Magic Egg

Water the egg and it soon hatches by itself and a magnificent plant emerges with your message, "I Love You"!

Magic Egg - Magic Egg
Magic Egg
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Magic Egg

written by way2fun, 16/06/09

A nice little Gave til its kæreste or bare a man of the householder. it is let at følge vejledning og it is amazing to see the reach ægget klægger :) can anbefales at Kobe til kæresten :)

Magic Egg

written by Veronica, 12/11/09

Super Cute gift to give someone you care about. If you follow the instructions to hatch the egg first night and a small plant comes up which then goes to replant. Can be a little tricky to remember wh... Read more

Magic Egg

written by Miccha, 13/11/09

HOW DOES IT WORK? Fun gift late! It looks a little disgusting at first but my getting better now :) Looking forward in to when it is completely finished! Gave one to Mother and the boyfriend :) Ancest... Read more

cool thing

written by Marre, 13/11/09

I bought a Happy Birthday Plant to my mother for her birthday, she opened the morning and in the evening was the shell cracked. However, one should perhaps give it a few days before if you're goin... Read more

Good personal Christmas present

written by Kirstine Knudsen, 28/12/09

I bought this egg for my girlfriend for Christmas. It's a fun way to send a little greeting, and it's nice to be able to go and take care of the little plant. Can be recommended.

good idea only poor implementation

written by dinos, 17/01/10

The egg was supposed to reveal a secret / surprise, but that was it anywhere on the package riesieg. Then you could follow 2 different instructions and of course breaks the egg at the end not to. Alth... Read more


written by Tina, 15/02/10

Love egg is so far a success. The husband who got it on Valentine's Day eagerly await what the egg to develop into. The egg has now hatched but only time will tell about love plant germinate and s... Read more

Magic edge

written by Marita Johansson, 16/02/10

Bought 2 eggs for the kids but we saved one and gave one away to the little girl's nursery so they can follow it there. The girls like the egg think it is exciting to see how the first crack and t... Read more


written by Karro, 16/02/10

Bought it as a Valentine's gift for my boyfriend! Always fun with a little bit different things. Billig was too. Waiting eagerly for the egg to be "hatched" and the emergence arrive ...

Not quite so fast ...

written by NickeNy, 09/03/10

as in the description. But you give it the right conditions, it will after a while up a nice plant. Be patient and you will see!

Magic Eggs

written by Anna, 05/05/10

I bought two Magic eggs, one that read Happy Birthday and the second was that I love you to. I gave them to a friend's birthday and got to see pictures of how they hatched and developed. A beautif... Read more

written by memoali, 11/05/10

it withered away! and there was not much with the egg / prayer I will in no way spend my money on your homepage again ... I did it for instructions ....

Selvskyldt problem

written by JesperArent, 18/05/10

I bought this egg on the occasion of Mother's Day. She was pleasantly surprised, and several did not understand how it could be done! Unfortunately, she followed instructions obviously not 100%, b... Read more

Funny gift to give away!

written by , 24/05/10

I gave away the egg to my pojkvänn. Both he and I are looking to egg each day and see how the costs are growing. It's fun to see how curious he is about what will come up. You have to have some pa... Read more

Very sweet gift

written by silvana, 26/05/10

It's a really nice gift to give to someone you love :) highly recommended.


written by JannieE, 27/05/10

I bought this egg for my mother when she was in the hospital. Unfortunately, she must have done something wrong (although we scrutinized the instructions before) for the egg opened and got moldy so. S... Read more

Magic Egg

written by Martina, 06/08/10

So for me everything went quite wonderful. The egg shell has broken itself, after approximately 8 hours. I think that's totally okay, if we start from the time frame 24 hours where to otherwise op... Read more

Did not work

written by Daniel, 16/08/10

I bought this egg for my father's birthday gift. Egging opened and grew up a bit. It was completely black inside so you could hardly see that there was "happy birthday" but little by lit... Read more

written by , 17/08/10

I thought that magic egg has been a bargain, there were no problems as long as you followed the instructions, and the person was really happy about it :) top marks here!

A great idea that unfortunately did not deliver.

written by Emme, 06/09/10

A very good idea for a birthday present and so on. Unfortunately, my egg never anything. It took several days before the egg hatched and even there after there was just something that maybe in the fut... Read more

It is dead = (

written by Bianka, 17/10/10

Only everything went perfectly and it began to peel from the egg. It is even hatched itself from the egg, pushing more and more out. The hearts of the seeds were really sweet and has my friend who has... Read more

Magic Egg

written by , 18/10/10

is very well received, but not yet put into operation.

