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Luggage Scale

Small flexible scale that weighs your luggage. Perfect to keep in your bag when you travel!

Luggage Scale - Luggage Scale
Luggage Scale
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Luggage Scale

written by Carina, 24/06/09

Bought a luggage scale of you. It was great. Just what you need when you are out traveling o .... when you want to avoid expensive costs to have overweight luggage! Highly recommended! :) +++++

Luggage Scale

written by Myran, 06/07/09

Luggage scale is great, when you go home from a holiday abroad and bought on to a lot of gadgets. Coolstuff can, I also recommend for my friends and acquaintances. Good website + delivery was handled ... Read more

Funny little useful thing!

written by Fritte, 06/07/09

An appreciated gift! Is easily take and weigh what you want right now! Very good that you can choose the unit of weight. Simple to use! Highly recommended for anyone traveling away and is worried abou... Read more

Smart, simple, practical - fanta-term good for many occasions

written by LgM, 14/08/09

Smart, simple, practical - fanta-term good for many occasions

luggage Weight

written by Svend, 17/08/09

Hello. We have now had our luggage weight on the first ferie.Og we are really happy for it, and it is very easy to deal with. Just turn it on and hang baggage, and you have fast weight. It is very com... Read more

written by ANNE, 24/08/09

Very good. Easy to handle.

written by JO, 04/09/09

Excelled, it may be the ....

baggage weight

written by thomas, 07/09/09

It is an excellent luggage weight but you have to support your suitcase up the leg or the other when lifting, so the promise is stable and quiet. If the luggage just hangs, then luggage weight a littl... Read more

Luggage Scale

written by Bosse, 30/09/09

Ordered the 10th, the goods on the spot in the 14th, (weekend in between.) "Görsnabbt". The item to the full satisfaction! Can recommend Coolstuff! Regards Bosse

Ursnabb delivery of luggage scale

written by Sigi, 30/09/09

Not tried yet but feels solid and good, bought two pieces. Perfect gift for relatives who fly frequently with luggage weight concerns

written by skejsen., 08/10/09

bought a baggage weight 21th / 9.09.blev delivered 2.dage after bestilling.som lovet.godt gået.skulle travel 27th / 9.til spanien.så it was used, is extremely pleased both with the booking-levering.og... Read more

written by Solveig M Petersen, 12/10/09

We just paid 500,00kr. overweight aircraft company. Therefore we bought this baggage weight, it is a solid weight that I think we will have much pleasure, and saves us ærgelige money.The fills and wei... Read more

written by Ole Holm, 12/10/09

Bought a baggage weight. It came in a few days and works perfectly. Can definitely recommend to others.

digital luggage scale

written by Hasse, 14/10/09

I bought digital luggage scales that correspond by far what we requested. A good way to carry on the journey you have full control of baggage. Today, with the low being careful with the weight, no sur... Read more

luggage Weight

written by Benno, 21/10/09

We are very pleased with our luggage weight. We always have problems when we're going home from a holiday - and are afraid to have bought too much! The weight is extremely small and weighs not muc... Read more

luggage Weight

written by Kirsten, 28/10/09

Super - when you tend to fill your suitcase and want to avoid paying expensive overweight, this baggage weight perfectly. Easy to operate, weighs very little.

Luggage Scale .....

written by lotta kryll, 18/11/09

Super good luggage scale. Small and easy to carry. For usually it's on your return bag became heavier and when we need it !! Really good !!

smooth luggage scale

written by tobbe, 23/11/09

A luggage scale that you can have anywhere when traveling

Luggage scale "

written by dieterpr1, 30/11/09

We bought a luggage scale (Electronic Portable SCALE) and are very happy with it. First, we have (old 10days) tested on our grandchild and the weight was up to 3g with the hospital balance equal. Even... Read more

Ideal for traveling!

written by Charlotte, 15/12/09

Is easy to pack in your suitcase so you do not have to worry about excess weight on your return. What made that I bought the scales from Coolstuff was that it has a strap to hang the bag in. Other lug... Read more

written by , 25/12/09

good and convenient to carry in your bag when traveling. Can also be used when you are hunting, to weigh its prey!

Luggage Scale

written by Hanna, 25/12/09

Smooth and good. Working properly.

