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Jelly Belly Beans Gift Box

The ultimate Jelly Belly Beans extravaganza, gift boxes of 10, 20, 40 or 50 different flavours. The expression "there is something for all tastes" has never been so true.

Jelly Belly Beans Gift Box - 50 Flavours
50 Flavours
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Jelly Belly Beans Gift Box - 40 Flavours
40 Flavours
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Jelly Belly Beans Gift Box - 20 Flavours
20 Flavours
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Jelly Belly Beans Gift Box - 10 Flavours
10 Flavours
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Jelly Belly Beans Gift Box - Jelly Belly Ultra Giftbox
Jelly Belly Ultra Giftbox
25 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

94 reviews

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What is this?

Mmmm yummy!

written by Jelly Belly, 30/12/11

There are no sweets that are more fun than jelly beans! You can find a great variety of recipes online or self-experiment your way to the new taste explosions by combining the different beans and let ... Read more

Perfect vegetarian julkapp!

written by Charlotte, 02/01/12

I bought the box with 20 different flavors (because the others were out) to my sister in julklapp.Hon is a vegetarian and loves Jelly Belly because they are free from animal gelling agents. super good... Read more

Jelly beans

written by sofie, 06/01/12

I ordered some Jelly beans for my sister for Christmas. I bought it five days before Christmas. so I was very excited if they could manage to be on time. After a few days I got a message from the post... Read more

perfect gift

written by Bella, 09/01/12

This I bought a Christmas gift for my little sister as a picky person. She adored it. Well packaged, many fun flavors (bought 20), totally worth the price. I can really recommend it indeed! So have yo... Read more


written by angelika, 10/01/12

Gave away this Christmas gift to my brother who love Jelly Belly and he was very happy for that! And it surprised even me that the box was so big. As an added plus in the edge was.

Jelly Belly gift box

written by Birte Jensen, 20/01/12

we thought the gift box were all great! the person who received it was overjoyed and even that is a gift in itself! flavor variants were creative and not something you have seen or tasted before! the ... Read more

Jelly Belly Fantastic!

written by Miki, 23/01/12

Bought Jelly Belly Beans for my girlfriend and when I finally got the package she went all worked for her Love Jelly Beans and flavors are Incredibly


written by , 02/02/12

Was very very good! Love Jelly Belly bean and enthralled. Was really worth the money for someone who loves this wonderful candy! But the only thing is should update what's in the box,... Read more


written by Cilje, 07/02/12

Super duper! great gift, and it was well received! : D

What flavors!

written by Kakan, 20/02/12

Funny thing with very cool flavors. "Buttered Popcorn" really tastes butter (hence no favorite ...). Very good and fun than Alladin!

Perfect gift!

written by Danne, 27/02/12

Surprisingly good pastime to play "guess the flavor" :) Bought it for my fiancee on Valentine's Day and it was incredibly appreciated! Better than any of chocolates anytime!

"I thought a lot about my Jelly Belly gift box"

written by fia, 27/02/12

Really Cute gift instead of chocolate. Many diverse and new flavors that are sometimes surprised taste buds. Became curious about what flavors that can be found in boxes containing 40 and 50 flavors. ... Read more

Really good and cool Jellybeans

written by Benke, 29/02/12

There are several variations than you can imagine with really authentic flavors. Highly recommended!

Great experience

written by mamma Åsa , 29/02/12

Which happily receiving it became the family of Jelly Belly gift box (50 kinds of flavors). Beautiful beans in every conceivable bright color, like a large box filled with beautiful glass / plastic be... Read more

perfect gift

written by lilevi, 01/03/12

Followed with a small brochure with the "recipe" and were more at their website. Nice packaging was too. Much appreciated! =)

Very good!

written by Marius, 02/03/12

This item does not disappoint at all! So many different flavors and all the flavors you can recognize the taste of! Very fun to guess the flavor before looking for the gold standard! Well worth the mo... Read more

Lots of wonderful flavors!

written by Synnøve, 09/03/12

These have in principle yummy! Pops up some stalling tasting occasionally, but it's just exciting. You can taste the few things you have not thought jelly beans could taste, at least!

Whoa, baby!

written by Berra L, 10/03/12

I suspected that there would be a big shot. A gift to me - just me (and some colleagues might). The 20 flavors were just right. Some big favorites is the popcorn with butter, cherry, lemon and blueber... Read more

Jelly Belly!

written by Sandy Bee, 12/03/12

I purchased the box of 50 flavors and gives the product 4 out of 5 stars as it was a few flavors that were not particularly good, and asklocket was misprinted / wrong direction. But otherwise, I recom... Read more

Perfect gift for my 13 year old daughter

written by Connie, 19/03/12

My daughter was thrilled and surprised a box with 40 different flavors of jelly beans ... Highly recommended for a delicious hungry teenager! :-)


written by Dex, 28/03/12

First time I have shopped with Coolstuff and are very satisfied. Fast trade and Jelly Belly is a bright gift to a vigorous 80-year-old. Recommended: D

Best of the Best

written by kjorsvik, 09/04/12

No regrets for a second purchase. ! Am very happy and will recommend to andre..gjerne as a gift, but the best fir yourself.

