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Jumbo Playing Cards

Big cards make for big games - Meet the jumbo playing cards which prove that size does matter. At least when you are playing cards, anyway.

Jumbo Playing Cards - Jumbo Playing Cards
Jumbo Playing Cards
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written by nyggen, Norway 16/03/15

sardine and freaking awesome card. only minus is that it is difficult and shuffle the cards. Recommended!

jumbo Playing Cards

written by Nanni, Sweden 16/03/15

Troubled fun with so great card! The "box" huh chipped in one corner when I got them and something of the cards right corner also bent so it huh pity but otherwise email me really happy. Fas... Read more

Super Large Playing Cards

written by hs, Germany 10/04/15

Goods ok, had a lot of fun with the cards, is something special, comes super good, can only be recommended

Large playing cards

written by Sebbe, Sweden 14/05/15

Very fun of playing cards! The size makes it more fun to play with friends, looks super fun when you hold them :)

You get well what you pay for :(

written by Ørjan H. Tørsdal, Norway 18/05/15

Could gladly paid extra for that paper was thicker so they can not so easily be bøyd.grei foul on cards that they are slippery so it's good. 3/5 stars.

Lots of laughter!

written by Linda, Sweden 11/09/15

A deck where there is no need glasses to join in and play! Many laughs and cramps in the fingers promised! funny gift

Funny Party Gag

written by Niba, Germany 11/09/15

I bought the cards for a Birthday Gag. They arrived at the recipient very well and have made a lot of fun. The card set is a complete Skatspiel, but just in XXL format. The cards are in a box made of ... Read more


written by Erika, Sweden 29/09/15

These decks are amazing fine! Compliment all types of card games. More space is needed for the course than regular cards but it is worth it and they are without a doubt worth its price. Super satisfie... Read more

to conjure Tolle Maps

written by Mondgucker, Germany 26/10/15

I bought the tickets for Magic on a small stage, but they are great! etc. for elderly hands probably too large, for children especially, but for "misappropriation" as spells, Crafts outstand... Read more

Fun deck

written by Taskneas, Sweden 29/12/15

The most enjoyable deck in view of its size. Everyone in the family wanted to play cards. Absolutely the most fun gift to give away :)

for small hands

written by MH, Sweden 04/01/16

With these cards we got to feel what it is to have small hands :) It was also tricky Lattjo o o mix them :)

Size matters

written by Wiggo, Sweden 12/02/16

Large, solid cards that make the gaming experience even more amusing. Good quality paper / carton boards are made of, a little difficult to mix, but that's part of the fun ;-)

Small errors in several of the cards

written by Kirsten Jensen, Denmark 25/03/16

The package came as expected, but when the cards were packed out, there were several small errors in several of the cards. That is, they were "broken" in several of the corners of some of th... Read more

lovely photos

written by THL, Sweden 12/09/16

Ordered the giant cards. The delivery was fast and at a good and competitive price. This Immediately a fun thing if you want to surprise their guests. recommended

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