Loaded Dice Drinking Game

Simple, ingenious and intoxicating. Loaded Dice Drinking Game is simply a shot glass with a die at the bottom. Fill the glass, slam it on the table and obey the die's instructions!

Loaded Dice Drinking Game - Loaded Dice Drinking Game
Loaded Dice Drinking Game
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Loaded Dice Drinking Game - Loaded Dice Drinking Game 4-Pack
Loaded Dice Drinking Game 4-Pack
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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written by j, 14/12/09

Works well! Large glass than I thought it would be. Fun element at the party

written by Frederik, 20/12/09

Loaded Dice is a super fun game. It is truly one of the party hubs. People think it's easy to handle and damn funny because it's different. I'm happy with my purchase of Loaded Dice. Howev... Read more

loaded dice

written by Freddy, 03/01/10

Easy and fun game, and just to take out :)

Make up Games

written by Marcus, 04/01/10

Loaded Dice, is a bit difficult to see what the dice show with drinks in. Fun idea, but work like that in practice.

loaded Dice

written by viwi, 15/01/10

A very fun games, if you're looking efer to get drunk, you do not wait so long. excellent game to just have fun!

written by Jimmi Sørensen, 12/02/10

Super game to recharge for party or night out. It takes no time to fill it up or play, and it is easy to understand. It's a good game that can highly recommended. - The only minus is that easily b... Read more

Super fun

written by Gatten, 02/04/10

Great fun and simple game for no money! - Quick and easy delivery. There are a few "ups'ere" but nothing that really destroys the experience!

written by Jon Høiler, 20/05/10

Seems to be exactly the product that the product description recounts. Funny product that brings many smile. Well pleased with the purchase.

Loaded Dice works!

written by Anders kunnerup, 23/07/10

I must almost have underestimated this "game". I should have availed myself of the opportunity to buy 4 pieces. cheaper. The idea is brilliant, and it's an easy way to get some shots inb... Read more

Mega Fun and Simple

written by Kristian Lim Andersen, 08/09/10

Loaded Dice, a mega fun and simple game. You drink and see what the dice shows. You can easily make your own rules, but nice simple! : D A product / drinking game I would prefer to have on hand for an... Read more

Ingenious and fun

written by Nanna, 19/11/10

Very good entertainment! Held a party for some friends where we had one each, and then it all well go quickly to get something down :) We chose so just remove the lid (so we better ku see what the cub... Read more

fun mandelgave

written by , 03/12/10

Super invention :-)

The new drinking game!

written by Rikke, 06/12/10

It's really fun and effective! beware of how strongly the content is;)

loaded Dice

written by Rasmus, 07/12/10

So, what can you say. Hard to be impressed by this product because it does what you expect, no more, no less. Very funny and fun game. Above all, very easy! no strange rules or stuff like that. Is ple... Read more

loaded Dice

written by Hanne, 14/12/10

Fun games. However could the dice be a little clearer. But definitely worth the money :-)


written by ilk, 18/12/10

small and always pull them out for fun ;-)

Loaded dice: D

written by , 23/12/10

It is both fun, cozy and efficiently: D

Loaded Dice!

written by Ubbah i Halmstad, 02/05/11

Clearly a terrible big partyhöjare. I bought 4 pieces for me to down to Lund and party on May Day. All that was on the pre-party seductive, seducing party, pre-party, pre-party and party and after par... Read more

loaded dice

written by Katrine Jakobsen, 08/11/11

I give it full marks as it fully lived up to my expectations.


written by lillemille, 16/11/11

Very easy to understand and use. It is also convenient in that you have one lid on shot brick glass so that no pigs. Few choices you have on the dice, but seriously, how many ways there are actually d... Read more

Get drunk fast!

written by HeleneS, 29/11/11

Loaded Dice is a super fat product at parties or small komsammen'er among young people. However, it is a shame that they are made so that it is quite difficult to read what the dice says it has be... Read more

loaded dice

written by Monica Aalykke Jensen, 01/12/11

it was a fine product and was satisfied with what I've got.

Quite kefft.

written by , 05/12/11

Completely impossible to read what it says on the dice, especially in a tillfyllnat state. A little out of disappointing to get one when the picture depicts two pieces. Feels like it's more fun to... Read more

beer pong

written by Meister, 26/12/11

The perfect gift for those who like "afterparty" before a night out or home parties. Get start drinking and increase blood alcohol without the "klein recommended" drinking games. E... Read more


written by Mia, 28/12/11

Fun little game that makes you very full very quickly. There may well follow some rules :)

Simple party games!

written by Marbac, 29/12/11

A very easy and fun party game! Easy to take anywhere. And "full" speed definitely :-)

loaded Dice

written by Cassy, 12/03/12

Fun and easy spirit games, it's like I said, just follow the instructions on the dice. Nothing more than simple! And yes because it's a drinking game, you become quite drunk haha ​​..


written by Rickard, 20/03/12

Superb parlor at the pre-party and the party. Much appreciated and fun. Very good gift to give away, if you will.

Fancy drinking game

written by RitaB, 30/08/12

The product is so outlandish as I had imagined. I am very well satisfied. I like it and was well received even in the appearance.


written by Janne , 25/10/12

They are super funny, they should also be used for an advent calendar for girlfriend, they are good for a festive occasion :)? Can also be used for children if they will be with Self just to drink are... Read more

Great fun for something so small!

written by kristi1006, 24/12/12

Lovely to have with the afterparty or party! Quickly becomes good mood, and everyone can take part! Many card games etc. have much rules, but here it's just to drink at. Tip! Sit happily in a ring... Read more


written by Line, 31/12/12

These I liked very much! Customizable size lenses and fine to wear a forsh with a friend's gang!


written by kartsa, Finland 01/08/13

fun and good yllätyslahja.kaverin will be forced to test and I get free drinks !!!!. you would think that this is täytellinen answer?

Just as you think

written by Runa, Norway 07/11/13

It's just the way it is, it is exactly as you think it is. A fun beer pong. Gets a bit boring after a while, but simply there is a beer pong with shot-ing. I bought some extra to give away in fun ... Read more


written by Mette, Denmark 05/03/14

Loaded dice is fun and simple as drinking games. It's a little hard to see what is on the cube when there is something in the glass ...


written by Dany, Germany 11/08/14

The drinking game is really a lot of fun. You always want to continue to roll the dice. Is full funny if you let others drink.

Super nice and quick delivery!

written by DennisH, Denmark 05/01/15

Month of December, the busiest month of the packages must be purchased and sent off. With this thought in my head, I thought, therefore, that there probably will be several days / weeks maybe, before ... Read more

Shot Glass game

written by E. Roth, Germany 06/01/15

This is so we have class Silvester laughed so much, a great game for a sociable Runde.Ich can you only recommend!

We had fun

written by S.Meyer, Germany 07/01/15

While you can sometimes see the cube something bad ....... but we had fun playing :-)

The idea is better than the object

written by NoNameAtAll, Denmark 12/03/15

It's hard to read what you have to when the cube is small and the text is facing up is blocked by the drink itself. In addition, difficult to clean without water enters the cube. There are better ... Read more


written by yps, Germany 31/12/15

Goods arrive super fast u. Corresponded to the description, daughter was very happy, what more could you want?

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