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Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control

Universal magic wand remote that dominates most electronic devices. TV, dvd, stereo, your laptop - they will all follow the command of the Kymera wand!

Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control - Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control
Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control
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What is this?

An unexpected gift!

written by R, 28/12/09

This is the gift that your recipient is guaranteed not figure out in advance what it is - even if he / she thinks that magic and television are among the best things there are in this world - and that... Read more

Magic control

written by Trollmor, 07/01/10

Bought Kymera Magic Wand for Christmas to my fellow, and there was a total hit! Took a while before you got into them right "bobble" to get the wand to do as they wanted, but it is swelling ... Read more

Not so good

written by Emma, 09/01/10

This wand was extremely attactive to me before I really Began to use it. The wand does not work well and most of the time I'll have to wave the wand 10 times just to change from Channel 4 to Chann... Read more

Practical and discreet.

written by Frasse, 03/12/10

Kymeran came in a discreet box with a coat of arms and a text to each very interested in the content. Once inside the package got to the user manual in Stuket of an older map. very neat and fit the pr... Read more

What magic

written by, 27/12/10

It was a perfect Christmas gift for Father in law and he was incredibly happy. It was moderately difficult to work on and it will make success. The box was stylish and the bar was even better. The wan... Read more


written by anna, 28/12/10

gave this as a Christmas gift and my partner and it is according to him the best gift he had received. even the others in the party thought it was cruel and vitamins before they understood what it was... Read more


written by Berglund, 03/01/11

Wonderful gift for the tech-savvy :)


written by gt, 18/02/11

It was at least magical to see nine year olds unpack and try this. Slightly cumbersome to set up and use, but notoriously gets nothing for nothing. Were doubtful that this head would funke, but it doe... Read more

Good quality - it should be great ...

written by , 26/09/11

Yes, the whole package is brilliant - packaging, instructions and the magic wand! The built-in training is super-intuitive, and tagging stick to their own devices too easily. The only problem is choos... Read more

written by john, 24/10/11

I think it's quite cool that you can use it as a remote control but it's just manuelen I have a hard and ofcause that ska ha a remote control before you can use the magic wand without a remote... Read more


written by Elisabet, 28/10/11

This wand was really one of the best purchases I've done and well worth the money. One must be very precise to finish the movement toward the signal receiver on the TV but beyond that, I have noth... Read more

Love it!

written by Ida, 07/11/11

The box is exclusive, instructions look like an old map and the stick is good to hold. It looks a little more exclusive in the pictures than it really is. It is plastic, but the picture looks rather l... Read more

written by Robert, 05/12/11

This wand give an authentic feel. Not only will it really looks like a magic wand downloaded directly from the Harry Potter films, it is also the "perfectly balanced" and has the right weigh... Read more

* Magic Wand *

written by Akka, 05/12/11

Incredibly fun gadget. A little tricky to program, especially if you do not follow the instructions exactly. Once it had done that it went better. It is quite sensitive to movements so you have to tra... Read more

written by , 13/12/11

A fun little things

A bit difficult - but fun

written by U, 26/12/11

A little difficult to understand and to get to all movements. We have put in 5 different only, on / off, channel up and down., Sound up and down. 5 But they work really well ...

tough gizmo

written by Marie, 01/01/12

Ver pin present for someone who has everything, took some effort to set up but when it was done it was pretty stats to use :)

Stuff nerds paradise!

written by Alexandra, 04/01/12

Are you, like me, an incurable gadget geek with a weakness for witches and wizards (still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts) you must have this. Got it very quickly (1 day) and immediately packed it... Read more

Uber ingenious Christmas present

written by ES, 06/01/12

Ga brother this magical little stick with luck and happiness for Christmas. As raving brother quickly he installed it on the set is the mother and father, and steered it to swing it around like a madm... Read more


written by Emma Abrahamsson, 25/01/12

I think Kymera Magic Wand is good and funny. However, I was a little disappointed that it could only learn 13 different movements, although it was on the description. It would be great if it could lea... Read more

It works, but not quite alike wealth ..

written by eliz, 16/02/12

First and foremost I must say, gorgeous, it's absolutely fantastic lovely to look at and hold and fits all Harry Potter fans out there! When it came to getting it to work, so it was not particular... Read more

The remote control for all HP fans

written by Michael Carlsen, 27/06/12

The remote control, which is designed as a wand, called Kymera Magic Wand is a must for any Harry Potter fan, as it not only works to perfection, but also fun to swing when there are guests present - ... Read more

Much appreciated!

written by Molntroll, 22/07/12

It was bought as a wedding gift, then the newly married couple had wished for "Magic", so then this felt perfect! And yes, it was much appreciated! Worked well with their TV and everything, ... Read more


written by Pernille, 19/08/12

Was given the sun funny wedding gift for a close friend and her husband who both love Harry Potter. They were the beard just the box and detail the degree of weight. When they discovered what it could... Read more

Nice Nice Nice!

written by Potter, 22/08/12

dear you who might want to buy a wand that works! I bought it but no major aspirations but I was pleasantly surprised! it is a great product came fast, very light sense to use maybe a very small minus... Read more

Fun gadget to have!

written by Nina, 25/09/12

Really fun toy to imponeramed, the instructions were a little difficult when it was on technical English, but otherwise they head into the sofa!


written by AnnikaMärta, 06/10/12

Funny'fjärrkontroll that requires some practice. Worked beyond expectations. But the same old field probably still up most often.

Worth the money

written by Thomas, 17/12/12

It works! Not function well in the hand and is easy to get to know. A great fun toy for adults and children


written by K, 20/12/12

I ordered this for my best friend's 20th birthday. She is a true fantasy fan and loves Harry Potter, Dr Who and things like that, and just moved away from home. Just two days after I placed the or... Read more


written by jep, Sweden 07/09/13

This so-called magic wand is actually better than we first thought, with this, we can handle all electronic in the house TV, stereo, computers with more great toy for both old and young, well worth th... Read more

Appreciated gift!

written by MrsPotter, Sweden 02/01/14

The wand was very appreciated - it worked better than expected once you learned how to do. It takes some dedication so it is ideal for those who are a little gadget crazy and interested in technology.... Read more

Tull Spell

written by Embla og Marius, Norway 13/02/14

Ingenious concept, but it did not match our expectations. It is not so hard to get learned it, so that's positive. We expected it to be a little more lettbrukelig, it serves as a good replacement ... Read more


written by Michelle, Sweden 29/04/14

Thought it would come to more use, but it is hardly possible to adjust the volume with it. It takes a good three minutes to reach the desired level

Successful purchases!

written by Zanno, Sweden 06/01/15

Very interesting gadget and very funny. Do not be so difficult to program and learn. Passed through a fall onto the floor without starting mess. The magic "flows"!

Fun !!

written by MAlin, Sweden 05/01/16

Bought it for my guy. I like it more than he does haha ​​he wants to make sudden movements but it is not, then the answer is not at all because it is the right delicate and you have to "do right&... Read more


written by Keeven, Germany 07/03/16

I have the universal remote control - bought Kymera Magic Wand as gift for my brother. I have this remote control first seen on television in "The Big Bang Theory" and because my brother the... Read more

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