, Norway 03/04/15

Have not tried this new yet. Has spring and warmer so IsStjerna is still in the freezer. To take it out one day and see how easy it is to get ice out of the mold. :)

Concrete / Ice Star

written by And., Germany 18/08/15

Have the star shape until something new purpose and made beautiful stars, lanterns, from Creative Concrete. Has worked wonderfully. The Ice stars will then come in the winter for use. The shape is ver... Read more

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