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Jumpstarter Powerbank

This is a power bank that can start your car and charge your mobile telephone! Equipped with Smartclip clamps that sense the voltage in the car battery and prevent short circuiting. Furthermore, you get 10 different adapters for laptops, tablet computers and smartphones!

Jumpstarter Powerbank - Jumpstarter Powerbank
Jumpstarter Powerbank
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Ingenious thing to have

written by Teddjak, 24/10/16

Was very skeptical that this could manage to jump start the car, so I had to try on an old car I have on the lot here so had not been started at 2 months, out of power the car and. So plugged in jump ... Read more

jump start!

written by trollmor, 26/10/16

Easy to use, need never wonder if you've done it riktig.Liten and easy and slltid handsome to have it in the car - always ready to use.

Power Bank.

written by David, 11/11/16

Bought a power banking at coolstuff that could start the car if the battery was drained. This was even the reason I bought it. When one morning I come out and the battery in the car was dead, so I loo... Read more

good reserve

written by kliniken, 12/12/16

I have good loaded it, but not used it ännu.Jag can not speak more. The first broadcast was something completely different, but after a telephone contact so arranged it smoothly and good

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