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KitchPro Digital Kitchen Scale

A one litre cup with volume markings on the side and a digital kitchen scale at the bottom will save you time and hassle in the kitchen. On the display you will see what you have in your measuring cup, and you can reset the scale with a simple click.

KitchPro Digital Kitchen Scale - KitchPro Digital Kitchen Scale
KitchPro Digital Kitchen Scale
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What is this?

You who love to bake!

written by Maggan G, 15/08/11

Accuracy is often a and o when baking and more and more recipes specify the ingredients in grams = a digital kitchen scale is almost a must and with KitchPro Kitchen Dimensions get both a digital scal... Read more


written by Mari, 29/08/11

Cool concept, but a little difficult to understand instructions. Nice to have if you do not have all sorts of space in cabinets. Perfect for students :)

Not adopted yet, but it says more about us than about the product

written by Robert, 31/08/11

Very happy with this product, though we have not started using it yet. Nice and quality product that seems solid. Is absolutely ideal for the purpose it is intended. This is going to be and gold worth... Read more

Kitchen Bowl

written by Emma, 13/10/11

Can it be more practical? A tea bowl with the wave! The best thing about this road is that you can set whether it's flour, sugar, oil, milk or water as you want to weigh. But it can also convert t... Read more

product ok

written by jaderik, 24/10/11

no problems.

Nice to have!

written by Bea, 01/12/11

I have not tested it out myself, then I'll give it away for Christmas. but it is the idealistic principles Dish and mess! Know of many who have tittle of this measuring jug. And everyone says the ... Read more

Kitchen Scales and measuring jug

written by Felix, 05/12/11

A fantastic saving article :) Two in one .....

written by Ingvill, 05/12/11


Digital cooking dimensions

written by ritter, 20/12/11

I bought three of them as Christmas gifts for my daughter and my two sons' girlfriends, the only thing I regret now having extracted them is that I bought one for myself too. The kitchen scale I h... Read more

KITCHEN WEIGHT / measuring cup

written by , 22/12/11

This is an awesome smart solution. This is my daughter in law. They do not heck of closet space, so when this came out. Good service was too. Thanks and wish you a merry Christmas

2 in 1

written by Stine, 02/01/12

I gave this to my half-sister in julegave- it was a hit. However, one should expect to spend time to understand how to use all the settings on it. Ps. automatically turns off


written by Mon, 02/01/12

Perfect for us who love to bake but do not have the whole world of closet space! 2-in-one, genius! Who has not irritated recipes with both units in grams and dl?

Cool case

written by Nobel Hunter, 03/01/12

Very practical matter for a Norwegian / American couple. All possible values. And both are extremely happy to cook.

Abrupt! But minus ..

written by mili, 04/01/12

Great weight that has cups, liters etc. etc. But what is a pity of this is that it is not dishwasher safe. And must be washed very forsjiktig occasion. digital effects.

written by , 05/01/12

Hello. Everything worked perfectly. Fast delivery. The item OK. Acting like again.


written by alexander, 05/01/12

Absolutely fantastic product. Incredibly smart and very helpful, recommend EVERYONE who has one kitchen!

fight Practical

written by Kjersti, 05/01/12

Delightful and convenient. This I missed in the kitchen long!

A must in the kitchen!

written by Krabban81, 10/01/12

Perfect gift for those who love to bake. Both scales and measuring jug in one. I was initially worried about the quality and how exactly it would be, but was very pleasantly surprised at the results.