Fast delivery

written by Trine, Vesterbro, 09/04/12

Super quick service, track n 'trace and I could download the package earlier than expected - great. The package was really well packaged - this prevented not 50 beats Jelyy Beans from shaking toge... Read more

Jelly Belly

written by KineML, 12/04/12

This is a super gift, very nice box, you can give away to the little playful candy lover, or just to themselves.


written by Gro, 14/04/12

a perfect gift for a friend who loves sugar. We thought it was bigger but it's big enough as a gift.


written by ole kristensen, 16/04/12

Very tilfreds.Handler like with you again. Fine product and fast delivery. All in all a good experience.


written by kjokling, 19/04/12

Kjempefin packaging. Many exciting and great tasting! Turns always well received as a present to the well sick!

but quite expensive fine

written by FF, 18/06/12

Perfect Shipping, Ware describes recommend expectant For each Lieh But. The price I find a bit high but otherwise everything was great.

Hakon says

written by Håkon sier, 24/06/12

Yes, what should I say? I guess I can start my saying that the product was amazing. All the flavors were there and the gift box was exactly the size I expected. The beans tasted unique. Every single o... Read more


written by åsa, 13/07/12

Good candy but did exactly the same Products packaging SEK 20 cheaper in a store here hemma..detta lowered the rating ..

perfect gift

written by jelly, 08/08/12

a lot of good flavors and appreciated by most, as well as a fun thing o give as gifts affordable box

Jelly Belly

written by Jakob Olsen, 03/09/12

Fine service, I had the package the day after it was ordered. Jelly Belly tastes great, and it can my son on 4 sign. :island)


written by Testba(h)r, 24/09/12

Jelly Belly are always a gladly seen gift. The many different flavors are great, because everyone is guaranteed to find something. On the handout all varieties are again described in detail. The sorti... Read more

Taste very good!

written by Katrine, 24/09/12

Birthday gift was a hit and we were surprised how much beans taste of what they should taste. It's fun with a good selection :)

Sweet to the cute

written by Myde, 01/11/12

Superb 50th birthday! What could be better than 50 flavors of classic Jellybeans a sweet tooth young at heart when he turns 50? Pres The relative size and persistent rattling curiosity did great durin... Read more


written by Maja, 27/11/12

Perfect gift for anyone who loves jellybeans. They can not be bought in many shops and where to find them so are the flavors get. With this gift box to get 50 flavors and it is perfect! Super Festive!... Read more

Bought to the girl

written by Ost, 04/12/12

She got really happy, thought it was really fun to try all the flavors. You can also give the other a random bean o ask them to guess the flavor. Regarding the flavors so were some really good and the... Read more

Fun candy from US

written by Rikard, 04/12/12

Jelly Belly Beans are like candy beans in the Harry Potter films for those who have seen them. It is anyway a candy that has all the flavors. Jelly Belly, however, no disgusting flavors but well such ... Read more

very good gift !!

written by Rome_X, 06/12/12

wanted Hab on the fast a gift, was here very quickly found and it was one of the best and tastiest gifts of the day !! So Top !!

Jelly Belly gift box

written by LF, 10/12/12

Easy to act, good informatin and fast delivery. I highly recommend shopping with Cool Stuff no problems.


written by Klaudia, 17/12/12

I have long been looking for an inexpensive solution for the best candy in the world! Jelly beans really taste even after what is on it ♡ Super price Super quality


written by Marga, 03/01/13

We love Jelly Belly! And that box !!! So good and quick service. Very satisfaited! Good box, You can mix candy and greasy New Taste!

Completely okay

written by Connie, 04/01/13

The product corresponds completely to my expectations. A fun and unusual gift that can easily arouse joy with a candy mouth.

