Love Is Art Kit

Smear each other in paint and make love on a canvas! The result is a beautiful, abstract picture to hang on your wall.

Love Is Art Kit - Shades of Grey
Shades of Grey
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Love Is Art Kit - Black & Silver
Black & Silver
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Love Is Art Kit - Black & White
Black & White
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Love Is Art Kit - Black & Gold
Black & Gold
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written by signatur, Sweden 20/02/14

Bought this product to my better half on Valentine's Day, Be afraid that it could be a bit sticky over the tavlan.Men that did not happen, the final result was really good! .we Saved even a small ... Read more

Love is Art

written by Linn, Sweden 24/02/14

Fun and hot, but a tip is to put something soft under the protective film, anyway if this product is used on a hard wood floor! x)

nice new experience

written by Carlson/Karlsson, Sweden 18/07/14

It was a messy experience spiced to your sex life (not that we need it, but it was fun) a half-cloudy day holiday :) Good size of the canvas to vary postures We put a big mattress on the floor to avoi... Read more

Winner of the election to the most creative wedding gift

written by Verschenker, Germany 01/09/14

We have the kit, ordered as a gift to a wedding, the delivery was quick and easy. Since it is a gift, we could not test it, but are certainly also a work of art have hanging in our home. The kit makes... Read more

fantastic fun

written by Kletig, Sweden 25/09/14

Bought this as a surprise for my guy. Had extremely fun, more fun than good sex, and managed to mess up some abstract art. We taped lines with masking tape before which was quite fun when you pulled o... Read more

Funny thing!

written by Lovisa, Sweden 29/12/14

Surprised the guy with the board, he was very surprised but thought it was a blast thing! We made the error to tar more color on each other than on the board but it did anyway!

Fun and appreciated

written by Love is art, Sweden 07/02/15

I gave this to my boyfriend as a birthday present, and enough for the painting step was incredibly fun and messy so even hanging the painting on his wall now. We have a long distance relationship, and... Read more

Love is art

written by M, Sweden 23/02/15

I ordered it home for Valentine's Day for me and my guy. They huh fun! Really really exciting. Who does not love to be allowed to really mess down himself? Especially after a few glasses of wine a... Read more

For some color!

written by E, Sweden 24/02/15

Funny thing but was not good at all. There was far too little color .. Not worth so much money! Was not even close to the same as display pictures .. Very disappointed.

Funny but inconvenient

written by K, Sweden 26/02/15

It was really fun to use product! Unusual though it was uncomfortable to use it directly to the floor, should have put a mattress or something in protective plastic. We bought some acrylic paint beyon... Read more

Great experience, great fun :)

written by A., Germany 12/07/15

Is really what, what you should have done. Lots of fun and is a beautiful and amazing experience where the love is at the center. Nice concept! Everything well thought out and planned. All in all grea... Read more

Additional color?

written by Johan , Sweden 06/09/15

Fun idea, and even more fun to do but there is nowhere to buy extra color (gold for our part) who both stuck on canvas and is non-toxic, etc.? Happened unfortunately spilled quite a lot before so the ... Read more

Love is art

written by Elin, Sweden 14/10/15

A very good and fun product. Thought it could have been with a little more color, but otherwise very satisfied. Fun to give away something that is a little more different and even fun to work with its... Read more

Fun Christmas!

written by M, Sweden 28/12/15

Much appreciated (of the two) Christmas gift for her fiance. We wrapped up the bed with the supplied plastic instead of the floor and there was a party. Easy to wash off the paint from the body.

For the second time!

written by Jenn, Sweden 11/01/16

Orders the goods for the second time! Fast delivery and great fun! The first time I made a picture with my guy. This time will it be wrestling match with the aunt to share the painting in two and a re... Read more

Good experience

written by Trine, Denmark 11/01/16

The boyfriend and I bought version 'Shades of Grey', which vat a white canvas and two colors of paint (black and white). The black color quickly became very dominant in the picture and the whi... Read more

The mandatory (wedding) gift

written by DonProtheso, Germany 14/02/16

It has presented so much what actually Nobody cares. In "Love is Art kit" have recipient, giver and all onlookers a grenzdebiles grin and EVERYONE is insanely curious as to what probably com... Read more

"Let's Paint!"

written by Sway C, Germany 18/02/16

Have 'Love is Art' recently discovered and am really excited. To put a nice picture, you should of course already lubricate around a bit and do not skimp on the paint. We laughed at the 'p... Read more

Very funny

written by Erika, Sweden 22/02/16

With little light candles, we put ourselves on the canvas, splashed paint and rolled around. Really fun and sexy. Skyddsålasten was of poor quality and broke easily, but the color was easy to get away... Read more


written by IC, Sweden 17/08/16

A fun product, and the result was actually quite good. We had great fun in the use and I can recommend it to others. The amount of color was adequate, the only thing I miss is the frame for hanging wh... Read more


written by Candice, Germany 19/09/16

Ware was there quickly, everything was great !! Again at any time and great things ye .. aahhmm coolstuff halt :)))

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