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Jedi Robe Deluxe

Use the force at the beach, at your local swimming hall, at your home or that of someone else you like. A Jedi never goes out of style.

Jedi Robe Deluxe - Jedi Robe Deluxe
Jedi Robe Deluxe
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Jedi Robe Deluxe - Star Wars Jedi Slippers European size 38-41
Star Wars Jedi Slippers European size 38-41
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Jedi Robe Deluxe - Star Wars Jedi Slippers European sizr 42-45
Star Wars Jedi Slippers European sizr 42-45
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock

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written by , 31/01/11

Fluffy soft and guarantees for all sizes !!!

Obi January Kanobi

written by jan the van, 10/02/11

as sci-fi enthusiast, I was at one with Jedi cloak :)) perfect, qualitatively perfectly executed in all seams and blazoned:) one must if you want to feel like the lord of all lords :)

Jedi bathrobe to a Star Wars buff

written by Ydde, 11/02/11

My son in law had this robe as a present. He is a "techies" and now sits and WOW's in his dressing gown. He is 25 bass and loves his new robe. It was a bit large, however, but with a lit... Read more

May the day be with you.

written by Johan, 11/02/11

Bought Jedi robe for a while, is very pleased with it, wanted a long robe that is comfortable, that looks cool is a bonus hehe. A really good buy.


written by Jedi, 14/02/11

Fun and functional robe.

Giant Beauty, cool but impractical aningens

written by Crashdown, 21/02/11

The only objection to this otherwise tasty dressing gown is that the sleeves are so large (more widely) so that they can easily fall into the road at the breakfast table.

My Jedi;)

written by Angela aka Angy, 23/02/11

Got this for my hubby who started to like Star wars after he played through the newest games. So I knew he would love this rock! He is wearing the morning and evening, showered or dry ball;) Wonderful... Read more

Perfect gift for all Star Wars fans.

written by S., 23/02/11

Robe is a real bargain for all lovers of Star Wars. It is just like the picture, big, long and then very soft and sleek. However, it fits best on tall people but at the same time it probably did not h... Read more


written by Philip, 07/03/11

Really comfy robe reaching down to the feet. However, the long, wide sleeves are not suitable for other than to cuddle; In preparing breakfast or disks are sleeves in the way all the time.


written by Koett, 10/03/11

Absolutely wonderful to walk in all day long! Soft and comfortable material and just the right size (181cm 90 boilers).

Jedi bathrobe

written by Lise, 14/03/11

The robe is for my husband. He is very pleased with both size and quality. It has not been possible to find other bathrobes for a man who has a proper length and that's dung uncomfortable to sit a... Read more

written by , 16/03/11

Hello!!! Just what I was expecting me. Good quality. Have unfortunately not washed it yet, but I hope it keeps fit. Good price!!!

Comfortable it is.

written by David, 16/03/11

It is absolutely wonderful and comfortable in every way! Not just how it feels against your body, but also how it looks. Had it not been for that it would probably be locked up if you went around the ... Read more

Awesome ...

written by LillJorre, 17/03/11

Must therefore say that I did not have too high expectations on the robe. But it is completely awesome !! As soon as I tested it (when I just arrived home with it), I loved it !!! Do the morning and e... Read more


written by Danielsson, 30/03/11

Is really happy with the coat. it was bigger than I thought was a plus because I usually have more to wear :) but now e power with me wherever I go o stands;)

jedi mrgonrock

written by kalle, 12/04/11

wear cool, top quality, bought it for a friend as a gift, or a large Star wars he was, he became very happy


written by Lars, 18/04/11

With this Jedi bathrobe I feel invincible every morning after showering. The quality seems very good. It is quite large, and since I'm småtjukk, it's a good thing. A bargain.

cool bathrobe

written by chan, 20/04/11

Spacious bathrobe for adults. The size does not fit children but appreciated nonetheless .... :)

tough bathrobe

written by Linda, 29/04/11

Bought a super cool bathrobe to my girlfriend. He enjoyed it but the size might have been a bit less. He is about size M / L but her coat was huge. Cool nonetheless.

written by , 29/04/11

Very cozy and "go" bathrobe, it has "power": D

Jedi Robe -> Awsome

written by Erik, 30/04/11

A super nice morning coat. But a fine Jedi hood. big o roomy. High-cozy =)

Successful gift!

written by Becca, 08/05/11

Jedirocken was a birthday gift for my sci-fi interested boyfriend. He became lyric! It is widely used both as a bathrobe and slippers. I also tested it myself but with little 160cm in length and not t... Read more

Delicious but great!

written by Kristofer, 23/05/11

Awesome delicious, but very sick! You still have to be at least 1.90 for it to be just the right length. Should I use it I have to sew it.


written by Andreas Svensson, 23/05/11

It's really nice! If you really think about Star Wars (which I do!) So it's worth the money! May The Force Be With You !!

