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KitchPro Popsicle Moulds

4 Calippo-style popsicle moulds guaranteeing inexpensive and tasty popsicles - every day! Fill with tasty juice, a fruit drink, soda or something else refreshing.

KitchPro Popsicle Moulds - KitchPro Popsicle Moulds
KitchPro Popsicle Moulds
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Yum Yum

written by Lila, 24/07/11

Sweet and good ice state, easy to "pinch" the juice ice :) The only minus is that when using soda as "pop" lids on the forms of this occasion. Fusen .. So it is important to place ... Read more

KitchPro Wassereisformen

written by , 25/07/11

Had first fear that the forms may leak, but it works just fine. They may only not make sense, because the liquid expands under refrigeration pending.


written by SkogsKajsa, 25/07/11

Perfect for us who have small freezer, small wallet and far to the nearest ice cream parlor! The molds can be put down in a freezer and then takes up very little space! Because they are made of silico... Read more

The lid is not tight.

written by Marita, 25/07/11

I have tested with little contained and large, still leaking beyond freezer and such. Not happy at all.

Thumbs up

written by M, 26/07/11

How good whatsoever to make their own sugar-free lollies without having to stow the freezer to fit the molds (as they always do with old-fashioned popsicle molds) / loiter out half the juice out of th... Read more


written by Steve-O, 10/08/11

Wonderful product! This certainly beats the old method to make water ice, when it had a stick of plastic ice cream always detached from and constantly sticky stains on floors and furniture. With these... Read more

Fun and inexpensive

written by Mette, 10/08/11

Fin invention. They work as they should, the lids keep actually close whatever to get into the molds and do not need to "stand up" in the freezer. However, it is harder to get ice pushed up ... Read more

Ice cream galore.

written by Anette, 13/08/11

They are simply superb. The kids love yourself, to make your ice cream and all sorts of variants are tested. No greasy spoons in the freezer and super easy to clean.

Super good

written by Niller, 01/09/11

This is when an ingenious things to make their own ice cream and just put them in the freezer. The caps are a really good thing. I am still in the process of finding new recipes for different lollies.... Read more

Good forms.

written by Empathy.Inc, 12/09/11

Forms works vldig good, whether one has much or little liquid. Only minus is that there is no practical way to add forms in the freezer, in return does not have molds leaked yet, neither with much or ... Read more

written by , 03/10/11

lids is all too bad .. sliding up constantly leaking in freezer

good ice

written by Natasia, 04/10/11

Avoid expensive ice and cardboard in the mouth. They are easy to make and easy to eat. Would like those in some other colors.

Super fine

written by Line, 18/10/11

These allow you to quickly make some ice cream with one's favorite flavor


written by Emilie, 14/11/11

This works actually very nice and not so much mess and pigs as one might imagine. :)

Yummy ice cream

written by Chiosa, 29/11/11

So I have got the 4 shapes brought'm fizzled in the supermarket and I habs immediately tested can only say A MIRACLE !! However, you should prefer a sweet juice as the ice because of the cold some... Read more

written by , 08/12/11

Simple to use and easy to clean. Does not need much space either. A little difficult to put on the cap without spilling when forms are so feather.


written by Marthe, 29/02/12

They are brilliant to create saftis with! You can fill those with everything you can imagine and they do not leak. In addition, the contents the hardness of ice cubes, but more crystallized, making it... Read more

Smart thing

written by Ida, 24/03/12

Very smart glass shape. There might be a little harder than those sherbet at the grocery store, but totally worth it.

The water ice Moulds

written by Babsan, 10/04/12

Very practical, easy to clean because it is a soft material. Filled molds with water, raspberry, lemon balm and seed set. The water jug ​​became very decorative icicles with good taste. Super Easy to ... Read more

Handsome ice state.

written by Fornøyd kunde, 15/04/12

Recommended absolutely !!! Amazingly fine to use and wash. The cap will not spill. Smoothie ice has become a hit in this house! With 3 kids, I bought as well 3 packages and I had no use for. Always so... Read more

Super Eisformen

written by Antje1902, 12/06/12

The ice forms are great, nothing goes in the freezer from, they are absolutely tight. Cool Stuff has promptly and securely packed everything said, I'm very pleased with everything.