It grows and thrives

written by Jasmin, 05/11/10

I am totally satisfied with my "Magic Egg". After 4 hours, the shell has cracked and a short time later already peeped the "brains" out. That's just 4 days ago, and it grows an... Read more

It grows and thrives

written by Jasmin, 12/11/10

I am absolutely convinced! After 4 hours, the shell has risen and the "head" has looked out. Since it thrives. I find the "Magic Egg" is a very beautiful and sweet gift idea! thumb... Read more

written by tina, 20/11/10

I have used it as a gift, so I have not even tested the product, but the reaction from the receiver was very positive, and I should now have a few lying, as it is a sweet and unconventional gift idea

Magic Egg

written by elschummi - Elke Behrendt, 05/12/10

I do not know what I thought when I got the Magic Egg. I opened it and was surprised miraculously. A great surprise. I have this Magic Egg then presented to the friend of my friend continued, it was h... Read more

written by MB, 20/12/10

Looking good! And works just fine.

Super good gift

written by Jusse, 20/12/10

I bought 4 Magic egg for some gifts .. and all 4 grows and grows, soo it's perfect;)

Magic Egg

written by Malin, 22/12/10

I gave the egg to my boyfriend on our anniversary. It was very successful :-) He was very happy and wondered where I had bought it, he had never seen smth like that before. haha =) So this gift I can ... Read more

Funny gift!

written by Ronja, 25/12/10

Unusual gift to suit the person idétorska! Should be fun to see when it blossomed altogether. The asking!

Did not work

written by , 26/12/10

I bought this as a gift to my father, but when he tried to get the egg to hatch (he followed the course instructions) happened instead that two jelly balls came out of the egg's bottom and grew re... Read more

written by , 27/12/10

The egg hatched with did not come out anything.


written by Gabbe, 30/12/10

Bought some eggs of every variety (I love you and Happy Bithday) but you can see on the bean when the egg hatches that there is something on it which was quite a shame. I have not seen the results of ... Read more

Not that I thought ..

written by Jenny, 31/12/10

It was a fun thing, but it does not seem like work .. The shell burst a little late, we got help take down the shell. Then the nuts grew slightly, lying loose in the egg (?). Now, 1.5 weeks after, it ... Read more

Macig Egg- A fine o good gift.

written by Tobbe, 06/01/11

A plant that grows o growing, must be watered frequently. But now, after a few weeks as the flower blossomed with the message. So would recommend it to those of you who are eager to buy a magical eggs... Read more


written by ramona, 07/01/11

am fully satisfied. ware is as described.

written by SB, 24/01/11

The flower never grew fully, but it began to rot after a couple of days ...


written by Iben Jensen, 24/01/11

I'm really happy that the order went so fast, but the blade where the writing had to stand on, is not bloomed yet. think that goes a little long, but we are still waiting anxiously, my girlfriend ... Read more

Magic edge ..

written by , 15/02/11

I bought the egg as a Valentine's Day gift. He got it in the morning and after a few hours it had hatched, and they saw the bean. You could see a heart on the front of the bean and on the back the... Read more

I wonder if it will survive

written by , 18/02/11

What I thought was bad with the "Magic Egg", was that the instructions on the box, and instruction in the case, was not the same. They could not follow the instruction, it seems that there a... Read more

No germination

written by Le, 22/02/11

Unfortunately, it is not up any plant. Fun with a seed that read Happy Birthday.

Magic eggs

written by Frk lottis, 24/02/11

Funny gift to lärleken. The text on the egg needed a magnifying glass to be seen. Drinking plenty of water need water refill every day. Daily care. The seeds are not germinated for two weeks.

Cool thing

written by , 24/02/11

I have my friend paid the egg Valentine ... but he does not know what "it" is: D let's see if it works :)

Not worth the money

written by Bjarne, 25/02/11

Followed the recipe - first day went well and the bursting of the egg, but since nothing happened; o (Maybe I was unlucky with the quality of my eggs, but I am disappointed - and I would not recommend... Read more


written by M, 25/02/11

Really cool plant that can not help but be fascinated by! Perfect gift for anyone who loves flowers when the extra message is included in the plant

Magic edge

written by Andrea, 28/02/11

The egg was a fun prenent to get and give away. It grows ocoh you can follow it day by day

magic edge

written by Jenka, 28/02/11

Fun äggblomma! Worked unfortunately not as it should, after a week still came up the bean so that the message was displayed.