Jedi Robe

written by Fredda, 23/05/11

I'm really happy with my Jedi Robe .. It is so comfortable to wear in the evenings o morning .. Best bargain in a long time .. Then I'm a huge fan of the Star Wars .. As soon as I saw this, so... Read more

You do not get better ...

written by Korsholm, 25/05/11

I have long been looking for a decent breakfast / bathrobe which suited me, but it's hard to cover his legs completely when one is reasonably high. I found this Jedi Bathrobe and was a little unsu... Read more

perfect gift

written by Arrowena, 25/05/11

We bought Jedibadekåpa a friend. The set as cast and was a real hit. The evening was filled with lots of Star Wars references. The perfect gift for geek who has everything. Bathrobes are large, so you... Read more

top quality

written by , 27/05/11

The bathrobe is very high quality. However, I recommend him to wash before first try. All in all, a great gift for a true Star Wars fan.


written by poe, 02/06/11

Robe is pretty big and fits absolutely a person who normally have the size XL. The material is soft and comfortable. Good terry! Besides, it is extra nice to put on because the kids think you are the ... Read more

Nice. high-quality

written by Jens, 06/06/11

So the jacket is fully my expectations and looks really great. The good quality and workmanship leave nothing to be desired. The only drawback: The jacket also (I am 180cm) falls for a normal-sized ma... Read more

Jedi Robe

written by famespe, 13/06/11

Bought this to our kid when he turned 29 years. He was overjoyed and would immediately set out to impress their mates

cool bathrobe

written by Marianne, 15/06/11

I bought Jedi coat for my son who turns twelve, he is about 165 cm tall and the length was perfect to look like a Jedi, but it had been easy place for a boy to his robe. He was very happy and I hope t... Read more

Beauty rock to son

written by Lizzie, 15/06/11

A comfortable bathrobe / bathrobe to 15-year-old son. Have been looking a long time for a robe to him in a little more fun model and not old men striped. Fit longer than 165. The lint in the first was... Read more


written by Alex, 22/06/11

There is nothing lovelier than incur this after a shower !! You feel Mega With this Jedi robe on !!! May the force be with you !!! =)


written by CaRo, 22/06/11

A great part, am thrilled and the donee also Absolute JediFeeling and a must have for any Star was fan's

feel like a jedi

written by Riddle, 27/06/11

Robe is really awesome, I like the 184 and is quite long and is quite stick thin thought it would be too small / large. But were wrong, sure arms are big and so .. but it'll be them! It is sick co... Read more

Wake up with force

written by Quid, 27/06/11

Robe of high quality which is very soft and cozy. Quite large and airy, too, since the hood is a bonus. Perfect for when you want to wake up with the power!

The cooler is not in the morning!

written by Qui-Gon Jørgen, 27/06/11

This is the toughest bathrobe produced! One must for Star Wars fans. It is large in size as it claims. But a "Jedi robe" will not be snug either. Are you Star Wars enthusiast then run and bu... Read more

written by Jenka, 03/07/11

I bought this as a gift and it was appreciated. However felled the much lint in the wash. Hence the "just" a quad.

Really cool

written by Oliver - München, 11/07/11

A really cool, and also huge fridge, fluffy bathrobe. Looks on first great. As he washes himself and how he keeps that time remains to be seen. But if after the bath or the shower also still the same ... Read more

Beach Stylish!

written by Maria, 31/07/11

I bought this morning / bathrobe to my brother 45 birthday present and it was a success. He tried it directly with the sons lasersvärd.Den is surprisingly "authentic" and the quality is grea... Read more


written by HansE, 01/08/11

Go quality. I am 177 high seems the perfect fit. Had I been a little shorter in the growth it had become something big. Grade 6;)

May the force be with you!

written by Henrik Lübbert, 05/08/11

Super dimensions, super stuff! Real class product! ;)

written by , 10/08/11

COOLEST purchase I've ever made ... I am 182cm tall, and it reached my ankles ... passport perfect, incredibly digg fabric. Seems solid too. If you're Star Wars fan: RACE AND BUY ...

Top Bathrobe!

written by Calle, 29/08/11

Did this bathrobe in the gift of my wife's birthday. O Warm comfortable and above all long - I'm 194 cm and this is the first bathrobe, ok out and no longer under the knees. The force has not ... Read more

Cool Jedi Bathrobe

written by kinemedk, 01/09/11

Very pleased with the product quality and delivery time. Morning cloak fluff very much before washing, but after a round in the washer and dryer was this problem away. Amazingly fast delivery!

