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Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters

Full respect to pigs and Christmas goats, but now they are finally here, the cookie cutters that will make your Christmas tree stand erect and the Christmas lights glow. The Kama Sutra Cookie Cutter is born!

Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters - Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters
Kama Sutra Cookie Cutters
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I LOVE Pipparkakor

written by Niklas C, 15/11/09

I love these molds. Pipparkakorna is so fun and cool. I can recommend them warm!


written by Lillis, 19/11/09

Had they been cheaper, I bought two of each package, two for me and two for Christmas to my sister, but now it just got a package to my sister and tell me :( But the cool thing is, and I was surprised... Read more


written by Rebecka, 03/12/09

Really skojjig to put such a complete gingerbread among the others on cake plate and see how long they take before someone sees and questions :) :) :)

Christmas baking fun

written by skorpan, 09/12/09

perfakta Christmas gifts for friends. guessing that they will laugh as much as we did


written by Milangirl, 10/12/09

Make pepparkaksätander a pure delight, Ossa is one kind of charge! =)

written by Camilla, 18/12/09

Fun gift idea that, at least will not be guessed;)

The perfect gift for Christmas.

written by Petra, 12/11/10

I have several friends birthdays in November-December and they get these cool cookie cutters as gifts, along with baked pipparkakor. Funny that it's pretty great shape!

Fucks your cookie?

written by Johan H, 22/11/10

A fun way to get Grandma to put the mulled wine in his throat. But I issues a warning: May cause heart problems in susceptible people Adre :)

Cheeky cake figurines

written by REV, 29/11/10

Unable to see what this would imagine

Fun for Christmas

written by MissVeronique, 17/12/10

Bought these to bake some pipparkakor and bid on the job. It was a real success and everyone wondered where I found them. The only negative is that the purple is a bit too expensive, coolstuff kuna wo... Read more


written by G.Jahn, 18/12/10

Funny Cookie special. It's fun.

Cheeky cakes for adults

written by, 20/12/10

These should be decorated with powdered sugar, it is not easy for everyone to see what to imagine.


written by Timmy, 27/12/10

Got my sister laugh sharply on Christmas Eve. However, I do not know if it was worth having just a form for so much money.

Perfect julkrydda!

written by malin, 27/12/10

Great with any breach of the times, full of traditions ... Pipparkakorna were appreciated by most guests on Christmas Eve. Becomes even more fun with a little garnish ... :) Will certainly go to bake ... Read more

Funny cake tins !!

written by Gitte, 28/12/10

Very funny shapes, giving away freshly baked cakes hostess gift or why not bake and let partner "draw" a cake from the jar and see what position it will be in the evening. Ideal both as a gi... Read more


written by Nad86, 03/01/11

very great product

Pimperkuchen Real Funny Partygag

written by Gothhome, 04/01/11

The Pimperkuchen are very well made and have a good appearance. They are easy to apply and are definitely a gag for any party or Christmas party. The only drawback is that the forms but are somewhat l... Read more

very funny

written by Kakebaker, 24/05/11

These were the very funny! To be honest I was a bit disappointed when I got the mail. They hung somehow not properly together in Scotland, so do not think they are going to last as long, but they work... Read more


written by , 26/11/11

Haha so darn fun! Have just baked gingerbread became very successful! And big! So I am completely satisfied with your purchase! They were a little pricey, but it was so worth it!

The coolest Christmas gift idea!

written by Mulle, 02/12/11

A heeelt sure hit at any Christmas party, the conversation is going to go - and it's fun to decorate them! Best Buy !! :-)


written by Lindeed, 05/12/11

Cheeky pipperfiugurer! Fun to bake as gifts, particularly to old aunts: p Håller not fight well. But fun before Time!

Wonderful shapes!

written by Carina , 15/12/11

Have a friend who collects the gingerbread man shapes - and want to add the crowning glory here :-) Will be interesting to hear her reaction! Was fight fine, great only wrapped and "out of the or... Read more

Fun idea and implementation ok

written by Martin, 20/12/11

Fun product that makes you laugh. The product, however, is the most expensive team and some molds are more difficult to both use and interpret what it is supposed to be. Doggystyle shape in the purple... Read more

fun and cheeky Christmas gift!

written by dippedutta, 14/03/12

has had great success as sea mecca informal Christmas gift for people who have everything and who can tolerate a joke! But overraskelsesmomomentet are the gone after the first time then, and it is ove... Read more


written by Janne , 25/10/12

They it cool :), they should be used in an advent calendar for girlfriend :) Think it's fun and have fun for a festive occasion :)!


written by stiffe , 10/12/12

it is great o rubust but do you thin pippisar so kandet be a scourge to bring them up to the plate !! but they created snackis o it was one well along


written by JZS, 21/12/12

Who makes their own dough, will be better off than with a finished. The shapes cut super, do not stick and are easily washed off. I recommend it to others.


written by Sofia, 27/12/12

Yeah, what do you think ?! Guess where my son is going to bake gingerbread cookies without eating up all the dough next year ???

Very fun Christmas gift!

written by lotta, 08/01/13

Bought a bunch, packed in fine Christmas paper and decorated the tables with these presents for our dearest julbordsstammisar. A large bunch with only middle-aged men who laughed very good and long. L... Read more

Love at Christmas

written by Jenny , Sweden 16/12/13

Great fun to liven up the atmosphere with something other than the same old gingerbread men. Little love at Christmas is not wrong so why not offer a pipparkaka? Maybe you can also get a little inspir... Read more


written by DR, Germany 18/12/13

TOP very funny ............................................................................................................................................................................................ Read more

Happy =)

written by Ann-Therese, Norway 19/12/13

Was very pleased with the cheeky cake pans. Was a nice box to have the in when not in use which is easy to store, and the forms were easy to bruke.De cut lightly into the dough and was very easy to cl... Read more


written by Josefine, Sweden 26/12/13

Fine shape, wonderful and gave my father a good laugh! I myself am quite satisfied with the products and it was sent really fast! Fast and good delivery!

Actually the hammer ...

written by mukuk, Germany 31/12/13

… the idea…. Unfortunately the anatomical design of the forms is a little strange or deficient (therefore only "good" and not "very good") ... I have quite a fight until I have sin... Read more

Good idea

written by Simale, Sweden 16/03/14

Will certainly be put to good use in kakbakningen come. However, they were a little bigger than I thought they would be, but it just gets more cake, so it does not matter.

Works also eggs.

written by Sebastian, Sweden 31/03/14

Have not really got started with the Christmas baking even so will see how good it is with real pipparkaksdeg, but in anticipation of Christmas, I fried eggs in one of the molds. The picture on facebo... Read more

Nea ...

written by AC, Norway 08/11/14

Was not impressed by these. They came in a crappy packaging and too costly in terms of quality and expectation.

Coolest kakformarna ever!

written by Ingrid, Sweden 27/12/14

My Love pipparkaksformar! :) Ordered both variants in the fall and plan to order more now that it's sales, to give as gifts during the coming year. Bake gingerbread cookies with them at Christmas ... Read more

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