Bad idea.

written by Charlotte Rasmussen, 28/02/11

I bought a "Magic Egg" on your website. I followed the instructions carefully, which worked the first 2 days. Then was everything quiet, and the flower which should come out of the egg has n... Read more

Magic edge

written by tina, 01/03/11

Curious of an ostrich, you check every day what happens .... when the egg hatched, it became "check it hatched" ... then went a few days and not much happened ... then turned the heart of th... Read more

did not work

written by jennifer, 02/03/11

Now, I have had the egg in two weeks, it has not yet come anything from the seed ... tycekr that it was bad and wasted money !!!

The perfect wow factor gift for girlfriend

written by Markus, 04/04/11

I gave the Magic Egg my girlfriend. Everything worked perfectly according to instructions. As the plant then surrendered their message "I Love You", it has (so my girlfriend, not the plant x... Read more

The magic egg

written by Minsou, 21/04/11

A truly wonderful gift idea. Came very well. Have the Green results but still not even admired

perfect as gift

written by rasse kid, 30/04/11

I gave my magic egg for my mother, and after a few weeks, she saw that one of the blades was written, I love you. I think the magic Egget is a perfect gift to give away on eg birthday, Christmas or na... Read more


written by Sofie , 04/05/11

I was promised a flower that read i love you on. It got too .. But it sprang never out .. I have never regretted anything so much as when I bought this. I am good enough disappointed. I fuglte instruc... Read more

Is really great

written by Engel Rudolf, 07/05/11

Have something never seen !!! Woman has been pleased, and would be imme yet. The Magic Egg is only going correcdy. GREAT

Magic Egg "Happy Birthday"

written by Annelie, 09/05/11

I was a bit disappointed in the egg. Not only until I got it home and read through the description I understood that the "flower" would need a long time to come up. First, the egg have betwe... Read more

Full lousy product

written by , 13/05/11

I get 2 eggs. Both presented, both have does not work. Full of scrap.

Magic Egg

written by Nicole, 18/05/11

Unfortunately I can not say much about it. I gave away the eggs for Mother's Day and Birthday. The Mother's egg we have tried the same. The egg has been opened after a few hours because we had... Read more


written by Anne, 19/05/11

Dear Cool Stuff Unfortunately I can only give magic egg a final score of 2 is 2 as it was fast delivery and the egg hatched, but then there was NOT more although my boyfriend exactly follow the "... Read more

How sweet time!

written by Camihlla, 23/05/11

I gave -i Love you egg to my husband when we have been married for 6 month. He loved it. And it grows and thrives very well. Is very satisfied. Small odd thing, and quite unique!

fun gift

written by Pinar, 22/07/11

I have for almost 2 weeks ago bought a Magic egg with I love you to my husband. The first I have been unlucky with adding bulk water where nothing happened other than it just got a little jumping and ... Read more

Magic Egg - instead of fresh flowers

written by Bohn, 08/08/11

The Magic Egg I bought for a friend who is traveling on the same day. She loves flowers. But fresh she had nothing and this Wunderei was just right. She was very happy and after their journey she has ... Read more

So nice!

written by ML, 09/08/11

I bestitlte this little egg, which was to become a fine plant for my girlfriend - who is still only 14 days have passed, it grows really well and is very very cute! -Glæder Me completely to plant it o... Read more

Growing fast ..

written by Svalle, 18/08/11

The plant is still in an early stage and is growing fast, and I look forward to the results that I will show my sweetheart.


written by Pernille, 10/10/11

Damn good thing that works all expectations :) Very good idea for a birthday gift.

Magic Egg

written by Trunte, 24/10/11

A fun little gift that can grow into a large beautiful plant if given a little water every day. It is a bindweed, so it needs a couple of pins to climb once it is planted into a larger pot.

cozy little thing

written by alberte, 05/12/11

I bought it as a gift to my little sister. my mother's reaction was "it was actually quite fun to follow" and my little sister, 10, thought it was crazy fun to read: "i love you on&... Read more


written by Rebecca, 01/03/12

Really cool little egg! It took about 5 days for the egg to be open, but it's fun to follow the process. In the "I love you" egg pops even a small cut-out heart on the bean. Clearly stat... Read more

Nothing happening

written by Emelie, 01/03/12

Now it's over a week since the egg is cracked, it still has not started the bean sprout, hope still for something to happen but it seems that it does not work.

