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In-Shell Egg Scrambler

Our in-shell egg scrambler mixes the egg white and the yolk so you get a golden egg! Finally, eating eggs is as much fun as peeling and painting them. And the taste is golden too!

In-Shell Egg Scrambler - In-Shell Egg Scrambler
In-Shell Egg Scrambler
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written by Stefan i skärgården, Sweden 23/05/15

Great fun thing I was going to send for from abroad when I saw that it was with "a certain company" in Sweden. Trying to find the perfect time so that the result will be like the regular &qu... Read more


written by Malin, Norway 14/08/15

The product works exactly as it should and works very well. The problem is that it is almost impossible to cook the egg without cracking. If you use eggs at room temperature, leave it warms slowly and... Read more

Äggsnurran works poorly

written by Tanten, Sweden 20/08/15

Thought this was a fun and practical thing. Has among others grandchildren, poking away the yolk of boiled eggs, because of the consistency and otherwise, like eggs. Bought three pieces and thought gi... Read more

Just great

written by Bussi, Germany 24/09/15

The product was exactly as advertised. Great!!! I can recommend only !! Very fast delivery.

Rather than Flop Top

written by Alexander, Germany 06/10/15

Things that really need no man. The first attempt I started four eggs. No reproducible results. An egg was not even mixed and at another egg, the shell is even cunning. to invest every penny in a retu... Read more

great product

written by a.89, Germany 15/10/15

Very great product and very easy to use. The result is an external eye and an eye-catching, especially at festivals. Exactly as expected and hoped for. Thanks, it would buy again. Real funny idea :)

Cute Gag

written by Stefan, Germany 29/10/15

It works, but it's exhausting. Important to examine the eggs accurately beforehand, otherwise you have the scrambled eggs in the spin. The peel of the ice is also difficult, with me, the shell dis... Read more

Works great.

written by Dr.Death100, Sweden 12/11/15

- "Granny" If you can not get it to work out so I would say that it "crap behind the controls," just that you write that you spun 25varv point to have misunderstood how to do, go a... Read more

Only for chlorine eggs

written by Generic089, Germany 23/12/15

Works so well not on its eggs, which are still a normal cup. Was not quite boil egg successfully. When swirled the bubble space on the egg at any point. Pickles to the egg with vinegar, so that the sh... Read more

keene yellow eggs

written by snugg, Germany 24/12/15

The joy was great: but scrambled eggs were already in the cup .... nix Tja-. With us only the yolk had slipped :(


written by fredrik, Sweden 02/01/16

Was quick to learn. However, let one cord almost immediately but it was easily fixed. one handle having also gone down a bit where the cord is. Did well in a little too hard. The egg is golden but als... Read more

golden Egg

written by Undine Mentrup, Germany 04/01/16

Works einwandfrei.Material and handling as beschrieben.Bringt fun on the breakfast table

Broken at first use

written by Johanna, Sweden 04/01/16

The function is good, but very hard shelled eggs after use. One handle broke down the first time, but does not spin.

for fun, works great

written by Calle, Sweden 28/01/16

Have tried a few times and really satisfied. Was a fun thing to sandwich cake and breakfast eggs on toast.


written by Tinna, Sweden 04/04/16

Works poorly or not all. Following a spin, pulling the straps 15-20ggr and then boiled egg, had the entire yellow. moved against the outer edge of the white. Otherwise, it looked like an ordinary boil... Read more

Gold Egg?

written by Swenke, Sweden 04/04/16

Got to hold on for a while and spinning until the yolk mixed with whites, the first attempts yolk had just moved to the edge. Do try to do on the next Easter and really spin the eggs 2 to 3 minutes an... Read more


written by abz, Germany 12/04/16

works really great ... had on April 1, a lot of fun with it. can recommend it in any case.

Great idea, lousy quality

written by Carsten, Denmark 18/04/16

Great idea, lousy quality first time I used the "Æggesnurrer - low golden egg" when broken one handle and a time for the other handle. It can only take small eggs, but apart from that, becau... Read more

Did not work!

written by Nakin, Sweden 16/05/16

It did not work! Eggs were as usual but strange texture. No good. Kag would recommend that you not buy !!!

Will most scrambled eggs

written by AC, Sweden 18/09/16

Fun idea, but difficult to get to the good konsistents on the eggs, scrambled eggs it gets most of it. Used it only once.

Funny gadget

written by Matte-Schweiz, Germany 19/09/16

The eggs spin actually worked. Have three eggs thrown and cooked all through and through yellow. Funny gadget. Am satisfied.

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