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Ironpower V Powerball

The Rolls-Royce of gyroballs. The Ironpower V Powerball does 17,000 RPM and generates a weight resistance of 30 kg!

Ironpower V Powerball - Ironpower V Powerball
Ironpower V Powerball
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What is this?

This was a couple of steps up jah!

written by Thomas, 20/02/13

This ball is for those who have worn out one or two regular balls before .. It spins really fast, so fast that you can not keep firmly in it without gloves on! Should also have liked Counter, so one c... Read more

so what of light running ...

written by hf, Germany 23/12/13

the part is great - with some fine trumpet oil to let the start easier responsive and fuel the Turbo

Surprisingly good

written by Jive, Finland 05/09/14

A nice tool for strengthening the wrist and arm muscles. Using the left-hand require a little more practice.

Rolls-Royce is the word!

written by Sprattel, Sweden 25/02/16

Already has frayed the classic Powerballen with display and constantly steppat up with a new lap record. To upgrade to this Rolls Royce variant seemed doubtful - after a spontanköp I can now say that ... Read more

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