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Litter Kwitter

Litter Kwitter is a toilet training kit that teaches your cat to use the toilet in under 8 weeks. You do it by gradually changing your cat's behaviour step by step.

Litter Kwitter - Litter Kwitter
Litter Kwitter
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What is this?

So far so good =)

written by Sara, 12/06/09

So far it has worked very well, my cat thought it was very strange with the new "box" in the beginning, but now have become accustomed to it. I'm still only on the red stage, but she has... Read more

Litter Kwitter

written by Eva, 13/09/09

My overall impression of the product itself is good, but even though I carefully measured and noted that the Litter Kwitter would work on my toilet, it does not. I had been looking forward to get my c... Read more

Good thing, but does not fit

written by Kristina, 09/10/09

This is of course a super invention, but it fits unfortunately not on our narrow toilet. I had measured before and sensed that it would not go, but I wanted to try and it did not go. Than how much you... Read more


written by T, 27/11/09

We have three cats, one which is 5 months, which is 7 months, and one which is 14 months. All cats have been really good. It took us two weeks from the time we started until we could start using the g... Read more

Not there yet ...

written by Elisa, 28/11/09

Hey! It was my sister who got the product, she has yet intehunnit teach the cat that Litter Kwitter offer - but that's why she got it! Have heard very good product, I believe she will manage to te... Read more


written by Joy, 04/12/09

It fit my toilet super nice and it took my cat 3 months and now he goes to the bathroom without any part of the Litter Chirp, the only thing I can not get it to flush: D But this invention is amazing,... Read more

Litter Kwitter

written by Ronja, 07/12/09

A perfect start to get your cats begin to go to the bathroom, just like any human being; as cleanly, as sophisticated and as easily. I have two kittens that are now in the orange stage, ie stage 2. Bo... Read more


written by Genberg, 29/01/10

Kattjäkeln have learned in no time to go to the toilet. Bit of a hurry so I had a little accident at work, it was when I was busy on his. But now the bathroom smells and sand-free :)

It is possible

written by Bianca, 05/08/10

The toilet seat as supplied did not fit on my toilet, but by putting a larger ring under another directly into the toilet bowl, I got it to work. Now pee my cat in the bowl, he'll just have found ... Read more

Litter Kwitter

written by Mössan, 14/09/10

+ Fits well on the toilet. - Asjobbig to clear.

Top Product

written by Z, 21/10/10

... But our kitty chose not to think about it and kept in a full day before he peed in mom's purse and defecated in the sink. We gave up training for this time, but will resume when we have more t... Read more

docile cat

written by Kattmamman, 06/11/10

I have two kittens, one learned relatively quickly to make both the No. 1 and No. 2 in the green insert (male). But the little girl refuses to do number 2. It always ends up next on the floor and I do... Read more

Good deal, but not for everyone?

written by Sara, 03/12/10

I believe in this product, even though it did not work with my two cats. First steps went well, but when I switched to the first step with holes tested the cats at first, but then started to use the b... Read more

Excellent product!

written by Sophia, 06/12/10

The training took just 2 months, 2 weeks for each step. The cat learned right away and did not hesitate once. Not even when it was time to sit on the toilet. Wonderful to avoid having to empty the dra... Read more

No quick transition ..

written by mrb, 13/12/10

... But it is moving forward! It takes about 3-4 weeks just to get the go on the first stage of the product, ie to even get it to go in something as slippery toilet seat and do away with it. But it wi... Read more


written by Frasse, 20/12/10

Litter Kwitter seems not be adapted to Swedish toilets. Was quite disappointed when I took up the ring and discovered that the ring was "round" for the more elongated toilet seat.


written by Sofie, 04/01/11

It's over with kitty litter all over the floor! There are no longer smell the cat crap inside! Money well spent!

