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Instant Snow

Pour Instant Snow into water and watch it expand to 100 times its size and become beautiful sparkling snow. The snow lasts for weeks, you can use it again, and it looks like real snow.

Instant Snow - Large Bag
Large Bag
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Instant Snow - Small Bag
Small Bag
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What is this?

mega fat!

written by Lasse Kaasgaard, 22/06/09

it is for the ultimate kid hehe you stoppers water on it and wupsi then you have 3L snow haha! This is one thing for children play hehe love it :-)

Practical and looks like snow

written by Rasmus, 14/07/09

"The snow is done sooner if you use hot water," something like that, it was on the box and certainly known it incredible! But the snow was good and certainly looks like snow (mostly as snow ... Read more

Super snow there was Supergo '

written by Jakob Sejergaard, 10/08/09

Supersne is not as super as it says in the notification. It was promised in the notification on the web was that 1 could be shaped into snowballs as you might be able to throw the second was to 45 lit... Read more

Better than regular snow!

written by Rico, 25/08/09

Super Snow is better than ordinary snow, I think! The snow does not melt in several weeks and is suitable for decoration. The snow is not like normal snow, it feels a little oily and soapy, but what d... Read more

Large Supersnö

written by Ludvig, 01/09/09

Super snow was better than I expected, I thought it would be someone from Dairy variant, but I get the snow is better than real snow (almost)! I have now added the snow I made in a sealed bag, so I ca... Read more


written by Johanna, 18/11/09

I did not "snow" would resemble real snow as much as I am pleased REAL! Fantastic! :)

keeps the snow powder, what it promises

written by susi sonnenschein, 02/12/09

Super artificial snow

written by Volker ,Hintertuxer Gletscher-Ad, 16/12/09

Super snow, very good, for all who want to have a White Christmas, buy me immediately a few packs


written by mich, 26/12/09

good gift to the people, just a little snow in the small bags


written by Uusi, 28/12/09

Super snow is really icing on the cake when you want to reinforce the impression of the winter at the booth as well, lecture, or just the party you want to decorate!


written by Berit, 28/12/09

It was fun to pretend whisk together the snow and it became decorative, among the Christmas decorations but it disappeared much faster than it was in varudeklarationen.Det promised 6-8 weeks. My snow ... Read more


written by Solweig, 29/12/09

Exciting and actually works. Does not that long, curl up after a few weeks. Fun decoration.

fun snow

written by miriam, 30/12/09

Fun to give away to snöfreaken or have a party!


written by coco, 05/01/10

have my cousings was suddenly bathed in snow really a huge gaudi ?? !!!


written by Pyret, 14/01/10

Bought snow to bring to Ireland where they do not get snow. It went fast to mix and was very appreciated. It was pretty slajmig so could not do much with it, but it looks very real. Leave it out there... Read more


written by Brian, 29/01/10

Very funny thing, and my son aged 7 had fun, because it feels weird when your hand is in it.

finished first test

written by Rupert, 19/02/10

The first impression of the snow is absolutely good. Have to test times produced snow in a 400ml bowl. But only half a teaspoon of powder is necessary. After the addition of water just yet stir 5-10 m... Read more

written by , 18/03/10

From product I'm not convinced. I have stirred 20 min determined gel-like liquid has arisen here and then another 20 min then was snow default which see. This Snow which arose here was very wet. I... Read more


written by linnrah, 18/03/10

I am delighted with the snow! It certainly looks like real snow if there is some plus degrees outside. Easy to mix and it stays long. the only negative is that it feels pretty slime-like to the touch.... Read more


written by mona-lisa, 20/07/10

Quick and easy ordering an exciting product. However, I fell at the finish line when I read how to do. American standards of "cooking" means that I still have not been able to test if the sn... Read more

written by , 11/09/10

It works fine.


written by Barbara Feist, 14/09/10

The snow looks like real and glistens also nice. Too bad that you can not make snowballs to throw. For a good fun but totally awesome.

