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Inflatable Beer Cooler

Fill the inflatable beer cooler with ice and drinks, and set it up when you're going to have a party. A fun, smart and cool way to serve cold beer!

Inflatable Beer Cooler - Inflatable Beer Cooler
Inflatable Beer Cooler
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For all beer lovers

written by Mille Randløv, 03/11/10

Serve your coolest beer in this cool beer barrel. Visual super gift idea which in itself attracts attention - and in UPPERCASE red silk ribbon tied on top and finished with a BIG bow on the handle, yo... Read more


written by Shethinksit, 23/11/10

There can be so much more in the beer keg as you'd think! It was a huge hit with the birthday and all the guests wanted that it was they who had made the gift! Super delicious product and a must h... Read more

written by , 28/12/10

Could ik withstand being inflated. Although it was standing on the

written by , 03/01/11

A cute and functional Gag

For party animal!

written by Malin, 06/01/11

Great fun to blow up and invite your friends to party! Suitable for camping, or home to make everything more fun. Easy to store. Perfect!


written by , 05/04/11

expected a little broader and higher model of it but it cools properly.

Good gift for all who are fond of beer!

written by Jannie, 28/04/11

This is a fun gift that can contain no less than 12 canned beers (we're talking half a liter!) The receiver was pleasantly surprised! -eneste minus is that the base is not solid enough that it cou... Read more

written by , 06/05/11

Very fun and appreciated gift. Had been happy to be a little bigger, you get fooled by the image. But if you are not careless as I did, without reading the measurements before you order it will be no ... Read more

First blow job then a cold beer :)

written by , 17/06/11

A really good thin "that keeps gudadrycken cold on a hot summer day. Just blowing up, fill me ice and then pick it to the party. A large cooler box where all the homies can cool his beer :)

written by , 13/07/11

It is to be every man ha

written by tt, 23/07/11

serves its purpose for 1-3 people, but not for those who want to fill it as they make it a great party.


written by Muren, 01/08/11

Space for plenty of beer! fucking cool!

Super Beer Cooler

written by M, 21/10/11

Very nice beer barrel for cooling beer. However, it has a very strong odor to the plastic. Fits very well for an Oktoberfest: 0)

Genial mood stock

written by R.Richardsen, 09/11/11

The unlockable kegger is pure genius for creating life, touch, feel on assumes all foreplay / party. Had 3 sacks ice Oppi and sixpack, to it was when genius to put next to the sofa, you would have bot... Read more

Inflatable Beer Cooler

written by Edith Langer, 29/11/11

Gift for one who like a holiday drinking beer. To keep it nice and cool in the hot temperatures, it receives this beer cooler as a Christmas present. Looks great and is a quaint gift for someone who a... Read more

Practical and fun for young people!

written by Renate R, 28/12/11

My father and my dear friend is very fond of beer. And so I thought that this could be a Christmas gift for them. This Christmas gift sent very good to. In that case for my close friend, he was incred... Read more

written by , 02/01/12

arrived super

Inflatable Beer Cooler

written by Snoopy, 08/01/12

cool A wonderful and practical idea drinks.

Was sent as a gift

written by VeraB, 21/02/12

Funny thing before the upcoming party! Space-efficient because you blow it out before the next party, typically good thing to have before the summer ..

inflatable olutkylmiö

written by Janewoman, 06/11/12

A truly innovative invention. Product description website was comprehensive and shopping on the basis of easy. Handy and good-looking cold room at a party to be held. I strongly recommend that supplie... Read more

Very good

written by Lisa, 21/12/12

I find the inflatable beer cooler really handy and is also a very great gift. The one who gets it as geschnk will be delighted


written by EVE, 02/01/13

Just sick wonderful gift idea for example. Summer party! This stein can accommodate comfortably up to the ranks of the ice, and nothing more than to enjoy!

beer mug

written by himmelstorte, 03/01/13

all good, will you save me as a good seller. All 3 items were satisfactory. Keep it up. LG Monika

beer keg

written by Ölglad, 22/03/13

Perfect as stämmningshöjare on partyt.Lagom out to a platform or good and mixed to suit all tastes, plus ice moderate cooling.