Ice cream

written by Sofia Jonsson , 13/06/12

Absolutely perfect silicone molds that makes it super easy to make their own favorite ice cream. Have tried the smoothie ice cream and sherbet. I am really pleased. The cap fits well and the liquid is... Read more

Yum yum, ice!

written by Miranda Panda, 17/06/12

I've used these shapes much since I bought them, most to make ice by smoohie. They work great and are easy to clean. And ice is both tasty and healthy! Coming enough to buy several as gifts :)

KitchPro Saftisformer

written by AstrologenKari, 18/06/12

Saftisformeren is effective in use and functioning properly in this respect. BUT shapes give off a bad taste which I perceive as "toxic". It revolves around saftis - in my case primarily for... Read more

Super ice molds

written by Jannie, 18/06/12

Is a big fan of these molds, since they live up to its promises to the leaks. I am the owner of a mini freezer on top of my refrigerator and can not stand ice molds for grabs. Therefore, it is quite a... Read more


written by Thea, 02/07/12

"Lured" sitting maybe a little bad, but otherwise Supra !! Recommended very !! =)

Fine ice state!

written by Eivor, 12/07/12

The forms do not leak, and it is nice sized molds. The top part of the ice gets a little adamant, but when you get a little further down is the more "grainy" and chewable. Overall satisfied.... Read more

Self calippo in a flash

written by Anette, 20/07/12

A great product that has become a big favorite at home! Smooth when it does not leak. Fill me your favorite flavor and just like your favorite ice cream becomes!

Popsicles Moulds in silicone

written by Lina, 23/07/12

The molds keep their promises and certainly there will be ice cream. However, one should be aware that the taste if you pour in, for example, bought the soda gets pretty watering. Instead, we should u... Read more


written by MadMa, 23/07/12

Digger them, I feel a little snaks, so I just pick out one already kept masterly prepared saftis out of the freezer. So easy to eat up. Just remember to create new ones when you provide you, so you al... Read more

a favorite

written by L8, 23/07/12

Really easy to use and easy to clean. Clearly a favorite with both children and parents.

Easy to use

written by Bennedikte, 26/07/12

It's actually a fine product. Cool to the touch and surprisingly easy to get to get the lid on and it fits tightly. It's easy to get ice "free" of the form, but a little hard to &quo... Read more

Super Practical

written by TantG, 14/08/12

How should popsicle molds look! They hold tightly in the freezer, even if they lie down, and they hold tight when your sweet grandson gobbling it all in her! Minimally spills and messes. Wonderfully!

Everything as promised

written by Jonas, 20/08/12

Delivery was super fast and completely as promised. The molds works exactly as described and as they are of silicone, it's easy to push the ice up, even when it comes straight from the freezer.

Convenient but smells

written by Arcanoe, 01/09/12

Practically, the ice molds, no question. Sealing they are and the ice succeeds guaranteed. However, the plastic has a strong smell. Rinsing with hand has brought nothing, thanks to the dishwasher the ... Read more

Good gift!

written by mared6, 03/09/12

Bought as a gift to the 11-year-old in the family, also glass lovers. Big favorite! She tried with soft drinks and juice, and it works very well. Easy to clean and keeps completely tight even if you p... Read more

glass molds

written by trollfia, 03/09/12

it is possible to make ice cream whenever you want, especially if you have several children, it is both cheaper and good. recommended for all children and parents.

good ice molds

written by Mathias S. Larsen, 05/09/12

They are very good but a little hard to get out of shape cola is a very good means to achieve the best ice cream

Kids love these

written by Norrlänning, 03/10/12

Wonderful. Easy to clean. Easy to make ice cream. Can not do without, and good to have lying :). Would only been around for more colors.

brilliant ice molds

written by Monica, 05/10/12

Brilliant ice molds - can be filled with cola, juice, a smoothie-rest, well, imagination is the only grænser.Bagefter dishwasher safe, easy! Bon appetite

Why buy ice cream when you can make yourself.

written by Martina, 17/12/12

Very good glass molds and easy to clean. Tried to mix SodaStream Concentrate and water and freeze. It was very much like Calippo.


written by EML, 21/12/12

Super for toddlers family that makes its own juice that goes into making of the tastiest water ice without the mess!


written by Line, 31/12/12

I gave this as a present for my little brother, and it was successful. The quality of the molds is good. The ice was a little watery, until we found out what we were going to make ice off :)

Kitch Pro push up ice molds.

written by Lucas Frank Møller, 07/01/13

The bad by ice molds is that you can not push them out of the mold without the ice breaks. Works even with alcohol. The good thing about it is that you can make yourself is so you do not have to waste... Read more

Kitch push up shaping

written by Bente, 14/02/13

Easy to clean as they are made of a soft silicone material. Ice creams are easy to push up. Easy to put in the freezer when the lid just easily pushed into place. A really nice children's things .... Read more

Super Convenient and easy!

written by Mariann, 27/02/13

These I am very pleased with! They came quickly in the mail and is fighting easy to use, with yummy results !!


written by veronica, 01/04/13

absolutely superb! unga enjoyed them very mye.kan use juice or brus.lett and press out the ice of forms.


written by Sigu05, Denmark 25/04/13

In the beginning, they taste a bit of silicone but it comes from when but when they get into the dishes a few times so perfect. There must sortset no water at all worth the money. Allow to stand in th... Read more