Looks like real snow!

written by Kajson Event, 11/11/10

I bought this snow to an event where I would build winter wonderland and it certainly looks like real snow! However shrink it right quickly, and do not keep as long as it is but a blast to use as deco... Read more

written by Tina, 20/11/10

The product has not been tested, but a fun and imaginative gift idea


written by SimonL, 20/11/10

SUPER SNOW! it is brilliant. It looks like real snow actually. I thought it would be something sticky stuff that do not like. But it actually looks like snow! I tried first in cold water. It looked li... Read more


written by Lucas, 30/11/10

Now I have finished the snowman bought by midsummer, will try to get it into a snowman in the summer because it is 2-3 weeks. Tip is to send it to someone who otherwise has a green Christmas!


written by Howi3, 03/12/10

Worked great ... The wife has lots of fun now at Christmas time to decorate and now she uses super-snow to everything decorations: D

Snow does not grow.

written by Maria, 03/12/10

snow does not grow as promised. It looks like just ice. Very odd.

Unusual decoration for the Christmas table!

written by Anette Leister - anette1809, 07/12/10

At just 3 teaspoons full Supersnow I could produce a casserole dish full of snow. Super Snow is therefore very economical. To meet the needs snow Cool Stuff provides the following two sizes: - Small p... Read more

Looks genuine

written by Helene, 13/12/10

Violent snow that looks just like real snow!

written by HJ, 13/12/10

It does not work properly as it should

Review of supersne

written by wallentino, 27/12/10

Bought supersne with the expectation to fill a table with snow. I could not. The snow did not develop to the extent I expected. In return, the snow was incredibly lifelike. It looked like real snow an... Read more

"Cool" snow!

written by LE, 28/12/10

The product "supersne" works as intended. It is easy to mix the powder up and get the finest look-a-like "snow" out of it. We had lying on the floor (linoleum) for one week without... Read more

ice snow

written by Lindos, 31/12/10

I think it's great how can absorb a lot of water the Super Snow, it looks like real ice, not like snow but still very nice. Only I have to constantly turn pat rum because it glitters so pretty, I ... Read more


written by morten, 05/01/11

it's super!


written by Linnea, 24/01/11

ashäftig product that can be much more than what it says it can get. has little snow as decoration in a ljusfat on the living room table and it is super nice!

Supersnö super

written by Edda, 17/02/11

Supersnö bought over the internet and it came after two days by mail. Pytte-Pytte small package with 2 1/2 tablespoon of snöpulver. Checked how much "ounces" was deciliter and mixed pulvern ... Read more

Supersne !!

written by Josefine, 26/07/11

The snow is wildly good !! It is easy to make, look right and is super fun !!!


written by Madelen, 10/11/11

Haha. Have never had it so high during a snow war before. Have blended 20 liters, and the bag is half full yet! One of the most funniest I have!

written by Anonym, 13/11/11

It looks quite believable, but it feels like jelly and it is almost impossible to make snowballs ...

Super snow

written by Bruno Schultz, 21/11/11

We could not get it to give the desired effect and thought that it was a too expensive product. Unfortunately we were very disappointed.

poor supersnø

written by Jamie, 12/12/11

this product is too bad. very disappointed

artificial snow

written by Lisbeth, 16/12/11

The product goes incredibly far despite being a small bag. When you pour hot water in expanding the tiny balls (the rligner fine salt / sugar) into a jelly porridge to thicken. It's fun to watch t... Read more

slightly exaggerated

written by Birger, 23/12/11

Super for snowy landscape. From my experiments I write just what I have observed Probably more 50 times than 100 times it expands You can not make retmeget snowball, it is sparsely us clamps to the pr... Read more


written by Helene, 30/12/11

Was something spendtpå this product. There were children too. Used "snow" in the decorations. It crosses it firmly. See quite so lifelike out at some distance


written by Bakeri, 02/01/12

Very entertaining. The snow sticks a little, and is therefore not suitable for playing with indoors. Very fun for the kids to see how it develops from powder "snow," and then fun to work wit... Read more

Funny enough.

written by , 03/01/12

Easy to make and very decorative. However, I find that it looks like a little too much melting snow / sleet / goop.


written by K, 07/01/12

Looking good is not a hundred percent like snow, but it fools the eye on hold anyway! Really fun to play with before you decorate in various ways;) only used barely half a spoon first time and it expa... Read more

Sno anytime

written by THS, 30/08/12

Snoen fungerar pretty well. It can drive for ski on, as long as ein have much smaller lakes than the mixing ratio recommended. Snoen can not package as it stands, but it is smooth and makes joy. Howev... Read more


written by frants, 24/09/12

Supersne really lives up to the name. It looks stunning natural appearance and is very easy to work with.

cold snow

written by TS, 03/12/12

Was probably a bit skeptical of the product. maybe it appropriate? I am very impressed. Now I have a wonderful fine snødekorasjon in the living room. My friends envy me. Then it was easy to tell how e... Read more

Supersnö snow without refrigeration

written by Bea, 06/12/12

Was pleasantly surprised about how the snow looked, sparkled very nicely. However, it feels not quite as ordinary snow, but I do not see that any direct disadvantage. Super decoration, however, it dri... Read more


written by Hille , 07/12/12

Just over Super, super nice and super easy to make. Used it to advertise in our shop window now until Christmas. And even at home in Advent candlestick.