Very good!

written by H, 05/01/13

Many different GOOD smaker..utrolig what one can get a jelly bean to taste nowadays = P Very fine product when you want to find out what you like =)

Funny and unusual gift!

written by josfo884, 07/01/13

I (and the gift recipient) found this was a great product! Although there were 50 flavors, there was still enough of each jellybean that they might be able to bid without being afraid that favorite fl... Read more

cannon Gift

written by Marcus, 04/02/13

My husband's brother turns 50, so this was the prefect gift for him. Much appreciated, and fun to the separately packed with an explanation of the cover (just like a nice box of chocolates).


written by Karin, 05/02/13

Gaveæsken- or just the box of one self with 50 flavors of the amerikaqnske candy JELLY BEANS is fantastisk- colors exploding in the eyes of one, and the flavors are interesting and delicious. Is super... Read more

Cool gift for kids

written by Benni, 18/02/13

was a geshenk for my nephew, he was happy cracked and you can really kombi irish everything with everything in it

Great thing

written by Andrea, 18/02/13

The Jelly Belly were very well received. Delicious and varied, so the tasting is fun. The pack was unfortunately much too quickly. Even as a gift idea, the package is sure great!


written by Erik, 18/02/13

Fast delivery as usual On the candy is fun on offer. A plus that everything is marked so you know what to put into the mouth shut


written by Maikku, 18/02/13

The very best treats! How about a small sheave can be accommodated as much flavor ?! : D And best of all, they can not be put in the mouth than one at a time, when you need to properly decorate proper... Read more

Much appreciated gift

written by Linnea, 19/02/13

Many great flavors to suit anyone. There were a couple that I personally did not like, but the taste is like the butt;).

Sweet surprise :)

written by Nathalie F, 23/02/13

Since my friends always excited talking about the Jelly Belly products, I thought to myself that I'm doing them a great joy when I give them the same different varieties, which in a beautiful pack... Read more


written by Tiffy, 24/02/13

Me and my kids love Jelly Belly`s and so was the great gift pack, which we ourselves gave exactly the right thing. Super delicious varieties and beautiful sort who likes Jelly Belly`s must treat times... Read more


written by Sandra, 25/02/13

Just a great gift idea. Super delicious, great selection. We are excited. The taste is really something for everyone.


written by lickan, 05/03/13

Fun o get many different flavors, we had Beans testing at home. :) Good that there is a detailed description of what's what, and a fun thing was the "recipe", which would be combined and... Read more

jellybean gift box

written by katnip, 05/03/13

If you like jellybeans are this good but pricey! There is not much candy as much money .... unfortunately my wallet is less happy but her daughter is happy! :-)

Sooo happy !!

written by Solveig Haugjord, 18/03/13

Hey you! I am incredibly happy with the package I got. I got the package just a few days after I ordered it, which is incredibly good, and the package was well wrapped - so that nothing should be dest... Read more

Best shopping!

written by :), 21/03/13

I bought a 50 piece box of candy and a large-scale consumer satisfaction was guaranteed. This better gift could not be, and best of all no additives !! D


written by Renata Markota, 24/03/13

Understand what everyone is talking about now "nothing is as real jellyy Belly" Just need more :-) Fast delivery.


written by Anja Katrine, 28/03/13

There is not much else to say other than that it is the dream of a true JellyBean-lover. The only negative is that there simply can never be enough in such a box!

Exciting and different

written by Hemsk, 01/04/13

Fun and appreciated gift. Have a bucket near if you get for you to taste "Butter Popcorn" :-P Many good was however oxå.

Right overrated

written by Peter L, Sweden 02/05/13

Ok sweets, but not particularly remarkable. Some flavors stand out and are real good, but otherwise it is only special that it is unusually expensive.

Jelly beans

written by Anne, Denmark 13/05/13

These Jelly Belly, is not someone I like but I gave them a gift and she was super happy for them and they are super smart with so many different flavors and sweet box!

Good idea :)

written by Jellybelly, Denmark 27/05/13

It was a fun input to a birthday party where participants had to guess the taste - Can be recommended as all the kids thought it was fun!

brilliant gift idea

written by Lisa, Denmark 24/06/13

To my bonus son's 12th birthday, I bought the biggest box of Jelly beans box you could get. It caused great joy to him and all the guests admired the box including the many different flavors and a... Read more

Jelly Belly

written by Freja, Sweden 19/07/13

Drool. Consolation in the box, all the Jelly Belly candy varieties are wonderful. Combine two three and produce something which the stores are selling like cakes or paper, cakes or fruit salad! Not a ... Read more


written by Cemberdream, Sweden 20/12/13

The jelly beans that came in the mail was absolutely gorgeous. Have not yet opened them but it was great with a nice Christmassy packaging beyond the usual. $ 200 for 40 flavors is a piss in the lake ... Read more

fun gift

written by Trine, Norway 25/12/13

Bought the box with 10 flavors. It was very well received. Super gift for someone who has everything and it was cheap :-)


written by Josefin, Sweden 01/01/14

Many flavors in the description was not included in the box, boring !! That's why I bought the box !!!!!!!!