A must for bread :-)

written by cupcakesfluffan, 24/01/12

Indispensable in the kitchen when I weigh all my ingredients when I bake bread, easy to read, clearing and washing up, a top product, perfect to be reset between each product, a clear favorite that I ... Read more


written by Helle Buur, 24/06/12

It is the best and nicest weight I've ever had - and that it also can be used for measurement of liquids and the like. and displays even the British and American targets is just completely formida... Read more


written by L8P8, 17/07/12

At last, a measure that also weighs the ingredients! And that also is easy if you get American standards. We, however, will be rolling out soon as the children with the help of this has begun to bake ... Read more

Smart gear

written by bennedikte, 26/07/12

It's a very clever little kitchen helper. Simple and logical to use, easy to rid of, so pot part may come in opvakslemaskinen. Smart to change between volume and weight, and be able to reset the w... Read more


written by Lily , 27/07/12

Has been difficult to measure in grams and cups until I bought this. It is light and easy to use. Totally amazing!

highly recommended!

written by Maddi, 10/08/12

This product is super smart and more than worth the price. Fast and reliable delivery. I am more than satisfied!


written by Dyveke, 17/08/12

Libra !! :) Some of my best gadgets in the kitchen. Love that it's cool digtal, even a nice shape and design on it. Feels hefty.

Super handy

written by Andreas, 20/08/12

The combination of measuring jug and weight is just right, and it's easy to use and clean. Can be recommended.

digital measurement cooking

written by maria, 26/09/12

Great for keeping track of weight at their own meal. Perfect for baking the bread maker that requires little specific weights. Easy to maintain, easy to wash, steady and fun to use.

Fast delivery

written by JL, 08/10/12

Good product and fast delivery! Very pleased with the purchase and Cool Stuffs handling of my order.

KitchPro Digital Kitchen Scales and measuring jug

written by Hilde, 24/10/12

Very handy to use both volume and target weight in the measuring cup! Easy to clean. Nice to be able to reset the weight along the way.

KitchPro - digital measuring cup

written by elschummi, 30/10/12

Who among us who cooks or bakes must here once just 100 g or 375 g Weigh, butter or milk Measure accurately and get the crisis, if that does not work out as we want. Once use a kitchen scale, raushole... Read more

Convenient, smart and stylish

written by Henning, 12/11/12

KitccPro tested for the first time yesterday, so I've only used it once. but it is exactly what I, which has a small kitchen without too much but too few storage areas need. A digital scales and a... Read more

KitchPro Digital cooking dimensions

written by Simone, 14/11/12

Love that they are two, scales, and also can be measured in Swedish / English measurements are a plus.gillas that it is smooth and easy to manage.

KITCHEN AND WEIGHT measuring jug

written by Dagny, 19/11/12

Only tried it once more, (Christmas baking is not initiated yet). Had a little trouble getting the reset it before use, but managed det.La little pressure on empty bowl and then, it seemed for instruc... Read more

not for my mom

written by Berit, 14/12/12

It is kopliziert for my mom, to the Declaration is very good. Any normal person would think I understand, but my mother does it super simple, however, no gift for people who are hard of concept.

Digital measuring cup

written by xxx, 19/12/12

Very useful, easy to use, easy to clean, is with me constantly multiply daily in use. Whether I need to measure out liquid or solid stuff.

Gave away for Christmas

written by Emma, 27/12/12

I gave this dimension to my mother for Christmas. She was delighted and pleasantly surprised. It works as it should.

Digital cooking dimensions

written by Bibsan, 31/12/12

Can not comment on the digital kitchen measure when beneficiaries went overseas right after Christmas and gift-giving is not used yet. They thought all the same that it was cool Christmas gifts. What ... Read more

just fine

written by Åsa, 01/01/13

Worked from the first moment and at förstå.Lätt easy to take apart and wash. Super good because many recipes are now considering their ingredients.

works great

written by bigmike, 01/01/13

easy to use, steady and firm grip handle easy instructions to the buttons to see the dimensions and weight and then the container itself was removable was great when to wash it need I say more a must ... Read more

Translation issue

written by Liithonen, 02/01/13

very handy cause this here, I've used it diligently in everything from baking to drink mixing with all these opportunities for weight and volume, this is the best measuring instrument I've run... Read more

"Digital KitchPro Kitchen Dimensions"

written by Lollo Zarro, 03/01/13

Has given for Christmas. Yet heard somethin. However, some tested himself. Must probably order one for myself. Just what is needed in a kitchen in which it is cooked and baked much. Please contact me ... Read more

The housewives / men dream

written by Adrian, 03/01/13

Finally a device that works, after 3 minutes you'll understand how to operate and can get started. We have already several times been in use and are still fully satisfied.