Luggage Scale

written by Resenär, 25/12/09

Really good wave with backround illuminated display with several different altinativ for measurement devices, handle including grams and kilograms. Straps to attach around the bag included. Handle in ... Read more

Luggage Scale

written by Ulliz, 28/12/09

Very pretty and convenient, making it does not take much space in your suitcase. And it will fit my daughter perfectly as she travels frequently and has paid many 1000 piece in the obesity ... Now she... Read more

Perfect travel accessories.

written by internet, 31/12/09

Libra is of very high quality to be as small and light. Perfect in the suitcase because of its small size / weight and is very robust. Feels like no one-time thing, but have conceived design. Extra pl... Read more


written by carina, 31/12/09

All were very happy that got this great gadget for Christmas, which they really have missed those times they they been out flugit.Nu they need not be afraid to pay for overweight längre.Kanon good rea... Read more

luggage Weight

written by Jimmi, 01/01/10

Do you travel a lot and hate you to get a stomach ache at not knowing how much you have in your suitcase, then this baggage weight just the thing. Small and easy to carry. Easy to use and so for a goo... Read more

A must on lånresan

written by Resgalen, 04/01/10

We always have one with us on long trips, it is easy to buy too much, and so begins the airlines become more stringent with obesity. Superbra finesse !!

Luggage Scale

written by Anette, 04/01/10

Kanonbra Christmas gift! Bought two pieces and gave them away for Christmas. Success! Lightweight, takes up almost no space, and can save a lot of money on excess weight loss!

Luggage Scale

written by kurt, 05/01/10

Long-awaited wave-weighed very accurately-differed only 2-3gram compared with the airport's wave

Luggage Scale

written by Carina, 05/01/10

Sovereign thing for us who love to fly with for example Ryan Air, which requires that, so to speak has an eye on the weight properly. Smooth and easy to use and carry.

Catcher in the Rye

written by Irene, 07/01/10

A few weeks before Christmas, I was still in a quandary about what I would give my son in law for Christmas. Something that he could benefit from, and that was not a tie. By chance I saw your ad (I th... Read more

Weighs heavily with me!

written by Jonas, 07/01/10

I am very pleased with Luggage Libra! Has tested and it is literally what it promises and at a generous price. Weighs heavily with me.

Indispensable on the trip, slippery consider obesity

written by Kim, 03/02/10

Kanonbra thing that I did not know that I really needed until I got it. Does its job really well. + Feels hefty and sturdy, good for heavy bags. Good quality. + Ability to show the importance of the d... Read more

luggage Weight

written by Zipler, 03/02/10

Super Product is very seriously done.


written by erik, 04/02/10

Handy small digital-weight. "Right" exactly many uses. Ta' it on the fly-journey, so you get no surprises when you go home.

written by Bente, 15/02/10

Finally, we managed to find a luggage weight without it costing a fortune. It is easy to operate and takes up little space in your luggage.

written by lars parsberg, 17/02/10

- Luggage weight is simply a MUST HAVE for travelers, it weighs itself is not much and fills not much !!! - A bargain !!! - Have tested it on my with approved scales - considering very precise. - Mvh ... Read more

written by Peter, 17/02/10

The product corresponds completely to what I had expected. Easy to get acquainted with and easy to use. The quality seems to be in the top.

written by , 24/02/10

The product corresponds fully to the expectations. The emphasis is both practical, smart and easy to use. Nice to have when there is travel activities on the program. I have listed a 5-figures, as I a... Read more


written by Pernilla, 01/03/10

Easy to use and manage their purpose. Good buy.

written by hanne larsen, 16/05/10

wrong went as it should satisfied. Yours sincerely, Hanne Larsen

written by Nelli, 17/05/10

Very good weight, have tested it and it weighs very accurate. Fast delivery.

written by Margit Thomsen, 21/05/10

Really good and useful product that can be used for many things other than just to weigh luggage

Luggage scale

written by MO, 25/05/10

luggage scale is OK. The differences are only a few grams and for luggage weighing perfectly adequate. I would recommend this product without hesitation

written by KR, 26/05/10

The weight is worth all the money especially if you're flying with Ryanair

written by HEL, 07/06/10

Luggage weight is excellent, light and handy, and very accurate.

easy wave

written by Folke, 11/06/10

This luggage scale exceeded my expectations. It has auto-calibration when you start it, making it very easy to weigh with. Single strap to attach the bag in. Does its job very well. Can even weigh chi... Read more


written by Nikolaj Olesen, 19/06/10

Libra arrived after 2 days, so I'm really happy with the purchase. it has worked well so far. and I also expect to buy some more things from your side. But all in all a good impression.

