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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

A thick straw which removes 99% of all bacteria and parasites in contaminated water. Suddenly every puddle is a thirst quencher!

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter - LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
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Very satisfied

written by Emil, Denmark 14/01/14

There must be some lung power but works perfectly. Even if you suck up water which is quite brown then it tastes quite like normal water


written by Pernille, Denmark 19/06/14

It was for my son 6 years old, he unfortunately can not say it, when to drive the concept of putting your tongue on because there will be formed a high pressure to get it through. Not suitable for chi... Read more

Good product

written by Henkka, Finland 28/11/14

Simple and lightweight makeshift contraption trip. In many parts of the world tested and true. I recommend.


written by Tina S., Germany 18/12/15

As the product is a Christmas present for my brother, who love to travel the world and precisely in those areas where water is scarce, I found the Lifestraw the absolutely perfect idea. For Lifestraw ... Read more

Practical test fully passed

written by waldläufer, Germany 31/12/15

Tested by me in a lake and a stream. Works great - highly recommended.

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