Looks great, but lint as S ...

written by Dude0815, 06/09/11

Class jacket, the unit size is huge and haunting Europe by guarantees as XXL - but cultish. Only downside, the coat fluff at the beginning just amazing! So beware: the first 2-3 washes should primaril... Read more

Jedi Robe

written by Sandra, 14/09/11

Robe was a gift for our 15 year old guy, but all the other male family members (18 and 43) felt it was so cool, and some wish also one of those now. It says that it is large in size and it is true, bu... Read more

The Force is strong with this Robe!

written by Dudemeister, 10/12/11

Brilliant quality and nice fuzzy .. Comfortable to wear and just to tweak a nap on the couch. Then the ovenikøbet brilliant to wear when you see Star wars an early morning: P You feel total as a Jedi,... Read more

written by Cybersick, 13/12/11

Grade was my robe, top part I have to say do not understand why everyone says the was too big so I could from the may be even greater'm only 187cm and the rest of Famiele is still small and it fit... Read more


written by Lotte, 13/12/11

It was just as we had hoped, both in terms. Appearance and quality


written by Chris, 16/12/11

But it's so bold. I'm really glad for it. I bought one for myself and one for my best friend as a Christmas present. And he is right enough just started playing SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republ... Read more

Share the mantle as I can!

written by Shinji, 16/12/11

So I can only recommend the Jedi Bathrobe! It is a must for any Star Wars fan and does all super. With its enormous size (I'm "only" 178cm tall), he is also outstanding use in adverse we... Read more


written by Bengtsen, 19/12/11

Have given this as a gift, have subsequently heard that it lives up to expectations, str. Ok and it is nice to wear, warm and soft.


written by moni, 20/12/11

The bathrobe has been friend of mine and he is very satisfied, especially because the large kaputze goes over the eyes, and thus a better / darker sleep is possible. The only thing is that the materia... Read more

Morning cozy!

written by Kristian, 20/12/11

Really nice bathrobe. I am 186cm, it feels longer than any other dressing gowns I've tried (why I bought this). Difficult to eat breakfast / wash etc in due to long and very wide sleeves (I get in... Read more

written by , 21/12/11

Some great even for me that is great ....

super both robe

written by Birger, 23/12/11

I am 190 and about 100 kg godtnok when the fairing is not ground but it works nice big

Jedi bathrobe

written by Anette, 25/12/11

My husband liked it very well, so a clear 5 of us :)

Christmas present

written by garagero, 26/12/11

Jedi caused great happiness and was worn by our grandson from it was put out and he went to bed (and after disclosure also next day, from the time he got up) - so it is a great pleasure to give gifts ... Read more

best Christmas gift

written by , 27/12/11

I bought the bathrobe to his girlfriend for Christmas, and with his words, "the year's best Christmas gift" ... The quality is super - but with a little lint when just unpacked - and mat... Read more

written by Marte, 28/12/11

My girlfriend was very happy with this dressing gown! Uses the outside and inside;)

In tune with the force, it is.

written by JThue, 29/12/11

Lovely! Thought I had to order this from the large organizations with entrained moms coatings but found it at the same price here and ordered sporenstreks as Christmas present to myself. It's big,... Read more

Utrulig good.

written by duvethvem, 29/12/11

I use this a lot. Delicious to wear, but it is very big. Appropriate for large people, about 175 and up

written by Möh, 29/12/11

Good length and fit to be a "one size". On Me (1.75) suffice it almost down to the feet - cozy! Good sleeve length and material. No Snik.

Funka great!

written by Tulla, 30/12/11

I bought this as a gift to cohabitants. It was well received, and is diligent in use. My only concern is that he will start to go with the outdoors;) The quality is very good.

Jedi Bathrobe

written by Bodil, 30/12/11

Gave my son at 36 years robe for Christmas. It was a hit! He was thrilled by the spaciousness and length, but still thought that surely would land something jam etc. sleeves due. width !!

You must unlearn what you have the learned, Said Yoda.

written by Jacob, 02/01/12

E-commerce is safe, easy and convenient, no matter what else you think and it's no different from Cool Stuff. I ordered a Jedi Bathrobe and had my doubts with respect. Quality, but felt spontaneou... Read more


written by aliens, 02/01/12

May the force be with you. Bathrobe is soft and delicious - and huge. But if you are dedicated Star Wars fan, it's all gifts locally mother.

World class!

written by Camilla, 02/01/12

I bought the bathrobe as Christmas present for my girlfriend. Besides, he was so excited because he can "play" jedi, then the fairing itself a really good size for tall and broad-shouldered ... Read more


written by Christians mor, 02/01/12

Quite excellent product purchased as a gift for my son, who had wanted it to Christmas, and he was very pleased with it, so you have the bathrobe of course also be a good cause!

Jedi; D

written by Lybe, 02/01/12

A super gift which came into use immediately, OK quality ......

Superb Starwars bathrobe

written by Maria, 02/01/12

The kids and I bought it as a Christmas present to the master of the house, and it is a great success. The man is medium size in height and rather thin, and it fits nicely - but it is big around the w... Read more

Jedi bathrobe

written by mette mølsted pedersen, 03/01/12

The robe was a Christmas present for my son, he was very glad it was just what he wanted, have not heard any negative feedback even after it is put into use MVH Mette

Christmas Gifts

written by 090644, 04/01/12

Both gift recipients were satisfied with the gift and thus the product,

Kanon gift

written by Lise Andersen, 05/01/12

My girlfriend was extremely happy about it and go in the constant: o) Fits fine ...

written by Marie, 05/01/12

Fine quality. Very sto special sleeves to a Gent size. M / L - but it's also how they look in the film. Good experience!