* * Flurp

written by Lunkwill, Sweden 06/05/13

Works really well and did not leak the smallest in the freezer. Hot water on the outside works well to melt off the water ice on the inside. When it releases so drop it completely, do not try to push ... Read more

Absolutely perfect!

written by Mette fra, Denmark 25/05/13

The ice molds here is just perfect when you want to make your own ice cream (no sugar). Nice with a lid that can be reinstalled if the children would like to store ice for later and really delicious w... Read more

Ice cream!!!

written by Glassomanen, Sweden 29/06/13

The kids just loved forms, and this will be their own homegrown långeman and other sweets ice creams! Thought so little that you could put them down but then arose a small leak, can the course to be a... Read more

The water ice Moulds

written by Jennifer, Sweden 02/07/13

A fun and appreciated! However, the water ice was a little silicone taint in the beginning but after about two hand counters disappeared bismaken.Tänk not to fill with fluid all the way up, because ic... Read more

Fulfills its function!

written by P, Sweden 10/07/13

Worth every penny, super quality silicone material and said fulfills its function !!!!!!!!!!!!!

KitchPro Popsicle molds.

written by Tajo, Sweden 16/11/13

Very fun especially for children. A fun gift to give away. Can say that my nieces and nephews to the delight of the large water-ice area.

Worked great!

written by Henrietta, Sweden 16/12/13

They looked a little small to begin with, but it became a moderate ice cream. Not as big as a "real" Calippo, but on the other hand, one can do many more! :-) I was impressed that the caps s... Read more

Very fine ice molds

written by Trsl, Denmark 26/12/13

The molds are of soft silicone which makes it easy to "slip" ice out. The lid keeps close and is super convenient - you may well be ice creams along in the freezer without liquid dripping ou... Read more


written by Marie , Denmark 27/12/13

Seems the idea is super cool and the ice tastes as fine and does not take long to freeze. Meeen lids pops up when you want to freeze, so only fill max 3/4!

as expected

written by Snr, Norway 17/01/14

Very happy, a little tricky for kids to squeeze out of shape but with a little hot water will be okay :)

ice cream mold

written by Sara Sofie Tønder, Denmark 18/02/14

Super good, cheap and practical

Cool tool

written by Sarah, Germany 05/05/14

My friend has super excited about it. We have already tried different variants, cola, juice and so on. For beverages with soda the lid is not very dense and is a bit pushed by the carbonic acid, and p... Read more


written by jag, Sweden 14/05/14

I have neither ordered or desired product. Wrong email address as I have already pointed out. ............................................................................................................. Read more


written by Imal, Sweden 21/05/14

They seem quite ok, one thing I thought of is to send a good recipe for isglass.det would be appreciated


written by ME, Sweden 19/06/14

Highly recommended. Did get two pieces put together in the middle and at the bottom, and then could not be completed properly. coolstuff contacted and received a new package. However, I have not found... Read more


written by CH, Sweden 23/06/14

Twice as many at half the price of what I have given before, could it be better? Great to be able to make their own glass of juice, soft drink or yoghurt drink. Easy to fill, easy to get ice cream fro... Read more

Plenty in the summer heat!

written by Jonny, Sweden 14/07/14

Very smooth and good product. Nice to himself to confuse his sherbet combinations. Frozen juice with frozen berries are a hit!

Refreshingly practical

written by Timo, Germany 25/07/14

Especially in the summer I eat always like refreshing water ice. Most so much sugar is there but inside that you get really thirsty thereof. With the Wassereisformen can effortlessly delicious juices ... Read more


written by Danny, Sweden 31/07/14

Easy to make ice lollies with good shape. Less, smells a bit strange, the cover may come loose when the ice expanded. But it does so it will be!

So so ....

written by Line Kvick, Sweden 23/04/15

First thing in the Noticed That was the silicone smells quite a bit, it will most likely wear off in time. I soaked them well in soap and water and rinsed off in clean water. And that Helped a bit. So... Read more

Silicone molds

written by Tiina, Finland 20/07/15

Very good silicone molds. These children are easy to eat and make your own jätskinsä. The cap is tight and not leaking even if the freezer are lying down.

Smart product!

written by Maria, Sweden 26/10/15

We bought these smart glass molds are perfect for making ice cream! Now we avoid broken plastic lolly sticks and overflows in the freezer! :-)

Does not close

written by Mikkel, Denmark 30/11/15

They is not secure, so you end up with juice throughout his freezer if you do not have the option of having them standing raise; /


written by Jester , Sweden 13/06/16

A little less than the ice creams you can buy Otherwise very smooth, do bcaa sherbet with these perfect for training idiots like me,

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