Very good site

written by Kjeld Kaad, 28/06/10

Hi I bought a baking weight through you and the delivery was quick and the food was as expected

Easy and handy

written by Birgitte, 30/06/10

No more surprises in the form of obesity. Now that you've done kilo'erne on future trips. A long-cherished wish, a luggage weight to take on the trip, is now fulfilled. Wonderful !!

true weight

written by Christina, 30/06/10

Prior to our trip we weighed our suitcases. they corresponded largely with the baggage drop on the flight. Did the same on the return trip, when we found that a bag was too heavy, and we could before ... Read more

Less stress on the trip

written by , 02/07/10

Very pleased with the purchase and can be for a first trip to the scales say that I will never travel without one. The stress of being overweight is completely gone (which in itself is worth gold). I ... Read more

Luggage Scale

written by Ammi, 24/07/10

This is a great deal! Has given away a few and of course yourself. It works just fine, considering the fact absolutely right! It is expensive with overweight on the flight!

strap satisfied

written by , 26/07/10

a light o smooth wave takes up little space, has weighed cats with this wave put them in a cloth bag o then just o weigh, also weighed fresh fish :) a super good wave ...

best buy

written by Ingrid, 27/07/10

A friend of ours had a luggage scale when we would fly to Rome. It was our salvation to avoid obesity !!! Small and handy, but hefty to hold still when to weigh the bags. In addition, it weighs almost... Read more

Luggage Weight

written by Bente, 04/08/10

Absolutely super and accurate weight! Handsome having with traveling as it weighs little and takes little plass.Flott to check the suitcase stays within the weight limit so you do not have to pay over... Read more

A real bargain.

written by Lene , 16/08/10

The package came quickly, and lived 110% up to expectations. Easy to handle and very smart.

luggage Weight

written by HBS, 13/09/10

Hi There are good enough baggage weight, but that's not what I use it for. I am a hunter and canine athlete, so I use it to weigh shot wildly, and what weight the game we use to train the dogs. Yo... Read more


written by v, 29/09/10

Small and flexible. Perfect for traveling abroad when you're afraid you'll get overweight. Works perfectly! This is a must for any traveler!

Luggage Scale

written by , 12/10/10

So far we are very satisfied. A good wave that is lightweight and easy to use. We go to Spain if a couple of weeks and will use it for the trip. As we intend to stay a whole month and luggage may weig... Read more

fast delivery, perfect product!

written by , 22/10/10

written by , 29/10/10

Very quickly delivered, according to description. I'm really satisfied!

Super good!

written by Emme, 01/11/10

Have used this on several trips and it's great. Almost exactly the weight except for any ounce. It is small, light and smooth. Therefore, I have now bought several to give away to friends and fami... Read more

No more overweight

written by Inger, 01/11/10

Easy to take on the trip. Nice not having to stand upon check-in and be nervous about paying unnecessary money for obesity.

Luggage Scale

written by Julia, 24/11/10

The small but incredibly handy luggage scale is something you must have if you travel a lot as I do! How convenient anytime just to have with you and not have to look for a surge in hotel or wherever ... Read more

Luggage Scale

written by , 25/11/10

Fantastic easy. Good accuracy (checked against the real wave). Wide range of applications


written by Deestiny, 26/11/10

This product was just what I needed. Travel a lot and always come home fully loaded, this gadget can you have in your hand luggage and you know there is a guarantee that there will be no additional co... Read more

Cool Stuff Luggage Scale

written by , 05/12/10

Also I have applied some time ago in Cool Stuff than Weihnachtsgeschenketesterin. Approximately 2weeks later I had the coupon code worth 20 € in my email account. I opted for a luggage scale as we alw... Read more

awesome stuff

written by Benji, 08/12/10

Libra worked really good, smooth and small, and it's nice to know that you have an eye on their baggage weight:)

good thing

written by Nils, 17/12/10

Would recommend. Easy to pack. Got some different results (+ - about 0.3 kg), so a couple kontrollvägningar might be appropriate if you are careful.

written by psychobitch, 18/12/10

Just press the "on" then disconnect the lift and they were clear and you know exactly what your bag weighs how easy any time. Good for those who have the ability to take things a little too ... Read more

Luggage Weight

written by I.R., 20/12/10

Fast expedition as always and a small efficient baggage weight when we must weigh our suitcases for travel, so now we are in no doubt about the weight more and get it distributed properly.