Absolutely super!

written by Fiena, 05/01/12

It was exactly as expected! My beloved Star Wars husband was very happy when he opened his Christmas gift; o) It is large in size to fit tall men perfect! I was allowed to swim a little in it too! (Is... Read more

Cool bathrobe, but ....

written by Nanne, 06/01/12

Booked this morning coat to a birthday gift for my husband, who was very happy! Morning casing is stylish, it but I think probably not the quality is completely relative to the price, so there is enou... Read more

Coolest gift in the world!

written by Tazzie, 06/01/12

I gave my lovely girlfriend a Jedi bathrobe for Christmas, and I do not think that a gift could have been great for him, he puts it on a daily basis and takes a Jedi "fool moment" where he g... Read more

Jedi robes and mini fridge.

written by tulle, 06/01/12

Good quality and the gifts brought happiness with our son :) went only 2 days I ordered things until they arrived at our address. very good service, not the last time I order from here. Happy New Year... Read more

nice article

written by Ilka, 06/01/12

Have appointed as a gift just before Christmas the Jedibademantel. It turns out very large and is very fluffy. Since he was not for me but for my friend I can not say much about it, except that he was... Read more

Nice, but a bit too large

written by Fredrik, 07/01/12

I'm 179cm tall and medium in T-shirts and Large in shirts and I feel really small in this. The length is nothing wrong, but I fill out the bad. Those who have a little larger sizes, I recommend th... Read more


written by Mads, 07/01/12

Bought it for myself, use it every day. Big enough for real men too :)

Fine but great!

written by kenozoo, 09/01/12

Jedi robe is fine, but in very large size. Best suited to adult men pulling sizes Large-XXL!

very good

written by pus, 11/01/12

but a little big, falls down in the food, already yogurt and milk taste on your sleeve. could certainly be good for hard times, some alla food in the towel in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ... Read more


written by Darth Ivan, 16/01/12

The best robes I have ever had :-)

fine quality

written by anne llp, 18/01/12

Beautiful robe with good, wide sleeves and good hood. The quality seems good. Fortunately, a little bit darker than the image suggested. Large size that will hopefully fit most.

Jedi Bathrobe

written by KennyBall, 18/01/12

This is just hærlig if you are Star Wars fan or not, I read that it was one-size so I was afraid that this did not fit me, I am 190 tall and suits me, stopping about 5cm from the ankles. this suits mo... Read more


written by sonning, 20/01/12

Very stylish and cool. Suitable only tall people. Gave it to my brother who is about 183 centimeters. Is it shorter it becomes too large. It was big enough anyway.

Simply Super

written by lil_time, 23/01/12

Soft, comfortable, and just looks sharp from ... sometimes I take a shower just to attract the robe ...: - D

Super Good product

written by , 23/01/12

Fits well, exquisite fabrics, fine bathrobes

A success

written by Marcus, 25/01/12

Robe is large in size. I'm 194 and fit. Fine quality and good details. The lint a lot before you washed it, dare not tumble dry, then I am afraid that it shrinks too much. Was empty at masquerade ... Read more


written by Juliane, 28/01/12

The recipient was very happy - finally a real Jedi ;-)

pleasant overasket

written by Henning, 01/02/12

I bought this bathrobe. And made me a pleasant surprise, it is big and in a leak quality. I'm a big guy at 191cm and 122 kg and it is just before the Jedi robe can reach me 1½ time I use it every ... Read more

good quality fast delivery

written by tingle, 06/02/12

completely uncomplicated trade. Jedi robe is of great sound quality, and fits many størrelser.Købte 2 bathrobes for 2 different størrelser.Kom quickly, for collection at the post office. (Have given g... Read more

The gift was extremely popular!

written by Camilla, 07/02/12

Gave this as a birthday present for a slightly-too-old-to-starwars-boyfriend who loved it completely. he is ca. 188 high and it was long enough to fit it. Have tried it myself and it is super comforta... Read more

suoer quality

written by , 11/02/12

It is really nice and lovely to wear. The sleeves are a little big so it is not recommended to wear while eating or preparing food as they will be smeared. But just to walk around and enjoy themselves... Read more


written by WUMba_KLIK, 16/02/12

it's just a little tougher than everyone else bathrobes. your friends will love it and your girlfriend will shake your head! win win! it is large in size so order wisely. The awe-sleeves give the ... Read more

The Force is with me :)

written by Jon, 18/02/12

I was nervous about Jedi robe was too small for me. I wanted a big bathrobe ... And it got. It is soft, delicious, delightful cotton. I am 184 tall and is not a small fluff. Delivery was done quickly ... Read more

It's just too cool!

written by Søren Werk, 21/02/12

When I had sent my order of place I almost regret - because I never use bathrobe. :-( But I do now! It's nice big (I am 186) and good to wear. And so I think that I look like a mix between the you... Read more

Very satisfied!

written by CyreZ, 29/02/12

Both me and the kids loved your this! Do not like Obi van so it fits well for Assasin Creed fans .. Least boy seems I looked at Ezio :-) Comfy not included to be procured itself.


written by R, 01/03/12

Overall I am very satisfied. The only criticism is that the sleeves of the cloak is quite large and easily get in the way.