Does not it

written by Katja k , 04/03/12

Got it and istrien it all went quickly as it should but now the prayer split the flower sku come up but nothing comes but it devours a huge amount of water

Magic edge ...

written by A, 09/03/12

Very disappointed because the product did not work ... did after all the rules but nothing happened. Have now opened the egg o bean inside is rotten. 130 kr o surprise to the forest :-(


written by Erika, 19/03/12

It was very interesting to see how the egg hatched and I think we looked at the egg at least once an hour to see if there has been some success: D Unfortunately I never got to experience when the &quo... Read more

good plant

written by Rasmus, 23/03/12

I bought happy birhday plant to my mother. She was really happy about it and was excited to see if anything came out of it. There came the finest small plant out of it, and then stood there the happy ... Read more

Magic Egg with Love message

written by Cora, 30/03/12

I bought the Magic Egg to my loved ones so a pleasure to prepare the idea is really gelungen..warten now on the 1. Green Leaf :-) everything is explained very well though in English but I think it is ... Read more

Appreciated gift!

written by Babsan, 10/04/12

Gave this to my nieces and nephews as Easter gifts. Appreciated very much! but works equally well at any time, and to all. Both children and adults are following - with excitement - what happens to th... Read more


written by Samanta, 14/06/12

The product is super and very unique! Really interesting and not something you come across every day, or in a regular store. The price is great at such a unique product.

it sucks

written by hej, 19/06/12

the crap I would give it as a birthday gift and it sounded very exciting and we got it home and we gjoder know exactly who it was but the only thing that happened was that voksed a lot gummu balls but... Read more

Experience with Magic Egg

written by Rosi, 11/07/12

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! With the delivery of the Magic Egg everything worked out well. In our Egg unfortunately everything took a little longer than was described in the instruction manual. Everyth... Read more


written by Lisa, 06/08/12

Egg kläckdes. Since nothing happened more in a few weeks and then I discovered that it was full of mold inside. Disgusting !!

Magic edge not so magic

written by Caroline, 09/08/12

Would love to complain about it. We did exactly as it said in the instructions, but "Bean" fell off o rotted

still waiting

written by wolle, 01/10/12

until now everything has almost worked, egg went to stalk was the egg, now my wife is waiting for the surprise. the leaves have yet to come. let's see what still goes today was no progress may be ... Read more


written by Emma, 13/11/12

Funny thing that works for ages 8-100 whether you know the person well or if it is a superficial acquaintance

Where is it ????

written by Marika, 19/11/12

Funny thing if it had functioned as it should! Two different "instructions", one in English and one in Swedish, did not really know what I should have followed. The is a fact not to the same... Read more

We will see ...!

written by annie, 29/12/12

I do not know if this is going to work, I gave this away to a friend so I am waiting for the results as well!

magic egg

written by m.bagge, 03/01/13

fun little gift, it seems like it works, but fail to see the end result, as it has only just come a little out of the shell.

Magic Egg

written by Michele, 03/01/13

We have the Magic Egg in the description is "gebrühtet" but unfortunately has not done much after the opening of the shell, after long 15 days of seedling has slowly shown but after that, no... Read more

Funny thing, but does not work 100%

written by Peber, 04/01/13

A perfectly okay present for girlfriend electricity. like. but it's a little hard to get started so that it looks out and deliver their message.

The jumps are not really out

written by Åge Monrad, 24/01/13

The hatched and the seed sprouts a bit, but there does not seem to occur much more. There have been water all the time, but the temperature has been 25-30 degrees, but more normal room temperature. Si... Read more

eggs with flower in ..

written by mischa, 04/02/13

It was both popular and still is .. happens a lot the first day also goes somewhat slowly, but is not problem .. it's Win / win

Does not work at all

written by Tak, 12/02/13

Bought this egg as a gift for my husband. The egg hatched very quickly but did not come up! so anything that contained egg floated out into the water, we had to raise themselves up egg. Bean turned bl... Read more

"Magic Egg"

written by Stickan, 18/02/13

As it should be between 25 o 30 degrees + as we wait to try it. But it seems interesting. Payment will be the end of the month