Luggage Scale

written by Tess, 27/12/10

Very good wave, seems to weigh quite as precise. Clear display. Good / proper holder / clasps where you hang your bag for weighing. Have seen others with just a small hook. The scale weighs a little t... Read more

Luggage Scale

written by Håkan, 28/12/10

Hey! We travel frequently to London and then has limited weight in our luggage. This small, flexible wave has helped us a lot with previous hassle of baggage. It is easy to use.

Luggage Scale

written by , 28/12/10

Now in the low times, it is worth gold to have a wave that you can get help to distribute the weight in time (at the hotel or similar) o not at the airport. In addition to saving money on not to have ... Read more

VERY pleased!

written by johs, 28/12/10

This is a "dub your" that anyone traveling part should acquire - especially after airlines have become so strict with bagagevekten!

solid weight

written by Lone, 30/12/10

Luggage weight works as it should, is easy to use, chic and durable design and easy to stop in the trunk, so you also know how much you can buy to take home :-). Very good gift for father / backpack r... Read more


written by , 30/12/10

Good, small and inexpensive! Perfect for us some traveling with håndbagege as the only most of the time!


written by m, 30/12/10

large and expensive!

baggage weight

written by lonni keita, 31/12/10

A really good little weight for luggage, compact and weigh almost nothing, but is very accurate and easy to use.

Good thing to have

written by , 31/12/10

Good contraption so you do not have to pack anxiety (if you have one) or do not like the couple we met on the way to Thailand with maximum weight out of the country! (And a fine way home)

Luggage Scale

written by , 31/12/10

It is simply very practical. It is good that you can select kg or lbs on it, because I travel to and from the United States very much. Good to withstand 40 kg also. An extra tip for those who train at... Read more

Luggage Scale

written by Miish, 31/12/10

Dad has not had time to try it more than in the kitchen of our julbagage over, but then it worked very nicely. The weight proved right :) Easy to put in a pocket in case the extra weight affects your ... Read more

God's gift to her there is always fear that she has too much baga

written by WPCL, 01/01/11

Great solution to stomach aches and cold sweats in the queue for check-in! Libra reveals already in the queue, if you have reason to sweat and fear a handsomely baggage allowance. Can be recommended!

Works very well

written by Elisabeth, 02/01/11

Luggage Weighta works great. Have tried it, it works properly. Vekta is made as to be able to keep the weight while measuring baggage. Seems great!

Luggage Scale

written by Ydde, 03/01/11

The perfect gift for the one standing at the airport with too much weight to pack on in the fellow traveler bags ... Now you avoid that problem, now you can weigh their bags before you go to the airpo... Read more

written by , 04/01/11

Luggage Libra was a successful and popular Christmas present to our customers.

Nothing to fault

written by Eivind, 04/01/11

Fast delivery just before Christmas, which arrived the day before Christmas. Baggage weight itself works great and was also a fun little parlor when it was wrapped up when they were competing about wh... Read more


written by Resaren, 05/01/11

Weighing surprisingly good. A little lumpy and clumsy but works perfectly. The first time without the hassles and worries about what the bag weighs.

written by Ann Hjerting, 09/01/11

Very fine trade. Quick service and tip top product!

