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Lékué Microwave Rice Cooker

Pour rice and water into your Lékué rice cooker, place it in the microwave oven then take a few minutes to figure out how many grains of rice there are in the world. By then, it will be time to take the rice out and get compliments on your perfectly cooked rice - every time!

Lékué Microwave Rice Cooker - Lékué Microwave Rice Cooker
Lékué Microwave Rice Cooker
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Guaranteed not burnt rice on the bottom, but the cooking time is not shorter ..

written by Ine, Norway 12/12/14

I'll be sure to use this for rice cooking. It's very nice to have the rice in the microwave instead of the oven, and guaranteed without burnt rice at the bottom. It is delicious and nice to di... Read more

rice cookers

written by Olli, Sweden 03/01/15

Rice Cooker I letet for years. So easy and convenient to use that even illiterate kitchen can handle Highly Recommend

Rice cooker in micro

written by Moon, Norway 06/09/15

Having recently received this and managed to test it twice. The result is very good! It works like crazy, but I recommend not to use as much water as the recipe suggests. The point is well to get the ... Read more

My best buy for a long time ...

written by Daniel, Sweden 03/11/15

I always pull me from cooking rice because it is a bit tricky and often sticks or become watery. Now I get to perfect rice every time and it's just as good and sticky as the Chinese restaurant. Al... Read more

works perfectly

written by -, Sweden 22/11/15

I hate to cook. And I do not like to cook rice. With this gadget is quick and easy, and not to forget; it is dishwasher safe. The rice will be just as clear. With the same kind of rice and the amount,... Read more

so pleased

written by Dani, Sweden 01/12/15

Have never been able to cook the rice in the pot, always failed. But with this for the microwave so it will be perfect every time of about 15 minutes (depending on how many servings you should boil), ... Read more

Really good!

written by Jannica, Sweden 05/01/16

Would highly recommend this wonderful product !!! No more burnt rice !!! Great gift also !!!

Bachelor best friend !!!

written by Jonas, Sweden 27/01/16

I just got home this wonderful rice cooker and I can not over celebrate this wonderful product. It is very easy to use and it is quick to get perfectly cooked rice. If I made the right should I even b... Read more

Very good

written by M Welander, Sweden 29/01/16

Very good and easy to use and clean, no scraping and needed to stand at the stove and stir. A small minus for incomprehensible instructions.


written by Bra produkt men..., Sweden 29/01/16

Very good product, good quality and useful, big minus for incomprehensible instructions, amounts in imperial units and no good recipe. One can, however googling better recipes for traditional pressure... Read more

Supreme easily without the risk of burnt pots but with perfect resu

written by Ricard, Sweden 09/06/16

With the risk of sounding as paid or sponsored, I must say that this rice cooker is sovereign. Do you have a microwave and a dishwasher in addition, it can not be smoother. The rice is perfect for sus... Read more

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