"Magic Egg"

written by Annette, 20/02/13

Have used "Magic Egg" for a birthday gift. It has aroused great joy and interest, both at receiver and guests. The egg hatch after 2 hours as described. It is now 6 days ago - and all are ea... Read more

Class surprise gift

written by Satsuki, 25/02/13

The Magic Egg is a really great invention. It involves a small egg (in the size of a real ice), should that arise with some sun and water and make a little plant space. But that's not all, because... Read more

Has not worked.

written by trollet, 26/02/13

I gave the eggs to my niece, they have been struggling for almost a month and still has not become a bean plant inside, they also knocked a hole in the shell. Was disappointed when I learned this, I d... Read more

The route

written by ..., 27/02/13

The shell was hatched shortly but the content was already rotten. No nice gift for the recipient. Very displeased! Stupid is also sending two completely different descriptions. Creates confusion.

incredibly disappointed.

written by mimmi, 04/03/13

it came out of the egg, but not more than that, following exactly what was on my instructions o flower died .... really disappointed.

Quite suitable for Valentine's Day

written by Natalie Zapp, 06/03/13

Huebscher Gag and all net to look at. Schones, small gift. However, one must be patient and supply the Egg constantly with water.

It does not work!

written by Michel, 06/03/13

The acquired Magic Egg is not working. It should rise after a few days, did not. It was not too low. But Nice idea was, nothing! :-(

Is certainly really fun if it works ..

written by Frida, 15/03/13

Gave a Magic Egg to my boyfriend on Valentine's Day (14 February) now it is March 15 and the little seed is from today as well and without function in the trash. Did exactly as it said in the desc... Read more

low cute

written by tamate, 24/03/13

Bought it for my husband and it is a little cute. shell feels like a real ow. The kids have followed the little plant every day since they had to water it and they think it's really cool =)

Super birthday gift came to super!

written by Justyn, 26/03/13

The gift was very well received, only one should not to let it germinate attempt in September. Otherwise I would recommend to anyone.

A little disappointed

written by Rebecka, Sweden 14/05/13

I bought this for a friend's birthday present, and I do not think it's happened so much, it is a little disappointed with it.

Magic Egg

written by olssonovic, Sweden 26/06/13

I bought the Magic Egg to my boyfriend on our 1year day. It was appreciated very much because we did not have as much money as each is a perfect gift! However, I do not know if we've taken care of... Read more

Just a loose Bean

written by Norah, Sweden 13/07/13

Gave it to the mother as a birthday present two days ago. After one day had the egg hatched and the little bean looked out, but since it did not happen much after I helped by stripping away some of th... Read more


written by Fabi@FR, Germany 04/09/13

I'm excited! =) It took a while but until it is then slipped it now grows even nine months and still looks great! The plant has beautiful leaves and grows very fast! Can I recomand every time sear... Read more

magic Egg

written by tameli, Finland 09/10/13

The minimum temperature was increasing 25c. The cabin less than 21, so was looking forward to the summer. I hope to redeem the expectations and maintained until then.

magic distant

written by Glowzor, Finland 07/11/13

This was the second magic egg, which I bought Coolstuff. The first was a gift poijaystävälle, but it died. An egg does not become the promised Tekstil magazine which was really big disappointment. Alt... Read more

Magic Egg

written by Gartenfrosch, Germany 04/03/14

Hello, have given the egg to my wife for Valentine's Day. Should just something to be original, rather than to give only flowers. It is positive that the egg has described cracked the egg shell, a... Read more


written by Lina, Germany 07/04/14

Found it like mal ne nice idea someone of plants will be thrilled I'll give it to my mother for Easter.

5 out of 6 eggs were super.

written by Carina , Denmark 08/04/14

I ordered 6 Magic egg, and gave it as gifts. One had trouble getting out of the brown shell around prayer, not eggshell. So when we with great difficulty got tampered with the dried and tight brown sh... Read more

Perfect as a gift

written by Elin, Sweden 11/04/14

It is actually a bit curious when you read about the product and once it lands in your mailbox, you can not wait to see if it works! Really exciting and perfect to give away.

Mothers Day Gift

written by Nana, Sweden 06/06/14

Troubled fun gift to give away. My mother was waiting with bated breath to see what was in the egg! Will certainly buy again! How sweet anywhere. All of this was waiting for update with pictures from ... Read more

Did not work at all.

written by Rasmus Söderlund, Sweden 11/11/14

Bought this magic egg for my girlfriend hoping to see a little joy from her part. We did exactly as described and no flower even came up. Not happy at all ...


written by Bellatrix, Sweden 14/11/14

Did not work at all. The egg hatched after an hour - but it never came up any plant. Felt very sad ...