Luggage wave a smart product

written by Göran, 10/01/11

This wave is convenient before and during a trip in particular air. It is a matter to pack the right amount of bags to avoid problems and surprises at check-in. Why such a low rating? My first problem... Read more

luggage Weight

written by ES, 12/01/11

Works well. The weight ensures that you avoid paying for excess baggage

baggage weight

written by kathe jensen, 13/01/11

Ordered just after Christmas a handy luggage weight. Was in good time when it should be used as a gift early in the new year. Already after a few days I received it. So fine and effective treatment. C... Read more

luggage weight

written by Sanne, 20/01/11

Now soon we considered all our stuff. When we go out and travel must be our permanent traveling even. Hooray for Cool Stuff

luggage scale

written by mali, 05/02/11

What a good idea! Small smart wave that barely take up any space in your suitcase. Now we'll never get any excess weight on your return :)


written by Mikael, 10/02/11

Smart and brilliant, fills nothing passes it to - weigh your luggage, very simple and very easy and classy! Just to have in the back of the backpack / hand luggage. Can be recommended

suitcase Weight

written by Annette, 11/02/11

Small smart suitcase weight, easy to use.

fast delivery

written by mia, 15/02/11

Fast delivery without problems, easy to follow the goods. Luggage Libra was exactly like the picture, takes 40 kg, very good for suitcases. Can recommend this site to friends. Will continue to buy fro... Read more

nothing to complain about

written by , 23/02/11

it ran as usual on rails ..

Luggage Weight

written by rl3, 07/03/11

My oldest grandson would like to travel. He had packed my bags packed. But the problem was that it could not weigh more than 20 kg. What does he do then? Yes, grandma had purchased baggage weight. It ... Read more

Very good

written by Jörg Philipp, 07/03/11

Good luggage scale with all the useful information. Instructions in English, very stupid.

Perfect itinerary

written by EL, 13/03/11

A perfect wave for those who are traveling and do not want to risk paying for overweight greedy airlines. Simple and easy to carry in your bag and is also a compulsory gadget for those who are plannin... Read more

luggage Weight

written by Elisabeth, 25/04/11

Super good, easy to use and very accurate!

Super service

written by Gitte Kjær, 27/04/11

Our luggage rack had disappeared in the post, and Cool Stuff sent IMMEDIATELY another the same day, so the package could arrive the following day.

Luggage Scale is not good

written by Lennart, 03/05/11

Hello Sent by a luggage scale from you that I am not really satisfied with Anväde the Senate bring week when I traveled with the family to Mallorca have had two other former who is now on loan to fell... Read more

Luggage Libra

written by Unknowntraveler, 10/05/11

I think this wave is very smooth and easy to use while it has features that pound, oz grams or kilograms. Easy to put on and it works great simply. A very handy tool for those who travel and want to a... Read more

Luggage Scale

written by Tony, 30/05/11

Grim good and reliable. A perfect purchase

Luggage Weight

written by , 17/06/11

Small and handy and very useful for checking the weight of luggage before flight.

Luggage Scale

written by Astri M., 19/06/11

I can only give the top rating, both for the product and the delivery time was faster than what I had expected. I travel by plane right so many times a year and then wave good to have tilhands so you ... Read more

Luggage scales for baggage

written by Wolfgang aus Heidelberg, 18/07/11

The luggage scale is very handy and leicht.Kann also easily be taken with on vacation because you're nasty surprises at the airport at check safely. Price is okay, definitely cost less than 1 kg o... Read more

Case Weight

written by Gullis, 22/07/11

I ordered a suitcase weight as I should have for this year's vacation. Briefcase Libra came quickly to me in the mail, and when I would start using it I discovered quickly that this was a product ... Read more

Must have!

written by chrissy, 02/08/11

This baggage weight saved me from overweight when I visited England in the summer. It should get a permanent seat on all journeys ahead. Very accurate.

Good wave but lacks the audio function

written by Nils Sjöblom, 03/08/11

We bought the luggage scales before hiking. It has been great to weigh anything from a towel to the entire pack. Minus for not beep when it detects the weight, and hence it is difficult to know when i... Read more

Smart things that pays for itself quickly

written by Vanicha, 10/08/11

Great to weigh suitcases when going home from vacation. Easy to take, soon pays for itself when than having to pay for obesity

luggage Weight

written by Allan, 15/08/11

Super easy ordering, fast delivery. Can only be recommended

Luggage Weight

written by Litjpippi, 25/08/11

This is a clever little things to bring on holiday. It is accurate and takes up little space. The concern about the suitcase is too heavy is with this stand a chance :)

Quick and seamless delivery

written by Anja FC, 07/11/11

I can only recommend Cool Stuff. Quick and seamless delivery and payment.