Best Christmas present ever!

written by Martina, 04/01/13

My sister was thrilled, and she loves it! Smartest kitchen tool ever, especially if you bake a lot!

measuring cup

written by Gert Björnberg, 07/01/13

Works ok. A smart thing to have in the kitchen and are completely satisfied with the product. Can not, however, account for kvalitetenpå product, it is too early. The price is ok for now the product i... Read more


written by LIS Noesgaard, 09/01/13

Gazing product is great, can be put in pan for sauce, so "yesterday" itself around and whips, so you have your hands free for other things

The scale did not

written by Tobbe, 10/01/13

Probably a top product. Unfortunately, the whole wave dizzy and shows that eg 80ml weighing -434g! To change the weekend, so hopefully it will be top marks!

good gift

written by Ørjan, 10/01/13

This is a very good gift for mom who likes to bake and cook things in the kitchen. The reaction upon receiving the gift was meeeget good, and not least is this gift quite handsome when you get two thi... Read more

A really great invention!

written by Testerlounge.blogspot, 15/02/13

The digital measuring cup is a great help around the house! I do not want to miss it. 5 of 5 Points! Thank you so much!


written by Nicole Köhler, 18/02/13

The "KitchPro-Digital measuring cup" is simply brilliant. This Digital measuring cup is a must in every kitchen I think. A very simple operation. And the nice thing is you can even weigh sev... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Lene, 20/02/13

Very satisfied. Easy to both measure and weigh, and to aviod take forward kitchen scale baking and other cooking. Can be recomended!

Incredibly effective and intuitive!

written by Tone D, 11/03/13

Fantastic! Having all-in-one is super smart people who like to have the least possible "nips" in the kitchen drawer. Super Pleased! (Especially happy over the color, love it!)

but not really functional Nett

written by Philipp, 13/03/13

So first I should say that everything is working. Goods delivery went quickly and the merchandise itself is perfectly okay. Only that you have to stand up to the measuring cup to add an ingredient, as... Read more

Best gift for the perfectionist

written by Frogyn, Sweden 02/05/13

Cannon Gift to the father who can not bake without measuring the exact amount of all ingredients !! He was super happy, the quality is good and I wish I ordered one for myself too!

Very good must have gadget in the kitchen

written by Janne, Sweden 09/05/13

Really handy and easy to use :-) especially good when to cook a variety of pasta or follow more precise prescriptions given in weight rather than volume. easy to clean and has a place in the kitchen.

Dream object!

written by Jacob, Sweden 10/06/13

Real good gift, perfect in the kitchen! However, a little fuzzy display, which does not specify what measure you measure in.

Great wave

written by Dan Stålebring, Sweden 27/12/13

A functional pitcher who is very accurate both when used as wave or dimensions. Easy to wash and take up little space.

it works

written by Susanne, Denmark 02/01/14

I gave my mother a KitchPro Digital Kitchen Scale for Christmas, and when we had to bake this Christmas I was very interested in how it worked - I did not expect the best for the price. But I found ou... Read more


written by Bicka, Sweden 27/01/14

Thought it would be a great tool in the kitchen. Looked at the reviews was available and decided to give away two pieces. as gifts. The joy was great in both birthday kids and they are very happy. Can... Read more


written by Åsa, Sweden 28/01/14

Very handy kitchen scale when to weigh / measure many ingredients in baking. Bought one for my mother too. She is gluten free and has long said that it is so difficult to bake - now it will be easy!


written by Tinaliz, Sweden 27/02/14

Great solution to easily "translate" different recipes. Single user and easy to clean. :)

Kitchen Scales and measuring jug

written by Ulla, Norway 07/04/14

Practical and useful 2 in 1 product! Perfect for the bake happy! Ideally, space-saving. Good and fast service too!

Good value for money! - Digital measuring jug

written by eskarina, Finland 17/10/14

measuring jug weighing works, at least up to 500 grammmaan gram (revised 1-5kpl hundred-gram weights) bread machine particularly used must be exactly correct dimensions very good value for money!