Marion Pagels

written by Marion Pagels, 13/12/12

One can literally watch as the "powder" is transformed into snow. Real awesome, even if it feels a bit weird !!!! Vorst layer on stages or equivalent Extreme risk of slipping.

Works, looks good.

written by Ansoferg, 14/12/12

Easy to mix, easy to use, looks good, has a tendency to stick on your fingers, etc. Very durable in use, but dries faster the hotter it is where you store the ready-mixed snow. I used it in an exhibit... Read more

almost real

written by Peter, 21/12/12

Almost like real snow, and it only takes a short time to make! Plus it keeps longer than real snow: P

Funny, but ...

written by Sara, 02/01/13

Fun to see "snow" "explode" in the bowl, but they were not anywhere near the promised time! After 1 week it was almost half gone, and after a further one week, there were only smal... Read more


written by Me-like, 09/01/13

Was perfect decoration around the gingerbread house for Christmas. Kept in a little more than a week and where much admired on Christmas Eve! Half a small bag was sufficient and swelling to a large tr... Read more

Looks like real snow

written by Nina, 10/01/13

The snow was super nice and quick and easily made. It looks like snow, with glitter and all, but it feels as I said, not quite like that. We used we also have hot water, so it was hot when it was cool... Read more

Super effect

written by HS, 11/01/13

Super snow is really great !! Had an Apres Ski Party planned and the snow did not come! With Super snow I had to conjure a Schneeberg able !! Great!! The delivery and everything about the order went s... Read more

Great stuff!

written by Flo H., Germany 13/05/13

Supertolles convincing! Is totally productive, resembling real snow Very! Unfortunately, there was no case German instructions. Only a German with English units ... But otherwise a super great product... Read more

Fake snow

written by vewe, Sweden 13/08/13

Ideal for decorations, looks natural. Should comply with Swedish instructions regarding dimensions, but that's the only negative I have to say.


written by utu, Finland 19/08/13

Somehow I did not meet expectation, had to put more powder than instructed. Somehow I can not just simply banged.


written by Snømamma, Norway 11/11/13

Incredibly funny thing, did very well on the table as decoration. There was an incredible amount of snow of little powder! Made an impression on the guests, luckily it was not snowball fight ever ..

Snow does not thaw

written by Kulla, Sweden 18/12/13

Artificial snow does not thaw. Nice to put some candles in the "snow". It is very easy to make snow, and when it is shrunk, only to re-whisk in a little water, so it has a new "snowdrif... Read more

A great invention.

written by suviliini89, Finland 26/12/14

Very nice, easy and fun to make your own snow right at home. Looks pretty like the real thing and have a nice cool. Stays in place when the puts. Minus the fact that the snow turned into a yes to wate... Read more

goes so...

written by tiniballermann, Germany 02/01/15

As decorative gag artificial snow is usable. Balls or all snowmen are thus not to form. I have even achieved with double and triple amount of powder a good result, to form a large ball. Had bought two... Read more

Sticky, slippery, adhesives (rubber bullets).

written by Emma-Lisa Namløs, Norway 27/01/15

This snow is simply a miniature version of these rubbery balls the size of a marble (the ones we use in flower arrangements, etc.). The small balls are slippery and adhesive, so "snow mass" ... Read more

Fun with snow

written by Anna, Sweden 21/12/15

Violent product. A white powder was mixed with water and become realistic snow. Fun to use the empty landscape.

natural snow

written by Sol, Norway 28/12/15

Have been struggling to obtain this snow looks so real. It does nicely with glass trees and small goblins in a glass dish. Since it is wet, it is not flammable and can be used with light.


written by Ninni, Sweden 28/12/15

Satisfied with the product and fast delivery !! Is guaranteed to order here more times, lots of plus !!

Review purchased!

written by Pia, Germany 05/01/16

The description was in English only, which was not soo good and the Erbebnis was quite disappointing for the consumed amount came out too little snow! Overall Conclusion: For this price I've defin... Read more

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