This was cool for everyone

written by Truls, 04/03/12

3-year-old and 30-year-old in each bathrobe, envious faces :) Yoda is my and good, nice ears and cool Star Wars character who fits perfectly with Obiwan Kenobi cloak that I personally use,

May the force be with you!

written by ReverendAA, 10/03/12

Iconic bathrobe. However, VERY big! The fit on Jabba The Hutt. Under 1,75 / 1,80m I would not recommend buying.

Jedi Bathrobe

written by Rara, 11/03/12

My husband loves this morning coat. It is good and spacious in size and he really looks like a Jedi when he has on this. Soft and comfortable.

A great gift.

written by Sara, 12/03/12

It is a great gift to give to his girlfriend .. My've been really happy with it .. It is very easy to have it sent to him, and it took only 2 days ..

Delicious and great robes

written by Troels, 19/03/12

Comfortable fabrics, good size. Tough robes, albeit a little geeky. I do not regret the purchase, despite the fact that the price might be a little high.

Good bathrobes

written by niels k, 21/03/12

Lovely bathrobe where there is plenty of room though but size xL. Comfortable to wear on a Sunday HVOD not bother so much, and enjoy your coffee and breakfast and where you might have a little hangove... Read more

Jedi Bathrobe

written by Torfinn, 26/03/12

I bought Jedi bathrobe with you a few weeks ago. It is a very good bathrobe, which I've used a lot. A very comfortable garment, while providing some specific associations for me who have been Star... Read more

May the robe be with you!

written by Harti, 26/03/12

A must for fans and geeks! To sit and play SWTOR this skööööna bathrobe with a cup of steaming hot coffee is the best there is. But trying to wash dishes or cook in this sköööööööna bathrobe is someth... Read more

for all "asleep" -jedi out there

written by Robban, 03/04/12

first and foremost, very fast delivery, much appreciated. one feels epic in a whole new way when you sit in this garment. However, I can tell you from personal efarenhet that it is pretty big, my stay... Read more

The man's birthday gift

written by Ann, 10/04/12

The man has not talked about anything since Christmas and chose to buy it for him as a birthday present. The gauges have GREAT luck. It's just before he is sorry that he can not wear it all the ti... Read more

Jedi Robe

written by Kristina, 15/04/12

Easy to order and the goods arrived home quickly. Robe sued along well with the product description. We are very satisfied!

female magnet

written by data romance, 18/04/12

amen amen, the girls go mad for it! ; D it is fantastic. considering purchasing a second I can wear to work


written by Rikke, 18/06/12

My girlfriend was very happy to get the birthday present. Can your boyfriend like Starwars, it's just the right gift.


written by Päran, 27/06/12

Super cozy and long robe of light, soft and pliable Terry became a very appreciated gift. However, brought it a lot terry fluff and smelled quite strongly of some impregnation, so it got a bath in the... Read more


written by Espen A.Olsen, 14/07/12

Was very funny book this morning coat. I bought Jedi Bathrobe and a mate I live with acquired Sith Slippers. They are VERY comfortable to wear, it is recommended to have a t-shirt under it. Because th... Read more

Jedi morgenåpe

written by Judith, 01/08/12

Very good and great morgkåpe! One should be over 1.75 and a bit broad in the shoulders for it to fit, since it is one size. Type my suits it perfectly, but I slightly less targeted up arms slightly he... Read more

Perfect everywhere except quality

written by Junk, 16/08/12

It has everything you want to have good length and large hood It feels really nice fit works for almost all the e neat But ... Anyone who has sewn together it must have used the absolute worst thread ... Read more

Coolstuff is Coolstuff

written by Tantarslet, 17/08/12

What a glorious robe! The son was more than pleased presenten.Det best with the gown is that it actually fits a little longer people. Long and wonderfully soft :) perfect to nestle in the twilight. Fa... Read more


written by T, 21/08/12

I'm 185cm and size L / XL. His coat was in the main team, but the length was just right for me. The sleeves are a little clumsy when, for example, to make breakfast, then they end up in the road. ... Read more

Damn good but wildly large

written by Mathias, 14/09/12

Hello, I felt it is nice and warm but at 178cm feels the SAA relatively large perhaps a little too much way you could make them exactly it would be really good, or low XS, S, M, L, XL

The world's coolest bathrobe

written by Milla, 24/09/12

Good size fits all! What a hell of a cool thing, my boyfriend was delighted with the gift! Wish there was Star Wars slippers to buy!

