Magic Bean

For those of you who know that you have to let love grow. Water the can, and after about a week the bean will spring forth with the message "I love you!"

Magic Bean - Magic Bean
Magic Bean
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What is this?

No surprises

written by Skinkis, 21/08/09

In addition to the description, there is not much to say about this plant. It behaves just like it says and everything worked perfectly. I am completely satisfied.

good gift

written by Dennis, 04/01/10

Bought it as a Christmas gift and went home :) Took a little more than a week because you would see the text. However, the descriptions are not better than other plants .... "Pour water" but... Read more

The works.

written by Nano, 13/09/10

I think it's a really cute and funny gift, I was even a little unsure about the actual work but it does. I bought it even to my girlfriend :)

Love bean

written by Awesome-O, 14/11/10

Took about two weeks for the bean to grow up. After synthesis text that had been promised very good! The only thing that was bad was that it was easy to water too much, so that it leaks into the groun... Read more

Waiting in excitement

written by DJ, 06/12/10

After almost two weeks, my prayer is finally sprouted up sticks a little golf club-like plant. It is covered by a layer of brown, a bit like a avokadokerne so'm excited about the text is to see wh... Read more


written by bindaw, 10/12/10

is a great gift gewessen but can it only try in the summer because it needs a certain temperature

love bean

written by frida, 16/12/10

I do love the bean is a really fun thing and dne perfect gift to give away. I have not Adjustment Use the self than for it to be a Christmas present for my boyfriend and I believe it will be appreciat... Read more

A nice love letter

written by Anni, 17/12/10

I bought the prayer for my boyfriend and was very curious as to whether there was anything out of the can. But it did there! It is in my opinion a sweet and funny declaration of love, and my girlfrien... Read more


written by Sandra, 17/12/10

It was a cute gift to give away to the one you love. Bean grew faster than I thought, and now becomes bigger and bigger, really exciting, absolutely affordable, and really cute !!! many plus from me !... Read more


written by Janni, 20/12/10

Got a call this morning from my 78årige mother who cheerfully told that the strange plant, which she got in his advent calendar some time ago and anxiously followed since it sprouted already at 3.dage... Read more

So cute!

written by Elliot, 22/12/10

Very cute to give away to a friend. It turns out nicely and is easy to maintain. Fun to look after.

love bean

written by K. Ringel, 25/12/10

It was exactly as described. Jemamdem show what one feels without saying so or say to have to ... thank you! Good Ideee !!!!!

OMG !!

written by Andreas Fridlund, 22/02/11

Purchase love bean of a fun thing, the thought that counts, and the wife like it and thought it was a sweet gift :) Rick term not what I had in mind but really funny :)

Very cute little gift

written by , 03/03/11

It's a really cute gift, and it came up very quickly .. But after my girlfriend had opened it he found that the "expiration date" was 3 months old .. It is reasonable poorly Cool Stuff s... Read more

Love prayer <3

written by Mie, 13/12/11

the cutest little prayer to the one you love :) a cute and fun little extra gift for birthday or when you just want to pamper.

written by Fia, 19/01/12

grew a little tough in the beginning of winter sucks out all the sunlight but once it came up (approximately 2 weeks) as it grows apace. super cute and the text is very clear :)

written by Helle Swahn , 20/02/12

Bought 2 units one is dead and I have given them the same amount of water the other came up very quickly and grows and grows, funny little plant (-:


written by Ronja, 03/07/12

This little bean grows incredibly fast, it's a sweet little plant that I myself gave away to the one I love, it was appreciated, it was curious and had to quickly see results, even drawback was th... Read more

Much appreciated!

written by Maria, 16/08/12

Very nice and appreciated plant that is growing fast :-) The text is clearly visible and you see the difference in the bean from day to day. Gave it to my boyfriend and he was very happy for it.

perfect items

written by Bodil A. Larsen, 22/08/12

Fast delivery. The prayer came up after a short time and is now big and beautiful on the windowsill. My husband was very happy with it and thought it was a fun, romantic and special gift. Can well rec... Read more


written by annie, 18/09/12

sent it to my best friend and she was really happy. now we just see if it does it will be !!!


written by Addicted, 30/10/12

I'm curious whether it funktiert .. but very sweet idea ...

love bean

written by Jürgen Lisse, 25/12/12

The presentation is very nice and was well received. Next I can not say anything, because it is still under the Christmas tree. In any case, something else, as always flowers.

The Looove been

written by Cattis, 14/03/13

Very cute gift to give away! The bean grows very quickly, within 1 week so the message was up there. Funny and appreciated small gift! Just be sure to open the can in the correct order, otherwise it g... Read more

How nice

written by Heidi, Denmark 16/09/13

It is sweet and nice. The works. The flower / plant does not stand as long as other canned "goods". ha ha


written by Johan, Sweden 25/01/14

Be afraid that it would not work because there is so much sun in December / January, but did it anyway! Perfect side gift for girlfriend

my husband Rakkauspapu

written by Tuike, Finland 26/02/14

My husband likes a lot of plants / flowers and ordered him this online. A great gift idea and a nice way to express your feelings. He had just been taken. One problem, but when vissiin have to wait un... Read more

love bean

written by Karin, Germany 19/03/14

Goods super and fast delivery. The goods will be given away yet, so I can not say anything about the state of growth.

It grows rapidly

written by Amelia, Sweden 22/01/15

It is growing rapidly. I see it in principle grow in front of me. A fun little thing that makes you happy as soon as you see it. A perfect gift for loved ones!

It grows rapidly

written by Amelia, Sweden 22/01/15

It is growing rapidly. I see it in principle grow in front of me. A fun little thing that makes you happy as soon as you see it. A perfect gift for loved ones!

Good idea :)

written by Valtsu, Finland 10/12/15

As a small gift in its power, perfect:) I recommend muillekkkin who are looking for a little something fun, romantic or just fun gift.

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