Smart luggage scale

written by KH, 25/11/11

Advantages: The display is bright and easy to read at different angles (I have compared to another, where the display has to be read in a special angle) it has large, clear figures. Hang the belt a bi... Read more

Luggage Weight

written by Moder'n, 01/12/11

Great product, small and easy to carry in your suitcase.


written by anette, 02/12/11

absolutely brilliant and have with him when than going to travel

Very good

written by Morten, 05/12/11

Baggage weight was very good. Very easy to use and with the opportunity to weigh in g, kg, and English lb etc. Recommended!

Works as expected

written by Holt, 05/12/11

Do it properly, and that good ..

Luggage Weight

written by malvin, 05/12/11

Good things to have with them nor to travel by plane, you can save it on a trip some one has some overvekt.De much money saved some one has packed a lot of luggage on a trip to the United States or an... Read more

luggage Weight

written by Karen hansen, 22/12/11

The undersigned is very happy - both the product and the information I got - first when the goods were sent and later, when it had arrived at the post office. As the product is a Christmas present, it... Read more


written by Affy, 26/12/11

You do not have to: - Pay overweight - Sit to pack a suitcase at the airport. After I purchased this I saved a lot (!) Money!

Luggage scale

written by , 26/12/11

Small, handy, very useful to control the Fast weight.

luggage Weight

written by Storm, 28/12/11

Simply indispensable when standing and going to travel. It is very easy to handle.

fin trade

written by Jan, 30/12/11

Scratch map and baggage weight came 2 days after ordering and I am quite happy :-)

Super great.

written by , 03/01/12

Works flawlessly. However unsightly design. Price is appropriate.

very handy

written by , 03/01/12

convenient for Uncle Travelers Mac

Luggage Weight finally!

written by , 09/01/12

I ordered several weights for Christmas gifts! They are already in use and the recipients believe this will really get use to. Ordering and delivery went very smoothly. Here I'll act in the future... Read more

Nice and convenient travel gizmo!

written by dippedutta, 14/03/12

Every time I've been to big city shopping, the problem has been that I do not know if I have overweight or not. To evaluate the weight of luggage itself, has proved very difficult. With luggage we... Read more

Nice little weight!

written by Trekkiegrrrl, 17/04/12

I bought it really weigh my cats (in a bag;)) but it is also suitable for luggage! Super fast shipping. It's not the last time I buy here!

Luggage Scale

written by humlan, 19/06/12

It was almost exactly. Libra showed 14.3 kg of a bag and weighed 14.2 at check-in. The other bags, it was just exactly! So can really recommend it.

Good product

written by Ms BNR, 25/06/12

Very useful for those who travel frequently. But a small problem is that, I am not so strong to lift a 20 kg baggage ... so then I probably fetch someone to help me;)

Luggage weight

written by Marianne, 11/07/12

Small and net weight. If this really manage to get lifted a 20 kg suitcase so it's great ......

Fast delivery and good quality

written by AB, 24/08/12

I bought luggage weight so I bl.a.kunne weigh my 3 month old son. It's extremely accurate and very easy to use. I am very happy for it. I got it the day after I had ordered it. I was very impresse... Read more

Fast delivery

written by Ahmed, 17/09/12

Ordered a baggage weight of cool stuff, and received it two days after it is called fast delivery. And luggage weight funker as it should :)

Indispensable on the return journey

written by Nina, 27/09/12

Working as intended. Works initially a little shaky, but this is certainly not the case. Easy to use.

small and functional

written by Christian, 18/10/12

Simple, stylish and clear. Arable sometimes low, and then it's really expensive if you happen to have too much weight so as hedges to it and have great margins to not risk anything, with this I wi... Read more

luggage Weight

written by OleSophus, 05/11/12

The weight was used as a gift and was VERY well received. It's probably already been extensively used

Digital luggage weight

written by Per A, 12/11/12

I had to use a digital suitcase weight in a hurry - and found the best price and quality with cool stuff. Delivered very quickly - all in all a good deal. I have not shopped with cool stuff before, bu... Read more

Genuine luggage weight

written by ABA, 16/11/12

Reasonably manageable. Good to have with the return leg when the scales at home is not at hand. And at home it has already outperformed the scales. The suitcase can continuously weighed on site during... Read more

Simple to use but ...

written by Globetrotter, 19/11/12

Small grip when to lift a heavy bag, virtually impossible to know when it has clear terms, so it took a few tries before I managed to get a proper measurement. The "hold" the text is so smal... Read more

Is good

written by parksid, 21/11/12

That's exactly what I've always wanted .... especially for a return flight, if you have a bit shopped.