The (morning) Rock !!

written by Mia, 02/10/12

Worth every penny. Fits perfectly on the man who is 183 tall, and even super cozy for me is 170. Soft and high-cozy!


written by jenni, 11/10/12

Can really recommend this product. Gave it to my boyfriend as a present and he loved it. Warm and cozy and good quality. He uses it almost around the clock. It's the one he throws when he comes in... Read more

Fine and good but a little big

written by Johan, 12/10/12

I am 80 kg and 172 cm. It is really too big for me. It is just not in the ground when I walk but it's a little too much over the shoulders and long sleeves. I was going to sew it into the chest an... Read more


written by Matos, 15/10/12

Fits very well, is itself fairly well built, 1.90 long and just over three-digit mark. Ending about the middle of the shin and may laziness tied together over stuffed belly! Really nice matreal, happi... Read more


written by mimmi, 16/10/12

Jedi robe, just buy it. Very bathrobe for Shipping. It was a nice brown color.

as expected - good and nice quality

written by t, 29/10/12

Ordered Jedi bathrobe to intermarry with trogne Star Wars children, and it fell in good taste by the recipient. The quality is superb and keeps wash after wash - at least if it's like the little r... Read more

Bada Coat

written by Øyfart, 05/11/12

Hello. Fantastic great product. Only with the correct length. Fast and fine handed down from Coolstuff.Grei website where products are well described.

Zappe Duster on the bright side of the Force !!!!!!

written by Kai Vanière, 10/11/12

Hi, finally calm, warm and dark, it's like in a single room in the middle of many Mitgeplagten on the relaxing deck in the Saunalandschaft.Wenn I zu.Denn from my Yoda-mantle for the next infusion,... Read more

very comfortable

written by Sparafucile, 10/11/12

I'm very satisfied. It is soft, warm and very pleasant. A bit too far in his arms maybe. Otherwise absolutely perfect!

Jedi Robe

written by Nicke, 13/11/12

Absolutely superb, fitted perfectly, really nice, asking warm. Equally suited to a plump 1.75 as the one that is 2 m long.

The Force is strong with this one

written by Mr Lol, 10/12/12

The product is practically perfect in every way. Can really feel the power flow through me when I use it, which is almost every day. But it gets a star less because it only exists in one size (?) I&#3... Read more

Large and wonderful!

written by Jeje, 24/12/12

Extremely pleased with Jedi cloak! It is very big and suits me fine. In addition absorbs the water smoothly and keeps the heat the way I like it after a shower. Definitely recommended!

Jedi Bathrobe

written by Camilla, 24/12/12

I gave my best friend a brown jedibadekåbe for Christmas, and he was super happy with it! He is a Star Wars fan, and it was therefore absolutely perfect for him. Size wise it is just as it should be -... Read more

Incredibly nice

written by Kristine, 25/12/12

Bought this for my girlfriend who is very fond of Star Wars, I thought this could not be more perfect since he also needed bathrobe. It struck very much depends both he and various family members :) a... Read more


written by Hans, 27/12/12

Incredibly prized Christmas gift in fine quality! The daughter was amazed. Wish I bought two (one for me too ...)


written by sunny, 27/12/12

Kam super good. First, the wrong delivered then but super friendly and nice forwarded the right immediately. The badematel is very thin but who loves star wars for it fulfilled the purpose!

Digg bathrobe

written by ad, 27/12/12

Dad got really good bathrobe in gift, so good that we had to order another one for my son. Pays to wash it before first use.

Cool - but a little big

written by Jakob, 28/12/12

Excelent thick quality. Will certainly also be used as disguises. Unfortunately, the size of very large - and I disappear completely in it.

The top

written by Lislisa, 28/12/12

My husband loves it and has now thrown its old 15-year-old bathrobe. :-D Really good quality and good size.

May The Force Be With You

written by stigen, 28/12/12

One size fits all really. Beauty toweling and good quality. You can not fail with this Jedirock.

Jedi cloak

written by Nina, 31/12/12

Bought it as a Christmas gift to man. We are both very happy! He goes with the whole day now :)))


written by Naddel, 31/12/12

my friend wearing nothing else .... I have my coat but presented slightly fluffy. Otherwise top!

Looks incredibly well and is very fine

written by Nina Møller, 02/01/13

The fairing is slightly more than expected, it looks like incredibly well and is lovely to walk in. I would happily recommend it to other users.

Jedi Bathrobe

written by Brian, Hvidovre, 02/01/13

Quick delivery and product lived up to what was described on the website. It will not be the last time I use your site :)


written by Kk, 03/01/13

This year's Christmas 2012. This was certainly the cheapest and best-liked gift my dear got for Christmas. He grinned from ear to ear. Absolutely perfect to star wars love! Free cloth part before ... Read more

Very satisfied!

written by Alexander, 04/01/13

Bought 4 pieces Jedi Bathrobe, one for myself and 3 others in the family. The quality is good, it is sturdy and comfortable and wear. And of course, it is very cool. It reaches far down to the floor, ... Read more


written by Anka, 04/01/13

Bought this as a Christmas present to type. He was super happy! Bathrobes are in good quality and super comfortable to wear! Highly recommended!