Cats of all ages

written by Patrik, 18/01/11

I have a mother and two of her children. Then it became very much emptying the cat box, I bought "Litter Chirp". Have tried it with commitment and dedication (led cats, stroking cats, "... Read more


written by Lissie, 14/02/11

Is now in the orange ring second day. Yesterday I switched to lump sand, cat obviously does not recognize. That's probably why she defecated on the bathroom carpet and "weak" it together... Read more

Litter Kwitter

written by TH, 16/02/11

The patent is good, but the dimension of this product matched in my toilet bowl. It therefore becomes 1:02 in character.

works sisodär step one, she has learned

written by martin, 18/02/11

but step two is scary so she poops on the floor o pee on the toilet? and eat cat litter crystals our cat might be a little weird 5 months old

Litter kwitten

written by bampe, 08/04/11

Did it worked super good, absolutely wonderful that you do not need to use cat litter when the cats have learned the wonder of going to the toilet. :)


written by Louise Jensen , 27/04/11

I have now been in possession of my Litter Kwitter for about two weeks and I am still hopeful. I started to put the tray with the red stage, next to the toilet, where the cat tray used to stand. It qu... Read more

Litter Kwitter

written by Danne, 08/05/11

I bought Litter Kwitter to train my cat to use the toilet. I started using this product. It worked until I got to the middle stage. Then began one of my two cats to make their needs on the floor inste... Read more


written by , 09/06/11

It works great. My cat does not want to use regular litter box, jumped up instantly on the used "Litter Kwitter" then yes mount it on the toilet! :)

One way to go ..

written by Kittycat, 19/08/11

We have two cats, one of which took at once what it all went out on while the other apparently missing their "igloo" and getting defecate behind walls and ceilings. But it is important to be... Read more

Not Litter Kwitter

written by Tanya, 23/09/11

I was very optimistic that it would succeed in my two cats to use the toilet instead of their litter box. My one cat is 3/4 years and my other cat is a little over 1 year. It started fine and there we... Read more

written by Sara, 21/10/11

* The effort took on my toilet and I would think I have a pretty common toilet from the LFO. * I have only one toilet but it is easy to lift on and off the insert when to use the toilet. * Change the ... Read more


written by Charlotte, 02/12/11

Have a standard toilet brand Gustavsberg (about 5 years old) and LK was a good fit to the toilet. During the white seat are clamps that hold it in place. Have had great patience with the workout but i... Read more

Totally worth it!

written by Emma, 13/12/11

I'm really super happy. Only took away the cat's regular box and put "Litter kwitter" on the toilet. He understood immediately that he would urinate there but defecated once where hi... Read more

Easy as pie.

written by Guldvaskarn, 05/01/12

Kiss Måns and I looked at it very instructive included DVD video together after they have been training as a dance.

cat toilet

written by fabby, 12/03/12

the cat has begun learned to walk on that potty, we are still in the red stage. The bad thing about it was that it wobbles a bit of themselves, do not fit the toilet so good, and neither is it easy to... Read more

Good luck to you all!

written by Julia, 22/08/12

Have bought LK for about 3-4 weeks ago (PS: Cruel delivery ... the day after!) And is still in the red ring. Think I will keep on with the red for a while. Has two cats, a male and a female of the sam... Read more

is partially

written by Michael , 05/10/12

I was unsure at first but my cat is completely indifferent to it :-) when I started on the floor with the left only one day for him before it came wcet.hvilket worked fine. It should be said I've ... Read more


written by gute, 23/10/12

Bought this katttoa. Did not think of it for my cat is very afraid of himself and that she är7,5år but it is excellent. Just think of the sand used so it does not become an end in the drain. Recommend... Read more

little kwitter

written by e,s, 25/10/12

difficult to put on toalettsitsen.plopparna putting the detachment so easy helst.för us it was an unnecessary purchase when my cats do not want to use it.