Did not the way I want

written by jini, Germany 19/02/15

Have given away and made it as directed by the egg, but it did not work. Therefore, I am very disappointed. :(

There you go

written by Ludwig, Sweden 26/02/15

After being poked away the shell so you could see what it was standing on the bean, but it never grew more after that.


written by Ylva, Sweden 02/03/15

Funny thing! but ... Still have not started the bean sprout and it is now 14 days since the egg was laid in the wet. Burst up made it almost immediately, but as I said, someone seeding has not yet bee... Read more

Seedling comes out!

written by L.M., Germany 09/03/15

... The egg was a gift and the surprise worked. Meanwhile, the seedling has come forth and is studious nurtured and molded by the recipient.

great gift

written by Justine, Germany 13/03/15

all carried out according to the instructions, has perfectly worked my friend has mega pleased, especially as the text and the small herzchen on the plant was visible

boring seed

written by cissi, Sweden 09/04/15

Really can not recommend this product. The germ was not developed and I had to knock holes in the shell, in the low a seed with the message on .. certainly not what I had expected.

Nice gift

written by J. Becker, Germany 05/05/15

I gave the egg my husband (42) for Easter. It's also really risen rapidly and grew a small plant therefrom. For that matter, I was very skeptical, but it worked great. The "message" I ha... Read more

It grows

written by B, Germany 22/09/15

The hood has quickly resolved. Then grew first 3-4 days the bean to himself. And now after we took the hat from the bean from because they already wanted to fall, you could see the inscription. Hope i... Read more


written by nm, Sweden 02/10/15

Yes there is not much to say than waiting for then to grow to itself but it is moving forward and will be fun to follow. It is a fun gift that you have run out of ideas


written by Gruvpaddan , Sweden 09/11/15

Bought the egg for my boyfriend on our third birthday. And the egg / plant have reacted exactly as it is described! However, the text "I love you" is not so clear, a little pity, I think. No... Read more

Magic Egg

written by Liisa Westerlund, Sweden 05/12/15

Seems to be a cool thing. It will be a Christmas present for my son so I do not know yet how it will be. Magic egg're both price friendly and fun presen.Och if it grows as promised, it gives joy l... Read more


written by Malla, Sweden 20/02/16

The egg burst, the bean was black, since it has not happened so much more! The box was very revealing, so I removed it and just hit the plastic container with the egg in the + instructions on the piec... Read more

magic Egg

written by Taina, Finland 22/02/16

I gave one to my mother magic egg, and he brings latexes "I Love you" can already be seen mut I do not. But let's hope that soon I too will appear. has already kuoritunut and planting al... Read more


written by Ida, Sweden 23/02/16

The product was great! I bought it all hjärtansdag gift for my mom and she was thrilled! Growth has come from an egg, but it is on good roads to arrive!


written by Sonnenschein, Germany 11/04/16

I bought for Easter egg for my friend. After 24h in the water, nothing yet had done as described. Took about 3 days. The eggshell was very thick. Then a thick bean seeds broke out. The message "I... Read more

Magic edge

written by Asta, Sweden 12/04/16

Bought 2 Magic egg and none of them came up. Watered them, and when the egg hatched yet so dried bean that would sprout up and became nothing. So disappointed! Clearer instructions might have helped, ... Read more


written by Martin, Sweden 17/04/16

The egg cracked in the first days. It was in a big way what happened, even though it brought the water. The seed started to go moldy after approximately one week

It will...

written by Kimbärli, Germany 18/04/16

The shell has risen after a few hours and a few days later is the seed to see ... If it is still growing and there is a magnificent plants, I am veeeery happy and would also give 5 stars :)

A cool and fun gift!

written by Philip Poppe, Sweden 02/05/16

Bought this for my mother and also my sister who both love plants and both appreciated the high. They have not used it yet, so we do not know the end result, but this is a perfect gift for people who ... Read more

Magic Egg

written by Johnny Olsson, Sweden 13/06/16

Hey! We bought a Magic Egg and followed the instructions but it does not work. Called you and asked for another egg and needed the order number that we have not left. Can you email the order number to... Read more

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