Christmas Success!

written by Tina, 07/01/13

This was given for Christmas and the star wars happy daddy in the house was very happy. Otherwise the supposedly soft and warm in addition to being long and big so you can pack up well into it.

Wonderful bathrobe!

written by Pottan, 07/01/13

It not only looks good it is very comfortable with :) Got for Christmas and can not but be very pleased with it. Comfortable and spacious, and additionally super stylish!

Jedi Bathrobe

written by Mr.Langnes, 15/01/13

Fast and efficient delivery, which responded to expectations. No injuries or defects in her dressing gown, it was in extremely good condition. Highly recommended.

fine :)

written by TOBEN EIKILD, 16/01/13

it was fine enough but the sleeves are too thick and otherwise fits me and I'm about 165 high cool stuff :)

The force is strong with this robe

written by T2, 24/01/13

Perfect as a bathrobe, perfect for kleine Sundays, not to mention perfect as part of the Jedi costume :) Morning cover is great, but it must be jedikappe. I am 173 tall, the subs just not :) recommend... Read more

Large and delicious

written by Ny Eier, 25/01/13

You use it may not be there, but it's mega digg to pack into this before you have a longer leg on your PC! Good and warm, very big! :) Cool purchases!

Useless in hverdassituasjoner but terribly good.

written by Stein, 28/01/13

Want to do the following; Go to the bathroom, eat food, smear on bread fall, get up, so this is not for you. The deep sleeves are more suited to home Tie-fighter your cooking than (eg) If you wish how... Read more


written by tine, 29/01/13

beautiful goods ... anytime .... fast delivery ... easily ... bathrobe as in the description

Horny toy!

written by Beutlin, 30/01/13

Unfortunately Lint at the beginning but after a strong, two washes it ausgefusselt itself. Bin otherwise completely satisfied! The bathrobe is very cozy and nice Great! Of course we do not talk about ... Read more

Totally amazing!

written by Josse, 01/02/13

It is wonderful to be able to walk around dressed as a Jedi every day! Because it is one size is a bit big compared to a regular robe and sleeves are long and wide, but it is very comfortable and more... Read more

beautiful, large, comfortable bathrobe Cotton

written by Jens, 13/02/13

Long I was looking for a big, cozy bathrobe COTTON with beautiful color for a reasonable price. Without explicit Star Wars fan to be, me the bathrobe has convinced the Internet and confirmed at home a... Read more

The perfect girlfriend gift.

written by Embla, 15/02/13

I bought this robe as a birthday gift for my dear and guess whether he was happy! I use it myself sometimes, great to wear. Positive that it is a bit big and. It was also incredibly fast in the mail, ... Read more


written by NR, 21/02/13

Large, comfortable, nicely Lion yellow. You can wrap himself in it from head to foot, and the sleeves cover your hands if you want. And you can even wear the hood comfortably. But it is mainly to sit ... Read more

fits fine

written by Ken, 25/02/13

I was a little unsure of the size, but it fits fine. 185cm / 90 kg. (************************************************* *****************)

Jedi morning / bathrobe

written by Svempa, 09/03/13

Large and lovely. Gets a little less after the recommended wash before use but is a XXL - kid like me. Will probably be nice for outdoor in summer as well as sunbathing. The hood is great!

Jedi Bathrobe

written by Lene, 03/04/13

Girlfriend was very happy with her robe. Fell very in taste for a guy of 34 years in addition Star Wars enthusiast

Delicious bathrobe

written by Nina, 11/04/13

Very delicious, my girlfriend was very happy it could still use that there were some smaller sizes so that I even could get a;).

birthday gift

written by Lenea Nielsen, 14/04/13

It was definitely a hit with my son when he closed package with bathrobe. He would just try it out together and was looking forward to using it. It's super nice to give something to someone being ... Read more

On the one can count

written by Seba aus der Ferne, Germany 23/04/13

Whether in the morning tired, sick or lazy, herewith is the force be with you. No matter how miserable you feel, how long the evening was how sleepy the head ... and when the coffee machine you can go... Read more

Very large, very soft

written by Dante, Sweden 02/05/13

It's big, very big. It is difficult to wash in it, but sit on the couch and playing games is just fine. Good quality, fine printing, soft and comfortable.

Happiest boyfriend

written by Linnéa, Sweden 03/05/13

Gorgeous and super comfy bathrobe! Super gift for any Star Wars geeks! Great material and the model is almost better in reality than in the picture :)

Very comfortable and beautiful long

written by kmovie, Germany 08/05/13

Unlike normal bathrobes are firstly the sleeve very far and the jacket right almost to the ankles. The hood is also cut very far. So you can pretty a cuddle. The tip with the twice wash the Entfusseln... Read more

Jedi robe

written by Jarso, Finland 13/05/13

Very comfortable and pleasant feel of the material of the jacket. Is equally suitable for little smaller in size than the bigger man. After a shower or bath will not mind to hang out rest of the eveni... Read more

Troubled worth!

written by Magnus, Sweden 13/05/13

Bought this robe because I did not have, and have long wanted to have exactly this, then when it was lowered over a weekend, I could not Resisting, it is soft, warm and comfortable and looks crazy coo... Read more

Jedi Robe

written by capman, Sweden 13/05/13

They were crazy comfortable to wear, but they were some of the larger size for me that is a small person, but cozy factor is high in it.