Jelly Belly gift box

written by Madde, Sweden 06/01/14

Much appreciated Christmas present for my boyfriend who just loooove these little beans. Recommend this box of beans to other bönälskare.

fun gift

written by Jimmy, Sweden 06/01/14

What to buy for people who already have everything, as we now all tend to have? I bought a box of jelly beans in 50 different flavors to the teenagers in the family. As soon as all packages were opene... Read more

Great success

written by Daniel, Denmark 04/02/14

Great success with the lady in the gift, and they held long. Of course, taste she did not like, but many of those I liked and those I did not like could be our guests =)


written by Benny, Norway 10/02/14

Holy shit! All the flavors. Beautiful, fun candy to film. Also fun to create a small "guess flavor" play with. Especially in the few strong flavors! Hoho

Used for gift :)

written by Pinkie, Denmark 05/04/14

was given as a gift and it was perfect for it :) and fast delivery, it fit perfectly :)

Super brilliant

written by Carina, Denmark 08/04/14

Ordered the big box of jelly beans for my mother who loves them. And she was super happy for them. For now, she could taste all the different flavors and find out what she likes. So it was simply luck... Read more

Jelly Belly - large selection

written by rockingsparrow, Germany 02/06/14

Hello, my son was thrilled about this nice gift pack Jelly Belly. 20 varieties neatly separated presented very tastefully. He is enthusiastic!

nice selection

written by Malene, Denmark 12/06/14

Super good box. I certainly have easily found my favorites of Jelly Beans. When the selection is large, there is something for everyone.

delicious beans

written by Louise, Denmark 19/06/14

Gaveæsten with Jelly beans (the large) contains many beans. Just enough to fill the Jelly Belly candy machine. However, the Box no "bad taste" beans, which disappointed me a little. But it c... Read more

Classic is always in

written by Jarmo, Finland 06/10/14

The only thing I miss is a more "recipes". The Internet was juurikin 10 puuttuvile taste of the experiment. Annoyed when there were only 40 flavors, from one star off.

The gift that fits many!

written by Anna, Sweden 20/10/14

Bought this for my husband who can be a little difficult to buy gifts for. He was delighted, I think it's the best he's got me! : D Suitable as a present for most people and absolutely no one ... Read more

Super fun

written by palseger, Sweden 15/12/14

What a really fun thing and they tasted very good. exciting fun flavors can hardly believe it's true :) Shipment was great fast and I was carrying it anyway to another counter-gare :)

Jelly Belly

written by Nöjd kund, Sweden 29/12/14

Bought a 40 flavors and gave as a present to my 20-year-old brother and he loved it! Many good tastes and very luxuriously packaged. Very pleased, would definitely recommend anyone to buy this.

Jellybeans name name nam

written by Kakemonster, Norway 02/01/15

No matter how you twist and turn it so jellybeans digg. With so many different flavors then this is a must for all cake monsters

No ordinary Saturday candy

written by Mallan, Sweden 16/01/15

A cool box with so many different flavors to choose which piece of candy I want to eat is an adventure in itself. Fun to also take a guess and taste. Or why not Russian roulette - there's some wei... Read more

Tasted fine.

written by Camilla, Denmark 13/04/15

They tasted quite fine .. Great fun with the different taste ..

Great gift idea

written by Kat, Germany 08/09/15

For lovers that's what! Original and like a box of chocolates or the life is a bit of everything. Here one may confidently in the price and the "ideal" value suspect, because the materia... Read more

Most were good

written by Meg, Norway 23/11/15

Most are very good, but some are really nasty (juicy pear for example). Is the very taste, then. Found tutti frutti should taste more tutti frutti

Jelly Belly

written by Violetta, Germany 14/12/15

Huge pack, therefore the price is really ok. Leaves no wish unfulfilled. Are very intense flavor. Allows to its gustatory nerves really test by tried and tried to guess the flavor!

Jelly Belly

written by Violetta, Germany 14/12/15

Huge pack, therefore the price is really ok. Leaves no wish unfulfilled. Are very intense flavor. Allows to its gustatory nerves really test by tried and tried to guess the flavor!

Perfect gebortask

written by NG, Sweden 29/12/15

This small box of small good sweets is perfect to take with you when you are invited out somewhere. Always appreciated. An obvious topic of conversation is what is the ultimate taste, and what new fla... Read more

Perfect gebortask

written by NG, Sweden 29/12/15

This small box of small good sweets is perfect to take with you when you are invited out somewhere. Always appreciated. An obvious topic of conversation is what is the ultimate taste, and what new fla... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Annika, Sweden 04/01/16

Fast delivery. Very good reception. I was wrong to be first but it held fast so I had to be right before Christmas. Thanks!


written by isabella, Sweden 09/03/16

Very Fast & good delivery & a fun thing & test: D encourages both side & jellly belly ashes!

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