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Khet Laser Game 2.0

Antiquity meets modernity in this laser strategy game inspired by Ancient Egypt. Did you get that? LASER!

Khet Laser Game 2.0 - Khet Laser Game 2.0
Khet Laser Game 2.0
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8 reviews

Cool game

written by Carpediem, Spain 17/08/16

This game is ok, right as expected. I enjoyed much playing it. I could easily recommend it.

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What is this?

Very fun game

written by Dahl, Norway 21/10/15

Easy to learn but hard to master. Highly recommended for people who like board games and the like.

Very weak laser.

written by Jakan, Sweden 09/12/15

Should be stated clearly in the description that you can not see the laser beam on the image. All you see is a dot where it hits. Took away all "coolness factor" and is certainly not worth t... Read more


written by Elin, Sweden 22/12/15

A giant fast delivery was cannon like this before Christmas when it was a late Christmas gift caught. The game is all what it promises in the ingenuity and entertainment! Like chess, this is the next ... Read more

Super satisfied!

written by Loysan, Sweden 26/12/15

I'm super happy with this game. It's real fun to play. It's similar to chess but is much cooler and incredibly much easier to learn, but that for the sake of sacrificing complexity. Both c... Read more

Everything was great

written by Madre, Germany 29/12/15

The order arrived quickly. The game is great, we have so much fun and spinning heads.

fun strategy game

written by Anders, Sweden 28/03/16

A clever and fun strategy game. You have to think several steps ahead how the laser is reflected and directed to the different players. The pieces have different rules. The ultimate goal is to pinpoin... Read more

Great game, German instructions on the website of the manufacturer

written by Heike, Germany 27/09/16

A great game. Beautifully finished and does not look cheap. The delivery was fast. I bought it for my nine year old son birthday and he gets along better than I with the strategic mindset :-) Is a mus... Read more

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