Super cool

written by Anna, Denmark 22/11/14

It does not get any easier! It works as it should, and it's really a huge help - especially when you like me often use the US (or just foreign) recipes that use other measuring devices ... This ca... Read more

ordered to be

written by Ik, Sweden 23/12/14

Have not tried the product yet. Seems very handy m in both dimensions o w Have nothing more to add at the moment Merry Christmas o Happy New Year

Very good

written by EirikTheOutLaw, Norway 01/01/15

Works great, came very nicely packaged and looks good while doing their job, in fact, 2 of them and.

severe Use

written by Svåranvänd, Sweden 05/01/15

With only two buttons, it feels like it should be easy to use, but for some reason I get to press several times to manage to get to the weight measurement. Probably for it to distinguish between what ... Read more

High quality

written by Rulle, Sweden 05/01/15

That said high quality, lots of clever features, which I nevertheless do not believe that every few will use. Small minus for measurement units US ounzes and the like, which are not used in Sweden and... Read more


written by Kalle, Sweden 05/01/15

Christmas gift so kag do not know how it fits the person Do not know yet if the e tested it, or if he think it is good yet.

Worked like crazy!

written by Joffe, Norway 05/01/15

Awesome purchase of Cool Stuff, recommended as a gift for a cook who will have it easier in the kitchen! Cool Stuff delivers quick time and is a page where you will find exactly what you need.

Digital measurement

written by Carl, Sweden 06/02/15

Bought the most to offset humlegivor and malt for brewing beer. Works perfectly. Fast and good delivery from Coolstuff. Very pleased

very well

written by AO, Germany 26/02/15

The product is good. Easy to use and extremely useful for baking and cooking, easy to clean. I do not want to miss it in the kitchen.

Top unit

written by kat , Germany 26/03/15

Very practical, well made and easy to use. Also easy to make clean. Would recommend :)

Super good kitchen scale

written by Pia, Denmark 15/04/15

This kitchen scale is super good as it is with the bowl and therefore makes it easier to weigh things. Would definitely recommend it to others, it is easy to use and read with the digital display.

Wave / Bowl

written by Lotta001, Sweden 16/04/15

Hello, I'm very satisfied with this wave and bowl but wonder a little if it takes time before the exact weight comes up .. it sometimes becomes higher weight if you wait.

Good and easy to use

written by AJ, Sweden 14/05/15



written by Mikaela, Sweden 10/09/15

I gave it to my mother as a gift, and her reaction was about "I wanted one of these but did not know it existed!". She is very happy with it so far.

Multi Use.

written by Adrian, Norway 17/09/15

Very nice that this product is both measuring cup and weight. It is simple to use and easy to clean. Highly recommended to those who like utensils that have multiple functions.

Great Christmas gift!

written by Moa, Sweden 30/12/15

Bought for my mom for Christmas and she was very happy. She loves to cook and bake, so it was perfect and it works as it should :)

Digital measuring cup

written by Bäckerin, Germany 14/03/16

The product is well-designed and class - measuring cups and scales in one! Prima also completely unproblematic handling of the order: rapid delivery, good service. Highly recommended.

measuring cup

written by Anne W., Germany 14/03/16

Was very satisfied. Good machine, quick delivery. User manual might be slightly larger from Scripture.


written by Jennifer, Sweden 13/05/16

Giant Smooth, good size and easy to use, easy to remove the "can" and wash the dishes in the dishwasher. I am very pleased!

Super smart!

written by Thomas Windfeld, Denmark 16/05/16

Smart kitchen scale, easy to find and in good quality. I let it stand out on the kitchen table and tell people that I am considering many vegetables, though I do not eat many vegetables. On the whole,... Read more

Good thing to have but

written by Maria, Sweden 16/08/16

Great to have the kitchen but I will no more shopping from coolstuff. Bought as a gift to another delivery address and the package is a delivery note with price! Lousy and this remark after another ti... Read more

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