The wine barrel

written by laila, 29/03/13

not tested yet but it is certainly super looking forward to testing it out :) just have to fit perfectly in the garden at the grill :)

The wine barrel

written by linn, Norway 25/04/13

satisfied with the item :) funny thing :)

inflatable beer keg

written by Jan kristensen, Denmark 18/06/13

This product is well except that one gets really full is highly recommended for warm summer days

fun feature

written by Studenter gilde, Denmark 20/06/13

The inflatable beer barrels gave much fun response from all the guests! Although cheerfully and input that will be used extensively in the summer heat and student celebrations

So popular that it was stolen!

written by Knut, Norway 15/07/13

Bought this as it seems to be a fun fair, which it turned out to be! Got filled up 2 Sixpack 33cl GLASS with 4kg of ice, which remained cool all night! Kegger got much oppmerskom quote system evening,... Read more

beer keg

written by Ina, Sweden 22/07/13

Perfect to cool beer in, easy to carry and does not take much space, yet so little boys air out of the grade thereof.

inflatable wine barrel

written by Trine Damsgård, Norway 22/07/13

fantastic! I brought you a wine barrel on vacation, and it caused a sensation. many who came over and looked at it, and Sports chorus I had bought him. øltlønnen was brilliant and carry on the beach.

everything great

written by Maaleuser Madla, Germany 21/08/13

Has worked wonderfully with the delivery and the beer cooler was a big hit at the birthday celebration. I can only recommend!

Cool Beer Cooler

written by deb, Germany 27/08/13

we have this inflatable beer mug cooler filled with many sweet things to 50'igten birthday Practical and looked marvelous .WAR something else !!!

Fun gift for the man who has everything

written by Mie, Denmark 07/11/13

We needed a gift for the boys' soccer coach and bought this and used as a basket for some cans of beer and a few bags of chips. It caused happiness - and laugh - at the presentation.

beer coolers

written by Matka, Germany 26/02/14

The beer cooler was very well received, looks funny from, but he would have for my taste may still be a little wider. Thus a star deduction!

Cool mug for the party

written by Heidi, Norway 11/07/14

Cool inflatable beer mug to keep the beer cold. Was donated filled with ice and beer. Beating very ann! Thumbs up!

non-inflatable beer keg

written by Pernille, Denmark 28/07/14

I bought an inflatable beer keg. It can not keep up. Then after having blown up the third time, it probably just be a "butterflies". The I can not recommend.

Funny thing, though not tried it yet!

written by Katten, Sweden 01/12/14

Have not tried this yet, it is a Christmas present for my brother. But I think the idea is a bit hilly and think he will like it, will certainly be used for various barbecues in the summer!

beer keg

written by Fiat, Sweden 30/12/14

PERFECT Christmas gift for an 18 year old! Was a success! Great price and a great fun Christmas gift. Will definitely buy more and give it away as a summer gift!


written by JET, Norway 27/03/15

Slightly tacky but very functional. Cooler fine, takes no space between fasteners and inflates in 30 seconds. Nb! It is slightly smaller in interior volume than one gets the impression that 10 bottles... Read more

Leaky olutkylmiö

written by Miikka, Finland 06/05/15

I did not like the product, because the air valve at the base year. I just taped it somehow, that was a birthday present for at least some kind of ...

Eit must on sommaren!

written by Christer, Norway 12/06/15

This inflatable beer barrels are EiT absolute must for garden party. Buy or make your own ice and fill up. Pro tip: Fill well up with ice, top up then with cold lakes, and gladly nokre pinches coarse ... Read more

Good product

written by Torkilo, Norway 16/08/16

Good products at cost as little :)))) the product could be a little wider and a little easier to handle. Recommended to buy small boy evenings or small party)

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