Digital luggage scale

written by drlomo, 30/11/12

It is a great gadget, easy to handle, good to have, except for the air travel and private air tours, even at the gym to check the power of amskiner and weight of the smaller stuff.

As expected - good product

written by amd, 03/12/12

Have only tested it once, but it worked well. Easy to use, easy to hook firmly in the suitcase, stable and nice that you can choose different measurement units. Can be recommended for those who travel... Read more

Good and super smooth!

written by Josefin, 11/12/12

Small and easy to get along, super simple to use and very clear display. We are sure to include this on all trips!


written by Marion, 14/12/12

The luggage scale is really great. Very accurate and very handy. As we travel a lot and we sometimes are not sure if we did not have too much luggage, this scale is very convenient. You can simply han... Read more

Does not work

written by Hasse J, 20/12/12

Hey! We've tried the wave, but it may not work. If there was an instruction to have the lost. What can we do? Is there anything new instruction sheets to get?

Nothing to complain about!

written by Kristi1006, 24/12/12

Perfect! Super Convenient and easy to use. Fast delivery and fair price, sly little thing to have when to travel :-)

Good and practical gift

written by PB, 01/01/13

I was surprised how good the quality is on this baggage weight. I bought 3 pieces and all recipients were very happy

epic hacker weight

written by Søren Monsterhoved, 03/01/13

it does what it should and comes damn batteries xD reasonably good laugh shipping aswell lel 9charsblox


written by susanne, 23/01/13

Went quickly and the product is in order :-) nothing to complain about. Is pleased with the weight. Seems this website has many fun interesting things to choose from.

Luggage scale "luggage scale"

written by Jonny, 24/01/13

"Luggage Scale" As I travel a lot and frequently get caught With These disturbing odd kg or two too much, I bought the "luggage scale" sometime ago and .... Well a very Useful (and... Read more

Everything alright

written by Jürgen, 28/01/13

Delivery and state top. Although there have not yet been tried with very heavy suitcases, but measures exactly as promised and seems to be robust. as I said, the kommmt hardness test yet, so 4 stars.


written by ST, 18/03/13

Come completely random over Coolstuff and ordered baggage weight. Ordered on Friday and got brought it on record on Tuesday. very pleased with the baggage weight and fast delivery :-)

Quite ok luggage scale

written by Mattias, 15/04/13

Simple to use and quite small. Would possibly could be a little easier (but then maybe it would not keep). Easy to read display with various weight scales.

Cheap and good

written by Ann Jeppesen, Denmark 20/06/13

I bought a luggage weight in Cool Stuff, the 100% corresponds to the description and works as it should. It has so many weight-opportunities and weigh down to 10g range. I am very satisfied.


written by Camilla, Norway 21/06/13

Baggage weight weighs accurately and correctly, so very happy. Can not give the top score, for it seems it is a little bit cumbersome. And wish it rather was a hook, etc to hang luggage in, instead of... Read more

Useful for travelers

written by Bml, Sweden 24/06/13

Small and handy luggage scale that can be used before it will go away. In addition, it weighs as little as you can take it on the trip which is very good, they tend to have heavier bags on your return... Read more


written by Tone D, Norway 06/07/13

Incredibly handy to have on the tour! Was well used before and during departure. This will be a permanent fixture in your hand luggage hereafter!

Luggage Weight

written by =o), Norway 31/07/13

Good weight but wobbly handles. ............................... ................... .................

Best luggage wave

written by punkis, Sweden 03/12/13

Complements to this cruel luggage scale with a rope to be weighed any bag by hanging up the road toward a door. Always works. Does very well against airport. Is always on trips where I always maxes ba... Read more

5 character.

written by B.., Denmark 10/12/13

Small and practical. And very easy to operate. Seems like it should and easy to take along on vacation. More can certainly not be said for it.

