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Lékué Steam Roaster

Perhaps the world's most practical way of preparing food which follows along with your food all the way from the refrigerator to your mouth. Prepare food by a combination of steaming and roasting!

Lékué Steam Roaster - Steam Roaster
Steam Roaster
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What is this?

very useful

written by Anita Engström, 01/08/11

Very useful to make corncobs in the oven or on the grill (add, however, where the hottest ...) Very pleased with purchase !! THANKS

exciting dishes

written by , 04/11/11

SteamRoaster is a fun new way to cook. It is easy to clean and both preparation and cooking can easily be done in it. Unfortunately, it is too small for more than 2 toilets. dishes. It places restrict... Read more

smart but small

written by Rikke, 07/12/11

It would be a good idea if I wrote how many liters it contains. Has made 2 pcs. duck breasts, and they were delicious and juicy.

Wonderful fabrications

written by Amanda Hornum, 20/12/11

Then I finally ordered me a steam roaster. And where is it, however wonderful. Is amazed at how much can actually be in it. And how well it keeps. Loved the products of Lékué, they just have so many g... Read more

Steam Roaster

written by David, 21/01/12

I think it's quite all right product and it is a very fun idea, but not so I'm in ecstasy.

steam roaster

written by sanne, 30/01/12

A really good kitchen tool ovnmad. Make it has put in roasteren nice tastefully, easy to clean and nice enough to put on the table.

Steam Roaster

written by David, 27/02/12

Bought a steam roaster, said it looked to be a nice little gadget and would make my matlaggning more efficient. Practically speaking, it is only to prepare the food, put it in the Steam Roasters Tern ... Read more

Steam Roaster.

written by Elvira, 13/06/12

The product Steam Roaster is very good when you cook it. I have cooked pork tenderloin in the oven etc ... I'm very satisfied!

Steam Roaster

written by Ingen mästerkock, 24/06/12

Think it's a good thing where you can mix a little different ingredients according to your own taste o o try to fram.Hade might have been fine with something more recipes for Swedish to try, but o... Read more

exciting steamer

written by christine, 04/12/12

very innovative product that I am looking to try out. The perfect almond gift, I think. and then fills it nothing in the cupboard.

Decent steams

written by Benedicte, 17/12/12

Bought this in green, stylish color and very nice that it is elastic so it fits everywhere :) It seems bigger than it actually is in the video. It is really as big as a little less medium bowl. But it... Read more

Good product - fast delivery!

written by Trine, 27/12/12

I bought this as a Christmas present to my grandmother and grandfather, and it fell really in taste! Very fast delivery.

Very satisfied customer

written by Jenny , 11/01/13

Superbra product! The food is easy to prepare and will supergod, imagination stops for what you can cook; meat, fish, poultry, potatoes, vegetables, root vegetables, you name it! Easy to wash and redu... Read more

Kjempefornøyd !!

written by Karoline Velta, 08/02/13

Hello :) Just wanted to say that I'm very happy with the order I ordered from you a while back ago. The product was well packaged and protected! and product price was fair :) MVH Karoline Velta

facilitates both weekend and weekday

written by milly, Sweden 24/05/13

Filled the bowl with goodies (vegetables, cod, spiced butter) closed it and let it stand in the oven at 175 degrees, brought it up, and put on the table next to a bowl of potato salad and a bowl of gr... Read more

Fun and different kitchen gadget

written by Annegrete, Denmark 24/02/14

Has made a fish dish for 2 per, went well meeeeen little too small for 2. Lacking Unfortunately recipe for bread. Will certainly use it again.

Steaming in the oven.

written by BVN, Denmark 13/03/14

Exciting "new" way to cook on, among other things fish, chicken. Vegetables should be cut very thin to be tender, but the result is all in all really successful. Be careful not to overfill l... Read more

Simple and good cooking

written by Adrian, Norway 07/10/14

Has not made so many dishes with this yet, but also baking salmon fillets with div vegetables. And must say it delivers good food after being in the oven. It is not so great in itself, but has surpris... Read more

Steam Roaster

written by Thomas, Sweden 06/11/14

I bought 2x Steam Roaster to my mother for her birthday, she has tested them and think they work great, and they are very flexible, as they take up little space in the oven. The only minus is that it ... Read more

quite ok steams

written by pernille, Norway 22/06/15

This appliance fits well more of a human being, then you do not got so much in it, so when you use the so having contents under half, making f you sauce or liquid in it, it runs on both sides by boili... Read more

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