What is "crap" thing

written by Jess, 18/12/12

Köptde this gadget in the hope that the comments that mention their cat most stupid and still managed to learn, would fall my cats too! How wrong I was! Now, this much on the cat, by all means, but to... Read more


written by Jonas Pettersson, 21/01/13

The cat was very curious about what kind of installation we set up the bathroom but quickly understood what it was all about. We are now ready to step 1 and now spends more time on the cat to shove hi... Read more

Too big for the toilet

written by Sunniva, 21/01/13

Ingeniously, the cat realized it with ein time! Just a shame that it is too big to fit in our toilet bowl, so it must be leashed to stand steady, a bit tiring to take the depreciation and on, but is w... Read more

Litter kwitter

written by Linnea, 20/02/13

Was surprised by how fast delivery one was! Has 2 cats who are 9 months. One of them will always stand and cover up his poop with a lot of cat litter for several minutes afterward. With the result tha... Read more

The product does not quite fit pyttyymme

written by Kyösti Ja Väinö Kotikissa, 08/04/13

Began to frighten us very much when it wobble and kiikkui on top of the toilet seat. We had a recession phase 1. So we were previously used a third-party product, and we wanted to change this when thi... Read more

Cool idea

written by Fivecats, Germany 19/09/13

Since I have 5 cats and the corresponding amount of scattering need and logically have also scattered crumbs in the entire apartment, I find the "Litter Kwitter" a brilliant idea. At the mom... Read more

Kisu toilet

written by maija, Finland 30/09/13

Not really, there is not yet luonnistunut will use the toilet. Kakkakökkäreitä have appeared a bit in the wrong places. But do not lose heart yet - practice makes perfect

Good, but difficult to clean

written by Lena, Sweden 14/11/13

A very good product, but I still have two complaints: It fits on the toilet seat, but LK is round so it will be a gap at the back. It still works. The insert part is difficult to keep clean because th... Read more

We'll see!

written by Annie, Sweden 02/01/14

Is now the orange stage. So far it works okay (except for two occasions) and we keep our fingers crossed so that the cats can manage the entire training process. Good quality material of the product i... Read more

works date

written by Hanna, Sweden 08/04/14

My cat is still protesting (three weeks of use) so that he "screams" before he has to do number two on LK, but he goes on as he screamed in before. We are currently in the red stage, therefo... Read more

Litter Kwitter

written by M.J., Germany 10/09/14

An ingenious part! My cat adopted it immediately and we are in the final stage! Can I recommend to everyone cat owners! MJ

Passat not

written by Robert, Sweden 03/11/14

Like many people noticed it does not fit on a standard Swedish toilet, the pictures are misleading for a loo in Swedish households are somewhat less. Litterkwitter does not work if it does not fit per... Read more

More cats? Buy "Multikatkit"

written by Sasja, Denmark 09/01/15

As Tanya "Not Litter Kwitter" writes, it's hard with two cats. I myself have two cats, and they will not use the orange with the first hole. In the beginning, ok, one peed up there, and ... Read more


written by netter, Sweden 19/01/15

Works great cats took right away. Be nice escape drag home heavy sand and feels cleaner to avoid lots of gravel each year.

The use of cattoilet.

written by Litter Kwitter 3-step cat toilet, Denmark 06/04/15

I have been asked to write about cats toilet as I købte.Min cat will not at all use this as dsv. I can only be negative. Please Marianne Hansen

Much sand on the floor to nothing

written by Sara, Sweden 10/04/15

I am completely satisfied with the litter kwitter so far, is only on the red stage yet but there have not been any problems :) The only annoying is that you have to change the sand every day and kitty... Read more

My cat did not like it ..

written by Johanna, Sweden 16/06/15

Do not think it was worth the money fterslm to kattsandwn went down the toilet and I did not get my cat to walk on the box .. Tried with a kitten and two who were 5-6 years old ..


written by Marjo, Germany 30/06/15

I'm very satisfied. Delivery fast. Price performance super. And function properly. It must be said, one must also give the cat time and be patient. But it works.

Wider choice of toilet-bowl compatibility!

written by MI, Finland 11/01/16

The product does not otherwise complain about, but it did not fit our the toilet. with two cats challenging when met so quickly ..

Litter Kwitter

written by Larap152, Germany 30/01/16

Stable product. Very fast delivery. I am sure that it will work! The Kätzen use it quite nice :-)

Works supert!

written by Tess, Sweden 20/09/16

Fantastic product! So nice to not litter everywhere and you do not smell the litter box nowadays. In the beginning, the product is a stress factor, so you have to tread carefully. It took three weeks ... Read more

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