Jedi Robe

written by Erik, Sweden 13/05/13

Is very pleased with the bathrobe! Think that picture gives a good representation of how it actually looks. Something that may be helpful to consider when ordering it is that it only comes in one size... Read more

Obi-Wan Kenobi move into ...

written by Zirie, Sweden 13/05/13

It is really huge! Bought it to his son who is 11.5 years but 171cm long. He "bathed" in it but love it! :-D Good material, and it'll be a few hours in it and he'll have it for long!... Read more

Jedi Bathrobe

written by Helle, Norway 14/05/13

Purchased as a joke as a birthday gift. Seems quite ok. Thick good drug. Fun for those who like Star Wars and fun and give away even for those who have no special relationship with these films.


written by Tor, Norway 22/05/13

The package was quickly send and delivered and I looked like a kid when I opened it. It survived definitely up to expectations. Perfect size with long sleeves and stylish hood. The quality was superb ... Read more

Jedi Robe

written by Dre, Sweden 22/05/13

The coat va in good condition, well packed down and comfortable to wear. The VA also true long. I recommend this highly for you who are looking to run it, you will probably not be disappointed.


written by Roland, Germany 30/05/13

Hello, I'm very satisfied with the bathrobe. A shame that there is only one size. Otherwise Top. Fast delivery and easy Kaufabwicklung.So it should be. Thank you.


written by Norbert, Germany 12/06/13

I am Sience fiction fan, so I also like Star Wars, from the very beginning. In addition, I have long wanted a bathrobe is long. Most are just short. Quality and workmanship are very good. Very comfort... Read more


written by Julie, Norway 25/07/13

The man bought this, and absolutely fell in taste! Large and spacious, with long sleeves. Suitable enough not to those under 170/175 cm as it is wide and long.

Jedi robe

written by m, Finland 07/08/13

Great bathrobe which has remained good even after two wash cycles. The length of the jacket should be no more, because now the hem reaches mid-calf length 185 cm tall. The complex, however, I am very ... Read more

Super cozy bathrobe

written by Joachim, Denmark 26/08/13

This is the super cozy bathrobe, however, one must be prepared that it is a very big bathrobe, so if you are a tall thin guy like me, there is room for two people in it)

Good for my tall boyfriend

written by CilleOC, Denmark 09/09/13

I bought it for my girlfriend who is 2.07 cm and a broad-shouldered fellow, and was nervous that it would not fit. He is very happy with it and it fits him very well! It goes him exactly to the knee. ... Read more

Jedibademantel - mmmhhh okay!

written by Yvé, Germany 20/09/13

For the the Jedibademantel should be a Merchandise Product of Star Wars, I was slightly disappointed with presentation and quality. In itself, the bathrobe is okay, the logo on the front of the chest ... Read more

good product,

written by isto, Finland 02/11/13

corresponds quite well to the description, the really good-sized bathrobe. work well even in the first mission, ie Jedi asuna Halloween party friends of the light saber.

Elli D.

written by Elli D., Germany 11/11/13

The jacket is really a great gift, about my best friend was very happy. PS: If the bathrobe a lightsaber, the effect is yet to places twice as cool


written by Jon Chr., Norway 26/11/13

This dressing gown will be a Christmas gift. It is therefore difficult for me to give a review before Christmas.

Jedi bathrobe

written by twelmo, Germany 12/12/13

The robe looks great, feels cozy and is super wear well. There are in these bathrobes huge differences in quality - this is from is indeed made of cotton and therefore peak. Initially annoy some lint ... Read more

May The Force be with you.

written by Sinika, Sweden 25/12/13

Very nice, lovely style. Suitable cohabitant right. Just wish it was in my size too. Fluff in the first wash!

lovely bathrobe

written by hegedm, Norway 26/12/13

Very large in size, the sleeves are really long. The cap was smaller than it looked like in the picture. Delicious and soft, recommended.

fun bathrobe

written by SNV, Sweden 30/12/13

Fun with Jedi-rock, seems to be good quality and fun concept. The daughter was happy and modern envious. ;-)


written by Manteli, Finland 01/01/14

I bought this for my husband for Christmas and the face was like the sun naantalin when he saw what was in the package. I was afraid a little, that this might not be suitable for you to choose from th... Read more

Jedi robe

written by TNi, Finland 02/01/14

The jacket was big as kuvauskin said. Suitable for a large man (180 cm, 98 kg). Material pleasant, does not seem like a man-made fiber. Fast delivery.