Good for travel

written by Emma, Sweden 23/12/13

Bought this for my grandparents when they travel a lot, and they thought that the gift as very smart and convenient to bring along.

Good gift for father who travels a lot

written by Danekris, Denmark 27/12/13

Great gift idea for the father who travels a lot and goes up in price on extra baggage. Is incidentally also a great party trick to see who can draw the most kilos (it was me of course!) Beware, the w... Read more

Practical Household Utensil

written by Rainer Selbstschutz, Germany 02/06/14

Am happy with the balance, you can use again and again. Good also that you go up to 40kg.

Cheap and good!

written by Stian, Norway 05/08/14

This is the second baggage weight of this typa I've had, the first I have lost a seat. The choice was certainly easy when I needed one, this works great for a ridiculously cheap price :)

Portable Electronic Scale

written by Alle, Sweden 14/09/14

A very easy to use, easy to understand and practical way. Lightweight and that the pack. Feels good every time we are going to travel. Then we bought it, we have not had any unnecessary and expensive ... Read more

How good anywhere

written by Alex, Sweden 14/10/14

Small, flexible and works perfectly. Perfect for traveling or at home, before heading off to the airport.

Great product!

written by Alex, Sweden 28/10/14

Handy product that does not take up too much space or weigh too much in your suitcase. Perfect to bring order to avoid wasting money on to weigh the bag at the airport. Shows the weight perfectly. Eas... Read more

it just works

written by Helena, Denmark 15/12/14

Easy little cousin who gladly weigh your suitcase, kålhovder or whatever you even want to know the weight on. Super smart with strap to hook on div. Handles - good quality

Happy dad!

written by Mariana, Sweden 30/12/14

Bought this for my stepdad and he was mighty pleased. Batteries are included which is a plus! Will order from this page again. Super good!

Good and flexible itinerary

written by Marc, Sweden 16/02/15

High-quality, easy to use. fast delivery, it took one day to get it in the mailbox = SATISFIED PLEASE Coolstuff

Luggage Scale

written by Edmund, Sweden 14/04/15

Small, light, solid and practical way. I chose this model because it does not have a metal hook to hang the bag in. What does a zealous security officer about to take with a metal hook into the cabin?... Read more

Good luggage - poor to hay

written by Karin, Sweden 30/05/15

As luggage scale is probably the top, easy to weigh it and clear display. Not good as Hovag However, as I have it. There is better with analog because this digital locks at the final weight. Good when... Read more

Luggage Scale

written by lelle.printer, Sweden 02/08/15

Luggage Libra was absolutely perfect when I and my wife was out and flew low. We distributed the weight, so she did not have to pay for being overweight.

Not even open!

written by Tarne, Finland 03/12/15

BUT, on the basis of the package appears valid, not a toy .. A fun gift idea for travelers. Supplied in a compact package.

Luggage scale

written by Mickeyjule, Germany 17/12/15

Everything worked great ... order, delivery, weighing ... and then even the right weight. One aspect that everyone should have, of traveling and like to 'wraps' :-). I'm very satisfied.

A good tool

written by R, Finland 01/01/16

Libra is easy to use. Leaving on a journey does not have to allot how much the bag weighs and whether your hand baggage. On the way back to check that it is not easy to become too much shoppailtua no ... Read more

Super fast and true

written by Bagagevægt, Denmark 01/02/16

I ordered as already mentioned a luggage weight, it was easy to pay, fast delivery and reliable. We look forward to using it here on February 19, we have however tested it and it works perfectly. :) I... Read more

Luggage Scale

written by Tuula, Sweden 18/04/16

Luggage Libra works great and seems to be correct! It was simple to use and quickly delivered right up to the residence.

Good thing to have with them on travel

written by GRCH, Denmark 06/05/16

Luggage weight meets a great need we have had for long. At home we have struggled with a bathroom scale, abroad we had to run the risk of luggage was too heavy, which often has led us to drop some sho... Read more

Lives up to expectations

written by Poul E., Denmark 10/05/16

Purchase of digital suitcase weight. Did the product online and description fully lived up to my expectations: takes up very little, easy to handle and precise.

Fully functional

written by RaSten, Sweden 07/07/16

What weigh your hand luggage? You know after using this. It is one thing that I missed a long time, and more reliable than the spring balance we had in my childhood.

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